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Hey not all communities will be leaving.... Thsi post was originally posted by one of our Co-Founders at Victorious Gaming: VG ElderDreams Hi everyone, I am the co-founder of Victorious Gaming and wanted to share some information and good news for everyone interested in the recent tournament developments. Over the past six months, we have been working on a new tournament platform which we hope to release very soon. Until we do, we are committed to continued tournaments on Victorious Gaming. We are going to start by supporting our free entry tournaments with $10,000 in prizing per month, in addition to assessing and re-evaluating the daily needs of the community. It is unfortunate Riot is discontinuing their support, however we want to ensure anyone who wants to play in a tournament has the opportunity. We also want to thank Riot for supporting tournaments on Victorious Gaming as well as other communities for all these years. Hopefully, in the future we can work with them again! If you have not played in a community tournament, I encourage you to come check out Victorious Gaming and our tournaments at http://victoriousgaming.com or visit our Facebook page for more information upon release. https://facebook.com/VGTournaments/ I am happy that we can continue to support the online tournament community.
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: Idk why i tried another Victorious Gaming tournament
ya know talking about professionalism, you yourself broke that very same rule coming on here and talking VG Down like it was VG's fault your game went bad, like I stated at the end of my statement > One other thing before I go, our rules are set the way they are for equal opportunity for all teams, so one team does not use all the pause time in game.< Why did you feel the need to come here and complain about VG instead of coming to a moderator or or higher to vent to, your game could of went bad in any variety of gaming communities and would you still do the same come here and vent and talk down about the community. I am sorry you felt I was being hostile, and I may have led you to that with my written tone, but I have been around long enough on VG to see that -people that are banned by us tend to stretch the truth out to fit their needs, and to get those others that follow the leader to do the same. Don't get me wrong on my accusations, I see that this account is a / or rather was a Gold 2 account, and you are posting on a account that is not registered with us so I felt that just maybe since this account was banned you are attempting to play or playing with us on a lower ranking account, as I stated before with my experience and with the complaint you are filing here with a unregistered account on VG and a Banned Account by Riot which has not played since 11/12/2015, the reason you are using this account registers with me as you are playing on a smurf account on VG. Now if you don't want to talk about it here then feel free to come onto VG's Teamspeak and talk with me there, if you are not smurfing on a lower ranking account with us you will get a truthful, Heartfelt, and Mindful apology from ME! However if you are using a smurf account to play on you will be restricted from game play until you reach the same level that the account you are posting on here with which is a Gold II account. However if you fail to come and talk to me here or there and I find you out down the road that you were smurfing our tournament (making the tournament unfair game play for others (giving your team an unfair advantage in the skill level of game play)) you will be perma-banned from any further game play in our community. I have not judged you and though the words I am using here may seem that I have, I believe everyone and trust all until THEY prove to me other wise. Have a wonderful day and be Victorious!
: Idk why i tried another Victorious Gaming tournament
Anus Punishment: **> Idk why i tried another Victorious Gaming tournament<** So you stated here that you played in our VG tournament, just curious what rank and summoner name did you use to enter with? Because the name you are using here is not only Against Riot Policy but I am not able to be find it in our data base, so one of two things happened; **1.** You are smurfing our tournaments which are against the RULES **2. ** You changed summoner name, but I also looked you up by the LOLKing registration number and cannot find. ...so which one is it...smurfing is my guess. According to our data base you have never registered with us...so I am not sure how you are making these accusations, and telling people not to play our tournaments. One other thing before I go, our rules are set the way they are for equal opportunity for all teams, so one team does not use all the pause time in game.
: {{champion:75}} Summoners, We are currently experiencing networking issues and are investigating this with all available resources. We are sorry for the inconveniences this may cause. We will keep you up to date on this thread. UPDATE: 09:25 PST - Ranked Queues have been disabled while we investigate. UPDATE: 09:57 PST - We're aware players are having problems with logging-in, we're working with our provider to resolve the issue as soon as possible. UPDATE 10:22 PST - Our provider is still looking into a solution to stabilize network connectivity to our services. UPDATE 11:00 PST - Our provider is currently working on applying a fix. Thanks for your patience.
{{champion:106}} I have tried everything and nothign seems to be working. I have tried the following: 1. Deleting the recommended files a. Repairing LOL 2.Flushing My DNS 3.Resetting Router & Modem a. Restarting PC during the above Nothing seems to be working so can ya tell me and the others what you are doing to fix this issue...I need my LOL Fix!

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