: They said it was a bad game and deleted it. > ### *Or maybe the preview patch is over, as a quick search on google or this fucking forum would confirm.*
> [{quoted}](name=LordRedStone Nr1,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kt35dIjE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-21T22:35:42.207+0000) > > They said it was a bad game and deleted it. No news of this came up when I googled it. But thanks for the response!
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qetzel (EUW)
: I'm not sure about that. We haven't seen the virtuoso's cooldowns yet. Varus' Q also does AOE damage to champions. Without numbers I am not sure we can judge this.
Coming into this as a Varus main, I really don't think Varus is just outclassed by Jhin. One of Jhin's weaknesses is that he has mediocre basic attack range, which means he will not be a lane bully. Varus is one of the strongest lane bullies in bot lane right now, which is something Jhin will never be. Further, Varus' poke will likely be more efficient, and without knowing numbers I'm not sure Jhin's will even come close to competing. And don't underestimate the Grievous Wounds that Varus can use.
Redaga (NA)
: and in that regard many of the AP key item got price racked from 200 to 300 gold and some even got nerfed, also, imo is harder to play mages than AD C,
You're making a huge over-generalization there. While I agree that the Mage nerfs were excessive and the adc rework is over the top, you can't tell me that Mage is harder than adc. Cait is easier than Syndra, but Annie is easier than Varus. And there are tons more examples than that.
: Team up for a Party IP Weekend!
Stay away from Dominion, every game I have is full of bots this weekend! Riot needs to step up their game and get rid of these, seriously ruined so many games for me.
: I feel like URF hasn't even been fully explored. There are still so many sleepers, and potentially powerful champions out there. But everyone is too busy focusing on the current roster that everyone puts on a pedestal (not without good reason).
So true, I've been trying out champs that are pretty good but not popular. My top 3 right now are Cho'Gath, Thresh, and Amumu. Cho'Gath has a 1.8s cd rupture, and a 16s cd feast which reduces by half on minion kill. Pretty strong. Thresh has infinite hook combo if you can aim it right. Amumu is the most intensive, but hilarious if you pull it off right. If you mash w (despair) it's on a 0.2s cd and you can actually make it hit faster than every second. Pretty hilarious to play, you just go in and mash w and e as fast as you can after you ult!
: @Riot Featured Game Mode Idea
: @Riot Featured Game Mode Idea
This would be hilarious! What if you got stuck as, like, AP Darius or something haha! It would also be cool if it randomly chose a skin for the champion you get!

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