Wizmir (NA)
I wouldn’t mind a robotic skin for Quinn, personally. She’s missing a more modern/tech-like skin in her roster, and Hextech/Bullet Angel/PROJECT would all be really fitting options for her and Valor’s design. That said, a fantasy-based skin wouldn’t be all bad either, as she is lacking something a bit darker in tone. Omen of the Damned, Ravenborn, Coven, Soulstealer, and Medieval would all be great alternate fantasies for the champ to explore. I just really hope she doesn’t get an April Fools skin any time soon. She hasn’t even had her first serious 1350 RP skin yet and her last skin was already quite lighthearted in theme.
: Your post offends me only because you didn't even mention Sylas.
Did everyone forget Jayce exists all of a sudden?
: It'll be interesting, she's a good character in League, but as long as August isn't on her it'll be fine I think. I love Quinn, even if her HS skin is my least favorite and most hated thing in League.
> It'll be interesting, she's a good character in League, but as long as August isn't on her it'll be fine I think. August is actually the one Rioter who I hope works on Quinn when the time comes. He's always been a superb designer and mentioned some time ago that he would want to make Valor more of a character if he were to update the champion. Besides, he wasn't responsible for Kayle's visual design -- not that her visuals are _all_ bad, because most of it IS good -- but I do feel like they missed the mark by not giving her full armor, which I fear will also be a problem when they rework Quinn.
: Also, just because people in Runeterra believe something, doesn't mean it's true...
Any way we could get a definitive answer to this? I know it's kind of a silly question to ask -- such a small/inconsequential detail -- but I think it's important to establish whether a certain piece of canon is being phased out or considered outdated (especially since Quinn's my favorite character) :)
: I thought Kayle was closer related to Targon, Also why would Demacia look up to Kayle if they have such a hate boner for magic. And I thought it was established that Demacia looked the way it does because of the rare magic sponge stone that was used to make Galio and imprison Sylas so what's up with all of that?
At a guess, Demacians probably view Kayle's powers as holy/divine rather than something potentially sinister like what is remembered from the Rune Wars. It's likely they don't even consider it magic at all, but more like a transcendence bestowed from the heavens.
: Just a big Skelly Boi wielding a Giant mace, i dig it. but seriously though China exists so skeletons are highly illegal. It will never happen (dont tell anyone from china that there is infact a skeleton inside of them at all times)
> (dont tell anyone from china that there is infact a skeleton inside of them at all times) Your username makes this clever quip all the more amusing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bqTBZWOs,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-19T13:35:54.453+0000) > > Which is biased. So you want a champ ruined just cause your champ got ruined too. Why do you want others to suffer?
The OP was trying to make a point, not ruin Mordekaiser's redesign (which is probably halfway if not almost entirely complete anyway).
Opop (EUW)
: Lore inconsistency list
> since Kayle's lore is the most ''recent one'' then like all the other cases what has to happen is that the older lore is to be conformed to the new lore, so the line mentioning the Azurite Eagles as inspiration for Demacia's icon should be removed. Actually the azurite eagle was used as a symbol within Demacia relatively recently in Sylas' teaser video: https://imgur.com/a/mL3brmR Could always just be that Demacia was inspired by both.
: Texture can do ALOT. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-4KwUfz4Vh-g/W376C8NjT1I/AAAAAAABGQw/58LnAaYO1Bg5pcIgToT_p2haxPJBQNQ0QCLcBGAs/s1600/braum5.jpg ######afaik these should just be texture swaps unless chromas suddenly got model changes.
They can, but Reav3 already stated on Reddit that they're only adjusting the white parts of her armor. They aren't going to cover up her purple skintight suit or anything of that sort, which was the main qualm we all had in the first place. Essentially, our feedback has fallen on very stubborn (and to be fair, time-crunched) ears.
: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/18xs2i/edited_quinns_face_on_her_splash_art_to_match/ Original art by Michael "Ironstylus" Maurino of Riot Games. but go say he's not a splash artist one more time, I know what I'm talking about soo {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
IronStylus didn't make Quinn's splash art. There's a [post he made on Reddit years ago](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/18ys5s/quinn_and_valor_ama/c8j7esl/) explaining the splash art was done by another group of artists, and the reason it doesn't match her concept art was due to misalignments during production.
: He wasn't in charge of Leona's design initially, he joined later on. Diana and Quinn he was the full lead on.
I can't help but wonder what they'll do to Quinn when she gets her eventual VGU. And by God, I hope they don't stick her in a skintight leotard like Kayle's.
: > [{quoted}](name=GelsominoKiller,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AMBuXB33,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2019-02-19T23:22:55.600+0000) > > Somebody at riot saw Gwent's "mid transformation svalbold warrior" card artwork and got inspired I am sure. > > [(https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/a5miaf/new_card_art_leek_from_stream_a_transforming/)] nah. I wrote this story five years ago, i remember because I was working on DunkMaster Darius script at the same time. But that image is super cool.
**_FIVE YEARS AGO?!_** This makes me sad for not only you guys (who have to keep these stories under wraps for so long), but also all the lore we're potentially missing out on ourselves :(
: Read Evelyn's lore, I implore you. She is anything but a voracious predator, she's calculating and decisive. She deliberately picks her targets, toys with them and clearly does understand what she is doing, even stating quite a few times that there are different ways for her to quench her hunger. But like humans, Evelynn would rather find something that's befitting of her taste. To evelynn herself her hunts are the same as flings to a human but given her comprehension it doesn't take away from the nature of what she does. Evelynn is evil in the same vain as any other thing would be, because she understands fully well what she does and chooses to continue doing so for her own gain. Evelynn is evil by nature, and if anything her being a demon only reinforces that. as she feeds off of the acts of evil she commits to others and even further than satisfying her own hunger, longs to recreate the rune wars to pledge the world in eternal torment and pain.
I suppose it's hard to say without official word from Riot. I do want to make the counterargument though that there are in fact wild animals who not only play with their food, but are also highly selective eaters and won't quench their hunger until they find the perfect meal. Hell, some studies have even shown that certain species of animals _enjoy_ killing other animals (prime example being the bottle-nose dolphin). That doesn't necessarily make these animals capable of moral judgement though, and I'm willing to bet the same goes for Evelynn who's described as more of a primal force of nature in her lore than a moral, rational human being. Doesn't mean she's not highly intelligent, just means it's harder to say with certainty that she's "evil," especially when we know that her survival depends on the killing of others, which means killing is not a choice for her but a necessity.
: 1. That's not what a strawman is. 2. We do have standards as humans because, surprise surprise, **we are humans**, i.e. social animals that have developed empathy as a bilogical function and created common rules for coexisting. League of Legends' demons are none of that: they're created from negative human emotions, they feed on pain, they have no concept of empathy or morality and they live isolated. >What makes Evelynn evil however is her sense of morale, she will not feel remorse towards her victims or empethy. That's because she's a bloody demon! She. is. not. human. You can't expect her to understand or even care about morality when it's physically impossible for her to feel empathy. It's like trying to apply human moral standards to hyenas, demanding they should change their hunting behaviours and stop eating their preys' insides while they're still alive.
Agree. As moral and rational human beings we can choose what we kill and eat. As a voracious predator with little to no conscience on the other hand (such as Evelynn), morality does not apply; it's probably not even the kind of thing she can fathom or exercise.
: Here's hoping for an actual breastplate like what Samus has and not sternum-crushing boob plate...
Looks like it's just a pipe dream. August said they're only adjusting her textures/splash -- this means no physical changes or additions to the 3D model.
: How can certain real world religions believe in concepts like burning bushes, plagues of vermin, necromancy, yet still have a deep anathema and hatred towards magic and "witchcraft?" There is typically a stark contrast between "acts of the divine" and "magic," so Demacia could _easily_ see Kayle as a deity capable of divine feats and not qualify it as magic (and thus, justify magic used by someone like Garen as an extension of that deity's power).
Why are you consistently being downvoted for making sensible points lol
: inb4 reksai is a diver
Dynikus (NA)
: Looks like Kayle's getting a slight redesign
Really hoping they go in the direction of Kyrin’s edit with the leotard transformed into more of a long tabard.
: So, Riot.....about that Silver Kayle...
Didn’t even realize how rare Silver Kayle was until I read this post. That gorgeous new splash made me so excited to buy it and try it out for myself in game. It’s her coolest looking one now after the VGU. RIP. Riot pls {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Why is kayle wearing left over chunks of galio?
Galio is kind of the cornerstone of Demacian aesthetics. He was the first VGU to be released after Demacia’s worldbuilding update and so it’s only natural we’d relate every new Demacian champ to him (Sylas included). However it’s moreso that Kayle falls under the aesthetics of Demacia rather than her wearing bits and pieces of Galio. It’s just that we relate her appearance to Galio because, again, he was the first Demacian champ to be released after the fleshing out of that region, not to mention he’s a symbol of the kingdom itself. Personally I think it’s cool that Riot’s trying to visually unify all the champions to their respective regions, where appropriate.
Gixia (NA)
: How Kayle should have looked
This is a huge improvement and doesn’t make her look like a tank at all, contrary to Riot’s fears.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Saltarin,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=L44OEEEE,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-02-18T23:11:03.822+0000) > > That's not a mistake, it's another view: > > To understand why Kayle has purple on her body you have to realize that Morgana has gold on hers too. > They wanted to give the sisters a deeper conection and that's why both have a bit of the other on their new design. > > Dislike it or like It, but at least understand why they have done it. Yeah but to the point where your rework looks more like a new design overall its a problem. Rework is just re-working something that is already done. Not experimenting with colors for no good reason. And I am having a hard time finding the gold in Morgana's new look.
Color palettes change all the time with full VGUs (i.e. Yorick, Galio, Swain). That doesn't make the new design bad, just different. That said, I agree there are some things that do look and feel off with the new Kayle color-wise. I think the most off-putting thing for me is the dark/maroon bodysuit underneath all the white armor. Not only do the colors seem to clash (rather than harmonize), the skin-tight suit makes Kayle look far too unarmored for her theme as a battle angel. Hell, it's so tight you can see the outlines of her groin and belly button. I don't understand that decision from a design perspective at all.
: Kayle face needs some work
Yeah, it needs a helmet. Not sure why Kayle’s ascension should entail the loss of her helmet. Seems like such a random, arbitrary design decision to make her more sexy.
Rioter Comments
: Mexican Sombrero Xin Zhao
Hey, they could always twist it as an Ionian Farmer skin. :D https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/015/559/911/large/jason-chan-ss19-cast-ionian-militia-final.jpg?1548800754
SatomiKun (EUW)
: The book wall by itself is great, I can agree with that. However, in combination with the actual skin, I have to agree with OP that it seems a bit misplaced for me. The fantasy this skin line represents for me is origami stuff and figures folded by children out of paper (like Nunu creates Willump). This is not something that I would associate with books. Yes, books are made out of paper too, but the nuances of these 2 things are different for me. I would like for Anivia to get a skin with a book wall, but I think it should be on another skin while Papercraft Anivia should have a wall of folded paper.
: I've held off creating this thread for too long... The Day Riot invited me to Playtest Mordekaiser
This makes me so happy to read! You deserved it Malicious, for all the passion and hard work you put into ensuring Mordekaiser would become the champion he should have been all along. Glad you had a good time and I can't wait to see more of new Morde and this 'underworld kingdom' Reav3 teased us about in the roadmap :) (or was that just the Shadow Isles?)
: What would Quinn's view be on the "mages in Demacia" topic?
Two Quinn threads within the same week?! This is getting out of hand! I agree with Placentas. Quinn’s origins as a more humble/rural Demacian (as well as her introspective and free-spirited personality) means she probably doesn’t share the same dogmatic views towards magic as the city folk who live closer to Demacia’s center. That said, she’s probably wary of it all the same, having been raised to believe in Demacia’s virtues. I feel like she’d keep Lux’s secret if she knew about it, though it depends on whether she’s closer to Lux than she is loyal to Garen (and judging by her old journal entries, she isn’t the biggest fan of him). It’d be cool to get an official opinion on this, though. Quinn desperately needs more characterization; her VO is quite old and doesn’t really share much about the character, tbh.
: Worldbuilding: Your Turn! Part II
I'd love to know more about the various religions in Runeterra. Something short, sweet, and to the point for each region would suffice. Mount Targon for example has several entries on the Universe map devoted to fleshing out the Lunari and Solari, even going so far as to show us what the followers of these orders might look like (outside of Leona and Diana), and how their faiths inform the way they dress and behave. I wanna know more about the Veiled Lady and how exactly Demacians came to worship her. I wanna know what spiritual beliefs a brutal expansionist empire like Noxus might hold. Are there churches devoted to Janna in Piltover/Zaun? And why the hell were the inhabitants of the Blessed Isles so fixated on the Eye of Providence symbol (something to do with the Watchers, maybe, or even Vel'Koz? They did have a passion for knowledge). So many questions.
: I'm interested in the cultural relationship between Demacia and Mount Targon. How did such a reclusive and conservative nation get influenced by such a distant and magical place? The origins of the Crown of Stone would be interesting, but I'm sure there has to be a deeper connection.
I feel like there's something I've missed whenever I see this brought up. Was there a piece of lore or something that states Demacia was influenced by Targon somehow? All I know is that Demacia sends exiles to the mountain for the Crown of Stone from Taric's bio/short story, but outside of that, where else have those two regions been mentioned to be related in any way?
: Petition for 'Quinn and Valor'
It was supposed to be Quinn & Valor from the start. That was the champion’s official name in every piece of [promotional content](https://youtu.be/O9eVLrcih9s) and during their time on the PBE. The _only_ reason Riot shortened it to Quinn was because of some length and localization issues they were facing back then in regards to the client, but now with Nunu & Willump released, that isn't an issue anymore. The problem is that Quinn has undergone many changes since her release, and new players (as well as Rioters) [don't see the champion as two equals anymore](https://youtu.be/umeKx1fku38?t=93). Removing the ability to play as Valor has shifted the main focus of the champion to Quinn and relegated Valor as a sidekick, so it’s no wonder folks see Quinn as “the main character” of the duo. At this point, I imagine very few people even know they were meant to be League's ultimate team. In retrospect, [this comment from Quinn and Valor's AMA seems rather ironic.](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/18ys5s/quinn_and_valor_ama/c8j7hnj/)
Sker (NA)
: Where Mount Targon is.
I too thought it was strange and out of place when I first saw the map. Having a freezing cold mountain next to a blazing desert just seems so jarring, but then I did some research and realized it makes perfect sense considering Targon’s elevation and how it might cause rainshadow, leaving Shurima dry and arid as a result.
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stars Shaper,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=WnpR8lgr,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-02-06T15:13:31.416+0000) > > I am betting that it's mostly going to be about Lux and how Garen feels burdened by not wanting to plainly admit that her sister is a mage. That's already all shown in their bios...if they don't go beyond that and spend 5 issues brooding over that one concept I'll be seriously angry.
I really hope other Demacians show up in the novella. Lux, Sylas, and Garen all have great stories, but are also the ones who consistently receive the most attention in Demacia (not so much Sylas since he's still new, but definitely Lux with Garen close after).
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
> Zed - used to leave too little room for opponent responses but the addition of R reactivation delay and slowing down living shadow speed made him a much healthier and still extremely fun champ What exactly is the counterplay to Zed, outside of specific items and champion choices? If the Zed plays optimally (as mentioned in your post), he leaves almost no options for the enemy to respond to him, ESPECIALLY if the enemy in question is immobile as that gives them next to no chance to out-play his all-in.
: You're what, 3 years too late to the party here? Unless Quinn gets a VGU anytime soon, that skin isn't changing. That said, the skin isn't that different than any other Valentine's skin, so I'm not sure why you consider this one tacky and the rest ok.
I’ve never felt like the skin lived up to modern standards, personally. Valor’s model and textures in particular are so painfully bare in that skin; not to mention he doesn’t look like a dove at all even though his SFX resembles dove coos. At the very least I would have expected some sort of accessory for him like a ribbon or scarf (all of Quinn’s other skins show Valor with armor), but again, they just left him bare and uninteresting. Quinn’s textures also leave a lot to be desired IMO; the gold accents look more like yellow plastic than the rich and detailed golds seen on Sweetheart Sona and Heartseeker Orianna. Not to mention the costume they gave her doesn’t jive well with her posture at all... I’m grateful they gave her a Heartseeker skin, but I do think it could have also been executed a lot better.
: If you think the ideas are just bad that is cool, but can I ask why? What parts do you not like? If you think Quinn & Valor should not be adjusted that is fine too. I am interested in hearing people's opinions.
Personally, I think some of these ideas are really cool and I can tell you put a lot of time into developing this concept. I particularly like the fact that Valor feels more like Quinn's combat partner in this iteration, and that his attacks scale with Quinn's attack speed (boy, do I miss his old auto attacks). My main issue with the rest of the kit though is that I feel it moves Quinn too far away from her unique identity and niche. Of course, if and when Quinn does get reworked, I'm sure she'll have a lot of things changed and removed. In my opinion though she should still remain an assassin-like champion with an emphasis on roaming and scouting. In my view, that is her core identity, and her theme as a ranger doesn't really conflict with that -- in fact, fantasy rangers tend to be quite cutthroat in their tactics, and would sooner ambush their targets through swiftness and stealth than engage an enemy for long periods with sustained damage and defenses like the ones in your kit.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: inb4 making her wings visible only while ulting.
I'm hoping she keeps her wings by default, but gains more of them when she ults or as the game progresses.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 30
Hey Meddler, what are your thoughts on Quinn being the champ with the highest death count? Also, any updates on when her new walking animation will be released? {{champion:133}}
: Concept art for Awaken
This is the level of artistic quality I aspire to. Makes me want to keep practicing and getting better. Thanks Riot. <3
: I'm sitting on 20 gemstones and there is nothing attractive enough to spend them on
Hextech Annie looks so good though, it’s a super high quality 1350 skin. The model, textures and VFX are all gorgeous.
: Isn't Demacia's "The Veiled Lady" or some shit like that?
For the longest time I suspected Kayle might be this. Not sure that’s quite the angle they’re taking anymore, but I guess we’ll see soon enough.
: Cosmic Swain »» Concept Art (Repost)
This looks amazing and I'd definitely buy it as a skin. The constellation wings were an awesome idea, and I love the golden half-mask!
: > [{quoted}](name=Frosted Tips,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QAOk8K4A,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-01-26T23:29:56.068+0000) > > I&#x27;m not opposed to this just curious why you like it so much? I find it kind of a bland way to get sheen procs, kind of like old Irelia Ultimate, except she used hers for lowering minions to reset her Q on. Do you not remember AP corki of season 3? before they reworked him into what he is now? His ult cooldown recharge time and castime scaled off CDR. He would play like a air bomber and spam R while using W to position himself, he was an artillery poke champion.
Aren't ultimate abilities supposed to feel... well... ultimate? Corki's R seems like it'd be a better fit for a basic ability these days.
Rodsquad (EUW)
: Who does boards want VGU'd
I want my Demacian bird lady to get the update she deserves. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of champions who need it more than her right now, but it sucks that Quinn's been kind of a meme since her release. Whether they decide to make her a ranger or a raptor knight, I just want to see Valor become more than a taxi again, and for Quinn to become an aspirational character whose kit is actually designed for her role.
Bultz (NA)
: Zed hunting a deadly assassin
Reav3 confirmed there won’t be any new Ionian releases this year, so that rules out the Assassin being from there. There’s a ton of places they could still be from though, if Riot is looking to fill up opportunity spaces within the League roster. Here are the regions that are currently missing an Assassin in their cast of champions: * Mount Targon (Diana is a Diver, not an Assassin) * Piltover (Camille is a Diver) * Freljord * Demacia (Sylas is a Skirmisher; Quinn is Unique Playstyles) * Bandle City * Shadow Isles (Elise is a Diver) Considering we’re already getting Demacian, Bandle City, and Shadow Isles champs this year with Morde's VGU, my guess is the Assassin will be from one of the other aforementioned regions (Targon, Piltover, Freljord), or maybe their release will introduce a new faction/location altogether.
: PepeHands Well i will hope they wont ruin his voice/lore
Well, let’s take a look at how Riot often goes about handling these sorts of reworks to get a rough idea of what they might do with Skarner in the future. When Riot gives a champion a full VGU, they often try their best to match the champion’s gameplay, theme, and personality so that the full package is cohesive. This is why Aatrox went from a mysterious and soft spoken character to a loud and authoritative one with his VGU: being loud and authoritative is a more natural fit for a demonic warlord with an aggressive kit (though, IMO, not necessarily the most interesting one). With that in mind, let’s take a look at who Skarner is as a champion currently. Skarner is an aggressive Vanguard/Diver who is fiercely territorial both in-game and out, with a kit that pushes him to go all-in on one target. Not only that, he’s a fearsome scorpion-like creature — and scorpions aren’t exactly known for being sad, melancholic, or wise (as current Skarner is). With that in mind, odds are Skarner is going to undergo a LOT of change when he gets his full VGU. He likely will remain the last of his kind, or at least one of very few Brackern remaining, as that’s a pivotal and core part of his character/story — not to mention a big reason why Hextech is so rare in the current lore — but they’ll probably ditch the melancholic angle and make him more aggressive and fearsome in nature, based on the general nature and direction of his gameplay/theme. As for the mindless beast thing, I’m not sure if they’ll keep him a highly-intelligent creature, or retcon him with the rest of the Brackern to be more bestial/animalistic — maybe he could be somewhat of a hybrid, with both Rek’Sai-like shrieking and garbled speech in his updated VO. Regardless, I do know Riot views Skarner as a champion who’s historically failed to appeal to players due to a lack of thematic resonance, and they have struggled to come up with ways to make him a more interesting character (“He’s just a scorpion!”). For these reasons, I think he will most certainly be completely reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up when he gets his rework (as Galio and Sion were), which means almost everything is on the table.
Naalith (NA)
: It definitely resembles Rakan more than anything else I can think of currently in game, but it is missing his wing that goes down one of his sides and his tailfeathers kind of connect to the wing and are evenly distributed (same as Xayah, just on her other arm). If it does belong to Rakan (or Xayah) it probably would have to be a legendary to look that different, but the legs are also so skinny.
> [{quoted}](name=Naalith,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=6AZPivZb,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2019-01-26T05:02:10.560+0000) > > It definitely resembles Rakan more than anything else I can think of currently in game, but it is missing his wing that goes down one of his sides and his tailfeathers kind of connect to the wing and are evenly distributed Oftentimes concept artists will create reference drawings depicting what a character looks like beneath an outer layer of clothing. In this case it just looks like a reference image of what Rakan looks like beneath his feather cloak (so that 3-d modelers/texture artists know what to put there), or perhaps it's an in-dev screenshot of his WIP 3-d model.
Naalith (NA)
: Does anyone know if this art asset is currently in-game or could it be from a second new champion?
: I think Quinn was on their list for a VGU because of her kit disconnects, so they could be bypassing her for that reason. To be brutally honest, I think it would make for a FAR MORE INTERESTING story if they retconned Talon actually be her brother Caleb, captured and brainwashed by the Noxians. I mean, think about it - Quinn is emotionally scarred from her brother's "death," and tends to herself in the outer edges of Demacia. But in actuality, Caleb was attacked, becomes an amnesiac, and captured and reprogrammed by Noxus to become an assassin, under the tutelage of Du Coteau. Quinn sees Talon, recognizes him, and becomes obsessed with tracking him down and figuring out what happened and how she can get her brother back. Instantly, it's a more interesting plot for the both of them that plays into their current lores - Quinn having to deal with her brother's "death" and carrying on, Talon being a mostly unknown "orphan" who comes under Du Coteau's care, while also providing a connection and an opposition for the both of them. It also makes Talon infinitely more deep as a character to have to deal with the conflicted loyalties and his breakdown of how he knows reality. As for Darius and Draven, they could also use polish, but their stories are pretty decent. Draven and Darius both could use model updates, especiall Draven, to bring them up to date (and make Draven as gorgeous as he is in Awaken).
I’d love to see Talon become Quinn’s brother. Fan theories with a lot of history like this one have made it into the official lore before (i.e. the darkin being sentient weapons), so if this idea garners enough traction, it could happen.
: Bard could have flipped the entire script in 'Awaken'...
On the flip side, at least Bard has a short video he’s the protagonist of. Now imagine the odds of someone like Skarner featuring in a cinematic {{champion:72}} {{item:3070}}
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