: That's the problem with team games. Be it LoL or meat-space sports. One basketball player or baseball player could say the same thing, "I lose so many games for reasons other than my own play." And yet, they don't. Because it obviously comes with the package, you have to accept that fact before trying and competing in a team game. One who can't would have more fun playing individual games, StarCraft or Tennis.
It's not comparable to real sports for a few reasons. First with real sports you are interacting face-to-face with real humans, with an online game you don't have that level of interaction. You can't see if the guy is trying his hardest or if he's feeding because he's smoking dabs nonstop. ADC has always been the most team-reliant role, and with the changes they've made to the game over the last several years it has gotten absolutely terrible. By far the worst role to play in solo queue, but it's the only role I've played since season 4 and I'd rather just stop playing than learn another new role. WoW classic soon.
: This is my main account Lmao Solo / Duo & Flex are both ranked game modes. Your 43% wr just doesn't disappear because you dont care about flex
Solo and flex are completely different queues and have nothing to do with each other. My 43% winrate is a combination of those two queues and is thus meaningless when attempting to reach any kind of conclusion about an individual queue type. Tryndamere also is not my most played champion in solo queue. A level 26 account is obviously not your main account. Well, that or you have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe both.
: "Which team has the feeder on it?" (Which team has the worst players) "Which team has the elo booster or smurf on it?" (Which team has the best players) "How is it supposed to be fulfilling or rewarding if your winning or losing the game has so little to do with your play?" have you seen tf blade? One look at your opgg and i already know you're that feeder you whine so much about. Why is your most played less than 50% wr. You know you're not good at it and wont climb playing that champ so why keep playing it. Because you dont care, But you decide to whine and moan on the boards when your own decisions reward you with the obvious outcome. Stop trolling & playing bad and maybe you'll rank up. You've played over 500 games this season and still haven't learned basic math. You dont climb with a 43%% wr. And you know whats worse, You have a 61% wr champ but instead decide to play the 43% wr champ
Why mention tf blade and then not explain what you're getting at with it? My most played is only Tryndamere because I play him a lot in solo Flex queues. One look at your profile shows you don't have the balls to post on your main account. Given the manner in which you speak, one would have thought you'd be intelligent enough to filter the statistics to solo/duo queue before analyzing them. I've largely stopped picking him in solo/duo because I haven't had much success, although I've also received some coaching and have changed my playstyle since the start of the season, when my winrate was like 31% due to my not being familiar with season 9. I didn't play very much in season 8. I have not played over 500 games of solo/duo this season. The last 5 games of solo/duo I've played have all been on two of my better picks. A normal person would be able to determine that the frustration I was clearly venting in that rant was related to most recently played matches. But don't bother using reason, or logic, or just behaving like a normal human being. Just use your fake account to shit-talk people who actually stand behind what they say. If being high elo is so great, then how come all the high elo players are always smurfing?
Kai Guy (NA)
: Your teams always favored to NOT have the worst player in the game on it. Long as that player is not you. 4 slots vs 5 slots for a game losing player to distribute. Your team is on the flip side not favored to have the best player, unless Its you. One consistent variable in every match, I wonder what it is?
The odds of having a shitty player on your team is only slightly lower than on the enemy team. What I'm saying is that it's neither fun nor satisfying when you lose so many games for reasons other than your own play. I'm asking how it's satisfying to try and climb when so many games are unwinnable.
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Pika Fox (NA)
: Better idea; double MMR loss for dodging than you would for losing, making dodging always worse. Problem solved.
I think some amount of queue-dodging is healthy; sometimes people are super negative in the lobby or troll in champ select. But it gets really frustrating when it happens several times in a row, so I think making a small adjustment to the punishment for doing so might be a good means by which to reduce the frequency of it.
: dodge is a skill by it self. the fact you're not dodging dosent mean its not good and helpful. its actually your problem yes YOUR problem that you do not dodge
I don't think you understood what I was even saying in this post.
Rioter Comments
: is trick2g good at the game or just an average diamond?
"Is this guy "good" or is he just ranked in the top 3.8% of players?"
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: ftl? Like Faster Than Light?
for the lose/loss
: Not quite. If he's killing you in 0.01 seconds at 100% damage, then at 95% damage he should be killing you in 0.01/0.95 = 0.0105263158 seconds. A 50% damage reduction would also not yield a 0.5 second kill time, only a 0.02 second kill time. In order for his time to kill to increase to 0.5 seconds, he would need to drop in damage by 98%.
But bro you forgot your sigfigs! significant figures ftl
: Patch 9.4 Notes
Please remove Yasuo from the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vanilla Trubbs,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=xLdJTyT3,comment-id=0007000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-06T15:42:54.256+0000) > > I have been, actually. You might consider looking at my match history before commenting like that. > > I've been playing far more Wizardry 8 and CS:GO than ever before. I've gone from several hours a day of League to several hours a week, usually with friends. But that's largely to do with how terrible ADC is. And I am generally in higher spirits when I don't play this game. Haha holy shit... i remember Wizardry... good shit. I cant believe the same person plays CS:GO and wizardry. Such broad horizons you have xD
I'm struggling with mapping in Wizardry 6. I played a little M&M 1 beforehand to get my bearings on it, but I can't figure out consistent dimensions for the maps. Going pretty well so far though, got a party of 3 fighters, a mage, a priest, and a bishop. Planning to do class changes to sample the wider selection later, figured it's good to go simple since I'm trying to avoid spoilers. I've more or less mastered Wizardry 8's mechanics so I figured I'd dive on in to the old school stuff.
: Got 14-day suspension
14-day ban for making a joke that, when taken out of context, is arguably in poor taste. _**Justice has been served.**_
That's not one easy trick, nor is it how not to get banned. The real trick is: don't use chat. At all. Ever. Use smart-pings, do your best, and never use the chat. Otherwise you might "type excessively," which a support agent once likened to looking at your phone while driving in a ticket of mine.
: how can I be turning a blind I to a situation I acknowledged... strawman plz
You said you think it almost never happens, it happens all the time. But I guess it depends what position you play. I main ADC and it's been getting worse for a long time, also the game design in general is making the game more and more team-oriented, which makes solo queue more and more inherently frustrating. I've started calling ADC Attack Damage Can'tdoanything and I've won bot lane hard every time I've picked annie instead of a real bot lane pick.
: wtf? shill? is that supposed to be a new gen insult or something?
My comment got deleted! I couldn't think of a better word for someone who disingenuously turns a blind-eye to a common situation to hand-wave away one of the biggest issues with the fundamental design of the game.
: That's how work meta, not everything can be good, if you specialize in late game and meta is early game, your pick become a counterpick, not a safe blind pick. I main Vayne and if she were ever meta in a non tank meta, she'd absolutely broken in some games.
Not if counterpicks to her like Caitlyn were still counterpicks. But they are so rubbish that Vayne actually has one of the stronger lane phases of ADCs.
: ADC players
Mine plummeted. I play a lot less now. I never used to post on these boards either.
BhtaPeis (EUNE)
: Overheating MacBook Air
: Give us all 5 bans each
Or just stop adding broken champions to the game to increase RP sales...
: Far Cry New Dawn Trailer
Far Cry 5 was wayyyyy too easy. Not enough enemies, bad enemy AI, and not enough enemies. Did I mention not enough enemies? It's a damn shame, because with the ability to mod the game or otherwise customize it for your liking, it could have been a 9/10.
: {{champion:133}} has been more of a toplaner than an ADC. {{champion:42}} mid is trash. {{champion:104}} isn't really an ADC anymore {{champion:203}} is tied to the jungle. And it is those *specific champs* that are played specifically there. The rest of the class goes bot lane, and bot ONLY. {{champion:104}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} used to be flexed, but in the current meta they stay where they are. So saying that ADCs are picked mid, etc. As if I can just pick {{champion:145}} and go wherever is just intellectually dishonest. A HANDFUL of marksmen can step out of bot or get overturned enough to play solo lane. But most of the time if you pick ADCs somewhere else you're trolling.
It says a lot that people like that are happy with the state of the game. I used to enjoy outshining the other adc in team fights with my superior mechanics, and now I just get dove and killed instantly by champs like Irelia or Akali. It doesn't matter how much my team does to protect me, Irelia will still kill me with her higher damage, multiple dashes, and tankiness.
SonicAF (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vanilla Trubbs,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Nvx4KzAl,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-06T19:52:01.120+0000) > > What about when you're playing unranked on a character you've played several hundred times and you keep dying instantly to fed enemies that are prioritizing killing you over winning the match? You've never had that feeling of being trapped in a match you don't want to play and having it go on for another 15 or 20 minutes because the other team won't win? Ward up. Waste as much of their time as you can. Overcome. The game is stressful. If you don't wanna play, don't click "play" in the first place.
I guess I should just uninstall it then.
: ADC isn't a role, it's a class. Every role are played by multiple class. It's time for bot lane too. If Kindred and Grave can invade my jungle then I'd like to send some tank/assasin bot as well, but no, because mage support doesn't counter ADC as hard as some matchup in mid/top lane to open up rock/paper/cisor or mores counterpick.
It used to be a role. The game was better when it was. It's super not fun to play now.
krsllyd (NA)
: Please bring back ARURF!! Not this Nexus Blitz trash
But then they'd be giving their customers what they want!
: if the game is that far gone and my team is still voting no I work on my personal mechanics on my hero, last-hitting practice, trying to cancel animation frames, that kind of stuff if the difference in your teams is really that bad, the game wont last much longer anyway
What about when you're playing unranked on a character you've played several hundred times and you keep dying instantly to fed enemies that are prioritizing killing you over winning the match? You've never had that feeling of being trapped in a match you don't want to play and having it go on for another 15 or 20 minutes because the other team won't win?
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SonicAF,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VAtYtltA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-06T06:57:36.540+0000) > > Telling someone to die over a videogame is mean, but don't mix it up with threats. It is toxic and cruel enough to warent a penalty as it should be. If someone went up to you and said you should die would you not feel a little threatened?
Actually a friend of mine and I used to joke about that by saying "I hate you I hope you die" really fast as if there were no spaces between the words. We were at a boarding school where you were punished for cursing, but staff never seemed to notice or care when we said that, so we found it absolutely hilarious since it's so obviously so much more egregious than mere profanity.
: go ahead and leave then, makes no difference to me
Have you really never experienced this yourself?
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vanilla Trubbs,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0kEdOYLP,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2018-12-06T07:47:10.399+0000) > > Yasuo was the first champion that made me uninstall the game, even if only very temporarily. I was so angry for so long about him coming out - I felt like I couldn't play blind pick anymore. Wind wall is absolutely one of the worst mechanics ever implemented in the game. That is the newer champion way though. You get spammable mobility. High damage. A way to negate damage. Windwall is cancer. Akali pool is cancer. Irelia damage reduction is cancer.
I'll never forget those early Yasuo days, because that was when I started to actually get good at the game. I got matched against a diamond 1 yasuo player in a normal match. At the end of the game I asked him what I could have done better to win a fight we had where he very nearly died but still killed me and my sup. He said "nothing you played it perfectly, yasuo is too strong."
: should really try following your own advice
I have been, actually. You might consider looking at my match history before commenting like that. I've been playing far more Wizardry 8 and CS:GO than ever before. I've gone from several hours a day of League to several hours a week, usually with friends. But that's largely to do with how terrible ADC is. And I am generally in higher spirits when I don't play this game.
: I hope your demeanor improves before going to Las Vegas. If you let your emotions get the best of you there, you'll lose your wallet AND your shirt.
Spending time away from this game tends to have that effect.
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=dynikus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0kEdOYLP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-06T07:44:25.909+0000) > > {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} When you’ve been here since season 1 he’s newer. I’d even argue that his type of design with high damage mobility is where the game started going downhill.
Yasuo was the first champion that made me uninstall the game, even if only very temporarily. I was so angry for so long about him coming out - I felt like I couldn't play blind pick anymore. Wind wall is absolutely one of the worst mechanics ever implemented in the game.
Jo0o (NA)
: The most deaths I can remember having in a summoner's rift game is 19, and that was playing support Sona, poorly, with an ignorant build, in a 45+ minute game, against a team that would focus me at all cost and often at the expense of the entire team fight. I was low silver at the time. OP is gold. I don't consider that amount of deaths to be realistic in most cases. Exceptions could happen, of course, but I'm skeptical.
I had one with 17 deaths a couple weeks ago. If you play ADC these days, or a squishy support like MF, you can very easily die nonstop if you get behind. I don't know in this case what the reality is, but you can't look at the numbers and claim it's impossible. I've had longer games where I get like 20/18/20 kinda scores too. But right now ADC dies so fast and has so little to offer that it can be really difficult.
: I mean there are ways avoiding getting assassinated like that by just looking at the minimap and infering where the enemy would be, like what jungle camps are up.
There's a point where you either get no farm and do nothing or risk dying instantly. It comes down to the decision making of the enemy players, and sometimes they really go for those kills.
Kei143 (NA)
: I'd you are so good at understanding the system, why do you have an account that is permabanned?
How do you think I got to know the system so well? I'm also not perma banned anymore, they lowered it to a 2nd 14-day ban.
: I must be playing a different game.
Play only glass cannon squishies long enough and eventually you will have that bad of a game. 24 deaths in 37 minutes is definitely possible, although if I was having one like that my chat would probably look like "well I'm sorry guys, I don't know what to do I just keep dying faster than instantly"
Kei143 (NA)
: Those people were using hate speech within their exchange. That's not allowed regardless of circumstance and those are the circumstances that Riot doesn't care about context at all. The regular speech, the bot can understand context. Look at all those Ads for things like Grammarly or other writing assist programs. The program would highlight a whole paragraph and have a notification of what the context is and whether it is of a suitable tone based on the whole essay. The technology is there, just because you don't know about it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Maybe what you deem as friendly banter just crosses the line into harassment. You think you are fine, but infact you aren't.
League of Legends player behavior system is not grammarly. They are completely different programs, created for two completely different applications, with two completely different goals. I've had enough interactions with this algorithm and with Riot support to understand that what I wrote above is correct. If anyone reports you, and you haven't adhered to the guidelines I listed above, you may get punished. People who type more are more likely to be punished overall, and people who use profanity additionally so, regardless of the manner in which it is used. There are some things humans just do better than machines. Look at the story about the guy whose PSN account got banned because it had the word "%%%%" in it, even though it turns out %%%% (pronounced kee-kay) is a very common and popular nickname in Mexico for people named Enrique.
Kei143 (NA)
: It can read context though. The only context that matters is whether the actions were used in a malicious fashion, other than hate speech and encouraging others to die, cos those are 0 tolerance and there is no friendly banter in those. If there was malicious intent, then the report is valid. When we say "context doesn't matter", we refer to "we don't care whether you are the instigator or the retaliator, what matters is you there was flame."
It can't read context like a human can, the technology simply isn't there yet. See all the posts about people joking around with each other who use certain trigger words and get punished? It certainly can't tell whether there is hostility in that, it doesn't care. I know from discussions with Riot Support that they don't care what the context of an interaction is, and I've learned that if you use the chat for anything other than positive or neutral, game-specific communication (i.e. gj or rotate to baron), then it is punishable. Even just friendly banter that has nothing to do with the game can get you a chat restriction because "it might be distracting to other players." And even if you can type fast (like me) they still don't care; I had a customer support guy compare it to glancing at your cell phone while driving lmao. Is this a game or a competitive sport? They keep equivocating between the two as it fits them (Is it meta?) and this is really alienating the playerbase that gets caught up in this failure of an algorithm. But they spent a lot of money on this system, so it's here to stay.
WithDad (NA)
: I don't think reports are flagged as false. There's no way. The amount of people who play this game and who report multiple people per game. Also, the permaban came literally 60ish seconds after the last game. It was the only game I played in 2-3 days. So in 60 seconds, the system got reports and permabanned and there is no dispute option. My theory is that Riot/LoL thinks permabanned accounts will return to the game and keep dishing out money so they don't reverse ANY suspension/bans. It's really a very poor business decision considering player longevity. You've got guys playing XBOX Live for 20 years (give or take), Runescape players have been around for decades. World of Warcraft players have been around for decades. I don't foresee LoL maintaining it's current success for as long as the legendary MMORPGS. It'll eventually die out and my theory is that it'll be largely due to the toxicity of the community (which, for some reason other games don't have that issue) and the way they manage reporting. The rest of the gameplay is relatively good but the management of the community is extremely poor.
I got permabanned recently, was actually able to get it bumped down to a 2nd 14-day ban. See my thread "Perma banned for this?" in this board a little over a week ago. I largely agree with you. I started playing this game around my 19th birthday. I'm 27 now, and the community seems to be filled with people who think they are more mature than they are. There is a prevailing attitude that "if you are toxic, then you are simply a bad person, because people don't change" which I think suggests the people saying that haven't grown up yet. It was only around 25 or 26 for me that I started to realize I was getting older and how stupid I was when I was younger. I think the game itself can be extremely frustrating. I think this has gotten worse as they have designed it to be more team-reliant and impossible to solo carry like in the old days. This game is already declining or, at least, failing to retain players. Most of the people I knew who played don't play anymore, and everyone I meet says the same thing. Most players I do meet are recent players. I think by the end of season 11 this game will either be in open decline or will be dominant in non-western markets (China).
: League of legends Banned 2018
Open a ticket with Riot Games, say that you are reformed, and ask to discuss it. There is a greater than zero possibility of them assisting you.
: Sign the Petition
LOL that match history holy shit
imkalleN (NA)
: Feel extremely uncomfortable after playing a game of soloq
Just make sure that you play from behind 7 proxies.
: I love these posts. It takes effort to die that many times.
Well, you could always just stay really far away and let them take everything. That would have you dying less. But trying to play the game from really behind with a bad champ select... good luck
: I believe in bad games but 24 deaths is "literally impossible" unless it's your first game.
larlzo (NA)
: Where in this justify's me being perma banned? what did i do that was so bad i got perma banned?
You allowed yourself to get emotional. My interactions with Riot have taught me thus: Anything that isn't explicitly positive, like "GJ", or neutral, like "rotate for baron" or "help me leash please," and explicitly game related, is grounds for punishment. Even in normals, having friendly chat is not allowed anymore. I asked why, since I can type 130 wpm and I can still play well when I type. They replied that others might find it distracting. So yeah, basically the chat feature is obsolete, since smart-pings and now emotes communicate everything that they have designated as kosher.
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