: Is LoL actually dying?
Can players still posting threads about this? No the game is not dying. Players are upset and fed up with a lot of things. That doesn't mean the game is dying and it is the end of LoL. People are just taking breaks and leaving the game until the Developers get their crap together. Nothing is happening until the Developers make specific problems go away.
ISmurfy420 (EUNE)
: Like the idea of the W. Giving an example at rank 1 , heal for 10, then for 50, for both. And her Q it's just a different galio version.
I don't know what they could do with the ability. The problem is it's her only real CC but it is bad and has a healing mechanic attached to it that fits a tank more. I would either completely scrap it or really fix the way it functions. I mean does she really need the heal and long single target stun? Not really. There are probably so many better CC options out there that Developers can come up with.
Asterfix (NA)
: Her Q should just be reverted back to what it was. The cone move with mantra heal was great.
I wouldn't mind it. The current Q is not that bad. I can see it being completely re-imagined to do something else. Let's be real here though . . . will this happen? No. The scope of work they are probably looking to do is to make it ground targeted and not blocked by minions.
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: Karma Rework For Old and Current Players (WIP)
Now to comment about the thread and not the neanderthal telling everyone Karma doesn't deserve a VGU or rework. For Karma, I feel like this is just over complicating things and would alienate new Karma players who already love her. It's actually really cool though and I like it a lot. More realistic changes would probably be: 1) Making Mantra Q ground targeting and not blocked by minions. 2) Giving Mantra W a ally function such as damage mitigation on allies or clothesline mechanic back. 3) Give Mantra E back shield bomb when Karma casts it on herself and group shielding when cast on allies. 4) Replace her current passive to R and give Karma a 3 to 4 hit passive that procs off of auto attacks and the last hit shoots out a tiny burst of energy. With Mantra active it does more damage. 5) Work on Karma's running and shield casting animations and give a new VU to her W and mantra W.
: what exactly is wrong with Karma?? She fits in the meta, has great visuals, and shes even versatile... Why would riot change any aspect of Karma over: {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} ... Or any of the other champions they promised to update? Like, some of these guys have ugly models, some suffer with incomplete updates, and a few are drastically in need of reworked kits.
What theme are you referring to? What amazing visuals are your referring to? What great kit are you referring to? Her entire kit already exists in the game on item actives and other things in the game. Her art is incomplete with no running animations, no shield casting animations and no present theme that visible. She's not versatile. Her only damage move is blocked by minions, her only support move is constantly buffed which makes her meta, and her W is the only reliable source of CC Karma has but the Mantra fits a tank more than whatever Karma is. Wait . . . . what is Karma again? An artillery mage, tank or support? She has no direction, incomplete art assets, a bland kit, and boring art. That is what is wrong with Karma. It is players like you who are halting all progress on her . . . even for a rework. OP didn't say she needed a VGU. All those champions you listed need one before her. What Karma needs at least a rework that ties her over until she can get a VGU to correct art and thematic issues. She cannot even get a rework because of Ryze, Ahri, Lux and Azir.
: This is my “LoL is dying” post, and I require validation
It's not dying. Players are just getting to the point that they are fed up. People will leave and once Riot realizes it, they will make changes and everyone will be back. It's just a shame that everyone has to be so vocal, rude and immature towards them to get change. If they just listen and use their brains to begin with, Riot wouldn't be in this spot right now.
I'll give you a few. Stubborn Lazy Deaf Bias Silent
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edcetera (NA)
: DC'ing in Alaska
I play with my friend a lot and he is having problems. It is kind of upsetting to see him get internet problems like this every time we play for the past couple times.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: RIot Your Testing Team Is Clueless.....
They probably mean specific champions and not the class as a whole. If they do mean the class then they are wrong. I mean a long time ago tanks were dominating and so was mages. ADC have been dominating and shifting the meta for years now though. ADC has been getting so bad to the point that an entire class of champions, Enchanters and other supports, revolve around buffing their ADC so they can either do more damage or survive longer in fights. The game is about ADC and nothing else. I mean they put themselves into this situation with 140 champions and more than 100 items to balance at the same time. They probably should have stopped making new champions and focus on getting their game under control. The game also changes way too much for players to keep up.
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: I hope mages end up really bad after the mana changes
I don't really hate the mana changes and I do not mind it. I am more upset that the community has been complaining about botlane and the impact ADC have in games for awhile now . . . but they prioritize mana changes on mages. So for 3 to 5 patches mages are going to be gated by mana changes and have their playrates effected, but ADC will be in the same spot they have been in: cheap itemization, crits doing too much damage, too much survive ability, better itemization, and too much damage all around. Why don't they hold off on the mana changes and wait for everything to come out at once? Nope. They won't do that.
: Man, I love Stardew Valley so much.
Waiting for multiplayer. Honestly, when it comes out next month I am probably leaving League for a year to play it. I am kind of fed up with league and need to play something else.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Why has Ryze been reworked so many times?
They are trying to make a kit and identity work with him that hasn't since day one. He is just a champion that is not working out period. They said this is the last time but they said that two years ago and look what they are doing. He will be reworked and receive a VGU every couple years. Who cares at this point. They don't care about the problem champs.
: Theres no way i'd reply to you. Maybe try asking nicely and less insultingly and you might get a response...
He doesn't respond to Karma threads period. It's been six years and he never does anything or say anything.
: Blood Moon Evelynn Edit
What I have a problem with it she looks like a demon. Yet again, it was a perfect opportunity to have this demon mask animation or effect and put her demon form in stealth. I mean the human form looks terrible and too much like a demon. The hair matches the clothing too much, the clothing is not very original, the quality we come to expect of the skin is terrible compared to other bloodmoon skins. I just do not like it. I want a human looking Eve that puts on the mask when she goes into stealth.
: Because they need bigger work overall than some quick fixes?
Nope. Ahri didn't need anything. She was fine. Ryze has been a mess and in a few months he will be in the same state he is in now. Nothing is working on Lux because they are not buffing what they should be buffing. The changes to Ryze will mean nothing. The changes to Ahri have done practically nothing. The changes to Lux have proven in itself to do nothing. I mean if you think about it, if it were that easy why can't they do the same work they did on Karma and Lissandra that they are doing with Ahri, Lux and Ryze? These champions have received nothing but number buffs and Karma's have all been reverted. Meanwhile Ahri, Lux and Ryze get massive mechanical changes to their kits. There is a reason specific champions are in a worse state than others, because the Developers work on the same ones every year and ignore others.
: Why is Karma there? I agree with the rest sorta (Lissandra doesn't need a rework), but Karma has been in a good spot for a long time
Karma is there because she has been sitting in an abyssal state for 6 years now. New players will say Karma is fine because that is all they know. The players who play Karma once and awhile will say she is fine. The mains who have been playing her since day one hate her. Instead of actually working with old and new Karma players, the Developers shelved all of the comments old Karma players made and just cater to new players. I am sorry but it is the truth. Every bit of work that has been done on this champion has been reverted, like the massive buff to R+E that made her relevant in the game. She is constantly sitting below a 48% winrate and always has a low pickrate. When this new rumored shield destroying item is introduced her winrate is going to plummet because that is all Karma is right now. Without her shields she will be nothing. I can go on about how Karma's thematic is terrible, how she still has no shield casting and running animation, and that her visual update and graphics are terrible. The main problem with Karma from a kit and identity level, is that she has none. Explain to me what Karma is good at compared to other champions? She has one damage move that falls of late game and is blocked by minions. She has only one reliable source of CC and the mantra mechanic for it fits a tank more than a mage or support. Her mantra E already exists in the game and has proven time and time again to be the only thing on her kit that makes her relevant. Karma's passive fits an aggressive mage but how can she do that with one damage ability and auto attacks? Karma is just bland and has no direction. This champion does too much of one thing while not doing anything at all. You want to know what Karma's identity should be? A battle-mage with interactive abilities and mechanics with allies. This is what old Karma did before her rework. Her Q would heal players, her W would slow enemies, and her E would damage enemies and protect allies. While old Karma had her many problems and was bad, taking this identity and giving us what we have today is much worse. At least before Karma had something other than an over-buffed mantra E that made her relevant in the game.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 20
Meddler, I am really not trying to be that one but I feel like I have to at this point. I don't understand how you guys can continue to work on champions that the community do not want worked on. You know exactly what champions need a ton of work and you know what needs to be worked on. Why, in 2018, are you guys till prioritizing work on Ahri, Ryze, Lux, Jinx, Jhin, Ezreal and all these other champions when you are aware that champions like Karma, Lissandra, Morde, Skarner, Malzahar and many others are virtually ignored? These are champions who are, per you, not slated for a VGU anytime soon and you are well aware of all of their problems on a thematic, kit, and art level. What exactly have you and any other Developer done about this? You give another rework to Ryze on top of 2 VGU, you spend almost a year on Lux buffing multiple parts of her kit, and you spend 3 patch cycles on Ahri. {{champion:43}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:72}} The mains and players have spoken. They want change, they want work done, and they are tired of being ignored. I don't understand how the above champions can go ignored for years and you prioritize work on the same champions every year. I am disgusted that in 6 years I still have to fight for Karma to receive work done on her all the way from kit changes, art changes and lore changes. I am very upset to see Morde mains still plea for work to be done on him because you ruined his identity and he still has all those bugs. It's insulting to see Ahri receive all these changes to non-interactive parts of her kit but you cannot give Lissandra a decent passive that has been requested for almost a year now. Don't get me started on Skarner. If you are aware of all these threads, comments, pleas, and input about the above champions, why are the same champions year after year receiving work? You want receipts? Karma - https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/m3rjfjmX-riot-another-ryze-rework-but-zero-work-on-karma-lissandra-skarner-and-morde https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/AO26O9Zp-riot-developers-in-hindsight-we-shouldve-listened-to-karma-mains https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/2ezJ4OML-riot-developers-karma-is-solidified-as-nothing Lissandra - https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/search?query=lissandra&application_id=PEr1qIcT&created_from=now-1w&content_type=discussion Morde - https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/kL0E0V7A-riot-honestly-canshould-we-help-you-with-things-like-these --------------- I mean SERIOUSLY Meddler? That is just a general search on the boards and the threads that I created about Karma. Look at all the comments, likes, and views. This is just recently to. Why is Ahri, Ryze and Lux being prioritized for all of this work when you are very aware of what actually needs to be worked on? Again, I am not going to go into exactly what needs to be worked on for Karma, Lissandra, Morde, Skarner, Malzahar and all of the other champions that are ignored by you and the entire Development team. You know what they need at this point. YOU AND YOUR DEVELOPERS NEED TO DO YOUR JOB AND DO IT BETTER. I mean it is so insulting to see a thread explaining why you are working on Ryze again and saying it isn't a rework, but it is. You cannot be bothered to do that for any other champion for the past couple years but it always seems like Ahri gets a comment about her balance and work being done on her. Lux gets a comment. Ezreal gets something. Jhin gets something. {{champion:43}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:72}} Don't make us wait for more months and years for obvious work you are blatantly ignoring at this point. It is insulting.
: It's off-topic. Riot has stuff to do, sure, but if the conversation isn't focused around your current issues with the game it's not the time or place to bring them up. Work needs to be done on those champs, yes, but wait for an appropriate moment.
Ok. Let's talk about it in 5 years when they do get to it.
: This is not the place to say that.
Oh really, where should we say it then? For the past 6 years Karma mains have been asking for communication and work to be done on her. For the past year players have been asking for a new passive on Lissandra. For the past year and a half Morde players have been asking for a VGU or rework to address mistakes that the Developers created. For the past year and half Skarner players have been asking for changes to rectify mistakes the Developers created. When is the time to address all of this and actually work on it? I am seeing the same champions get work done on them every year and patch but NONE of these Developers can address the fact that they are blatantly ignoring obvious work on champions. It's a major problem and players should hold them more accountable. Stop supporting a Development team that has ignored all pleas to have work done on Karma, Lissandra, Morde and Skarner but Ahri gets 3 patches of work done on her. It needs to be addressed and acknowledged.
: "I was surprised by the amount of negative discussion around the mana changes personally" -Penguin
Because ADC are not getting the same treatment and it feels like they are getting virtually no nerfs and tweaks done to them. I mean it is just going to put mages in a state of uselessness for patches and months because it is taking the Developers forever to work on the actual problem role . . . . ADC.
Reav3 (NA)
: It does refer to the hands of the new champion. We use "Their" to hide the gender of Champion pre-reveal
Why is it you think champions like Ryze, Ahri, Lux, Jhin and JInx deserve on the spot work but champions like Karma, Lissandra, Morde, Skarner and a few other unpopular ones go virtually ignored for almost 6 years now. You are vastly aware of kit, art, thematic, and balance problems but you sit here and work on the same champions every year and for more than 3 to 4 patch cycles. When are you going to stop catering to your own pathetic wants and actually work on what needs to be worked on? I am not going to go into what needs to be done on Karma, Lissandra, Morde and Skarner, because you know what they need. It just seems like work is being looked over them for another Ryze rework and VGU. I am just so disgusted with all of you that you continue to ignore the vast majority of the community for the same type of work ethic everyone complains to you about. Do you care?
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.9
What I would like to understand is how out of touch the Developers are and the fact that they have so many champions that actually need work, but they choose Ryze, Lux, and Ahri to receive work. I mean Ahri was on PBE for 3 patches, it's been almost a year with Lux, and Ryze has receieved now his 4th rework and 2 VGU in the past. When are these Developers going to start working on champions that actually need work and not some pretty little popular champion that is getting a new skin in 2 to 3 months? I mean we have champions like Lissandra, Malzahar, Syndra, Karma, Morde, Skarner and a few others that are constantly ignored for actual work that will make them better and more fun to play. There is always an excuse to never work on the above champions but a reason to work on Ryze as much as they have and champions like Lux and Ahri. Players are getting fed up and seriously waiting for things to be done about the problems in the game. Players don't want to wait 1 to 2 years to have their champions looked at when we all know some other champion that doesn't actually need work, gets prioritized for work. ----------- I am also not going to go into the problems with Lissandra, Malzahar, Syndra, Karma, Morde, and Skarner because it is a waste of my time and a waste of characters to type it all out. We are all aware of the problems with the above champions. There is no point in trying to delve into something that no one on the Development team is going to comment on or work on.
Anatera (NA)
: Riot is doing a GREAT job!
Work on Ryze again for his 4th rework after receiving 2 VGU. Work on Ahri for 3 patch cycles. Work on Lux for almost a year now. Meanwhile we have champions like Lissandra, Malz, Syndra, Karma, Morde, Skarner and a few others completely ignored for any work that will make them better to and more interesting to play. You guys just keep on working on Ryze, Azir, and Ahri. We know where your true priorities lie every single year. Let's also add in the fact that you think mages are a problem because the can cast a lot of spells and not be gated by mana . . . but you have ADC who can one shot me with armor items and sustain my damage with crazy resistances and items. Great job making it fun to play an already marginalized class against one that is never touched for balancing and nerfs.
Bondy (EUNE)
: Especially rework of Sona. She needs it so badly.
Sona's problem is how irrelevant auras are now. It's not very interactive and it is kind of boring. I don't think she is terrible but I find her boring and bland.
: Why don't they just nerf him into the ground like they did other champions and work on other balance problems elsewhere? Having undergone this many reworks means that something is critically wrong with the champion's design and it should be shelved, so that the team can focus on champions that might only need one rework to be brought back into the fold. I wouldn't mind this at all, as Ryze is probably the most boring champion in the game to watch.
That would be the ideal situation but nope. He has received almost 4 reworks and 2 VGU. It's never going to happen.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vanjie,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m3rjfjmX,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-17T22:03:17.545+0000) > > Congrats. You keep trying to convince the community that you care about all of your champions and want to work on all your champions. You spend 3 patch cycles on Ahri and now you are prioritized "work" on Ryze . . . it's another Ryze rework. You are already walking on thin ice with him and work being done for him . . . yet here you are doing massive changes to him again. You also created a special little thread for Ryze that you haven't done with Karma, Morde, Skarner, or Lissandra yet. When it is going to be a problem champion's turn to receive work and communication about them? It's disgusting and arrogant of you guys at this point. I fully agree, though it did make me sad that Malz wasn't on the list and yet all of those are better than him now lol. Upvoted
: They technically buffed Lissandra but barely anything will come from it...just 10 mana off of her Q, and 10/5/0 CD decrease on her ultimate. Nothing that will make her magically more viable or even seen at all. Which sucks because I actually like Lissandra, I don't really play her but I've never had any issues with her and I even agree that she needs some bigger buffs. Though really it's funny...when some champions are considered "weak" and they are big lcs champions...they get big buffs but champions like Lissandra who has been struggling for months (or even seasons) and she gets the smallest buff of 10 reduced mana cost. (Which basically going to feel even worse once the mana gutting on pbe hits live..)
Just wait till the mana nerfs on AP items. Will see how she is after that.
: Not to mention how they reverted Rengar and Leblancs reworks. Meanwhile, {{champion:72}} {{champion:43}} failed reworks are left in the sewers
: Riot and the Year of Discontent
Agreed. Since season 2 I just don't know where this game is going now. They have too many champions and focus way too many resources on new champions. They need to start doing more VGU and faster because a third of the champion pool is outdated and bland.
: > Honestly the honor system is very busted :/ Im playing for 4 months now im in honor 1 second level LOL... Last season i got to honor 5 in 4 months... Its ridiculous It's supposed to take longer this season, since it's a full season (last season was a partial season). Honor 5 is a season long goal, not something you get in a week or 2. You're honor 1 because you got penalized, so you were dropped down. You've also had a few hits to your honor gains since then.
I am trying to get myself back into honor level 2. I deserved the punishment I received a few weeks ago and I am trying my hardest to enjoy the game and be better as a person. I don't know where I am, I don't know how this honor system works, and I have a lot of questions about false reports and negative premades lowering my honor that I am trying to work very hard on. I just got out of a game with a three premade group that blamed me relentlessly and attacked me the entire game because of me playing Rengar. I took the time to learn how to play this champion in bots and now I am turning over to normals to play against players. I am doing fine but when a Viktor and bot lane that is all part of the same premade are attacking me because they feed and cannot dodge a skill shot . . . and then they convince the Yorik to report me for inting . . . . what is going to happen to my honor that I have been trying so hard to work on? I tell player GLHF beginning matches. Talk to my team. Say GJ and congratulate them on a good play. Be a good player and try my best. I still get flamed, I still get falsely reported, and I still get negative behavior. You rely so much on your community to be such amazing players but in reality you don't have systems in place to recognize players who are seriously trying to be better players. I mean I was doing my best in my last game and the past few games where I was trying my hardest to ignore the negativity from the premade. How can I do that when I have the premade and other player all falsely reporting me for things I am not doing wrong? The punishment and honor system need an overhaul or massive adjustments. I want to see players who are creating drama and starting stuff removed and more harshly punished. I want to see my progression and where I am at with my honor. I don't want to be punished by a premade all reporting me for no reason to lower my honor. It's such a horrible system that I do not think is working as intended.
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SanKakU (NA)
: Karma and Lissandra are fine, though.
Not really. Both have pretty low winrates and it has been going on for years now. Simply doing a number buff to one ability while not attacking the problem head on, is not good balancing and work. Karma's entire kit, presence in the game, and character is God awful.
: The Community preparing a warm welcome back to Meddler
I despise him as a Developer, like I do with Ghostcrawler and Reav3s. I just don't care about their posts anymore, what they talk about, what they want to do, and how they do it. I won't wish anyone ill will or to lose their jobs, but I just don't care about them anymore as Developers. Every single one of them talk about the same champions, go out of their way to communicate about the same champions, do work on the same champions, and refuse to do work on the champions that really need it. If a community of mains have been telling you they don't like Karma for five years now . . . there is a problem. If a community of Lissandra mains have been talking about how much she needs a new passive, there is a problem. If Morde and Skarner mains have been complaining about their failed reworks and how much they hate it, there is a problem. Why is Ahri being prioritized for work for 3 patch cycles? Why is Lux getting all this signifcant work done to her for almost a year now? Why is Jhin, JInx, and all these other popular champions getting massive kit changes and slight buffs but you cannot work on what actually needs to be worked on and communicated about? I am tired of hearing about Ryze and his problems in pro-play . . . and having threads specially catered to his problems but Karma cannot get a single thread or comment by a Developer other than . . . . "we are not talking about her right now or in the near future." The favoritism is getting ridiculous and the catering towards new champions, popular champions and champions that don't need to be worked on . . . is getting ridiculous. Players are legitimately getting upset and leaving the game. We all know for a fact that all of these Developers in charge know everything but they choose to ignore everything and work on Ahri and Ryze.
Saïx (OCE)
: Ryze is far more an issue in pro play, which fact is, is where Riot's priorities are. I'm not saying it's right - in fact I hate it myself - but the vast majority of their large-scale changes appear to be pro-play focused. The tl;dr really is that they are more willing to invest time into Ryze because he is relevant in pro play _right now_ The real question is when will solo-q get the special treatment pro-play balance does, but that's been asked already, with rather hopeless responses from Riot.
Like I care. I am not trying to be mean and start an argument but for the amount of work this champion has had done to him, he should be done with. If something is not working Ryze than gut it. They have done the same exact thing to so many champions but refuse to do it on the ones that it should be done on. Ryze has gotten to much work done on him that these Developer could be working on someone else that it would matter on. I don't care about Ryze anymore and I don't care about the work being done on him, because he gets work done on him all the time while everyone that has been asking for work done on their champion gets ignored. It's just ridiculous.
: > [{quoted}](name=IcebornKing,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m3rjfjmX,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-04-17T23:16:12.179+0000) > > Morde - Needs a VGU. > > Skarner - Needs a VGU. > > Lissandra - Desperately needs a new passive. > > Karma - Needs quite a bit of work imo. She needs a new innate and her current passive moved to R, an ally function for W/RW, shield bomb, a running animation and a shield animation. Making RQ ground targeted would improve her a lot both in mid and bot for a number of reasons that I'm tired of listing, but I doubt Riot will do it. I'm doubtful Riot will do much at all to fix Karma when they get to her tbh. Many champions who are up for VGUs have gotten some QoL changes before their VGU. {{champion:50}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:77}} There's no reason why Skarner and Morde can't get any QoL changes to hold them over before their eventual VGUs
I mean Aatrox is getting a full blown VGU now. I hope they can do something other than work on Ahri and Ryze every single year. It doesn't seem like it will ever happen though.
: So all mages are getting nerfed hard on the PBE
Meanwhile players have been complaining about ADC doing way too much damage and not having the necessary work to put them in line. Mages get follow up work that nerfs them and forces them to play strategically. ADC get basically free items because of how cheap their items are, sustainability, massive attack damage, and other things. Let's ignore the fact that ADC have been a problem for a long time now but work on mages. They are really delusional.
: Pretty sure next rework (after aatrox and akali) will be nunu. They've teased it and the clues seem to point to nunu.
Reav3s said last week it will be released this week. It is probably Nunu and he does deserve it. The next one after that better be Morde and not who I think it is going to be. I have a sneaky suspicion that it will be Ezreal.
Shahamut (NA)
: {{champion:72}} "I miss my kind..." I post Skarner stuff all the time. Usually in close bursts with breaks in between. I have yet to get a red response in ANY of my threads. And this is years in the making :-(
: Do you guys still have any hope for mid season?
I am sick and tired of the special treatment towards specific champions every year. I am sick and tired of the same champions getting work done for them every year. I have reached a point where I am done with the Development team and their game. I am probably leaving by the end of the week if I do not hear anything good in regards to Lissandra, Morde, or Karma. I am really hoping Morde mains get their VGU he deserves.
: Dont forget Zyra Plant HP issue
Yep. Something else they said they would work on. Oh look . . Ahri and Ryze.
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: Ryze work on PBE
This is not work being done on Ryze. This is another rework being done for Ryze. I just cannot fathom how a single Developer cannot work on the champions that really need work. I think this is his 4th rework now on top of 2 VGU Ryze has received the past 5 years. When is it enough already? Every single Developer is aware of the thematic, art, lore and kit issues Karma has and how her fans feel about her as a whole, but more work is being done on Ryze and work was done on Ahri for three patch cycles. Every single Developer is aware that Lissandra needs a new passive but work is being prioritzed on Ryze and Ahri. Every single Developer knows of all the problems with Morde and his kit, bugs, and art issues. Work is yet again being done on Ryze and work was prioritized for three patch cycles on Ahri. This is me not sitting here trying to create an argument. This is me trying to wrap my head around the fact that several dedicated Lissandra, Karma, and Morde mains have been asking for change for the past couple days, weeks, months, and years and the same work is being prioritized on Ryze, Ahri, Jinx, Lux, Jhin, and many more popular champions almost every patch cycle and year. When are you actually going to start work on the champions that it will matter on? I'm sick and tired of seeing work and communication being done with Ryze and zero communication about Karma. Meddler refuses to communicate about Karma for the past couple years he has been in his spot. Reav3s refuses to communicate about Karma. Ghostcrawler doesn't care. Here you are talking about Ryze. Please do better than what you have been doing. Yet again this is a season 2 Karma main still asking for communication about Karma and work to be done on Karma. This is me yet again asking for work you know that needs to be done on Lissandra. This is me yet again telling you Morde has massive identity and kit problems . . . . this is not including his bugs. What are you doing about it? Reworking Ryze again and wasting three patch cycles on Ryze. I am so disgusted with, yet again, another Developer trying to convince the community that Ryze is better deserving of work than Karma, Morde and Lissandra.
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: This is something I don't get. Riot is a billion dollar company, yet they claim they are tied with resources and time. As far as I know, LOL is your only game. I just don't understand how a huge company can't write a 4-6 page biography with pictures in the span of a couple months. if there's a reason, please tell me because I'm actually interested and don't know if I'm just missing something.
They have timelines they try to stick to and schedules they need to follow. Between downtime maybe they have people working on on stuff like the updated revision of Karma lore update. What has gotten these Developer's in trouble year after year is their bias work ethic that favors specific champions every year. They always have an excuse to never work on Karma but they always have a reason to work on Ahri for 3 months. It's all about choices.
: The new Karma bio
I really appreciate you taking the time to communicate about the new Karma bio. It's horrible that it took so much hate, backlash, threads and passion to get you guys to make change. It's a shame that in 2018 the community that supports your game, has to force Developers to make changes on a champion that had so much taken from her already. The track record with every single Development team that does work on Karma has not been good. The reason be is they take everything that made her unique and interesting and put it on Ivern, Irelia, or a new champion that will have something she had. This is the work ethic you and past Developers created for yourselves and didn't rectify for the past 5 years. I apologize if myself or any other Karma main hurts your feelings or makes you feel a certain way. None of us should be ashamed of what we said or did though. You had 5 years to do work on Karma and you spent it on champions like Ryze, Ahri, and Lux. Every single Developer spent the past 5 years working on popular champions as opposed to working on champions that really need attention. This lore update for Karma was an opportunity for SOME Developer at Riot Games to show the Karma community that you cared about her. Instead you gave us the same transparent attitude and work ethic that almost every other Developer has been giving us the past 5 years. You took away her fans for a theme that isn't even present and represented well in her art, lore, kit and narrative. You took away her shield bomb and gave it to Ivern because you wanted a champion that sits in the back and builds shield enhancing items to be relevant in the game. You took away any status and grace Karma had and gave it to Irelia because you wanted Karma to be this character that does nothing, is no one, and is forgettable. Every single one of you Developers from different teams, really need to start making progress with Karma's issues. The Karma community has been patient, understanding, and passionate about a champion that was completely butchered for half-worked on content that is almost insulting. I mean Karma doesn't even have a running and shield casting animation and this is just one of her many problems that I know every single Developer is aware but refuses to actually work on or communicate about. The problem Karma mains have with her goes far beyond just a bad lore change. You don't seem to care and you don't seem to listen. We want a fully conceptualized champion that deserves more than what every single Developer has been doing to her the past 5 years. It's really pathetic that in 2018 Lux gets VO additions to her but Karma cannot get a single thing that matches new art, a theme and narrative created for her. It's really pathetic that a champion like Cho that is slated for a VGU can get all of his abilities updated but Karma cannot get improvements to her abilities that show us some sort of flashy art or thematic that really brings it all together. It's extremely pathetic that Ahri can get massive kit changes done to her for 3 patch cycles but Karma can have her shield bomb removed and put on Ivern, a buff to her Mantra E that is later nerfed, and buffs to a passive on Mantra abilities that are bland and make no sense. So, tell other Development teams to start communicating about Karma, because Katey, Reav3 and Meddler said no one in house is communicating about her. Maybe it is high time that in the past 5 years you stop prioritizing work done for popular champion or champion that are slated for a VGU, and start working on champions that do not necessarily need a VGU to fix mistakes YOU CREATED. ----------- Now to talk about the lore at hand. This transparent lore you seem be going on about better give us more than what we have now. Right now we have a champion that reflects how she is in game: bland and does nothing. I want to see Dharia's story, personality and adventures more. Even though she is Karma, this is Dharia's story and this is the perfect opportunity to show us more of a personality than this bland and boring character you created. Karma needs to do more than just sit in one spot and meditate all day. I want her to actually fight, use her abilities, and do something other than shield people in the back-line. You didn't do any of the above and look where it got you. We got a snippet of Dharia's personality and then it just went all away. - Thank you and good luck. Miss Vanjie.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Uhm actually you seem to be the one who hasn't read the lore,because that is not what she is doing. > Karma has pledged to guide as many of them as she can to more peaceful means. And with every conflict she averts, more of the lost voices return to offer their eternal wisdom. So she does go out of her way to solve conflicts peacefully.
No. She goes out of her way to meditate and wait for people to come to her, so she can solve the conflict peacefully. She doesn't do anything.
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