: the mr shred from wit's end was the only reason you'd really take it at all. it was a great item on magic damage on-hit champs like {{champion:10}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:518}} & now it's just a weird niche item..? for fighters for some reason, as if they were benefitting the most from it. {{champion:145}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:10}} say hi. imo they should've kept the mr drain but made it just shred rather than siphon, maybe even lowering the -30 mr to ~25? i had like 100 mr on kai'sa like..? i could at least understand it if fighters took it then but now it's just a badly niche on-hit item.
: Yeah, Hashinshin might be one of those cringy guys, but he has a point here in terms of {{item:3076}} being a hard counter to {{champion:114}} , as well as most of the Juggernauts.
i mean, i totally agree. I've played a bit of fiora and that item makes me completely useless
: bramble vest hehe ["OUTSKILLED!"](https://clips.twitch.tv/TalentedAmusedTrollKippa)
holy hell how does anyone watch that guy. So annoying.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 17
What do you think about a change to lethal tempo where the duration was slightly longer than the cooldown, and proccing it again while still active would increase the duration (but now with lower duration than the proc cooldown) and boost the attack speed by half(ish) again. This would really double down on the idea of delayed power and would make it really potent later into the game where it should be strong. It would also give users of it an avenue to utilize it in lane phase effectively (long lane fight = full use of the attack speed steroid)
: What level is your account and what drugs do you use.
level 5 now, and a mixture of cocaine and teemo shrooms.
: The new rewards suck.
im five games deep and I already got 3.8K BE.
: we are pleased to see all of you go.. really.
: And the fact Cold Steel....is counterproductive on a damage reflect item? It would have been fine I suppose with the old damage reflect that was relative to the damage taken. Now it is relative to the number of times you get hit.....and lowering their attack speed seems VERY counterproductive if you really want damage from Thornmail.
but you dont really want damage from thornmail. The point of thornmail isn't to hurt the adc, its to counteract lifesteal and drop their damage to you.
: full ad team comps don't get punished enough...
Lol, I disagree. I just played a game where I walked to lane, died, tped to lane and died, and then walked to lane again and died all in a span of three minutes BUT I STILL WON because I was sion and they were full ad. Thornmail plus ice born gauntlets was all I needed to survive their entire team under both of their base turrets for 6+ seconds.
: Depends on the refund rate. The way it's worded makes it sound like you get 1-5 mana back, depending on your stacks. I'm pretty sure it's not, because that's stupid, but that's what the description suggests.
true, I am assuming that its a lot more than the 1-5 that it does suggest, because that would be terribad.
: > Ezreal will never not take Electrocute and only champs like Ezreal can even use it. Excuse me, what? Electrocute can be used by anyone that fires 3 different damaging spells at a target or who fires 2 spells and uses an Auto Attack. That covers a *wide* range of champions, from every class and every play style. There's a decent chance Ezreal could use Fleet of Foot or Phase Rush too, and those might be better if he's trying to sustain in a poke contest or if he wants to double down on kitting respectively (particularly if there's an Olaf ultimate on the other team). There's just enough variance in these Runes I wouldn't say it's all decided just yet.
Not to mention the fact that he might want to spec into that rune that gives you mana for attacking when below 60% mana. Could wipe tear out of his builds and make him strong as an adc again.
: His W's still a good team buff. Self-buff too, if you combo it with E.
You can only W-E around objectives: it's suicide to do it when fighting except for very very very very rare circumstances.
: But Kennen is more mage than anything. He'll just ult hourglass and it's just as bad as when Wukong ult CCs everyone.
: his early MIGHT be trash . . .if his Es base damage at level 1 wasn't so hilarious "oh but he has to stack it" do you know that adcs near instantly try to kill each other at level 2 like god damn clockwork? and at level 2 twitch has MORE then enough time to get the full stacks to chunk you with his E . . . which will win most 1v1 and in bot lanes case 2v2's
I'm sorry, you are right that he is busted, but he is only busted mid to late game. In laning phase he is very abusable (much more than, say, Tristana) and in mid game he is only really powerful because of stealth roams. Late game is where a good twitch has little counterplay. If he positions properly he can use the long range of his ult to destroy whole teams from relative safety, though he can easily be cced if he is trying to hit multiple targets.
: Honestly, I really like the idea in a vacuum but I remain unconvinced that it will (or should) reach live. Channel-Blink was never going to be a problem in the mid-late game; what will make it problematic is that it makes ganking even more powerful, disruptive, and difficult to counter. Giving junglers and roam-reliant champions virtually unlimited access to creative ganking patterns typically reserved for very specific champions (Zac, Rek'sai, Kayn, Evelynn, Asol, Talon, champions with global movement, etc) is a design nightmare for the lane phase. In particular, it will absolutely destroy laning in low elo (which I know is rarely Riot's balancing priority, but it's worth mentioning) where players don't even know where to start when it comes to countering this sort of thing. All in all, I don't see this being a positive addition to the early game unless more vision options are added in or alongside the new rune system.
The thing is, this requires you to forgo other runes that have more raw power, AND burn flash to even use. Things it does: encourages early aggression in order to utilize the unique power it gives you or risk falling behind to people who use runes with more raw power, and allows junglers without true terrain scaling the flexibility to exist (which is a huge benefit in my opinion). From current standpoint, I really don't see a world where this is a truly bad thing.
: Buying Runes Between Now and Preseason
So, as I understand it, we don't get any real benefit? I own all champions so I spend tons of IP on runes, but with this there is nothing for me to spend ip on. I also purchased a wide range of rune pages with rp and obviously won't feel good about having purchased them now (after all, with free runes I could've saved all my ip and just used it on rune pages.) what if, for people who spent real money on runes, you do a special my shop that offers Chromas on sale for IP? Like 5 chromas you can purchase with IP. This would feel fair to me, gives people who spent money on rune pages something that shouldn't lose too much money for riot.
: Pantheon is even more ridiculous with lethality changes
It would be a lot easier to agree with you if you didn't resort to ad hominem every time you made a balance post.
: > [{quoted}](name=FF Hyperion,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=6Xq714Px,comment-id=003400040000,timestamp=2017-07-11T18:56:59.104+0000) > > Listen to Tantrum. He is head of PB. > > Asking for reports is a form of harrassment, but that alone will not get you banned. > It only takes 1 report to trigger the system to look into the report. > > ! report = 9 reports in the same game. > > However if they get reported in x straight games by x amount of people, you can bet they will get the hammer. Whether or not he's head of player behavior, he should come out and clarify this. I don't want to come down on Riot Tantram, because he's a good guy and does a good job, but he's making conflicting statements with other Rioters, and it can be confusing to people. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/PzY1ArN3-we-dont-ban-people-for-asking-for-reports?show=flat&comment=000400000000
He didn't say that it was a problem, he literally only said there was no advantage to asking for reports.
: galio and yorick where fun to play its just nobody liked them for some reason
for galio he was so mana gated it was barely fun to use his clunky kit, for yorick... He was really one dimensional and as a result not much fun after one or so games.
Zelorxon (EUW)
: That thing is so cheap, as i explained before, 15% attack speed is MANDATORY on any jungler maybe except zac/malzahar that go mpen instead, because as today the attack speed of many champion is so low that you're basically stunning yourself for 0.5 sec everytime you autoattack, not counting the decrease in dps both versus monsters and versus champions, and in teamfights that will make it even worse and clunkier. While jax, shyvana and also yi NEED that 30% attack speed or you're just doing a walmart clear, which it might work if the enemy is trying to give you a free win, but will fail in any other scenario. Not counting how bad and not smooth that would feel while playing.
No they don't. it may be nice, but they don't need that much aspeed to clear at all.
Zelorxon (EUW)
: Yeah but i have a few problems with that: First, i fear that the jungle item will be a tradeoff with something else, for example i start talisman to have the drain from raptors that allows me to clear starting raptors, and having to sacrifice that for the AS item isn't something i like that much. (i can adapt my clears of course, but i would still feel the lack of 30% AS) The jungle item will be vs all or vs monsters only? because i want to be able to have the AS against champs too. The rune that lets you overcap i feel like it's better suited for ranged champs or champs that will reach their max attack speed with their build anyway, and as they said it's champion only, otherwise it would be broken/useless in the jungle. I really hope riot won't do "meh, you have 1/4 of viable champs, fuck the rest" like they did in many occasions. I know that they'll tune every champion stat, but i also know it's riot games, so i don't trust them that much. edit: >Currently we are exploring a version of Hunter's Machete with 15% AS vs Monsters on it. It is best if Runes Reforged doesn't let you optimize early clear speed because that rapidly compresses to a single viable build for jungling so we are looking at other ways than pregame to influence the jungle. This, it looks horrible, 15% attack speed in the jungle (which is needed on every other jungler, even the tank ones to smooth out their autoattack animation and not make it a cancerous self-stun each time you auto) is completely useless on shyv/jax, might as well deal with it and accept the fact that i won't be able to farm 2 camps for riot knows how long, also it won't work against other champs, and shyvana is notoriously bad early game, not something i would take pride in. Also early game is all about burst, i don't have time to let my rune kick in so that my target can flash on me and kill me or flash away and waste my time if i tried to fight.
Shyvana has weak early ganks, but her early game dueling is generally anything BUT weak.
: Telling people to dodge because of a flawed system is retarded.
dodging is always a good idea if you don't like where a game is going from champ select
: No I think zac is still fun, but the person i was responding too said "his q and R were ruined" so i assumed they meant it wasnt as fun and/or bad
: Zac may not be as fun. But he is certainly much stronger. He has a incredibly high ban and pick rate.
Not as fun?!?! That's the one part of his reworks that was super successful. His kit is one of the most fun in the game period right now. He is certainly overtuned but he is beyond fun to play (way more than his old e in then blow everything in your kit the second you land gameplay.
: The real reason Chaos is destroying order in this event.
I think the reason to pick chaos should be obvious. Order doesn't want to save you, order wants to imprison you: take your free will. Only in chaos can you be free.
: Congrats, it looks like IMT is for real. Rematch is week 6.. see you there :)
will do :D and it did end up being a great match. I would say game 3 was the best game of the split so far, and one of the best games I've seen in the lcs period ^.^
: Sounds like you're nervousness for IMT :)
More excited ^.^ I think it has the chance to be a great match.
: FOX was 2-1 before C9 beat them. Don't worry, IMT will be leaving this weekend with their second lost when C9 is done with them.
(2-1 against 2 of the current worst teams in the league :P)
: And all of C9's fans let out a sigh of relief. That first weekend was brutal, it was good to see the team winning again.
(Against two of the current worst teams in the league :p)
: so does this mean season 8 we will have low base ad base ap and so on?
base stats will adjusted is what theyve said
: its not like your lazer would be in range at that point anyways
You would be surprised how far the laser actually extends. The end of its hit box is fatter than the rest so even when it doesn't appear to be hitting: it may still be.
: FANTASY LCS, wrong team points
Yeah, it seems fanatic and misfits more or less switched scores.
: You don't have much counterplay to Kha'Zix's Q either, do you? Not to mention Kha's Q actually feels like it has a place in his kit while Rengar's does NOT!
yes you do, stay near a turret, a minion, an allied pet, or an ally.
: Without a doubt superior mechanically? And yet there are non Koreans better than Koreans. Koreans only have better pro teams, thats it. Surrendering early is a weak minded move. It means you gave up, and giving up is weak minded. Surrendering is a dumb mechanic.
"There are edge cases where something you say is true isn't true: therefore you are wrong." Isn't a valid argument point. There is a reason every competitive region buys koreans, and it is because they are better mechanically on average than just about every other region. And surrendering isn't giving up in the case of Korean's: it is a calculated move where they see that the chances of them winning a game are so low that it would be much more efficient to surrender and get to the next game faster rather than drag a lost game on for potentially 30 extra minutes in hopes that they "might" win. It isn't giving up, it's making a practical judgement call that allows you to spend more time working on mechanics and climbing rather than wasting time on lost games. There is nothing weak minded about weighing the pros and cons of a situation and deciding that one option is smarter than the other. That is like saying that dodging queues is weak minded because if you see one person trolling the queue because they were autofilled and a terrible comp for your side and you dodge by your logic they are giving up and are thus weak minded. Dodging is a dumb mechanic because you shouldn't be able to save yourself and your teammates time by taking a quick mini loss and moving on to the next game because doing that is weak minded and it means you are giving up before the game has even started.
: Are we Korean? I think the fuck not
No shit Sherlock. Whether or nor we are Korean isn't up for debate. Koreans only are a part of the issue because in Korea early surrender is just what you do. The op calls people who surrender weak minded, and yet Koreans are without a doubt superior mechanically, so how then does surrendering a game you have a very small chance of winning make you weak minded? That is the question up for debate.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JulietWasAWhore,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PxfebU0c,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2017-05-29T22:41:16.047+0000) > > calling them the weakest minded implies that koreans are weak minded. They surrender anytime there is a big snowball so they can get on to more games and get better at the laning phase mechanics. Laning phase isn't everything and probably requires the least mechanics of the stages of the game.
I beg to differ. Laning phase requires the most mechanics of any phase of the game. Later into the game you rely more on positioning and macro understanding whereas the laning phase relies heavily on your mechanical ability to start and build leads.
calling them the weakest minded implies that koreans are weak minded. They surrender anytime there is a big snowball so they can get on to more games and get better at the laning phase mechanics.
: Abotu 60% sure TP Homeguard Hec was why they removed that one in the first place.
: Anybody elses misses boots enchantments?
I liked furor boots so much.
Voluug13 (NA)
: Kled has his ult and CC. Zed had the most broken waveclear ON ENERGY for easily 2 seasons. Kennen has an AoE ult that triggers his passive on several champions. Katarina is an old champions that follows the ''manaless champions should have shittier kit that managated champions''. Riven. Yasuo. Camille. Zac. Gnar. Even Shyvana. All of them are extremely obnoxious when strong and have kits equal or better that managated champions. They are literally ALL nerfed because their release kits were blabantly overtuned, and half of those are still relatively popular bans.
Yasuo was actually considered underpowered on release and got several buffs before people started to see that he was strong.
Sandixcx (NA)
: ffs plat is not low elo
gold is still low elo. Plat is when people begin being legitimately good. Gold IS above average though.
: "it's a meme" Keep telling yourself that :^) he's already in need of changes unless Riot wants him to be the next Azir (AKA LCS-only)
lol, he has been the next azir for 3 patches
: im so sick of this snowball meta
Take it from a guy who has a 70% ish winrate in soloqueue: the snowball doesn't matter if you know how to play your own lane from behind. Sure, that guy going 12-0 is gonna hurt, but if you also go 12-0: suddenly things don't look so bad. Learn how to control objectives and win lanes. Then you can be that guy that's great at the game and can snowball his own team into victory with lane winning micro and game winning macro play.
Farqad4 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=RAID3N,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=uoWXoU5Z,comment-id=000200000002,timestamp=2017-02-10T05:19:45.564+0000) > > Um.....Tell me, what region won the last four world tournaments in a row? I think Korea has proven that they have the talent to earn those free seeds. I mean, these players are born with a mouse in one hand and a keyboard in the other. Once again each season changes S6 tbh doesn't mean a thing anymore. PPl need to let others prove themselves If Koreans kill others this season they deserve it but we cant assume 100% it will always be that way. Lol maybe its 99% but idk of many competitive esports/sports leagues that depend on last season other than Champions League Soccer but that is a very different scenario
A free seed is actually a disadvantage for the Korean teams. They can look things up, but they are less practiced in the current tournament meta. This is actually something that helps to close the gap by forming a tournament meta that play-in winners are used to giving them a slight advantage on the learning curve of the tournament.
strut (EUNE)
: How do you play against Pantheon?
dont die. period. It doesnt matter if he has flame horizon over you: if you arent totally useless and if you havent died in lane you win.
: 1-Violence is elegance 2-Discount revive passive 3- In the lore i am a war god but in game i'm awful after my rework
but he is good now...
: Personally, I love every single one of the Tank reworks and don't get why people dislike them
Thank you, new Zac is fantastically designed. His only problem is lack of knowledge, and numbers.
Volphi (EUNE)
: Except his shield is easy to pop and lasts 1 second. It only soaks initiate damage. His only reliable defense against burst is windwall which can be played around and once it's on CD he is defenseless aside from his E. > He is vulnerable to high sustained damage or lots of aoe. He is vulnerable to extremely high sustained damage. So he can't heal up. High sustained damage won't work because of that. Something like Master Yi, full build Jinx (maybe, not sure), Vayne, full build Kayle. Of course if enemies won't die first. But you can CC him and you can beat him down.
Initiate damage is part of burst. It eats up to 500 damage of burst. With proper windwall use he can eat almost all of someone's burst. High sustained damage or AoE. AoE accidentally kills him even if he does windwall and huge sustained damage doesnt care about his 1 second shield or his long cooldown windwall. Kayle is one of his biggest counters (did you know her auto's, even the ranged ones, aren't blocked by windwall?) She craps on his laning phase and then out damages him in team fights while keeping him from killing his prime targets. In short though, his kit is basically designed to mitigate and/or eliminate high burst with shields and windwall.
Volphi (EUNE)
: > No it's the fact that Yasuo is so anti fun to lane against Whatever antifun is, antifun /=/ unbalanced. Also it's not the fact, it's a subjective opinion. > Most champions have mana or something that tones them down a bit but Yasuo keeps spamming tornados with no down fall. Katarina, Riven op nerf. Tornado no downfall? Has to be stacked and it's pushing the lane. Tornado is also telegraphed and slow. > Even if you shit on him (and it's not that hard to do so) he gets 1 item and he can easily kill you if he lands a tornado. Bullshit. > Yasuo either gets fed and rapes shit or he sucks and is dead weight all game, but never in between, hate laning against him and hate having him in my team. Yasuo is vulnerable to burst and extremely vulnerable to hard CC. He also has shit base stats, which his kit compensates for. And Yasuo is often in between, you are just better to remember extremes. > 100% ban pick for me The exact reason I don't want 10 bans. Yasuo isn't even that strong
He isn't vulnerable to burst. That is the point of the shield: as an anti burst measure. He is vulnerable to high sustained damage or lots of aoe.
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