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: ARAM Changes for 7.10
Where is the "make ARAM all random by having any player pool from ALL champs rather than the ones owned"?????? Please for the love of god, every ARAM game I play has at least 1 ARAM only account.
Sokar468 (NA)
: Did ARAM players actually ask for a "faster" experience?
No question in my mind about there being ARAM only accounts. Some even have it in their names. Just make the game ALL random, even champs you don't own.
: They look fun as hell to play. Rakan just sounds batshit terrible and I don't know if I can suffer that VO long enough in games.
I thought so at first too, but listen to his VO a bit more, he quiets down and sounds better.
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: I updated my findings on this matter for Ashe. It was a good bit of work. I'll look into GP next, since his case seems very interesting. I just need a break first.
GP barrels apparently don't interact with Crit damage runes. And when you have a full page of crit damage plus IE you get around 298% damage on a crit. Overall you're right about your post, scaling ad plus IE is mostly better until the crit damage runes get full crit chance and lots of AD from items/dragons.
: Is janna immune to nerfs
Janna is actually apparently one of the most nerfed champions in the game along with Ezreal
Aniela (NA)
: This makes me so happy
I legit have no memory of the Pentakill it says I had on {{champion:98}} . And currently I cannot access the Match History section {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: Most players have never seen most champions' crit animation
I don't think {{champion:22}} has a crit animation.
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: Nasus is in a bad spot in my opinion.
Thing is with susan... He's supposed to farm early Buff his early game too much and he is a terror not only late game if he has managed to farm, but also in lane
: Taric's new splash?
I like his cleavage. ty riot and so does ezreal
gubigubi (NA)
: Please do not change Fioras night raven splash
Please nerf her absurd damage. Not her splash arts pls ty rito
: Wait night hunter rengar's hood is tolerable... :O how?
the default way to toggle things is set to control 5. works for DJ Sona as well, I'm not sure of any other interactions though
: [RESOLVED] NA 3/23 Games Not Starting
Phew! I was worried it was just me and my computer! Hopefully my team forgives me for never connecting :c Edit: nvm still broken. "You have disconnected. Please check your internet and try again." said this before they took NA down too :c
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: I want to hear all 10 selection quotes again.
perhaps you have the settings turned to mute? ^.^
: Who Is The Healthiest Assassin In The Game?
IMO, assassin gameplay isn't necessarily defined by health as it is more managing your own cooldowns and knowing your burst in order to achieve a kill. I think health is subjective because they all have their escapes, it's just using them effectively which is the problem. No assassin will be called 'healthy' should he or she pull of their intended function: to assassinate.
: Supps with Twitch
{{champion:40}} imo
Fòcus (NA)
: I need a new support (SUPPORT MAINS HALP)
nep2une (NA)
: Man, I like playing a green square too!
Orianna is buggest apparently xD
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Pailidin (NA)
: Break a Champion
{{champion:64}} Can see.
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: Fervor & Deathfire Grasp Vs Thunderlord Decree
He is getting a new one.
: Can we make Ashe great again?
I play a lot of Ashe. To be honest, she's a team champion in the sense that if your team says "Oh, we have an Ashe, let's play safe and farm until late game, because she out scales most adc's because of her utility and damage late game. We will be fine, because she will allow us to make catches and kite the enemy team." Okay great!... But most people don't really understand the fact that Ashe requires a team mentality to work properly. That being said, I think the level of power in her kit is pretty strong, it just requires a coordinated team to make work. That's why you see her in professional play much more than in solo queue. So in short, I would respectfully disagree that she needs buffs... don't get me wrong, I love her more than any other champion! :)
Eggbread (NA)
: New Passive For Teemo: Yes or No?
Why do you think he needs a new passive?
: Are there any more runes I should buy?
Those look to be a solid set of runes that could cover a wide range of champions in a wide range of roles. I'd say unless you see a rune you particularly like you are set with those. By the way, those are all tier 3 correct?
Fakerr (NA)
: lol. i've seen my fair share of MF, Gauntlet Ez, Jhin supports too
OH yeah i forgot about MF. AP MF is so fun. Haven't tried after the e nerf, though. AP ez is super fun too. Like qt :D
People tend to be more responsive to concerns if you treat them with kindness and respect.
: que time in gold III more than 4 minutes?
Uh... 4 minutes? I mean players in high elo wait over an hour for some of their games... maybe try doing something during queue so you are not bored
: To people who (Buy their accounts or get carried)
i feel full... too much pasta{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Fakerr (NA)
: ADC diversification doesn't mean you take away other champions' roles
You can play Ashe support to great success if you like! ^.^
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Olicon (NA)
: Whats Your Favorite Champion? I need ideas!
{{champion:22}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:4}} {{item:3085}}
Velasan (NA)
: A sincere message from your local Jungler
they are doing it to catch up on gold. they did at one point have it so you could only receive bonus gold if you had a jungler's item but now they are all worth the same gold. only the experience is different at the moment.
ƒoes (NA)
: Yasuo Tips & Tricks Guide
nobody has read this? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} gj frand
yOOpS (NA)
: The reasoning for my toxicity.
Reav3 (NA)
: Karma is fairly high on our list as well. Part of the reason we chose Nidalee/Trist/Trundle as our first batch was that we already had some part way finished splash art for some of there skins, so it made sense to work through them first.
Obviously hers wasn't a full rework like some champs, but Ashe? :D
: It's not a bug... it says they're available there if you click them in your spells tab on your profile on the in game client.
:o you're right! I wonder why they would include them in the tutorial but not SR!
: They were only removed from SR. The first step of the tutorial is on HA
That's why I said Battle Training! Which is set upon Summoner's Rift {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: If you make effects (even if they are cosmetic) on a champ to champ basis. That would also end up requiring Riot to keep implementing said effects on to every new champ that comes out, which may hold up production time. Though Riot may be able to do it for just a hand full of champions if they make sense. But only in situations they find appropriate (or sufficiently funny.)
I feel like amount of work doesn't really matter to Riot. I mean look at the quote selection of the recent champions... Tahm, Illaoi, Kindred,... upcoming Jhin. All of their voice overs are novels! Which is awesome! I honestly think Riot wants to make champs as cool and fun as they can be to play as! I don't think going through and coloring the particles based on champions would be too hard or time consuming!
: Teemo's blood should be pitch black, smoldering tar.
Vlad goes to transfuse, finds that he cannot use it. Demonic laughter ensues.{{champion:17}}
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: Alpha/Beta players responses to "mid or feed" be like
: Blackfrost Ashe Concept Sketch
I like! Thank you for making my dream come true!
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