5050BS (NA)
: Why is Qiyana so bad?
Because she couldn't maintain her current level of power from when she was released and be balanced. She has too much extra utility and flexibility in her kit to also be paired with extremely high damage. So the first thing they did was nerf her damage levels. At current if you can play her extremely well, that damage nerf will not matter, but for everyone else kind of picking her up and figuring her out that makes her extremely unforgiving. Was probably the right thing to do as well, but that's just the way it is.
: I know how to fix top issues and make the game more interactive, PORTALS in alcoves!!!
I want less gimmicks in this game, not more. If one player does extremely well and kills everyone then fair enough, but when games are lost because I couldn't get my team to sit on drags that gets tiresome.
: Hey there! We actually didn't include the 8th chroma (Obsidian) in the initial release patch for TD Ekko. Included it again in the 9.24 notes so people were aware! Here's a Boards post with more information: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/UaPEcgvX-true-damage-ekko-tweaks
Hi there! Quick related question. Will the new Swain skin be available to buy before it becomes only available through gem stones? It's a cool skin, but I don't really do much hextech crafting to wrack up enough gemstones for it. :/
: when are the frame drop issues going to be addressed?????????? it has been an issue since senna was released
Omg thank you for bringing this up. I have major frame rate issues but ONLY on summoners rift. TFT it's like normal. At first I thought it was my internet or the servers which do get slow around this time of year with a lot of people going on holidays or having extra time to play. Checked everything and found the rest of it is working fine, it's only on summoners rift. The MS reader in the top right corner of the screen jumps like crazy when it happens, going from 80 to 300+ at certain times.
Masalar (NA)
: Not just that they don't sell well, but also that even when bought the skins are rarely used.
That's strange to hear. The holiday skins are some of my favorites. The Frozen Prince Mundo skin is awesome and I use it all the time, and it's a tradition of mine to use Dark Candy Fiddlesticks every winter. The Snow Fawn poppy skin is also pretty awesome. Maybe people just aren't in the mood to use holiday skins off season?
xWARx (NA)
: Revert Aatrox
Surprised there is not more discussion on Swain here. As one of the most notable figures in League being the leader of an entire faction his rework did little for him. It doesn't have any clear direction, and he's super reliant on having the right runes, while having almost nothing of his original design. I don't even hate the new one, it's just not a modernized version of the old one. Old Swain was deleted from the game. Funny thing is that conceptually saying that they can't have DoT's in the game because they can't balance them is a little crazy. DoT's exist in just about every other game out there, and they don't implode that game by existing, plus Malzahar is still around and I can't see them ever taking away his DoT's because it just wouldn't be the same character. Drain tanking isn't a good excuse to change something either. Does anyone really think that drain tanks are harder to balance than lets say... Akali or Zoe? Why do you think they added Ravenous hunter and Bloodline runes? Why create Death's Dance {{item:3812}} and turn it into omni vamp? Anyone can be a drain tank now you just have to spec for it.
: Conqueror nerf for Mages are in the wrong direction
Or.. don't have Conqueror? The giant amount of sustain is what breaks it. If it worked more like Fervor of Battle used to no one would be talking about it.
: Random FPS drops/freezes causing SR Matches to be unplayable
Same. The MS reader at the top right goes haywire in SR but is fine on TFT.
: Yep Aatrox is a Diver and you're right on Swain. Aatrox is classified as a Juggernaut, but he doesn't function as one at all. He's a dive in with ult zoom and wreak havoc champ, similar to Vi and Diana.
Yeah, Swain definitely is just a battle mage and even then he is closer to a catcher. His closest relatives are Morgana and Vlad. He's basically the Vlad with more crowd control, but less healing... and less damage... and less team fight strength. Anyways, just replying to point out that Swain isn't actually all that tanky UNLESS he is in his ultimate. At that point he has some extra health, but his durability is windowed by all that healing giving him more effective health rather than having an actual tank steroid like damage reduction, magic resist, or armor. He can off-tank okay, but if he's the only character capable of tanking on a team then they're going to get plastered in team fights.
Yets4240 (NA)
: MEGA Gnar is a tank, but mini Gnar is a marksman. Thus, Gnar as a champion is a hybrid shapeshifter, and RIOT classifies him as 'specialist.' Cho'Gath is similarly classified by RIOT as 'specialist.' So is Singed, and a few others. In fact, here is RIOT's list of specialists: > Azir > Cho’Gath > Fiddlesticks > Gangplank > Graves > Gnar > Heimerdinger > Kayle > Kennen > Nidalee > Quinn > Singed > Teemo > Urgot > Zilean Though I will add that I personally cosnider Urgot to be a ranged juggernaut as do many others, but by virtue of having range as a jug I can see why they gave him the specialist label.
That's interesting I didn't realize they had a special category. Question; what defines a "specialist" in league? Is it just champions that don't fit the other sub classes?
: Are we actually calling Malzahar a battle mage now? The last place he wants to be is in the middle of a fight, unlike {{champion:30}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}}. Malzahar is like the bitchiest of bitch-mode champs in comparison to them, barring maybe Morgana outside of her ult.
> [{quoted}](name=WoonStruck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=d1OTzFIx,comment-id=000200000004,timestamp=2019-12-06T05:10:33.027+0000) > > Are we actually calling Malzahar a battle mage now? The last place he wants to be is in the middle of a fight, unlike {{champion:30}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}}. > > Malzahar is like the bitchiest of bitch-mode champs in comparison to them, barring maybe Morgana outside of her ult. Would agree. Don't usually think of Malzahar as trying to jump into the middle of a fight. Having said that, Malzahar needs to exist in that space because he is a safety lever to aggressive strategies. Plays very safe, pushes out the wave, and focuses on just catching opponents who are out of position. League can't be all just champions bashing their heads together. We're pretty close to that already and if it ever got THAT bad I would probably quit.
: What is a Juggernaut Mechanic/Steroid? Explained.
Interesting read. + points for the old school juggernaut gif. Well, the word juggernaut is literally something that is unstoppable or: "a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force or institution." It comes from a mythological use that I believe was the chariot of a Hindu god that couldn't be stopped from moving, although I don't know the rest of the story or why that was the case. In League it usually refers to a champion that must be kited out to win because of their no mobility, but otherwise is high durability and high damage at same time. A champion that will not just run into a wall and get forced off the enemy team (hopefully). You list some good examples already, but for me Darius and Nasus immediately come to mind. Although frankly the sub classes are just useful for helping to understand what a champion wants to do without actually defining that sub class. Many tanks breach the concept of a juggernaut when you build a damage item on them. Rammus for example certainly has damage with his ultimate active and only has move speed to engage so he's pretty close. Skarner has at different times been considered a juggernaut. The lines are blurry. A lot of that lack of definition also rises from the fact that newer champions frequently break the mold. This is my long winded way of saying mostly agree with you just think Riot needs to re-do these sub classes or put them into better definition and clarity. The sub classes are vague at best and they often don't follow the rules they set out for them. Having those rules is also useful both for creativity and to keep the game functioning. It helps set the creative space available and defines what the champions goal is thus helping to understand what they should be able to do and NOT be able to do as well. Understanding those goals then further helps to see if a champion is functioning as they should.
Sillae (NA)
: Should mages really be allowed to abuse Conq?
As already noted they have stated a planned nerf for ranged users. The nerf is one of the reasons they decided to not nerf Aurelion on the same patch. Also, abusing isn't quite the right word here and it's not specific to mages. If Riot makes a keystone strong for a patch it's not "abuse" it's just using what is strong that is provided to you. They aren't hurting people or the keystone itself by using it. In the same way playing a champion that happens to be strong that patch isn't abusing the pick. At least not in the common definition of the word; which is when something is being misused or treated with cruelty.
: In-game stuttering since last patch (9.23)
This post seems to be from a few days ago, but just started experiencing this really badly tonight. My MS is shooting between 80 and 300. It's also not constant. Sometimes it's fine, and other times it practically freezes up for a few seconds before returning to normal. Wondering if there is an update.
: I thought 8 % true dmg on conqueror Whats pushing tanks away.Why arent tanks good after its gone ?
The meta will adjust as people play around with the changes. At the moment there hasn't been enough time for people to start picking up tanks again after nearly 2 seasons of ignoring them. Also, even current Conqueror still sucks for tanks because if a bruiser gets on top of you can do absolutely nothing as all the damage you can do as a tank is being healed off, but they still damage you in return. Having said that, tanks are much better now, particularly with the Mountain Drake update. Expect to see them back shortly, although I would expect more in the jungle than in top lane.
: TFT Update: Soulbound Class
I'm way late to this comment section, but I just wanted to add that why not have Amumu be Desert? There are plenty of good Inferno champions, but not that many Desert ones. Sound like interesting additions though.
Rioter Comments
: Omnistone suggestion?
Interesting idea. The main problem I see with Omnistone at current is that it does a great job of helping to win laning phase by spamming keystones, then an awful job in mid to late game when roaming and team fighting. When you are 1v1'ing a lane opponent it doesn't even matter what it switches to so as long as you are getting value from it, because you wouldn't likely have another keystone back so quickly. For example, Electrocute even at later levels has more than double Omistones cool down. So, at that point it doesn't matter what keystone it gives you as long as you can use it right then and get advantage from it. Even Tempo on a mage is fine if you just layer in some auto attacks. Things get sticky when after leaving laning phase a team fight breaks out. You want the most optimal keystone to affect that fight. You don't want to randomly get aftershock with only one way to proc it, or predator and already be in combat etc. Makes the entire keystone an early game keystone with little late game value, and I have no idea how they intend to balance that. Win lane off free keystone procs, but have a sub optimal keystone for the rest of the game. I'm not sure what champion would make that trade off. Kayle maybe? Especially if she is just trying to survive until her power spikes.
: No junglers released in over 2 years
In all fairness as others have mentioned that's because several of the most recent champions can jungle it's just not their primary role. Although I'm not too worried about that either. Jungle is one of the more open lanes in the game in that you can jungle with a lot of things so long as they can clear and sustain their health bar. Jungle diversity is better than other lanes.
: Woodland / druid bug.
Idk about your particular situation, but I have noticed that sometimes the clone synergy will stop working if it attempts to clone a champion that doesn't have any adjacent hexes open. So, for example if you have a Maokai at the front, but it's closed in by other champions then it can't clone to an open hex to use the synergy.
: Aphelios (New Champion) Bio Dropped
Just calling it now... He's like a Dimir agent, but in League of Legends. Or Orzhov maybe? He looks very Dimir though.
: op.gg now shows S9 rank as of midnight last night?
They did say the 19th, because it's the 19th right as it rolls over to midnight and changes the day. It's on the Riot support page about end of season rewards.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
Splitting audiences has been something most of the reworks have done. Interesting to see a focus on it now so many seasons later since there have been a number of reworks already. Some cases of splitting audiences: 1. Old Viktor was a sieging mage with a silence who focused on long range laser snipes and staying away from the enemy. New Viktor (comparatively, at this point he was reworked a long time ago) is more about lining up Q hits and kiting around medium ranges. 2. Old Skarner used to be a bruiser focused on repeatable crowd control, the new one (with spires) seems to be very focused on being an engage tank who exists for R. 3. Old Aatrox was an on hit champion with his revive, and the new one is an ability based champion who layers crowd control in team fights similar to Riven. 4. Old Sejauni had less crowd control, but a stronger R, and now is focused around stacking her E. There are more, and I was glad to see the Zac revert as the old reworked ultimate of grabbing enemies was never going to be balanced for the long term. More recently the Swain rework was a large departure from his original play style (DoT oriented lane bully to mid game catcher). Although have to appreciate that KingCobra put in a lot of time talking with Swain players a few patches ago when they added the HP stacking from souls. Is this a concern for the upcoming Volibear and Fiddlesticks reworks?
: What if "Conditioning" Worked Like "Gathering Storm"
Counter argument... sort of... What if both gave you a little bit of stats every 2 minutes instead of only at ten minutes into the game? The old runes were as you leveled up. What if it was either 2 of a stat per min (so 2 per min, or 2 armor/magic resist per min) OR 2 of a stat per level and then it would max out when you hit level 18 so it wouldn't infinitely scale anymore. The problem with both conditioning and storm is that they take 10 minutes to come online. Where as before even if you had scaling stats you were gaining some amount of those stats as you leveled up eventually going even with the person taking flat early stats at level six or so. The other issue is that there is nothing to punish anyone for taking early stats because on the new runes you can have both. Nothing is stopping someone from taking both early game poke damage AND a scaling rune. So, the person who also has early game poke in their choices (like cheapshot or scorch) will still scale up as the game goes on from their other runes. That doesn't make storm or conditioning terrible, but it does put an arbitrary handicap on champions who want to use those runes by keeping them weak for the early game, and usually a lot of those champions already have weak early games (such as most tanks or scaling mages who require their ultimates).
: Stop cutting your own junglers off of their gold and xp, k?
If they are in jg taking camps go to the lane they are not in and take the farm there. Funny thing is a lot of people don't realize that if only 3-4 minions die while they are busy taking a jg camp those minions are worth more than the camp.
ZeroSixTeen (EUNE)
: Yi is litterally invincible in urf. please make changes to urf so that its possible to play
Play literally anyone with an on hit stun like Brand or Annie. Profit? Whole point of URF is that it's not balanced and never will be.
: Is Riot trying to change the support role ?
That's already support right now. Brand, Vel'koz, Annie support etc, and tank supports already do a fair amount of damage on their own. Pyke just takes it to the next level. Idk about Senna since I haven't read up on her yet.
: They should've let you choose which Legendary you wanted
We got like 4 or 5 free skins out of chests/gemstones/points etc why is anyone at all complaining about this. Oh noes my free stuff isn't cool enough! Even if you didn't get a good skin from the legendary they just handed out the Annie mythic skin to everybody, and gave enough orange essence to unlock 2 of the skins from any of the other options.
: URF isn't that great
Omg thank you. I was about to make a similar thread. I don't understand what is so fun about this game mode. It is designed to have certain champions be broken in it aka anything with repeatable abilities that do lots of damage. Your champ you want to play is an on hit/not ability focused champ with an ability that gets busted when you spam it? May as well not play. You win or lose as early as champion select. As a game mode it's way more about cheesing the enemy as hard as possible with a really strong pick than actually playing the game. There's also this huge dichotomy between people who are on URF to mess around and have fun and then there's the group of try hards who are going to pick the most broken thing they can every game just so they can win. Definitely understand why people burn out so fast. You try a champion you want to play for fun, figure out if it works in a single game, and even if it does spamming all your stuff ad infinitum is boring and tedious and just makes playing against other champions doing the same thing even more frustrating. I even admit sometimes that person is me; I like to win games too. Literally all the same reasons a bad patch of summoner's rift can feel awful.
: His toxic kit makes him impossible to deal with when he's close to viable, so he's kept in this state on purpose. Don't expect anything more than the tiniest, most cautious buffs for him until he's reworked.
> [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=k4bJVIHc,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-24T06:28:33.474+0000) > > His toxic kit makes him impossible to deal with when he's close to viable, so he's kept in this state on purpose. Don't expect anything more than the tiniest, most cautious buffs for him until he's reworked. Before I ask just pointing out this is a legitimate question; not flaming you. Why do you think he will get a rework? He has some of the most unique game play of all champions while being relatively approachable. Arguably he can probably kite too hard, but they could fix that by diminishing his Q slow or with other changes. In the past his mega didn't even have a cool down so he could just change whenever his rage bar was up. I don't feel like he's so broken right now or his kit is so bad that he needs a rework.
: How do you feel about Gnar?
None of the above. When he was first released he didn't have a cool down on mega so you could play him both mid and top. At this point, however, he works best as an anti melee and anti tank counter for top lane. In the current meta top lane is full of ranged champions and no tanks. He still excels at that job, but he doesn't do well against other ranged champions who are all in top lane right now including Kennen and some ADC's with mobility who can top lane.
: > [{quoted}](name=holystack,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=3bpMBg7T,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-28T20:27:00.912+0000) > > But odds are people just end up muting your pings if you use them in such a manner, no? if they mute my pings it is fine with me, i want them to be frustrated enough to start trying, there are literally players that grief 1 kill and have the mindset to just afk and go next, and that is a terrible mindset to have, if they mute me they are probably more inclined to play the game out
Frustration makes people give up. Rarely does it make them try more. If I am being spam pinged in a game I definitely don't want to try harder to help the "teammates" (if you can call them that) who are trying to flame and irritate me. In fact that's the first way I know we are going to lose a game is when the team is more interested in spam pinging each other than playing the game. For those interested the command to mute all chat and pings is: /fullmute all.
mack9112 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=True Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H6uNJNhu,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-24T00:05:22.319+0000) > > Nevertheless. > > People do use the item. Nobody uses it as a core item. It sees plenty of play. (Like, more than 10x as much as Ohmwrecker. We're not all here complaining because we never built it.) > > But EVEN IF nobody used it, that's NOT a reason to remove it. > > You can't argue that the item was removed because "it encourages non-interactive playstyle" AND ALSO "nobody used it". That's a conflict. You can't have both. > > My response to either argument is: the item persisted for years, even when it was stronger; why delete it NOW? > > ... > > The active was fun to build and use. I enjoyed the games where building it was justified. It encourages some fun highly interactive playstyles in lane. Usually, when I built it, it was my first item, (Go find a video of Max Shmit playing in Season 6 and 7. He played over two million Garen points with this item...) > > Saying that it's non-interactive is like saying that map awareness is not interactive. if I use it as a bomb, then I had to sneak through enemy JG at considerable risk, to plant it. If anybody was looking at the map, they found it quickly enough. > > I generally built it for stats, and then had fun using the active, playing Garen or Shyvana. The item worked the way that it was intended, I think. > > Quite rewarding to build, take rift, place the portal between two towers, and evaporate an entire lane with rift. (And Demolish, yet.) But this is NOT EASY to do. > > Towers are weaker now. There is MUCH less vision available in the game. Minions are more plentiful. THIS IS WHY the item was removed. Don't give me some gobbledy%%%% misleading jargon. It was removed, because the game has become more sensitive and less stable. Fix the game. You don’t want to face the reality of the situation that the item is not healthy for the way league is meant to be played. The item was allowed to be good in season 5 at which time it damaged game integrity as players could avoid actually having to fight there opponent and just split push. The has since then been re adjusted to its current state and no nobody uses it I have player thousands of games over the past couple years and literally nobody uses it outside of udyr who uses it to avoid player interaction.
I can understand your side of the argument, but there is more than one way to play League. How is the game "meant" to be played? Literally what you're describing is proxy Singed. Shall we delete Singed while we're at it?
C0l0urless (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ehhhh,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oREFbhoV,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-23T22:54:19.220+0000) > > PROJECT 2019 Jackpot Bag - 50 PP > Contains 3 skin shards of the same tier (750 RP, 975 RP, 1350 RP, or 1820 RP) and 1050 Orange Essence > Revel Grab Bag - 50PP > Contains a 520 RP skin shard, 750 RP skin shard, 975 RP skin shard, 1350 RP skin shard, and 1820 RP skin shard > Arcade 2019 Jackpot Bag - 50PP > Contains 3 legacy skin shards (one guaranteed 975 RP or higher) and 1520 Orange Essence > Exclusive Animated Emote - 25 PP > Exclusive Ward Skin - 15 PP > Exclusive Icon - 10 PP > Event Icons from past 100 Prestige Point bundles - 5 PP > Hextech Key - 3 PP > 30 Orange Essence - 1 PP The only options I in the prestige shop see are prestige skins.
Yeah wondering about this too. Second time someone has mentioned there will be extra options for prestige points, but when is it supposed to be live?
Quilyc (NA)
: Warwick buff for viability in pro play
Warwick is one of my favorite champions, but you're never going to see him be popular in pro play. He thrives on isolated targets that are low on health that lets him run in and clean up or out duel the enemy. In coordinated play they won't let you do that. If they get low they will back off and heal, they wont sit around on low health in the middle of lanes, and when one of them does get blood hunted at an inopportune time their allies help protect them. Also, as a champion he does well against tanks since he has continued sustain and damage, but he doesn't excel against the high damage meta (or Pantheon) where he gets exploded before he can heal in a fight. He is still really good as a champion, just less so in coordinated play. It's still possible he will show up if the meta favors him, but this meta isn't the right one.
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Profirix (NA)
: Kaleidostone; What is the point?
It's not terrible for certain champions, but the problem is this... Let's say Riot wants to make this keystone strong. Okay so what happens? Well, it would have to quickly rotate between the other keystones giving you huge advantages as they repeatedly proc together. If the new keystone actually did that it would be broken. So, what happens next? It would have to be nerfed to a state where it couldn't do that anymore, aka unusable again. There's no middle ground with this one. Either you're breaking it by getting repeat keystone activation's and using them to win every lane trade, or it's going to be so ridiculously under tuned no one will want it.
: Legends of Runeterra cards you wish to be champions
Going to throw in votes for: 1. Commander Ledros 2. Greenglade Duo 3. Scarmother Vrynna The last one especially would be really cool. She looks like she has stories to tell.
Fnfemas (NA)
: Revert Maokai ult back to the old one with the ring around him this one is so easy to dodge its so slow
Yeah agreed! Using him as a warden champion who would protect his teammates from enemies with aoe ults made a lot more sense than giving him another form of crowd control. Then he just competes with all the other champions that specialize in engaging team fights like Sejuani, Zac, and so on; but those other champions do it better. Maokai was always better at single target disruption and being a wall, and the old ultimate played better into that theme while having better counter play. At least the old ultimate he had to hold onto to get measurable power from it, the new one he can just W straight on top of someone and cast it point blank and there's nowhere for the enemy to go. Not sure what it was about the old ultimate that Riot didn't like.
: Anyone has fun playing against master Yi?
As a champion who is very easy to counter... honestly yes. His play pattern is try to 1v5 every single time or have no presence. I would be scared of a really good Yi, but they are very few and far between. Shaco is the same way. A good Shaco will be all over the map using their mobility with invisibility to take over and make plays. A bad Shaco will awkwardly drop boxes and get themselves killed. Yi is the same way, a bad one will just run in and die repeatedly. Since the majority of Yi's I see are the run in and die repeatedly type I don't worry about it. There are plenty of jungle counters to him already and while his play style is outdated plenty of people still enjoy playing him so if they are enjoying it let them have their fun.
Profirix (NA)
: One of two things are going to happen: 1. He is going to stay the worst champion in the game until someone comes along and decides to COMPLETELY rework his kit (Aatrox level rework). 2. He is going to stay the worst champion in the game until Preseason, when Riot no longer cares about an anti-flashy-play champion and they put power back into his kit (which is still in shambles and honest to God needs a rework anyway lest players complain and complain about him again until he's nerfed again.) It is no secret that Riot did not want TK to be picked at all at Worlds. Fine. But what I cannot accept is that they are willing to make ANY champion unplayable for the sake of "entertaining gameplay."
> [{quoted}](name=Profirix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LiZEbK2d,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-22T00:48:07.963+0000) > > One of two things are going to happen: > > 1. He is going to stay the worst champion in the game until someone comes along and decides to COMPLETELY rework his kit (Aatrox level rework). > 2. He is going to stay the worst champion in the game until Preseason, when Riot no longer cares about an anti-flashy-play champion and they put power back into his kit (which is still in shambles and honest to God needs a rework anyway lest players complain and complain about him again until he's nerfed again.) > > It is no secret that Riot did not want TK to be picked at all at Worlds. Fine. But what I cannot accept is that they are willing to make ANY champion unplayable for the sake of "entertaining gameplay." Yeah definitely. The other problem with buffing or nerfing for worlds is that means that they are -guessing- who will be a priority pick. If they guess wrong, and that champion was never going to see play anyways, then they just make the champion weaker for their player base for no reason for the entirety of worlds with no benefit to the pro meta at all. In a nut shell they just make guesses as to who will be strong and nerf/buff preemptively. For all we know Kench would not have even seen play this year. If they want to do right by the player base they need to make sure that a champion can continue in a healthy state. If it needs to be reworked that bad then do quick work on the champion right away even if it has to be spruced up a bit later. It's a better option than leaving a champion in a gutted state for months to years on end, particularly for fans of that champion.
: lets talk about the kench
Honestly the best bet for Kench is to remove his ally eating ability and just let him eat opponents. Then as a support he uses that as a peeling tool against the enemy jumping on his ally instead of just eating his ally as a free zhonya. Then they can revert the nerfs to eating enemy champions and just make that his specialty. After all the concept of him carrying around people still happens with his R, and his lore and thematic are otherwise focused on his gluttony and not his saving... anyone actually... he pretty much just eats everything.
: Ornn is a great champion but he is uuugh at low ranking solo q. what are your opinion?
Honestly the issue with Ornn is that he is a bit clunky. If your opponent is mobile in particular he can flounder to try to hit his Q and E. Trying to chase an Ekko or someone with multiple dashes with Ornn is just asking for a headache. They dash over your Q and then run away while you're still trying to connect with E. He can jungle okay, but he overlaps so much with other champions who do the same job there's no reason to pick him. However, he has a fun kit and is visually really cool. The storm skin IMO looks pretty awesome.
: Re-Rolled 3 Legendary skins
Have to remember this goes both ways. You could re-roll three legacy janky skins and get an ultimate skin as well. Also, if you do get an ultimate skin it automatically unlocks for you, even if you just open it from a chest all by itself. Previously they didn't give any free stuff except for if you followed them on facebook/twitter. I'm not even sure they still do those promotions, but back in the day they gave unchained alistair and riot tristana. They were like some of the first skins I ever got lol.
Sydney26 (EUW)
: If u were Riot what would u have done for Preseason ???
I would expand runes of reforged to allow for more play styles and add another tree. I would then also spread some of the defensive options between Resolve and the new tree, and make the new tree be defense and utility only; thus giving extra options there. There are still many champions who don't have a great keystone for them or an optimal set of runes and they just pick whatever is reasonably close to what they want. I would like to see the runes explored more to find new play styles and have some more runes that work for champions who have been just getting by on whatever they can. For example, we shouldn't still be seeing people use Aery on champions who don't have shields to go with it. However, a lot of champions still do because Comet is lack luster for anything than pure poke and Electrocute requires triple hits. Dark harvest is okay, but unless your champion has a way to repeatedly combo on the enemy team it becomes a worse Electrocute because the resets don't matter as much. Plus I think there are still a lot of creative things left to do with runes that haven't been touched on yet. Like for example, what if there was a keystone rune that gave you a temporary shield while you were out of combat and when it popped it would knock back enemies in your location. I also miss the old rune that was like.. Celestial body or something like that, which gave you temporarily reduced damage for the start of the game in exchange for an extra 100 health. Starting to ramble, but you get the idea. There's a lot of room left to grow with the rune trees.
Yenn (NA)
: Where are the announcements on how ranked auto-fill is being fixed in the pre-season?
And you think they ever plan to "fix" auto fill why? As someone who played before role select was even an option this concept of the game quality being destroyed just because you didn't get your role says more about the community and flaws in the concept of being able to select your role every game. Could always go back to whoever is in first pick gets to select their role first and go down the row in order. That's how it used to work, except this time just implement it client side so that one person gets to select at a time. Otherwise auto fill will always be a thing, because players were never supposed to only play one role or one trick one champion to play the game. The fact that it has become so common is actually one of the reasons the game quality is falling apart. Used to be that teammates had some idea of how other lanes worked because you would have to play other lanes at least a couple times every month. So, you understood if your jungler wasn't level 6 yet because you knew the jungle path, or you would understand top lane dynamics and match ups better, or why the support does/doesn't want to go aggressive and where to ward. Being able to play every role makes for better players who have a stronger understanding of the game and what their teammates and enemies are supposed to be doing instead of putting everyone in their isolated bubble.
: Pantheon has a 100 % presence in worlds
We are in a short duration game meta and he's an early game champion with high map presence because of his ultimate and can engage fights with crowd control. Of course you are going to see him, for all the same reasons we saw Lee Sin so much in the past. There are more than a few champions than can counter him by going around his E. The only glaring issue with Pantheon is that if you are not one of those champions and he trades with a W, fall back on E then Q at a distance you don't get to trade back with him at all. However, I've seen several champions just absolute 1v1 him in lane easily including Fiora, Udyr, and Maokai. Fiora especially, you can W Riposte Pantheons W and then side step Q his E. I can't say how popular any of those champions are right now though as I haven't been watching Worlds this year. I used to watch more when they would give stats and builds, but since the system has been over simplified with new runes and they don't make that data easily accessible from the main site I don't have as much interest.
: Some kits that could use updates this year
{{champion:72}} Skarner is actually a pretty cool champion. He just needs the last rework updated. Spires are not fun, and his identity is very unclear and not crystallized. He is supposed to be sort of a tanky fighter like Trundle or Shen, but the typical way to play him is full tank with a bunch of move speed and predator boots and just grab people. I would rather he had more incentive to actually build like a fighter (or at least closer to Hecarim, build a couple damage items then go tank) and get rid of the spires then add that bonus to his base stats. After all, at the end of the day he is still a champion who requires running straight at an enemy champion to be effective and there are a lot of ways to counter a champion with no dashes that has to make melee contact (as we've seen with how many times they had to buff Nasus to make him relevant).
: Humans run at the maximum of 28mph bipedally! Gorillas run quadrypedally at the maximum of 25 mph. Double the legs and still not equal to the homosapiens that had his walking aparatus for merely 50 000 years. Our feet and spine are genetically still under evolved for bipedal lifestyle and we are still better than them! And gorillas are genetically much much older than us.
> [{quoted}](name=Lexy123,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=fJgbEIqK,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-10-17T22:30:13.929+0000) > > Humans run at the maximum of 28mph bipedally! Gorillas run quadrypedally at the maximum of 25 mph. Double the legs and still not equal to the homosapiens that had his walking aparatus for merely 50 000 years. Our feet and spine are genetically still under evolved for bipedal lifestyle and we are still better than them! > And gorillas are genetically much much older than us. That's... extremely random. Although it should be noted that gorillas aren't made to run fast, they are built the way they are with a non locking knee joint because they are intended to climb in trees, not run along the ground. At least I'm pretty sure it is still true of gorillas, I know chimpanzees work that way. In fact, the way a gorillas hips are set up it would be bad for them to run like a human does for an extended period of time. They get by on being extremely strong and escaping their predators by being above ground level. Well, that and being extremely aggressive to enemies. Fun fact, humans also being an arboreal species are able to look straight upwards so we can see where to climb and is the same reason we can raise our arms over our head.
: Lunch break w/ Baz!
Must be fun to work on the new games. I was looking for openings on the site for a long time, but haven't seen many that aren't senior/manager. Guess all this was started a long time ago.
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