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: Because there are, officially, no ways of communicating with Riot staff directly aside from Red-created posts. Reds on the boards have stated quite clearly that the boards are for discussion _among players_, and specifically _**not**_ with Riot. Meanwhile, if you attempt to reach them via Player Support, they will tell you to come to the boards. So there's nothing you can do.
The boards used to be full of communication between devs and players. Back when they actually listened to feedback and the game only had like 1 or 2 broken characters at a time. Now its like heres 20 characters that are busted pick your poison.
jenofon (EUNE)
: Hey Riot wanna up your security a lil :/
Riot has thousands working for them but they cant think of a way to secure an account. In an era of the internet where security is a big talking point to have such terrible login security for one of the biggest games in the world is really pathetic.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Krotux,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=e6Hgm9AP,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-07-16T18:54:22.913+0000) > > Imagine trying to hit this shit with Karthus Qs Thats precisely the thing, if so many assassins are going to have this ludicrous type of mobility, then champs like Karthus, Xerath, Velkoz and other immobile mages need massive boosts to their damage to compensate. The heal tho on Akali's Q should be removed tho.
ive come to the conclusion that Riot isnt trying to balance anything they are changing the game just for the sake of changing it because thats what keeps it fresh and "fun" Ive played league on and off since 2010 and for 3 or 4 years it was my main game but got tired of it and too a break.When I tried coming back from a break and just have no clue what is going on in the game and the recent break they introduced so many new items and the new mastery system thing its just not the game I played at all that I enjoyed. Im basically having to start over as a brand new player with the knowledge I have and thats extremely distressing...
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: Honestly if you think turrets are a joke in league, you've never played another moba... turrets are fine, actually very strong before people buy significant armor items. If you get dove at level 3 because you took some bad trades and are 1/3 hp, that's your fault.. there are champions whose spells are really broken and allow easy aggro swaps for sure, but to say turrets are the core problem is bs. It's important to have clear ways to punish mistakes in league, and if someone makes the mistake of multiple bad trades early game, that punishment is often tower diving :)
Ive played plenty of other mobas the most recent one that I have played (other than league) would be Dota 2 and in that game towers are an actual threat you cant dive that without knowing someone is going to die and their attack range is much larger than leagues. Ive also played Smite and Heros of the Storm before as well as plenty of other lesser known mobas like dawngate, strife, arena of fate, and vain glory. Ive played plenty of mobas and most of them the towers are actually dangerous at mid to early game. Towers in league used to be there to protect you early if you were a late game champion or allowed you to turtle if you were behind a bit and stopped divers. Then they decided they wanted the game to be more snowbally so they nerfed their durability while also nerfing their dmg by a fair bit. So yea Turrets need buffed on the damage end so that they are an actual threat so that people dont just dive super easily.
: Patch 7.23 notes
Im sorry Riot but the problem with turrets is that anyone can tank them for too many shots early game making diving way to easy to do with randoms not that they are too squishy. For coordinated players its a cake walk if they know what they are doing. Towers need to do more damage earlier on to champions. Maybe make them do 10% more dmg to champions or make them do more dmg with minions having damage reduction for tower shots. Either way Towers need to do more dmg to champions so that diving towers early will be a risk. Not just something any champion can do with ease. Edit: It used to be that towers protected you early game but you protected them mid to late game. That gameplay style has gone out the door.
Kivolan (NA)
: Riot Took People's Feedback, And Did The Opposite
Vlad was reworked recently right? He doesnt have a dash either does Brand. 2 of my old favorite champions are getting the short end of the mobility stick. We shall see what the do to swain but I doubt he will get any kind of mobility or else they are going to completely change him and he will be a new champ completely.
: Ravenous hunter
ONE thing just like the old masteries. Even then lifesteal can be built when mages dont have that choice. Mages should have a way to do the same as any ad champion.
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Rexxiee (NA)
: Either nerf tanks hard or bring back fervor and anti tank masteries
Jarvan does insane damage now. They need to roll back the ad buffs or increase base armor. Something needs done because the games are WAY to snowbally now.
: So... How do you earn Blue Essence now to buy champions?
Yea Riot has basically gone full money grab with the changes. We dont get Blue Essence for playing games and after a while its going to take forever to level up and get like what MAYBE 450 blue essence after 25 games? Riot really made it apparent they dont care about free to play players unlocking new champions. They only care about the people who pay money for their game now.
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: They no longer do Traditional Skins, so the white and gold statue is his new Classic. Additionally, they do call in the old voice actors, if they are available and if they want to do the voices again, and have them audition with the new lines. If they prefer another audition, they go with that actor. I think his brazen, dumb kind of personality is lovable and fits the child-like protector of Demacia.
Yea I know they dont do the traditional skins which is sad times for Galio... I'll probably grow to like the new Galio personality and voice but for now its just a bit different from what I like.
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: EA owns all the things.
: Hi League ppls! I was Dawngate's EP. Just got pointed here by the twitters and wanted to write a thing ... Story is ironically challenging in this genre: MOBAs are games defined by characters, yet the gameplay can't afford the moments required to develop those characters beyond their mechanics. Nor should it: games are _not_ stories, and in MOBA, the expression of skill through the character is not only paramount, it's really all that matters. Gameplay first. No time for cut-scenes in a 10 player pvp game! But good stories and the characters that bring them to life are fucking beautiful, and they make the expression of the character through those mechanics so much more meaningful and fun! Somehow, games _are_ stories, or they want to be ... they certainly share something core with them through agency and the resulting connection we all have as players. So while gameplay was always paramount, we also invested in deep world-building for Dawngate, and in funny ideas like match-up specific VO between characters, and in vehicles like the Dawngate Chronicles web comic to explore how to could bring characters to life. To be honest, It was all for science. We did it because we dug it and believed in it and we wanted to bring gameplay and story closer together: some of it worked, some of it didn't. So on behalf of the crew who brought the Dawngate Chronicles to life: so glad you guys dug it ... we all loved making it! "Splash of color!" :)
Hey Paradoxiq! This is a silly question but do you ever think that there will be a chance to revitalize the story or is that also in EAs vault? I personally was really looking forward to Viridians story and more of Freia (my personal favorite character in game and in Lore).
: _Harsh!?_ he was tortured and drugged in an animated series, that's a bit of an understatement!
I mean... Im talking 90s standards of harsh not todays standards of cuddle buddy everyone. I grew up in the 90s so I mean my standard of harsh is different LOL
: The things the joker did to robin were beyond words
: Team Ice : {{champion:22}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:113}} Hands down
I mean.... {{champion:127}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:201}} is the team that I want for ice.
Jxg (EUW)
: Something like Thresh's Q would be better, It needs a channel time.
OK give it a channel time but then put some base dmg on it and make it longer and travel faster. Thats how putting a channel time would work
: My bigger issue with her E is that you're punished for leaving There isn't really a correct way to deal with her landing it as melee, try to fight her and you're extremely likely to take at least 33% more damage from her AoEs
I mean if you kill 3 of the tentacles that spawn it gets rid of the effect and the tentacles arent hard to dodge really. I get that its annoying but its certainly manageable very easily.
Rebonack (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Valenten,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=s3i9MwUW,comment-id=00000000000100000000,timestamp=2015-11-30T04:09:54.473+0000) > > true I also agree that Kog should do like 70% instead of 55% of his dmg which would make him feel a little better. maybe even 65% if 70 is to high This would catapult him into crazy-land without question. The little bump to Koggy's base AD and base attack speed combined with the slightly longer games were enough to make Koggy's win-rate jump 7%. Riot needs to approach him with a VERY light touch, because he's got knife-edge balance right now. That's why I think just increasing or decreasing his base HP would probably be the safest way to keep him in a good spot.
i mean it could also be that most people were trying the changes so now that the new smell has worn off there are less people playing him and his win rate is starting to climb.
: yeah, but he needs to invest in a LOT of MR to make up for the self inflicted deficit he has. Most ADCs have to build Merc scimitar against thorn mail under normal circumstances, and Kog suffers much worse since he hits much more frequently for less damage (meaning he life steals less while taking proportionally more damage). Both maw and Scimitar together are likely enough to cover his magic resist troubles, but at that point, he is so heavily gimped by his own build that he isn't worth picking.
true I also agree that Kog should do like 70% instead of 55% of his dmg which would make him feel a little better. maybe even 65% if 70 is to high
TYoung11 (NA)
: My only problem with her is how fast her E executes. There is almost no animation to indicate she is going to use it leaving no time to dodge it. A blitz hook is easier to dodge.
I mean she stands still and shoves her weapon out in front of her THEN the tentacle comes out. How much more telegraph do you want? Plus the initial grab does no dmg and doesnt cc you really. The only way it does dmg to you is if she is maxing it and building ad even then its only 8% per 100 ad
Seenan (NA)
: I can't believe people are defending this champ. She can build straight tank/bruiser and still do 700 damage with just her tentacles... Her cooldowns are seemingly too low (she did her stupid jump attack on me like twice within 12 seconds). They all activate her tentacle slam shit if they hit a champ which do relatively higher damage than the ability itself. Her spirit is just unfun to play against. This champ is entirely unfun to play against. Especially if it's a good player. And her map icon looks like a literal piece of shit in the form of a face.
She can have such high dmg because she is 1. Immobile 2. lacks any meaningful cc and 3. Her dmg is completely reliant on her tentacles which are easily destroyed other than during her ult. All of her dmg is pretty easily avoidable as well other than her W which is point and click but even then the tentacles that attack after are slow and easily dodged. Literally the way you deal with her is to dodge her tentacles then she doesnt heal and most of her dmg is gone. How is this champion overpowered?
Knoyle (NA)
: I just feel that it is kinda messed up that she is able to do as much if not more damage than Sion with even less telegraph with a skill shot that is relatively quick and with the minion system now can be easy to get caught by. I might be wrong but it seems faster than {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} or even {{champion:99}} and for what it does seems kind of too reliable with that speed.
Blitz hook and thresh hook are both faster and longer than hers im pretty sure. I know her E is 900 range blitz is 925 and completely relocates you with a mini stun once you are pulled then Thresh hook is like 1k range and tugs you closer over 1.5 seconds. Her E is worse than both of them in basically every aspect.
: That was true for 5.22, but games are much longer on average now, and it has become clear that the *real* counter to him is {{item:3075}}. He suffers roughly twice as much from the return damage as any other champion. He pretty much *cannot* use his W or attack any target with a Thornmail at the risk of completely killing himself first. The way his new 5.0 attack speed cap interacts with Thornmail was the one devastating oversight with his redesign that Rito forgot to address. he doesn't need more damage, or better late game, or longer games to get to late game, he just needs some way to not be made obsolete by a single item.
There is this thing called magic resist :O I mean he can build Scimtar and be fine and maybe even maw if needed.
: Hecarim's a GHOST, yet Riot deemed it fit to make him collide with minions.
Yea that change seemed really random and unnecessary unsure why they did it.
: This is why New Champions shouldn't be part of Rank for a week or two
I mean the dude rushed a frozen heart for some weird reason. Illaoi doesnt rush frozen heart. end of story.
: > [{quoted}](name=VulDread,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y2yKaEvE,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2015-11-25T18:24:01.692+0000) > > What no, brand's late game and teamfight potential is still really good, almost as good as his midgame powerspike. Stats say otherwise. He has a mid-game power spike then falls off.
He doesnt fall off as much as you think because he has % dmg on his passive so even against tanky people he will stay relevant. Squishies late game he can still burst them down.
Meddler (NA)
: Yes, we think they're too strong and have got to the point where, even with mastery changes, we need to trim some power from them. For champions versus masteries/items/whatever we start with an assessment of how the other element's performing overall. Rageblade for example's definitely too strong on Jax, but it's also just too strong across the board compared to other items. Similarly Warlord's Bloodlust was too strong in general compared to where T3 keystone masteries should be (though it's also possible Yasuo might be too strong as well, still watching that).
So if I remember correctly your balance team has stated in the past that "if a mage doesnt have mobility they should have high dmg to compensate" so why is it that they are being punished now simply because of a mastery that you gave them to use. They have clearly been in a fine state for quite a while and I even remember yall buffing Anivia not to long ago to where her E would proc the frost on it for double dmg. I enjoy playing Brand and other immobile mages BECAUSE of their high dmg I dont feel like its rewarding to play high mobility mages I feel like there isnt much challenge in it personally. When I play Ahri I can outplay anyone since I have the high mobility ESPECIALLY since the buff to her Q with that ms increase. Brand I have to position correctly and when I get my combo off it feels good. Take away their high dmg and they will be picked even less than they are currently.
: That's debatable, since Aatrox would generally want to invest more points in ferocity. But I run it on Shen and might try it on Aatrox sometime.
I mean i have a page that would fit most bruisers that is 12-0-18 and instead of abilities doing more dmg just switch it to attack speed. The new mastery pages dont provide as many free stats as the previous ones more of tweaks to playstyle. Since Aatrox is a sustain dmg dealer healing 3% max HP every 4 seconds is great imo. The only onein Ferocity i could even see Aatrox taking is Fervor of battle but he can get more than enough dmg from items and his kit giving him extra sustain is great considering how squishy most Aatrox are
: Just a question... WHO THE HELL BUILDS CRIT ON AATROX?!?
I mean personally Id rather go with that Undying Mastery MUCH more Aatrox favorable imo
: ***
Yea i can see why you got forum banned. kinda surprised you havent been perma banned from the game cause of how you treat people that have a differing opinion than yours. Bet you are 100x worse in game raging at anyone who does one thing wrong. Clearly you are to self absorbed to have a real conversation so ill just make this my last post in response to you ;D
: ***
Dude why does Rank matter in this? See thats this communities problem they think that just cause someone is a lower rank means they dont understand how the game actually is at other elos. I mainly play against gold and up cause of my MMR so GJ on that whole judging thing. Also least I have the balls to post on my main account. Not some smurf. Now as you didnt see I mentioned that it is mostly the ITEMS that make Lucian insane but you dont read what people say clearly. you read like 10 words at best then went to find my rank lol. Yea adcs are out of line but its mainly the items with a few exceptions of power. BTW adc popularity ranks in at Lucian Vayne Cait then Graves in popularity in DIAMOND. So I mean its not just "silver bads" who think lucian is a problem. clearly he is a problem in higher elo games. Graves only seems like a problem cause if you get in his face he destroys you otherwise he isnt an issue. If Anything im kinda surprised there isnt more complaints about Caitlyn who gets a free headshot off each time you step on a trap or get hit by her net.
: riot is so bad at balancing ect its like they dont play
umm bro have you not seen a 40% cdr Lucian with almost 100% crit? I mean its kind of insane. Its mainly the items but Riot wont nerf the items
Baculus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Valenten,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=4dbbFczK,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-16T06:42:42.536+0000) > > thats what people said last season and that was wrong then to. For a while, toplane, that was completely true.
So what you are saying is that the balance of power has shifted from top lane to bot lane. People were asking for adc buffs so they got adc buffs and people are surprised at the out come lol
Cindikle (NA)
: They should take Dawngate's surrender conditions. - Large gold imbalance - Player AFK too long - 20minutes
Riot could learn a ton from Dawngate which they have already taken a bunch of stuff from anyways. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Baculus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Valenten,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=4dbbFczK,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2015-11-16T04:37:14.526+0000) > > Everyone now days is instant gratification. If they give first blood they want to surrender cause they dont want to try to get a win they would rather just try a new game and win that way. No. It's literally that first blood usually makes games unwinnable.
thats what people said last season and that was wrong then to.
: is everyone just having a shit week and unable to leap at chances to turn things around? I've had a good share of close back-and-forth matches, even at times where teammates complain and want to give in.
Everyone now days is instant gratification. If they give first blood they want to surrender cause they dont want to try to get a win they would rather just try a new game and win that way.
: I DO realize that. But Riot is showing their intentions with these preseason changes. They obviously WANT the games to snowball out of control. Why else would they experiment like this? I can't fathom why they want games to be even more snowbally and not give teams that are behind a chance to come back.
I dont think they WANT games to be this snowbally. They expected people to play the same way they did last season instead of going kill hungry like people have. If people played how they did last season the games wouldnt be nearly as snowbally.
: Can we BUFF towers, and not weaken them?
Riot {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Community{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Me {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Skias (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E52aeUMZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-15T13:33:19.114+0000) > > Game shouldn't be balanced around the lower end of the spectrum. Games should be fun, this preseason isn't fun.
idk man Ive enjoyed myself with this patch from what ive played before Fallout 4 came :O
: Generally, when over 90% of Reddit AND Boards agree on something, it can be considered a majority opinion. Reddit and Boards generally have different circlejerks (The Lee Sin one from late S4 and early S5 was Boards-exclusive, for example), so when everyone's complaining about the same's bad. Really bad.
again the league subreddit only has 700k users and i can promise you that not all of them actually post. You cant say that something is majority unless you actively poll every user of the game then go through the answers and then look at the hard numbers. Just cause 2 places agree doesnt mean anything other than people are angry about something (which as I mentioned before Riot will work on just like previous preseasons).
: The thing is I am a higher elo than you are, but you are pretty much saying that I am the lower end? I have played this game for a very long time and I have the game knowledge to know that this isn't fun, and majority of the community hate the preseason, yes they can't make everyone happy, but when you have a large portion of the community yelling about this it's a pretty big problem. Is it not?
I dont believe that the majority of the community dislike this tbh its usually only the vocal minority that are super vocal about stuff like this. Thats been proven time and time again the people who enjoy stuff wont complain about it. Unless you have like 10 million people saying that they hate it you cant even say that the "majority" of the community hate it. Not trying to defend Riot here cause there are some things that need to be tuned down and changed ofc but to say the majority of people hate the changes seems kind of silly without polling millions of players. Doing it on here or Reddit wont do anything because there are a ton of players who dont use the reddit or the forums. Just my 2 cents tho I personally enjopy the fast paced games sure the snowballing sucks and im sure Riot will tune down things to where they need to be just takes time like any other pre season changes.
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