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Nêkö (NA)
: Reksai knocking up Nunu [gameplay]
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: Never trust Riot's descriptions. Trust wikia. Probably more of a bug with their description than anything.
I did check, and the wiki page doesn't mention anything about walking thru units, oddly
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nelogis (EUW)
: Did you maybe deactivate "show extended tooltip info" in the settings?
Interface > Tooltips > "Always show extended tooltip info" does NOT help, because Veigar's passive/tooltip doesn't have any "Press Shift to display more info" section to be always open. The information simply does not exist any more!
Vaati006 (NA)
: [Gameplay] Dr Mundo Ult SFX is way too quiet
Bump cuz nobody else seems to be talking about this issue.
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: Soraka Regen Buff from Q bug
There are, like, 6 words in this post that contribute any information at all. Nobody cares who you are, who you main, what emojis you use. Describe the bug in detail, that's it. As it is, I have no idea what you might be talking about.
: Warwick death sounds insanely loud
Here's a vid I just put together, another 3 examples:
SouL1ess (NA)
: Darius ult fears only allied minions
I just tried this in a Practice Tool game and it was fearing both allied and enemy minions. Maybe they quietly fixed it in the patch that got released a few minutes ago?
Deshior (NA)
: Camera Bug - I do not even know
What the actual fuck lmao Its been demonstrated many times in the past that truly bizarre and non-reproducable bugs can happen when something goes strange as it is loading a game. I don't think we have to worry about this affecting other players in the future. But if it happens to you again, exit the game and rejoin, and that should fix it.
Ir Sun (EUW)
: Is Warwick even allowed in competitive?
This board is not meant for discussions about winrates, buffs, nerfs, competitive play, etc. This board is meant for only one thing: describing bugs. You have failed to describe any sort of bug in your post.
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marko458 (EUNE)
: Ashe's E
Happened to me just yesterday in ARAM. I'll try to record footage of it next time I notice it happening. The "revealed" eyes even persist thru death, which I find particularly strange.
: i hope it will get fixed as soon as possible, or i cannot really look at the champion properly... because i know how to use the bug, and people who read the post may also use it.
This is a legitimate and bizarre bug. Sometimes I really wonder how Riot structures their game code. In what way could any ability's cooldown be even remotely linked to what the camera is doing? smh For future reference you're supposed to put [Gameplay] in the title of posts like this... not that anyone actually follows the rule but oh well. Also you may get faster response with a more literally descriptive title like "[Gameplay] Yasuo Q cooldown reset by moving the camera" or something. Also, what does changing "height" in the config do?
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Hovila (EUW)
: Yasuo got executed, because damage wasn't enough to break through his passive's shield
It's probably not a bug, just a questionable design decision. If this is a bug, its been in the game for YEARS. The assist policy on shields is simple: if you damage a shield, and that shield is then BROKEN (by you or someone or something else) then you get assist/kill credit. If you damage a shield, and that shield EXPIRES by timing out, then you do not get assist credit; doing as much damage as you did when you did made no difference. In this case, I suspect the slow-mo would show the shield expiring immediately before the tower shot hit Yasuo. I would argue that you SHOULD get assist credit in this specific situation because you did CC him by knocking him farther under the tower, because its also the policy that applying non-damaging CC to someone will give you assist/kill credit. But idk. Actually now that I think about it, this totally IS a valid bug and should be explored further. Upvote from me.
Erin (NA)
: His passive is Dread. "Standing still or channeling abilities for 1.5 seconds empowers Fiddlesticks with Dread. Immobilizing crowd control resets this timer. Dread grants Movement Speed, but only lasts for 1.5s after Fiddlesticks starts moving." This is what causes Fiddlesticks to freeze; it's intentional. I hope this cleared up any confusion. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
You're actually wrong, what the OP is referring to (probably) is the way Fiddle's idle animation freezes after standing still for 5 seconds. It will also freeze him if he's in the middle of a joke/taunt/dance/laugh animation when that 5 second timer runs out. It has no impact on the game at all, it's just a funny little "easter egg" they added, and it's completely intentional
Vaati006 (NA)
: [CLIENT] Match history is cut off when viewing a friend's history
Vaati006 (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Rumble E tooltip doesn't show ammo recharge time
Bumping this post cuz it still isn't fixed
Vaati006 (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Kalista E upgrade tooltip has incorrect values
Bumping this post cuz it still isn't fixed
Vaati006 (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Urgot Q Mana Cost not in the tooltip
Bumping this post cuz bug still isn't fixed
: [Gameplay] Sion Will Not Receive Health From Large Monsters/Minions If W is Leveled Up in Passive.
Bumping cuz its a valid bug It'll never get seen or fixed, cuz Riot doesn't care bout this thread, but its a valid bug
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23thCleaner (EUNE)
: Riot dont give a sh.t about us.
When you say "they don't give a shit about us", if you are referring to anyone who puts in decent effort to document and report a bug that never gets acknowledged or fixed... yeah, welcome to the club. I've known it for years. This thread is more of a honeypot for people to bitch about in, than a place to report bugs and get them fixed.
: [GAMEPLAY] Using Q on Talon plays "effort" sound when out of range.
Upvote and bump, well-researched and valid bug with video evidence. Don't worry, Riot will never see your post and will never get this bug fixed :)
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DBWinner (NA)
: Blitzcrank Hook and Sion Ult Interaction
Upvote because this looks like a legitimate bug that can't be simply explained by latency.
: there is a record button built into the replay thing, I have no clue why people don't opt to use it xD
For me, the built-in record function makes the audio all fucky. By which I mean the audio becomes sporadic pops and clicks at max volume that actually causes my ears pain. But I've seen plenty of clips that other people have recorded with the built-in thing and the audio is just fine, so I just have the wrong drivers for whatever LoL uses, I suppose.
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Zorro (OCE)
: Ornn Bot?
Bumping this post cuz it seems like a valid bug
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Oto (EUNE)
: Illaoi doesn't get Fervor stacks when attacking vessel
I'll try it for myself, if you're right I'll post another thread with link to a video
: Annie's Ultimate
can you watch the replay of the match, and use the built-in record tool to show it? the sound might be screwey but the gameplay is what this is interested in
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: [GAMEPLAY] Eye of Oasis ward prediction broken
I just tested it in training mode, and it works just the same for me. I didn't even know there was such a feature until you pointed it out!
: Not getting any loot crates in the past six ish months
I've also not gotten any chest in a VERY long time (up to 5 keys but 0 chests) but I know why it is. You are limited to 4 chests per month (I think?) and only one chest per champ per "season" (not sure how long a season is, if you have any idea please share with me). Go to your champions page, it should look something like this: See the funny border around Dr Mundo? That means I've already earned a chest with him this "season" by getting an S rank. Aatrox doesn't have that border, so if I were to get an S rank with Aatrox I would get a chest.
Urixx (EUNE)
: I am here for nothng but a favor if u can make it for me ?? Do u know how to talk to a gm or something my acc is scammed and i need a gm to talk or to make him remind me the username of the acc Really, its not like it's hard to find, it's right on the main page
: Future plans for the client
Any comment on whether or not public chat channels will be making a return? Yeah, they were total cancer... but it was background cancer. I miss my cancer :(
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Natrocx (EUW)
: [Riot Braincrash] Please make grade nonrandom.
The grades are determined by comparing against the "average" performance for that champ. So i guess Kog'maw is just really OP?
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