: I see the skin priced at 975. Meaning it should get vfx and a recall
Should being the key word here. As of right now, she is not set to get a vfx, which is why I'd like at the very least recoloured textures.
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SSmotzer (NA)
: Well, they are probably going to tweak to mechanics of her shield, give her a new passive, change what her W does while keeping it an aoe, making the duration of her Q less abhorrent, and giving her a new, but similar, ultimate. Just like with all the reworks, even Ezreal's, they are going to lower her upfront effectiveness but give her more tools to use, even if they are the same tools with different effects. It's all about reallocating her power to make her fun. Then there is the interactions she is going to have with Kayle that could really bring something new to Morgana's playstyle. If it's anything like the interaction between Xayah and Rakan, Morgana might have a different focus in her gameplay when playing with or against Kayle.
And I would love all that as Morg just has too much downtime and is far too linear to really fit in modern league. She works when she hits her q and presses her e because they're really powerful abilities, and riot doesn't seem like their to keen on changing that. I'd love to be misreading this whole situation and get a new Morg with updates to her passive, w, e and ult that really make her whole kit useful, but watching the dev diaries makes it seem like that's not going to happen, but I could be wrong, and I really hope I am. As far as interactions go, I'd prefer if her interactions with kayle stick to voiceover only, because as we've seen with Xayah and Rakan what is strong together can also be weak apart, and because I like that its Xayah and Rakans thing.
: Morgana's gameplay has never really been an issue. Actually Morg historically has been really solid, never overbearing, never unplayable/unviable. Usually gameplay updates are meant to be aimed for champions that can't get their foot in (or when they do, its so overwhelming that it doesn't last, ex; urgot was never good unless he was so oppressively strong so he qualified for a different kit). Morg on the other hand is consistent and never one or the other. The only thing about morg's kit is her passive and W are kinda stale to use.
I definitely agree that she's not the best candidate for a gameplay update, and she's no one's idea of an unviable champion, but she is a relic a relic that is part of a two-character vgu, mainly for kayle's sake. Morg's passive is weird in that it doesn't fit with riots new mage standard, which is low sustain but higher values so they can be punished for using their resources carelessly, and her kit is a juxtaposition of mage and support abilities which don't work together. If she's going to be a support, I'd want her to be a support and get a new w that is useful outside of lane and I'd love consistency in her ult because being power-gated by a potential 5 man stun that usually hits one person doesn't feel good. This all could be done, or it couldn't and morg would still be fine, but I want a character that feels good as a whole, not one that works because a three-second root and a shield that prevents cc is really all you need on a support.
: Isn't morgana one of the oldest champs in the game? Why wouldn't her kit be boring or unilateral if she's never had work done? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Oh, she has good reason to be boring as she stands now, that's not what I have an issue with. I just get nervous when riot says that they don't want to change her kit too much, with the most recent video saying something along the lines of her biggest change is that they were making her ult more reliable. I would prefer they change most of her kit, keeping her lockdown mage style, but with new, less unilateral methods, which is something they could be doing, but the wording used in dev blogs just makes me worry.
: i honestly think morgana's fine. kayle on the other hand definetly deserves a rework.
I definitely agree Kayle needed this more, and I'm glad morg's getting something along with her, but the wording used in the past gives me the feeling that the changes are going to the kind of gameplay updates to freshen up her kit, which is fine for keeping her as a functioning support that can go full ap in twisted treeline, but not what I'd want, with I being key. And who knows? I could be misreading the whole situation, or I could be alone in thinking her gameplay sucks, not in that she's weak, but in that her gameplay's completely binary and she isn't satisfying to play like other, newer champions are.
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