: Patch 9.13 notes
Just when I thought riot couldn't top the dumb-fuckery from last patch....you do shit like this. OP champs run around getting buffs and you gut all other champs for no fucking reason. This game is now officially fucked beyond a fix.
: Patch 9.13 notes
All these patches but Yasuo is still in the game? **Delete that piece of shit already.....FUCK YAS !**
: Why do all sivir skins look like a toddler designed them?
Seems that most of the original champs all have been forgotten with exceptions being lux and ez....which how many fucking skins do those 2 really need?
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: Patch 9.12 notes
What the fuck are you even doing riot? Your pretty good at dropping the fucking ball every update you shit cakes....
: Teamfight Tactics
: Yasuo
Yas should be deleted and wiped from history....fucking garbage ass champ
: Can we PLEASE be given the option to delete default rune pages
Because riot sucks and they enjoy seeing players pissed off and miserable?
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Vhan8765 (NA)
: Gimme the Teeto changes please.
Yes, please fucking delete the lol asshole already?
: Patch 9.9 notes
**No Yasu nerf? No Teemo nerf?** Maybe Riot should stop teabagging everyone in the office and shit might get done around there?
Luzz (NA)
Bring back URF, NB...shit anything that gives us some variety! Why remove these game modes after people start enjoying them? **What would really show Riot would be for everyone to not spend 1 penny for a month and they would be opening the flood gates with new perma game modes......they don't give a shit as long as money still rolls in.**
: Bring Back URF!
Bring urf back...arams suck, normals suck.....at least urf was fun. Screw blitz too....
: Patch 9.5 Notes
**Patch Notes:** Increased damage & healing on a bunch of shit. Nerfed shit nobody cares about.
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Dasdi96 (NA)
: Can we please just nerf yasuo into the ground?
Not gonna lie, I fucking hate this champ. I wouldn't shed a tear if he was deleted forever.
: Team Liquid eports is now hiring !
Updated webpage today ! http://lquid.net
: Welcome to the Community Beta
IPB is far superior for a forum software...this is garbage and so is your vbulletin !
: So forum coding.....
Honestly having someone code a custom VBulletin mod to include custom riot stuff would be better than this "beta" software. Go to create a new thread and you will see a formatting guide which will help you get the general idea. This format here as opposed to the old forum (vbulletin) is not better! Why they didn't go with IPB is beyond me....the best forum software hands down!
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