: Their lack of indicators is actually an intentional choice; Darius's, for example, is because they wanted it to be a skill test. Pyke's R can be missed, and Urgot's R can be missed as well; Darius's skill test comes from stacking up his bleed and then gauging whether or not it will actually kill them, which is important because it's a point-and-click ability. The same goes to Garen's R. The basic idea behind it is that there are some things you should know because it can lock you out of getting the MINIMUM out of the ability, while others shouldn't be given out freely because it'd consistently give players the MOST out of the ability.
So what about cho?
: Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes
I'm sure I am in the minority here, but I really really want the Blackwater game mode and Hexakill on twisted more often.. but I am sure they are getting the axe :/
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: Bugsplat when I try to record my reply on my latest match
Thank god I'm not alone. I only recently starting messing with this because I wanted to try the whole new Highlights dealio, and it constantly is crashing. Hopefully riot will fix it. I really wanna have some of my fun plays on my profile! Here's to hoping that riot catches this {{champion:121}}

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