: Why would a toxic player be bad at providing feedback, makes no sense at all. Maybe they want only non toxic players so they only get positive feedback and no criticism.
Toxic players _Might_ not inherently provide bad feedback. But they also have a tendency to affect the 4-9 other people in the game. and will likely skew data based upon this. Also interesting and fun things really shouldn't be offered to brats. Don't take a crappy kid to disney land or any other special treatment. it rewards crummy behavior.
: What's the reasoning behind this? Is it similar to sandbox where you believe it'll lead to toxicity? "Wow your so bad, I get to test new client and you dont, your trash uninstall" or something of the matter.
Two things: 1. It's a slight reward for people who have had a history of being a positive force in the game 2. People prone to extreme reactions and toxicity are increasingly bad not only for their own experience results but for all people playing with them, and can skew data poorly.
: General Changes to Objectives for Mid-season
Regarding the AP Damage Conversion on turrets; What actual effects is this going to have? Do towers have a different level of magic resist than armor? Will attacks still be calculated as base AD + 50% AP? and all of that will now do magic damage?
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a9gcgfzV,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2016-04-19T19:59:53.140+0000) > > Stacking. So you could have one fire, one water and one earth buff. Or two fire. Or three air. > > In any given game only three of the elemental types will ever spawn as well, both to create more cases of multiple stacks of a buff and to give some degree of predictability to the system (once you've seen three types you know the fourth isn't coming). but how will I master all 4 elements and defeat the fire lord and save the world then?
I think at this point it is obvious Meddler is from the Fire Nation
: Yep. Just because one instance of skill expression and reward is being de-emphasized, that doesn't mean overall skill expression or reward is reduced. We're putting more emphasis on maximizing your team's objective participation across the map, while removing emphasis from certain forms of scouting. Will invading enemy jungle be easier? Well, it will be less dictated by certain kinds of vision play. But that doesn't mean there won't be skillful interaction there, it just means it might be more about optimizing map position to coincide with respawns, and actually fighting in jungle, moreso than gaining/denying vision coverage We've felt in most cases that giving players information about things to fight over tends to be net positive in the game being fun and, often, in being skillful. That's not to say no skill has been removed, but the skill check of "what do you do with this information" can often be more interesting than "can you get this information." In mechanics like timer tracking, we tend to value the former over the latter. Though that's not true for ALL mechanical spaces. To do a simplified analogy: if we were both playing darts, I might suggest "we should play blindfolded and spin around before throwing!" Does this make the game more skillful? Well, it applies a kind of skill test that wasn't here before (spacial memory and managing vertigo), which might be neat. But it does so at the cost of another skill value: rewarding actual throwing precision. There's a good chance that the game is worse at testing skills you care about, even if it tests more skills on paper. In this case, we're saying "let's drop this blindfold." Both in theory and in playtesting, we find the game more fun that way.
To do a simplified analogy: if we were both playing darts, I might suggest "we should play blindfolded and spin around before throwing!" Does this make the game more skillful? Well, it applies a kind of skill test that wasn't here before (spacial memory and managing vertigo), which might be neat. But it does so at the cost of another skill value: rewarding actual throwing precision. There's a good chance that the game is worse at testing skills you care about, even if it tests more skills on paper. In this case, we're saying "let's drop this blindfold." Both in theory and in playtesting, we find the game more fun that way. Strategy, Game knowledge and vision control are the spacial memory managing vertigo? I feel like a better comparison would be playing soccer and since the game is about putting the ball in the goal, why are we restricted to only feet? so lets just let soccer players throw and pick up the ball.
: why go double zeal ? just go guinsoo i feel like it would be better, also replacing mercurial with guinso if not needed could be good aswell + if you're playing vayne with ie zeal item you pretty much have the burst and killing tanks in a tank meta seems like a pretty good thing specially since vayne late game is a tanks worst nightmare
because extra immeditate AS, Movement speed and crit. is better than AS thhat matches PD after 6 aa's no ms, no crit. wasted ap. and then still only getting the 2 proc silver bots assuming that you can keep the stacks up. remember it's only on champions
: {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} {{champion:67}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} {{champion:96}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} NO SERIOUSLY SILVERBOLTS EVERY 2 HITS. also devourer is barebones now. I'd rather go almost anything on any champion that used to build devourer
Yeah... not a good choice for vayne. Silverbolts every two hits: after youve been in a fight for 6 aouto attacks, and also bought an item that puts you about 800 gold behind the place you would be without it.
: Intended, yes. Negotiable, though. If the item is seriously underperforming on release, we'd consider adding attack speed as a way to buff it.
Yes, this is something I was curious about. IIRC it's been something of a design point on riot's end to do their best not to lose any stats when upgrading items. Even though it would have helped balance some other items earlier on like Essence Reaver. Just find it really strange since i will probably be buying Recurve just to have my AS go down after i upgrade it.
Meddler (NA)
: From memory the values we've been testing recently have been 15/30/45 flat movement speed when out of combat at 1/2/3 air stacks. Wouldn't swear those are the exact figures though.
3 Air stacks? how random is this mechanic going to be? i mean assuming 6 minute CD before 35 minutes theres only going to be like 6 dragons spawning the entire game... I kind of assumed it would be a t least limited to 2 maximum. Also that seems pretty low in general. I can't really see me having a fight over 15 ms at any stage of the game.especially not if it's only out of combat.
: I honestly don't think that teambuilder is the key. I honestly enjoyed the new champ selection setup and hope it comes back to us soon, because the old school draft picking system is just not the way out, nor does it provide as much team help, when players lack ability in certain roles. That's why riot enabled you to choose primary and secondary choices, and I want that back as soon as possible, as well as many other players. Dealing with a team where there are players in uncomfortable positions is a huge damper on game play and ability to fight and play as a successful team.
The problem is that there are a lot of things teambuilder had that AREN'T in the new dynamic Queue system. Skipping troll teams. MMR adjustment for champions you haven't played yet. (should my mmr for playing 1000 games on azir put me against the same level of opponents as the first game i ever play on vayne?)
: Please let us keep blind pick. You guys can have your teambuilder and shit if you want, it doesn't really affect me either way, but let blind pick stay for those of us who want to just jump into a game without the waiting time, and don't really care what we play.
if everyone who was playing blind pick switched to Teambuilder the games would be found almost as fast as they are in blind pick
Qurid (EUW)
: How about re-enabling Teambuilder while Dynamic ranked is down?
Agreed, Also even Dynamic Q lacks some of Teambuilders best aspects. MMR deflation when trying new champions is one of the best features of teambuilder. It really made me feel like i could actually learn a new champion without punishing others
: Watch the MSI Finals with Coke and Cinemark
Never Austin TX... {{item:3070}}
: If you make mistakes on a "fairly regular basis" then you probably should not pride yourself in your mouse precision.
When high level ADC mains are clicking about 400 times in every teamfight. missing 4-5 clicks is still a regular basis. and is still pretty impressive (98% accuracy)
: Watch the Opening Day of NA LCS in New York City!
Can't wait to get one in Austin!
: Watch the Opening Day of NA LCS in New York City!
Can't wait to get one in Austin!
: PrimeTime League premieres January 21
Awesome, I would Actually Love a spoiler full Pregame show each week that let me know how LCK, LPL, EUCS. and NACS were doing. Game by Game Highlights would be killer. I just cant find the time to watch more than NALCS and about half of EULCS.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I think I'm mostly positive. I guess it will be up to riot to be sure. I remember "raging" at a {{champion:38}} once this season, I felt bad and Friend-ed him to apologize afterwards. We're now Duo-Q buddies! Fair Warning. most of my chat logs will probably start with me typing lyrics to Mulan's "I'll Make a man out of you"
: Dev Blog: Optimizing the Rift
Holy crap. The actual models look really similar but you were able to drop about 25% tri count average? I'm so happy Riot is a company!
: I tried Kalista in the jungle (this is Season 5 jungle, mind you) and it's not ideal. She has no sustain and her ganks are horrid. She can only bind with one person so she can usually only gank one lane successfully. She is best suited in a duo lane. Also, The Black Spear is automatically in your item queue when the game begins. As for your last question, I think you have Soul-Marked and Soulbound mixed up :P
I agree S5 jungle is already pretty brutal. for a non aoe or sustain champion like Kalista jungling might be very very risky.
Straku (NA)
: No they cant
Is this confirmed?
: I think she will be popular in Team Builder. Her role is always the most desired and people don't get stuck with a role they didn't want in TB so the afk chance is pretty low.
I very rarely find ADC being the most desired role. IMO its almost always Top and Mid.
: I've been curious for a while now... is Kalista a guy?
Shes definitely not (at least her body isn't.) She very likely has taken souls of males into her. but her corporeal form and presiding influence is that of a female, Shes not busty because shes a corpse.
: When are you guys going to delete the ugly ghost spears sticking out of her chest? That's the biggest thing keeping me from being interested in her.
Right after they take care of Dravens axes and mustache...
finfan91 (NA)
: Hey riot! What do you think right now about adding such toxic mechanics like kalista has? And whole ranged>all thing. I feel like adding ranged champion with GOOD base stats, decent range, % health damaga, dashes without cooldown and others is UNFUN? Is that yung ghostcrawler's mechanics? Thanks
If you consider thatk alista is also required to stand 100% still for the first .25 seconds of every AA. it's not all that bad. technically every champion has dashes with no CD it's called walking, Walking is tons of low distance dashes, for all intents in purposes. also your using "Toxic" when you mean "in a way i think isnt fun"
: I got to ask this CertaintlyT, how on earth can you justify giving this type of mobility to champions? First Zed got to be crazy with his shadows, then Yasuo got to have a zero CD dash that required a target to jump to, and now Kalista get's a free dash that can go through walls simply for auto attacking. It's like everyone at riot, and especially you, have completely stopped giving a damn about mobility creep or about how toxic flooding a game with these hyper mobile champions really is.
You might not understand that word toxic. A champion can be anti-fun, or overpowered, but toxic is reserved for behavior. it does NOT mean "very bad." It means "Harmful in a way that self-replicates"
: Kalista Q&A [Completed]
Kalista reminds me a lot of Ermac from Mortal Kombat, as well as Ghost Rider, Marvel's Spirit of Vengeance. Did you take any inspiration from them? and what other characters helped you create Kalista? Also CertainlyT rocks!
: C9 skins would be amazing
Its very true. that color scheme would be insane. White and sky blue Balls{{champion:68}} Meteos{{champion:121}} Hai{{champion:157}} Sneaky{{champion:96}} Lemon{{champion:267}} (Assuming that you cant have a champ have 2 Wchamp Skins)
: Hope not. Already have ghostbride. Don't want to choose.
Same when i heard about Arclight Thresh
: there's your draw rito NA 1 CH 3 EU 2 IWC EU 1 SEA 1 KR 2 NA 3 CH 1 KR 3 NA 2 SEA 2 KR 1 CH 2 IWC EU 3
Please god i want to see C9 not play fnatic for a 12th time...
: Beside Riot liking to screw people over? Over the course of season 4, Riot has made too many mistakes to count. Riot is only interested in lining their own pockets under the veil of "growing esports" instead of "competitive integrity". No NA team will ever make it to the finals, and it is in Riot's best interest to make sure LCS teams go as far as they can , so they get more spectators watching LCS games for more sponsorships
Actually its not in their best interests... China and korea have over twice the fans... and twice the viewers... so its actually in Riots best interest to NOT let NA get very far.
Meanie40 (NA)
: Two more words: Gambit Gaming.
2 more words.... Russian Visas
: those aren't the actual results
if he hadnt written an answer i would have assumed he was illiterate
: The Final Boss approaches
Arcade Vi?{{champion:254}}
: {{champion:131}} I thought this was a super obvious candidate for the series of skins, but **Blood Moon Diana**. You have so much potential in taking the flow and beauty of Asian influence and applying Diana's trademark zealous violence to the theme. While I like what was done with **Lunar Goddess Diana**, I feel like the team completely missed the mark in how Diana is ultimately a very pretty champion, but she is also *violent* and *vengeful*. She is a warrior. Some of my ideas for the skin: * The same color tones as the other Blood Moon skins: crimson and ivory. * Perhaps she could have a Kabuki mask, or heavy geisha makeup? * Her spell effects could be red :D **Blood Moon Diana** could very easily recapture both of those aspects of her character into one solid skin. IronStylus pls, I love this champion and she has so much potential.
I only worry about the period jokes.
: Arclight Thresh, not mine. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4429636
Yes. infinite times yes. The arclight bot lane would be baller! {{champion:110}} {{champion:412}}
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
I think Gnar could have a skin called "Bruce BanGnar" where hes a tiny yordle scientist and when he changes hes huge green and says "GNAR SMASH"
: Building a better Team Builder
Noone is playing jungle...
: When one mixes {{champion:17}} and {{champion:102}}... Satan is unleashed.
{{champion:107}} + {{champion:85}} is more like it
: Gnar Reveal
Hes like a cubone + eevee + rengar
ab111392 (NA)
DoIos (NA)
: ***
Post her nerfs im not sure? her nerfs and the SRVU will probably hit pbe at the same time
Reviren (NA)
: Meanwhile, Dominion.
Is that the name of the map rework? I've never heard of it.
: No matter what we do, they are going to complain and brag. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Its almost like they have had a billion dollar company backing their game since day 1.
: The Ancient Golem is also being replaced with the Blue Sentinel. Would they change the name of {{item:3207}} to something else too? Like Spirit of the Sentinel or something?
The golem actually can still be considered a golem. Golem is a artificial life from made from clay and stone. Lizard might need to be changed. Spirit of the Elder Treant?
: So this looks really great. But uhhh...with these animations of the camps showing up when the player approaches, is this an always animation, or on spawn? Because if the buffs/camps don't appear until the player approaches, isn't that going to severely hamper how some junglers clear the map (Lee Sin, Elise)? Edit: Apply your salt directly to the comment. Not like this is relevant or anything. Edit 2: Come on, you guys have more salt than this don't you? At least get me to double digits :/ Edit 3: YEAAAA double digit downvotes! You guys salty enough to hit -20? Edit 4: Man you guys are awesome! Good teamwork everybody, I'm proud of you guys <3 Edit 5: I don't know if anybody is still checking this, but you guys amaze me. Let's band together and get this to -100! I believe in you guys, **bring on the salt**.
ITs been answered now but yeah that was my first thought too
: Is there a particular reason you changed the Big Wraith to a Toad? Is that mostly so that you are not simply reusing the Small wraith camp textures in order to add diversity to the jungle? The big buffs and Dragon look excellent. The animations are wonderful for them all. Though i am glad to see the "A Twist of Fate" Barron Nashor. Further more I Like the fact it is red and blue rather than purple. The tower visual differences per team are a very good touch. It will help players know MORE about their surroundings to better help id escape or engage routs.
Visual difference to the wraith camp. probably, i had a new friend who was confused after fighting the small wraith camp, when the other wight camp was way harder despite looking the same
: Maybe bring back seasonal themes on new SR? Yes?
Or have interesting events. Like A opened hole from the void for a void theme?
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE
: is it me or does it seem visually like dota 2? {{summoner:21}}
Is that bad? i agre it should stay somewhat different. But lets be clear. Due to Dota 2's multi million dollar backing, it got to start out with top notch visuals.
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