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: Who are your top 2 champs per position? Please comment
top:{{champion:86}} {{champion:75}} jg{{champion:5}} {{champion:19}} mid:{{champion:13}} {{champion:157}} adc {{champion:119}} {{champion:15}} supp {{champion:37}} {{champion:53}}
: champions that yuumi makes broken.
: After being a fizz main for 6 years I gave up on fizz and switched to Nasus
> [{quoted}](name=Heko The Man,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8Z22Tz9r,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-28T03:20:43.724+0000) > AP Nasus support works what have you brought upon this cursed land
: champs that probably will never completely fall out of meta?
{{champion:119}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:37}}
: What is your Most Cancerous Build?
{{champion:157}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3153}} works forever broken champ with a broken build you cant deal with it it is just broken
Kledaddy (EUNE)
: why can mordekaiser end the game in his ult?
hes smart not a problem in my opinion
: Awh that blows I play support :( well maybe once I get a few more groups up we will be able to have some fun. Best of luck friend.
I can try to play adc or top if needed but im a bit worse at those draven and sivir for adc and garen and nasus for top
: Greatest mind alive is looking for new friends to play with in bronze.
Im a b4 bronze supp main If we can get a good adc im down
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: I understand that this IS a team game...
Seems like a good idea to me just if you dont win those and do really good maybe like 10 lp instead of 20 and mmr stays the same.But if you play like garbage and get carried maybe have the mmr stay the same and the lp go down like 10
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: /Remake System
: I have an easy way you can climb. added you.
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: The matchmaker is hot garbage this season.
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: There are probably better supports you can play than the ones listed. I DO NOT recommend playing an engage support like Shen in low ELO. You will make a crippling perfect engage on a hurt carry... and you team will just watch you die... Then probably flame you for feeding. Learn to play Lux, Brand, Blitz is fine, pick up some Velkoz, possibly even Veigar maybe. Bronze 4 is so low in MMR that youre almost in the range of trolls trying to create a hell pit for those unfortunate enough to be in matches with them. Of course they cant close out games, if they could, they would be in silver. YOU have to be the thing that gives your team an advantage. Now Ive played support in a lot of MOBAs, and some teams are just bad. My analogy is "Even if I double the attack power of a potato, it still gets chewed on by insects." No amount of support will be enough for some teams. This is why picks like Lux, Brand, Velkoz are good because you can still offer some utility in the form of CC, but if you have to you can also try to build some items to carry with. Also consider watching some streamers or pro matches. Not so try and play like them, they play in an environment with 0 ping, everyone in voice chat, there with a proper attitude, and with time and experience with their team mates. YOU WILL NEVER NEVER have all that in solo Q. It is still good for one thing. You can observe macro play. They all know based on what just happened what to do next. They try to get a lead, and then keep control. You have to learn this macro play and lead your team. You see people get a triple kill and then walk back to their side of the map and farm jungle camps.... Higher level play theyre looking for the nearest objective, tower, drake, herald, inhibitor, baron or whatever they can take. If your team cant figure out what to do, then you have to lead them. When enemy bodies hit the floor, you need to be ready with a ping, you need to know what the nearest objective is and be ready to ping "On my way" to that objective the instant you have the advantage. The other people dont know how to close matches, and to be honest, you probably dont either. Effective communication, or in the case of pros already knowing what the others will be thinking, is key to getting objectives and maintaining a lead. You will have to do some effort in the damage department, and I dont mean that unpleasant poke Sona does in lane. You will have a bad time with Sona in low ELO. You can line up a great stun, and it wont matter. Low ELO is BAAAAD at followup. You need to be able to both start and finish a fight. Lux, Brand, Velkoz again. They can do this. Now if your enemy is bad at closing out the game also, this is where Veigar comes in handy. He can offer peel and engage with his E, and if the match goes on long enough, he keeps building AP with every ability hit. Add in Dark Harvest, and eventually you can just press R and pop someone like a balloon. There are better AP sup choices than Veigar, but hes not the worst pick against certain sup/jg enemy choices. Anyway. Start learning some of the AP carry/sup champs. Consider avoiding champs that need followup like Sona and Shen... Maybe even Blitz to some extent. Blitz can be a great pick against lower ELO players, but if your ADC is garbage, they will watch you pull, knock up, and ult an enemy and just keep farming like you didnt even just do that.
I have some experince playing neeko and velkoz do you think that neeko could be played support go full ap and still carry?
: Do gunblade and Death dance heal stack?
: Solo climb into plat?
If you know how to play vayne and draven you can carry ur supp as long as you both hit most skillshots
Nhika (NA)
isnt a busted champ maybe like a b tier support i say yuumi is a good champ in ranked isnt broken and basically a sona and rakan mix
Saezio (EUNE)
: You can do both. Or one of those. Keep playing the same champion or 3 champs maximum. Become one with the champ, and when you don't understand what mistakes you've made just rewatch the game in fast forward and think what you could have done better. Focus on csing, where to ward, when to ward, when to back, when to group, what matchups feel like during the early-mid-late game. Buy pinks, and watch a couple high elo games on the champ you are playing per day. See what they do differently. And good luck :) You will definitely climb if you do these correctly.
: No. Learn 3 per role in case you get aotofilled. Learn something your team will need. A tank an ap and an ad champion. If you wanna see the champs i did my opgg is wolf jade (Eune)
Got it Edit: for jg is shyvana sejuani and xin good?
Saezio (EUNE)
: Yeah if you want to climb, stop playing ranked on your main. Improve and then come back to stomp noobs. Grinding is not worth it. Will make you lose your mind
should i make a smurf and practice on that or just play normals?
: Lookm i was just like you. I was sure going with the "op" things is the way to go. I ended up in silver 3 last season. (My first season) i started silver 5 and ended up silver 3. This season i started looking at my self i started focus on 3 champs in every role so i can play everything. And i got from silver 3 to gold 1 in 120 games on my main account. Its not the champion. Its the player.
So you are saying to learn 3 champs from every role to climb and just fill? Or am I seeing it wrong?
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