: > [{quoted}](name=Neutralì Zed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A7X3B0ib,comment-id=000100010000000000000001,timestamp=2017-01-23T21:10:52.104+0000) > > Bro kids in Africa are more developed than you think :D We dont leave in caves and run naked in the street.. we also dont eat Iphones. I am a d2 player on na server with 150ms. And yeah I know thousands of games but it doesnt mean I play them ur point is not on point Africa needs dedicated servers 2
I would love {{champion:103}} to see that happening {{champion:32}}
: Comparitively yes. I'm pretty sure kids in Africa have heard of LoL. It is like comparing Mario to Sonic. Sonic almost had it back in the 90s. But Mario has sold 10x more total product to date.
Bro kids in Africa are more developed than you think :D We dont leave in caves and run naked in the street.. we also dont eat Iphones. I am a d2 player on na server with 150ms. And yeah I know thousands of games but it doesnt mean I play them ur point is not on point
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Henngest (EUNE)
: Odd placement (Solo/Duo)
I think it depends on which games you won/ lost .. I think that your first games are more important because you get placed against higher ranks.
MagÊ (EUW)
: Syndra nerf was reverted because meddler said her ban rate decreased
Rylais is getting nerfed and thats a nerf for a lot of midlaners already
: i undertsnd every role and i can play them decent but im probably one of the few bronze players who will accept being autofilled
Bro if you can play every role decent you shouldn't be in bronze at all.
: "Auto-fill is on"
better pick a champ for us next time or maybe u guys riot play instead of me
: riot remove autofill from low elo
Yes autofill shouldnt be in low elo cuz 1. 50% of players are in bronze and silver (Q time already short) 2. We can barely play two roles properly
: i dont understand why riot makes it soloQ at challenger only
bro they are helping people getting boosted with that duo thing..
: Lucian needs a buff
I am a mid main but I only like adc lucian I LOVE HIS KIT AND PSSIVE but he is too much crap as you said they nerfed him too much and now after armor pen changes he is trash and you can always have better picks.. if they want him to have low range then buff his e again so he can dash and kite more when he gets close or just give him back his range ..
UberAffe (NA)
: completely irrelevant reference. If league threw you into aram when you selected ranked then it might be relevant.
I tried to give an example cause usually in fps games you don't pick roles u only pick modes. Still it's not an excuse to force people to play other than what they choose and next patch please riot force us to play the lowest pick rate champions too. What if you guys pick our runes masteries champs and roles and we will just spectate.
: Can we just adjust autofill to pick order?
They can make it an option to autofill instead of forcing us I mean they can add an option in which if you pick autofill as secondary role you get some extra ip for that game. If you ever played Call of duty or any fps game and you pick team death match mode they won't give you free for all mode in excuse to make Q time faster. we should be able to be free choosing what role to play.
: New que sucks.
Autofill is a bad idea in my opinion. 1. I can't practice my role (spam it) 2. Some people get roles they can't do and they feed causing me to lose the game (not their fault) 3. DON'T FORCE US LIKE IF I GO TO PLAY CALL OF DUTY AND CHOOSE TEAM DEATH MATCH SHOULD CALL OF DUTY GIVES ME FREE FOR ALL MODE JUST TO MAKE THE Q TIME FASTER ????? RIOT I WANT TO PLAY MID AND GET GOOD I HAVE A LIMITED TIME PER DAY TO PLAY IF YOU TAKE 40 MINS OF MY TIME TO PLAY SOMETHING I DON'T WANT TO PLAY IS WORSE THAN WAITING EXTRA 5 MINS TO GET MY ROLE. 4. Just a suggestion if you want more players to autofill make an option when you choose autofill you get extra 10-20 ip after the game I bet there is a lot of players who want to get Ip super fast. 5. If you don't want that than for each player complaining about Q times THEY CAN autofill themselves and get faster Q A LOT OF PLAYERS want their main role to practice !
: [Poll] Do you like playing Support?
I like it when my team knows what to do. I am not a support main. I don't main it because I can rather carry from mid or jungle I hate team reliant roles when I don't know my team.
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ph1234k (NA)
: CAN'T LOGIN - Potential Fix
thank you ! but play button is greyed out xD
: Whats happening with my client?
It's not only you and I am waiting for riot to tell us how long should we wait before it gets fixed
: same exact issue. saying there's a 'problem with your connection' when there isn't.
Blame the jungler blame your connection.
: Anyone having login issues?
They have to blame someone in that case they blamed our connections..
Benlolo (NA)
: Riot
Riot hmmm
Calabok (NA)
: no. that crap is still there. he pullin our legs
That would be a war crime if they do it xD Oh wait autofill is already a crime
: Bring back normal draft
Is it really gone ? I have a bug with client can't loggin
: It's only really necessary for diamond and up ranked games. I've actually never been autofilled once except for today.
I did get it and Im silver 3.. If I didn't want to wait I would pick fill as secondary. Riot are going full retard I hope they get rid of normal draft so I can finally stop playing.
Skid113 (NA)
: auto fill is a horrible idea
I think riot are downvoting us like my post got 30 downvotes for saying autofill is bad.... like i don't have a problem playing wherever but what if my teammate gets support and he never played support before and we are in ranked does that mean I have to lose that game which probably will happen ?
: lol I will reply how I want to. That's great but why implement this in ranked. Why not normal draft? And actually yes people are being forced to play a roles they did not select.
You have to master 5 roles before playing ranked so it won't be your first time. Good idea riot ! Good job going full retard{{champion:36}} ! Rip all low elo elo players who can barely play two roles two champs each ( Im one of them ). Oh yeah I forgot don't forget to remove draft pick so I can't even practice my roles. Soon This game is gonna be 10 retards{{champion:36}} running down the map they don't how to play their roles (low elo).
: Autofill is there to make people who don't play the less played roles do their duty and play the less played roles. If you play support once in a while you won't have to deal with autofill. Don't be one of those people who refuse to learn all roles and then complain when that lack of game knowledge comes back to haunt them.
They don't have to force us !!! I have no problem playing support or trying different roles I just hate the fact that I am forced to do it ! Some people want to spam one role to get better at it before learning another role. I mean I understand that riot wants to fix Q time and make more support players but this is not a good solution. I like the fact they did support champion rotation but autofilling is complete garbage to me. And if this feature is activated in ranked you should expect more trolls and toxic people... So now I have to practice 3 more roles 3 champs each before going ranked again ? is thats a good idea ? do I have to be good at 5 roles while I am still a silver player ?
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: S3 jg/mid main looking for duo partner.
IGN : invisibad top/mid discord Ramk s3
: Silver Elo and Higher Looking For a Top Lane and Jungler For Flexed Queues
IGN : invisibad Mid/top main used to jungle rank s3
: Riot thank you for Dynamic Queue
I don't really agree. Sometimes the team is just doing teamwork its not premades
zNezumi (NA)
: [Serious]-[Silver/Gold/Platinum]-[Competitive 5v5 Team] Nobody Better Gaming needs members!
http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=invisibad IGN : Invisibad Role applying for : mid/ top Time Zone : US east Age : 20 Highest Rank: s3 na Current Rank(End of Season Rank): s3 Favorite Champion(s): Riven, shen, poppy, Cassipeia, Viktor, Katarina Top 3 Champs in champ pool: Cassiopeia , viktor , Katarina Type of player you are (Open to your interpretation): Friendly person , I enjoy playing with a full team I don't really care about loosing but Im a try hard type of person. Strengths/Weaknesses (be honest): I always try to be the carry I never do mistakes twice, I learn really fast. Took me 4 months since first time league to get silver 3. I am a very agressive midlaner I usually win my lane. I never flame or get tilted. I dont roam a lot, I dont place a lot of wards (trying to improve that), I don't have a good decision making or game knowledge but I usually follow the team decisions. Communication preference: discord pref but can do any Amount of Pro League/Streams you watch: i watch adrian riven, faker, bjergsen, arcsecond, imqtpie
: Can we talk about Camille's counterplay?
I think she is a better version of kassadin because from what I saw in the video they have similar play style
Saianna (EUNE)
: So assassin update was supposed to add counterplay to assassins?
tbh I laned against most of those assassins and I managed to deal with them. It mostly depends on the player skills. I think that they are well balanced. If you manage to shov the lane and deny them roam they won't be a big of a threat. in team fights just save ur cc for them.
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: I played with a jungler who refused to gank, against an illaoi.
I see your point and as a jungle main I usually camp champs like illaoi malz lb akali and most cancerous champs pre 6 I give my laner 2 / 3 kills and leave him win his lane... against illaoi i usually start wolves or chickens and after clearing one side I get lvl3 she is lvl 2 with no wards she dies than I go back get some items and go gank her again after she wastes tp so usually she is too low to stay or she is dead and thats gives mylaner a huge cs adventage and he can zone her out easly. if ur jungler sucks then just roam and get kills or switch lanes. once I was mid velkoz I switched with top against darius and I made him useless while riven went mid and she zoned veigar It could be another stituation if we didnt switch.
: Don't Care What Rank Or Level You Are Just Looking For Fun People To Play With! (Smurfing)
ign Invisibad add me on game I can discord i am glad that some guy know how we should actually play this game xD
Eedat (NA)
: I disagree but I also main Wukong who deletes even the most fed of ADCs with ease
> [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZLwb5oaV,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-09-28T18:01:37.176+0000) > > I disagree but I also main Wukong who deletes even the most fed of ADCs with ease Probably because those adcs sucks wukong was a threat couple of patches ago but not now
: I feel if you lose bot lane right now, you lose the game
I switched from jungle/mid to adc/adc just because of this..
xSran (NA)
: Silver 3 Support, Looking for S2+ players to climb rank.
Those ppl saying x+ rank are racists xD
: 3 gold 1 silver ranked team looking for silver-gold level adc
ign-Invisibad rank-silver 5 comfort picks - lucian- jinx- tristana time-zone eastern availability always
: @Meddler, any thoughts on Shen?
Nerf shen but keep illaoi and darius unchanged . I have 89% win rate with shen but I had to bring him to jungle becuase for now he is unplayable at top lane like u gonna play like a pussy and yet they will eventually tower dive u because ur cs behind... at least since in low elo people have a desire to feed I can ult them save them and maybe get a kill also his e make it easier to gank. So if riot nerf his ult once more he is probably gonna die cuz thats the only thing left good for him
: Looking for a Players around Silver V, to form a Ranked Team with, and PARTY/CHILL!
I am a silver 5 4 months playing league jungle/mid main (if u want to carry ur self in soloQ) but I am comfortable with any role if my teammates are good too. I have around 70% win rate pm in game
: How is this fair MatchMaking
This is not related but which program / website are you using ?
: I will give riot 10000 dollars
They won't but my suggestion is : make teams balanced based on premades like lets say a silver and a bronze premade make them face silver and bronze premades not silver silver or bronze bronze. what am saying like if my team has two bronze premades and the rest are silver while the other team has two silver premades, 1 silver, 2 bronzes. what happens here that the two silvers will crash the two bronzies which leads to a disadvantage to the other 3 silvers cuz they lack communication like the 2 silver premades... If someone understand my point please translate it to others cuz I suck at explaining things my brain runs faster then my fingers. btw this doesnt always happens I saw bronze crashing golds it just depends but most likely it will happen. what am I doing here I need English courses
Keoke (NA)
: Silver ADC looking for team
We can make a team if you want am jungle/mid main
: Ivern seems really useless
yeah he will be useless when he creates bush for rengar.
: Just got demoted to bronze
With this mentality I think you belong in bronze. I saw ur op.gg an here is an advice : - stop playing tf he is not a hard carry for low elo -don't die a lot -improve ur cs -when u get fed dont chase more kills go help ur team securing objectives -only fight 5v5 or in a number advantage
abdul569 (EUW)
: I fear that Ivern will turn out to be like Taliyah
Bruh you should think about him creating bushes for rengo in team fights ! He can make nidalee speed up ! The problem is not him it's what he gonna offer to other champs like as I said specially rengar will be really hard to deal with... and you might see a huge come back to rengar top lane
Bellows (NA)
: Let me rate myself here honestly. Mechanical Skill : 1,000,000/10 !m Faker Game knowledge : Jimmy Neutron/Corn (I always rush innervating Locket on Udyr, its a must) Map Awareness : 10/10 gotta waste that tf ult to see my mid laner walking back to lane. Objective Control : 9.5/10 gotta secure those dragons and barons.... for the enemy team Attitude : 10/10 Must Fuck You Communication : Hokage/Phreak Mute All is your best friend.
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