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: > [{quoted}](name=Valrun,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ms4axerF,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-20T01:58:52.775+0000) > > This isn't smurfs. They're literally just screwing around in Discord together. I just want a new game. My team has been telling the other where I'm at so they can smack me before I get to their Nexus apparently, per what they've been telling me in chat. Report it as griefing to the support.
I did. They told me that they would eventually do something, but they can't take me out of the game - I have to wait it out and report them when the game ends.
: Bored smurfs looking to drag the game out. Same thing happened on the OCE server a couple of years back by a few challengers who got tired of their hour long queue times on their mains. They made smurf accounts, went into low elo matches, and played champs that scaled infinitely. After long enough time passed, they were the only ones who could deal and sustain real damage, so they could hold the match hostage for hours on end.
This isn't smurfs. They're literally just screwing around in Discord together. I just want a new game. My team has been telling the other where I'm at so they can smack me before I get to their Nexus apparently, per what they've been telling me in chat.
: lol
I just want to die.
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Phridolin (EUW)
: i didn't dislike u but, except for retarded vayne and insane twitch/cait ure wrong. Sivir unfortunately sucks, jinx too, MF and Varus only don't cause of the new lethality...
: {{champion:9}} {{item:1055}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3006}} {{item:1042}} {{item:1042}} I did this in Ascension, got a quadra and went 30/5/20. I doubt this build would work in 5v5 but playing attack speed mages is really fun.
I have a penta as Janna in AFO using a similar build!
: {{champion:110}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3100}} Attack speed, Nashor passive and W passive for some mixed damage autos. AP for the 50% max health 3 stack W, and 1:1 scaling ult.
This build is glorious on Veigar!
Valrun (NA)
: Taliyah Changes: My thoughts.
Numbers would need to be tweaked, of course, to adjust for kit changes.
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Sciela (NA)
: Some questions about MMOs.
I've personally always felt at home in Trion games. Rift (pre-f2p) was perhaps my favorite Mmo experience. The game is well designed with a rather immersive story arc. Im not entirely sure how the game stacks up now as they've released several new expansions lately. The main downside is the paygate to unlock all of the new specs they release with each pack. While they aren't required to enjoy the whole game ( the expansions themselves are free, but the specs are exclusively the standard ones iirc.) I was also a fan of their community. Even the "elitist" players i ran into and raided with back in college were some out the nicest players I have run into in nearly 2 decades of gaming
: AP Pantheon (LB/Ludens). Mostly for ARAM. Bruiser Sivir (Manamune/Iceborn/Black Cleaver/Hexdrinker/Mercial Scimitar). Jungle On-hit Janna. Jungle Nasus (Hell of a lot of krugs/raptors these days.) Crit EZ (Triforce, RFC, Essense Reaver, IE, LW Item) AP MF (Got nerfed but still fun. LB/Luden's/Liandry's/Nashor's)
I hadn't even thought about how the Lord Doge faired in the new jungle. Especially considering there are quite a few new snacks for him to snack on in the jungle
Crett (NA)
: ... Regendinger, back when banner gave regen {{item:3065}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3056}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3083}} {{item:2138}} Pushed all 3 lanes at once, couldn't be killed without at least 3 people and never, EVER had to back
This one gave me nightmares. The mighty donger reigned supreme.
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Bultz (NA)
: Nerf shaco
If you walked into 4 Shaco boxes, he had been planning that gank for at least a full minute. Shaco is far from needing a nerf. He's actually in a rather good spot at the moment. Even with the nerfs to box stacking. Shaco takes quite a lot of skill additionally; especially at higher Elos. Everything you do essentially has to be premeditated and planned ages in advance if you want to come out on top.
Ququroon (NA)
: Adding simple recalls to older champs
I would love to see what becomes of Shaco's recall animation. Perhaps, one day, he could place down a Jack in the box and do a flip into it, becoming the bouncy, menacing centerpiece before finally closing and vanishing into le void.
xTajima (NA)
: Loot and crafting inventory bug.
I've had this issue for months now. Every single time I play league of legends, it's almost like it's an intended feature to get me to stop binge playing every now and then.
: Why did you main your champ?
I main {{champion:35}} because I like getting firstblood at 2:30 And {{champion:202}} because I enjoy golf... FOUR! ( I know it's "Fore!" in golf. c; )
: The traditional riot response is that it's more likely to play against a leaver than it is to have a leaver on your team, since there are 5 enemies but only 4 teammates. So it balances out in the long run. I sincerely doubt that's still true with dynamic queue, but.. yeah.
That seems like such a flawed system, considering that you're still tanking a loss for them leaving and when some people are really unlucky and get multiple playering AFKing on their team in a row (me :c ) that logic doesn't really come to play.
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: And when your team congratulates you on you plan :
I just like making the bet that I'll get FB before 2:30
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: good adcs ?
I'm sad you're excluding my favorite adc, Jhin.
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Quepha (NA)
: Champions should really be much cheaper than they are, this seems like only a small step towards something the game should have done a long time ago.
They've created this huge threshold as the game has progressed that'd made it really hard for new players to catch up.
Nautoday (NA)
: This is what I'm waiting for. D: I only need 6 more champs! Sadly they're all 4800 champs and so I can't buy shards to get them cheaper.
It'd still 'technically' save you 300 each. ^_^
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: ***
Thankfully, I can unsubscribe from this thread so I don't get more browser notifications. If you're an 'adult' you should know better, to be completely honest. You messed up several times. Reap what you sow and accept your consequences. Have fun with the perma. :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: ***
See mate... Now you're proposing the threat of violence. That's going to go over real well. Have fun making a new account and/or starting a new game.
: ***
You've been punished enough to get to this point, so there's definitely a reason they've got you permanent banned. I'd loved to see a Rioter swoop in and review this one though.
: ***
See, the issue with the way you posted your chat logs is that you can edit out anything unsavory that would cause us to look down upon you. Screenshots are a little more reliable and anybody can link you a significant amount of programs to do so. But frankly just the "KYS" you slid into there is enough for the permanent ban. Jokingly or not, Riot doesn't take kindly to those messages and they never have. ---- You're acting all high and mighty like you're fooling anyone, however just the arrogance in the way you're righting makes me feel like you believe Riot owes you something. They don't owe any of us anything. They make the game for us to play. We play their game for free or spend money _if we choose to._
: Riot needs a new perma ban system
Just reading this post alone, I would love to see the chat log from your reform card. The report system stocks and stores all reports filed on a player for reference when your punishment is delivered. Your punishment also scales in severity if you've been punished before. Your 'warnings' consisted of those fancy little things called 'Temporary Bans' that you received prior to this. Since you had a 14 Day Temporary Ban, it's pretty common to see that permanent ban if you're not reforming. I would love to see the reform card pasted in here. I think it'd make a nice addition to your case if you think that you're 'innocent'. However, I'm going to assume that since you're main post was full of anger and rage, that the reform card is going to show us all what we're expecting to see. As for the amount of money you spent on your account, that sucks, but it's not Riot's fault. Your account does belong to Riot, so you don't actually own any of it. That's not going to hold any weight towards getting your account back. - Here's that in case you need clarification.
SR Apollo (EUNE)
: LAG BUG RAGE no this is ur problem rito i have 2GB/s student internet no chanses to lagging i have the same problem minions freezing and everything is lagging. the problem occcure only in this game im playing sc2 cs go and many others withouth any sight of lags. the problems appears randomly. I have few normal games and then a game with no bug. pls fix this because in the fact it is opposite few games with lag that i could leave and 1 normal game i have already have 20 min ban. im not going to tolerate it any longer, and wasting 20 minutes of my life if there will be no changes in 1 month. controll panel/programs delete league of legends U ARE LAZY BASTARDS THIS PROBLEM CAN BE FIXED IN 5 minutes IF U DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS PLS VISIT THAT WEBSITE
This is probably better off in it's own thread. I'd probably chill on the hostility though. Aggression will get you nowhere.
: I'm sorry. *hug
Thanks :) Hopefully the streak turns around here soon! Good luck with your games! :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Right in the feels, sorry to hear bro. I think your due for a winning steak, keep going!
Let's hope so! Good luck to you as well! :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Bump, been happening to me too for days now
I've had this issue since they released Hextech but I'd always thought it was just me until a bunch of other people told me it was happening too :/
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Jøkèr (NA)
: What? Do you want to make or explain an argument that you are making?
Edited for clarification.
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: Kindred needs a huge buff.
Doesn't this belong in Memes and Games?
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: Seriously, look what I got banned for.
It doesn't matter what they said to you. You retaliated. You're still at fault. This banned was completely warranted.
: Dont play ranked if you arent playing competitively. Period.
We're still competitive. The difference is that we're having fun instead of agonizing over details and plays. We've removed the sticks from our ass and started to play for a purpose other than just climbing,
: THANK YOU. I SMASHED THE FUCKIN UPVOTE. People in ranked always rag on me for playing unconventional champions when I play. I do it to have fun. It's a video game. If you're not having fun you shouldn't play it.
For real. We just enjoyed having the relaxed attitude and it made us focus better than when we're queuing solo and driving ourselves crazy. We loved fun together. I played ADC seriously for the first time in a long while and I enjoyed it probably more than I enjoyed my main role, Jungling.
: Runescape did it, World of Warcraft did it and League of Legends is doing it
What people fail to understand is that they do listen to the community. However, nobody recognizes that there are millions of players and not all of the players want the same things. Chances are if you want something changed, there's someone else who doesn't want it changed or has a different idea about it.
: Demoted from 1 loss at 0 lp
That safety net is only for when you just rank up and are still at 0 LP. If you gain and then drop back down to zero, you've lost the safety net.
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