: We gut entire champions kits, but for Yasuo..
Just here for to see the Daily Yasuo Complaint.
shipo13 (EUNE)
: where is yasuo nerf after 9.3 critic items buff?
Just here for the daily yas complain post. These sure dont get old.
: Ok so Yasuo can have 3 shields now?!?
just here for the daily Yasuo complaint.
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: Death Recap update is overdue.
Ill never forget this one game i was in , i got one shot by a really fed fizz , and there was no one around him. and it said 'soraka starcall 189 magic damage' the soraka was on my team.... and lets never forget 'ahh yess dragon crit me with stattik shyv'
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Rock MD (NA)
: How to be a Boards intellectual in 3 easy steps (pictures included)
Dont forget to complain about Yasuo at least once a week.
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: Why Neeko Is Important to me
Wow , the champion hasnt even come out yet and people are already throwing riots (no pun intended) , and people are already relating to her and the champ is already 'important' to people. Cant wait for the champion to be released and see the effect it has on the community.
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