Arakadia (NA)
: Illaoi is the only one who looks like she could be 30+. The rest are all in their twenties appearance wise. And if your referring to lore, its a cop out to have numerous "ancient women" who all look 20. All the "ancient women" you listed obviously don't count because they neither look 30+ nor represent any of the unused facets of femininity I listed.
Ahri, Caitlyn, Irelia, Karma, Lissandra, Riven, Syndra, Vayne, Vi, Zyra look like they're in they're in their early 30s to me. Leona, Diana, Illaoi, Fiora, and Camille late 30+ The other female champs look teens or 20s. Mothers can be any age from 16-45 anyway so it could be a young mother in her 20s. That's most typical anyway. 23-30ish.
: Splendid Staff Nami splash art edit
Good edit. Post on PBE as well pls
: Star Guardians lack Top/Jungler picks
100% agreed. (Even though I'm really happy about the fact that almost all my mains have Star Guardian skins now :D!) Actually, I think most of the main skinlines lack skins for tanky top/jg champs. (Blood Moon, Arcade, Star Guardian). Top/JG champs that could work as Star Guardan: Irelia, Riven, Kayn, Ekko, Kayle, Diana, Xin, Fiora, Vi, or even Wukong. Kayn would be cool because Blue Kayn could turn Star Guardian and Red Kayn could turn Fallen/Corrupted Star Guardian like Xay/Rakan.
: I agree with the emotes butI still will never understand how people think that skin is so bad I just dont see whats wrong with it lol a hideous skin is like Defender Leona or Sewn Chaos Orianna
I agree, defender leona is also bad. Jinx always ends up with such great skins that Project ended up feeling underwhelming, boring, and tacky. Also the fanmade concept art for Project Jinx looks waaay better than what Riot made.
: League of Legends needs a Mother
I like the idea myself. Would be cool to have a mother and child duo champ release, like Rakan and Xayah, that have interactions together. I want to see more champs interacting together. It makes there feel like theres more of a story behind the game
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: Also the champion has to be recognisable. Making her Senna or Quilleta might be possible, but Kai/Valmar or Yone can't simply be done because Evelynn definitely wouldn't be recognisable as a guy anymore.
True, the male characters were a bit of a stretch. But I think they could just use eves regular animations for all the female lover models since it would be more that shes abusing appearances to get an edge.
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darkdill (NA)
: I'd have picked Janna instead of MF for the Pajama Guardian skin
MF definitely seems out of place to me. MF, Janna, and Syndra are older, more mature characters. They should have picked Jinx instead of MF. But I guess Jinx already gets so much attention that they decided to pick MF for the sake of it.
Ahrinn (NA)
: Apparent "leaks" about Riot's upcoming plans for champs and skins
Fake or not, the seasonal skins for Xayah and Rakan sound amazing. Star Guardian Urgot deserves to be made ever since the fan concept came out years ago. But as an April Fools day prank where the real star guardians have to fight against him.
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: Ezreal Gameplay Preview | League of Legends
I like that the skins all have different hairstyles! But Arcade Ezreal's is awful.
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: So which video game should Arcade sona be playing the music from? I'd prefer the FF fight music.
: [Skin Spash Updates]: Blood-Moon Akali
I prefer the older splash art and hairstyle. The newly reworked Bloodmoon model looks WAY better though. As far as the new art goes, Akali's face looks weird and I don't like the straight bang cut she has going. Otherwise the art is well drawn (though I still prefer the older one).
: now that akali has been leaked right down to the skins
Irelia was given distinctly new hairstyles for all 6 skins. Why can't Akali have her traditional long hair in one or two of the new skins? I would personally love to have a skin with her long hair, and one with the new spiky hair. As it stands, every single Akali skin has the exact same hairstyle and it's boring. Upvoted. (I think you should update the title to something about Akali hairstyles though.)
: I really like what Riot has done to new Akali's face
The new mouth cover looks weird though. Reminds me way too much of Pyke's bandana. I preferred the traditional mouth guard look.
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Serqqet (EUNE)
: SSG Xayah Splash Art face
Agreed, her face doesn't look right. Her nose is way too flat and small. Looks like a Michael Jackson nose job. I think her pose could be more interesting too.
: The 2017 Samsung Galaxy World Championship Skins Splash Art
Taliyah, Ezrael and Gnar look fantastic. Xayah's face looks a bit strange to me, especially her nose, and I'd like to see her in a more interesting pose. Rakan looks decent but the back of his pony tail looks kind of odd. I much preferred Jarvin's concept art. His pauldrons belong in the 80s, and his hair and face was way better in the concept art. I feel like Xayah and Rakan are a bit too far back in the picture.
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: Swain - Champion Insights
I agree that some deeply problematic issues have surfaced from the insights. Swain had a unique identity before. The designer decided to re-imagine him by catering to the player's imaginations of what a tyrannical dictator should look and sound like, resulting in a bizarre Frankenstien-esque experiment where Swain becomes the epitome of every villain cliche in the book. We have Lucius Malfoy's head on Darth Vader's body with Sephiroth wings, speaking in stereotypical posh English accent. He's supposed to be a war general from Noxus, not the lead villain in a James Bond movie. Even the demon form looks cliche, like Mephistopheles, when it could have looked more crow-like to suit his original design. The original Swain was also empowering - "crippled and yet more powerful than he appears." He had a physical handicap and it didn't hold him back. Of course it would be more difficult to be on the frontlines with a crutch, but the fact that he is there in spite of that is empowering for anyone with a handicap. Riot's "middle ground" just takes away from Swain's inner strength by fixing his physical handicap unrealistically (by magic). Part of what made Long John Silver from Treasure Island so scary was hearing the approach of his hollow wooden leg. Having one arm on a crutch at all times didn't stop Silver from mercilessly cutting down his enemies. That's what made him scary. In fact, the portrayal of this uniquely fearsome one-legged pirate was so memorable that it created the pirate cliche we know today. James Cameron's movie Avatar made the same mistake. The disabled protagonist had to become "normal" again (by transferring into an alien/robot body and recovering the loss of his legs) in order to save the planet. Then, in order to have a perfect fairy tale ending, he magically gets to remain in his alien body (which was supposed to break down) rather than returning to his disabled one. Even worse, Swain became normal again by making a pact with a devil. Maybe that's fitting for a Noxian but the subliminal makes me cringe. And finally the age thing. "Swain is the person on the frontlines leading Noxian troops into battle, inspiring and preparing the soldiers for war. It didn’t make much sense for the one leading the charge to be an elderly guy." Why not? He's Noxian. I thought they were the type who lived for battle, power, and prestige. They want to die on the battle field for Noxus, not retire and move to Fort Lauderdale once they start seeing grays.
: @Riot : These Star Guardian Quests Ask Way Too Much of the Player(s)
@ Riot: Requiring pre-made teams is the biggest issue here. I'd accept having one mission requiring a pre-made team simply because it's a "magic girl" themed friendship mode. Okay, whatever. But the only mission that doesn't require a pre-made is Mission #1. That can be really frustrating when you complete a mission (such as getting an S+ on onslaught) with a random team but don't reap the reward because you weren't friends before the match started. The second worst issue is the lame rewards you're doling out. So I go out of my way to make "friends" and unlock these somewhat challenging missions to unlock Veigar? I would have preferred the ward skin if I knew the other option was going to be something I could easily buy with the craploads of IP I'm sitting on. In short, I feel pretty disappointed and frustrated. What I liked? Actually, I think SG mode teaches newer or less skilled players basic concepts like how to dodge, kite, focus certain enemies, take objectives, etc. @ Players: SG mode isn't that difficult once you figure out where things spawn, what they do, and what to focus. Firstly, you'll (unfortunately) need a pre-made team so you can work together on developing a strategy. It will probably take 2-3 attempts before your group figures out where to go and what to do. Making a Pre-Made Team: Join a game and ask the random players you get matched with if they want to restart the game as a pre-made team. (People usually say yes.) When the game starts, surrender immediately. Your game will end before it even begins so you don't waste time. Invite your new "friends" and start a pre-made. Tips on Beating SG Mode: Ideally pick a team that includes: Jinx, MF, Soraka, and Poppy. You need to focus Kogmaw first since he deals loads of damage once he starts attacking. If every player leaves the circle around Kog he will stop attacking and chase someone until he gets in range again, then you have another 3 seconds to kill him before he attacks. Next, you need to focus Velkoz. Prioritize the big velkozes that do global ults and then the smaller ones (especially when many of them spawn at once or over time). Open-space areas: generally you want to stay near your team and slowly run clockwise around the perimeter while destroying targets as you encounter them. Areas that force you to move forwards: kill all the velkozes that spawn at the beginning of the level or they will keep shooting you from behind which will make it impossible to dodge. You can use flash to reach the end faster once the furry star guardian creatures spawn. Boss level: try to fight together near one of the big pillars so you can hide when the boss ults. You can also high behind the lampposts if you get caught out of position. Again, make sure you focus kog and velkoz when they spawn, while trying to thin out the mobs, while also attacking the boss when it's safe to do so. If an ally dies, try to lure the mobs away before reviving them. If you're about to die, try to die somewhere relatively convenient, like near another corpse (so it's easier for an ally to revive two people at once).
: LFG: mature players, high bronze - low silver
I would play normals first, and if we have chemistry then try ranked. Generally I main mid because it's my best position. Last season I mained support because I had a good adc duo partner. I can play adc and jung if autofill kicks in, but they're not my ideal or best positions. That said, I think it's actually smarter to play and know all positions to some degree, so you understand what's typically going on in those lanes. Regardless, you don't need to add me. I'm not trying to become pro league or anything (sadly I don't have the time to invest nor the skills to get there), but I would like to reach high silver this season and find some nice people to play games with who are roughly the same level. That's all.
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Mr Frank (NA)
: > Straight up, if you want the Mystery Champ and don't use Facebook, just make a fake account. It won't hurt anyone's feelings. Riot NaKyle - 9 days ago
Facebook has a strict policy that you're not supposed to create a fake account. In fact, because Facebook is so dead-set on mining your personal data, you can no longer create an account simply by using your e-mail. No. Instead you need to give them a telephone number or a scanned image of a personal ID. I suppose in a few more years they'll want a blood sample and a set of finger prints too. Hey Riot... Here's an idea! Just activate our free champ in-game without making us jump through hoops and support corporations with policies that infringe upon our personal privacy.

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