: I remember playing this game mode back when people would host public custom lobbies for games like this and hide'n'seek on dominion. Havent checked in a while but I feel like the community died when they killed dominion.
Yea the community weakened when dominion ended but I kept hosting and would always have full lobbies for months, then I stopped doing it with the new client and customs being really glitchy but I started it up again. I have a club for this, you can add me if you want on league: Veochi
4koj (NA)
: It's been so long since I've played/hosted one of these. They were sooo much fun. Add me! I remember when we had a pretty big community of players running these on weekends. To take you back in time, here's my ruleset from... 5 years ago: > https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/summoners-rift/WIPE1QEI-draft-racing-custom-game-mode-rules)
Yea I have been using that ruleset for so long and then I just decided to make an updated version! Whats your name in League?
Rioter Comments
: spells doesn't either?
Spells and shells rhyme....
: people would play that making normals/ranked less populated
People already play custom games, but they don't back out of ranked/normals because of it. They do it to chill or just have some fun with not worrying about winning. I don't think people will chose to play sandbox mode > ranked/normals. A big drive to play LoL in the league community is being competitive and wanting to get a higher rank, making sandbox mode multiplayer will not change that. And besides most of the things in League that need heavy practicing is multiplayer, it would be great of competitive(competitive as in LCS + LCK + LPL etc.) and help them improve, but it will also help people who duo, or if you play ranked flex with a group of friends then you can try some tactics in practice tool.
: Well there is 1 big problem with the first part of your statement ,yes it would be fun for that to happen but then so many people would just stop playing and that would be a big issue for queue times. (Btw im really not sure wtf you are talking about ADC Ziggs he still goes ap)
What do you mean people would stop playing? If this was multiplayer this would just encourage people to try out customs if anything, but people are still going to grind in ranked or play normals cause many people just don't find customs fun. And even if you do find customs fun, you are will be playing ranked/normals or TTT/Aram
: adc ziggs builds only ap
True, that was bad example. Tank yasuo is a better example. Or AP Ezrael Mid(With Smite) when that was meta.
Rioter Comments
: Man so many people don't realize Riot wants this to practice not have it as an alternate game mode there are alot of people that would only play this as an "Urf" version
This game is a game for fun and a game for creativity. I think it would be a great idea to make this cooperative, the custom game community would love it! And anyone thats plays custom game modes like donger dash or hide n seek, well this would make it so much fun! If Riot didn't want creativity in their game then they will restrict ap champions to only build ap, and you would have never saw ADC Ziggs.
Ansury (NA)
: even better, remove the recommended items and keep items sets
lol I actually support this. The recommended items piss me the fuck off. ESPECIALLY as a support main holy crap the recommended items make me just wanna quit the league game go make an item set the reconnect.
: 2016 ranked season ends soon
Preseason should end sooner! Also the season always starts on awkward dates like January 17th or something random in January. It would be great if the new season starts around school's winter break because then students from college are home and middle schoolers - highschoolers have more free time and would love to grind out some early season ranked games.
Rebonack (NA)
: Because Riot doesn't allow players to have unauthorized fun. Otherwise all maps and modes would be available at all times in Custom Games.
Yea, I don't understand why they couldn't keep crystal scar on Customs.
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: Why is teemo not allowed? It's not like he can move while stealthed and if you can't see him, he's not moving -.-; Didn't see anything about abilities. Teemo's move quick, Zilean's speed buff.
When the host says "red" then you can't see teemo, you won't know where he is. Also he can go invisible in a bush and move inside the bush to get ahead.
nep2une (NA)
: Wouldn't people just pick the fastest movement champs? Like Quinn with her ult for instance. Or Master Yi with one of the highest (if not _the_ highest) base movement speed + his ult. Aurelion's E. etc etc.
You have to be Level 1 and someone already tried out Sol and he just flys past with his e when the host says "Red" so that means he has to go back start again and wait for his e to go off cooldown.
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: I see one problem. Olaf !!!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Mordekaiser {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} DEMACIAAAA {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} Do you see my problem already?
Um no I do not... lol. Please spell it out to me.
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Mhihnj (EUW)
: wouldn't this require some sort of communication software?
Yea it would probably help, but when I played I was princess and I didn't use a communication software. You just have to type a lot. And if you can't type cause you are fighting then ping and tell your team when you want the pings to mean. It worked fine with me and I didn't use a communication software, but again it will of course help.
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Kivolan (NA)
: Only having one pink eye is still kind of meh. Stealth champions like Shaco will be extremely OP since they can just keep coming back and getting off at least one easy hit every time. I would honestly just ban stealth champs.
Well this is played on draft pick so you can ban Shaco, and other people similar to him. In my recent games Shaco has been a popular ban because his traps can defend while he goes out to kill the Zzportal, also his clone can help destroy the portal.
: I want to play this...
Add me as a friend on league and we can play it :)
Kivolan (NA)
: So it's basically capture the flag? Need to ban stealth champions if you are banning pinks.
Yea it is similar to capture the flag. Also I just changed the rules so that there is allowed to be 1 pink ward next to your {{item:3512}}
Rioter Comments
Lighane (NA)
: Awwww, I am so glad you like her! <3
Your art is so nice and cool! And you seem like such a nice comment, especially responding to everyone's comments it is so nice. Also yes that christmas soraka skin <3 we need it! It looks so good.
Ricketts (NA)
: If you ask me, this was a show of how C9 is one of the best in NA...but will never measure up in Worlds. Since they've made it to worlds the past two years, it should be safe to expect them to rise up above the horrific slump they had. Sure, they had a good run in groups at first, but then they lose 4 straight, only needing 1 to move on. After getting knocked out in groups last year, and losing their first set the year before to get knocked out, it really kinda underscores how C9 is not evolving enough to be viewed as a viable championship contender. Hell, they got called out for only having one strategy and being predictable and look what happened.
You don't even know what you are saying, C9 didn't get knocked out last year they beat a Korean team in groups and knocked out the #1 eu team. Than they went on to playing SSB (The #2 team in the fucking world) and was 200 dmg on nexus and was about to get a 5th game with them. That is incredible. Than this year they probably didn't make it out of groups because of how tired they were. They had such a stressful year the were yearning for their break. Also they got top 8 last year, I think they deserved higher but ofc they had to go up against SSB. A main reason why some teams don't do the best is because of Riot's bracket system. SSB got top 3rd place last year when they obviously were the 2nd place team, but because of the bracket system riot has, SSB had to go up against SSW and they lost. Same with this year OG is guaranteed 4th place, and they are obviously not the top 4 in the world. But because of the bracket system they got 4th. First they had to go up against TSM, who is worse than a bronze team, than they went up against a highly tilted LGD and actually lost a game to them, when LGD was looking worse than H2k, which is fucking hard since how bad H2K is (sorry to the H2K fans but it is the truth) and even KT didn't look good at all. OG had an easy 1st place in that group, but they did beat KT (somehow) than in their quarter finals they go up against Flash Wolves.... Yes flash wolves... and ofc they are going to beat them. League needs to change their bracket system, maybe do something like Dota (yes I know Dota sucks but their bracketing system is good) 2 groups of 8 teams, the top 4 make it out. Now that will show you who deserves top spots in worlds. C9 obviously had the hardest group (Along with IG FNC and AHQ) and I think if any of those teams got in group a or group d they all would of made it out, maybe not IG, even group c they may have made it out EDG didnt look good, at all like before. That is my case sorry its long.
: Anyone else wish C9 Was still hear? {{item:3070}}
Yes :(... They just needed to win 1 game :(. But they did a lot this season. From going to almost regulated-7th place - winning gauntlet (2 reverse sweeps) - going to worlds - beating the undefeated #1 team in eu, c9 fans can be nothing but satisfied. The entire c9 team can finally rest now, they have been on the edge for months and now the stress is relieved and they can finally relax. So I am proud with their season, but of course I still wish they were here {{item:3070}}
McRapia (EUW)
: Since when H2K is the worst team in the tournament ?
Ugh, Since H2K qualified for Worlds.... I think BangCock Titans may be better then them, which we will find out soon.
: "While Group B is not as open as **Group D -- a Group that looks as if any of the four teams could make it out**" Welp, nothing to see here boys.
LOL IKR! TSM sucks, origen is pretty good. ( IN EU ) Internationally I think they will fail because of their playstyle. But Group D is so obvious, #1 LGD #2 KT Rolster. Like do we even have to think about that group?
: I'm just glad my boys at Cloud9 made the cut. That gauntlet had me sweating lol. Also, I would have loved to see Unicorns of Love make the cut into Worlds, but respect to Origen for making it.
Origen shouldn't even have been in that gauntlet honestly. Origen is much better then H2K and it was proved in playoffs. I think if H2K was in gauntlet then we would have been seeing UOL in worlds. I just don't think H2K deserve worlds because of their past showings. Also UOL is so entertaining to watch it would of been great seeing them vs an international team lol. Im not a UOL fan but I have to admit they are entertaining.
neverö (NA)
: I'm normally a TSM fan no matter what. But because of what they've acomplished I have to give C9 my enerygy. GO C9 !!!!! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Cloud 9 take my energy! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
: why aren't there any Vietnamese team in World?! also, I wouldn't be surprise if Origen beat C9, they are more decisive, organized-team fighting, and counter gains (if enemy team get turret, they get turret and drag) in Rifts.
We don't even know if OG and C9 will be in same bracket. Also anything can happen at worlds since so many teams are training and they will have 2 months of training. Also C9 was expected to not even make it out of groups because of there group last year, but yet they managed to almost take 2 wins off of the #2 team in the world (Samsung Blue). So don't count anyone out yet because anything can happen.
: Worlds were held in the US just 2 years ago... And the US is definitely not the best country ever -_-
Well economically Germany is, then USA. So I guess you can say #2. And that is facts bitch look it up.
: Lol. You do realize that Alaska is the biggest state in the US correct? Also a lot of people in Alaska do play league (907 Gamers for one). Also the military personnel like myself get stationed up here and we enjoy playing league just like the rest of the lower 48. Stop being a self riteous prick and actually think before you say something.
So Alaska has more people then the entire East Coast right? You stop being a self riteous prick and actually think before you say something. Riot is thinking of the majority not the Minority. Also Rip Hawaii not Alaska. Alaska can connect to the russian servers. Yes your communication is obviously not going to be as well and you won't be able to play with friends in america but you can create new friends. Also my friend that is in Alaska said his ping is around 110-120 so I used to have that it is PLAYABLE! Yes of course it is better with 35 ping but if you like League then 120 ping isn't a big difference. Smoother yes with 35 but 120 is still playable. Gl on the rift :)
: all NA players are rocks and TSM has the best adc in america, just sayin
This is a joke right? Lol
: No C9 jungle is not one of the world's best shotcallers not even in top 10 man. Come on it was a fluke they're in Worlds at all.
(Apologize to everyone in advance for my language but this kid is really stupid) LOL GTFO YOU DUMBASS! LOL A FLUKE THEY'RE IN WORLDS! They got into worlds cause they deserve it. They fought through and won proving they deserve it. Also 2 reverse sweeps in a row the proves enough, Hai is a godlike shot calling. Also we need to recognize C9's support staff. They lost 2 games in a row in 2 matches and still didn't give up cause the support staff kept there spirits up. Also C9 proved to be #2 team in NA after there performance at gauntlet. You are just an ignorant fuck who doesn't watch NA LCS and thinks that you can comment on shit and not get corrected. Fucking dumbasses these days.
: C9 is up 9 games to 6 vs TSM in the finals.
This season C9 Is 3-1 with tsm. So C9>TSM confirmed here boys.
: not going to hate on c9. even Dyrus admits that c9 is tsm's only competition in the NA LCS. I will say that playoff synergy will always go to TSM. C9 has shown up in worlds, but TSM has stood out in NA since the beginning. you call TSM 4 rocks and bjerg, but you can ask bjerg what he thinks being that he is the shot caller on his team. Yes, if bjerg gets focused out, TSM will lose a good amount of games that way, but I have watched Dyrus turn around and carry. Last of all, TSM has consistently been the no. 1 team in the NA LCS since the game came out. History dictates that TSM is the top for a reason, because no matter what players they promote from play or get rid of, they consistently stay the strongest team in America. Again, no disrespect to c9. They are a great team for a reason. I would love it if they beat out TSM competitively and consistently, but that hasn't been a factor yet. Anyone who can beat out the top dog will amuse me. Until next time, Tiffanyx.
Watch Gauntlet. C9 proved themselves as #2 team in NA. TSM isn't good anymore mainly because Bjerg is the only good one...
: Best NA team: Zion Rush Bjerg or Incarnati0n (whoever has the better world's performance) Sneaky Aphro Most Entertaining NA team: Dyrus Hai Keane Doublelift Lustboy
Incarnation looks better then Bjerg since we saw Bjerg at finals. But yea we need to wait there worlds. I think Hai instead of Rush. Hai is a much better team player and Hai's shot calling is godlike. Also Hai just plays better then him. Rush is too risky and his risk have cost there teams many games Also Rush makes more mistakes then Hai (For what I have previously seen in LCS and the Gauntlet when they went against each other)
Pongu (NA)
: Putting aphro on there without doublelift isn't prob such a good idea. They are rush hour bot lane because they completely trust each other and play like a team. Picking and dropping supports/adcs together just because of their individual skill isn't going to end up well for the team. Although since i've seen him duo with sneaky more than a few times maybe they'll end up playing well but for the most part, I doubt sneaky would fill in as a doublelift role for Aphromoo since they trust each other and play to each other's strength so much.
Aphro and Sneaky duo q a shit ton and there synergy is really good.
: you americans are iluded by your teams, only tsm is good and still they are far below fnatic or origin, NA just doesn't have good teams embrace that
Ugh so you obviously don't watch NA LCS. TSM is obviously the worst team that was sent to worlds. Tsm got destroyed by CLG and they are just not playing well recently also C9 has stepped up so much since we saw them like a month ago. They trained tons in that 1 month and definitely show to be the #2 team in NA again. Also C9 rekt FNC and Alliance last year. So gtfo of here.
Kabraxis (NA)
: Doublelift will beat Sneaky in lane but Sneaky has sure team fighting. Top def Zion, Jungle Rush/Hai. Mid Incarnation/Pobelter, ADC DBL/Sneaky, Support Afro.
YES! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I SAID (besides the mid) I said bjerg for mid but bjerg has been falling off and Incarnation never has a bad game like he is amazing, but I didnt mention him cause he is a rookie. Also Pobelter has been stepping up a lot. I think Hai is better then rush internationally so I would choose hai. Rush plays too risky which will get him and his team destroyed. Hai plays around his team and Hai's shot calling is phenominal. I think Sneaky > Doublelift when sneaky is on his game. Like if sneaky doesn't play ashe then he is godlike (he is a really good ashe but when you pick ashe everyone just camps you so hard) also sneaky is better with a team. And like you said Definitely ZionSparten as top. Not many top lanes in Na are good and he is obviously the best.
: Sneaky and Double are better than Piglet!! Have you seen them play?!?!?! As for mid Bjerg still decent choice, but after recent showings I'd vote for Incarn for the win. As for Jungle RUSH has gotta be best, and honestly HAI beat Rush... and when you add the WorldClass Shot Calling of Hai I'd rather have him on the NA team. Pretty sure every wants ZION and APHRO
Sneaky is much better then piglet I2EGI2ET... Did you not watch the gauntlet? Also piglet won worlds cause he was on Skt not because he was good. If you kill piglet once then he cries and goes on tilt. Piglet just isn't good anymore. I think Wildturtle may be better then him...
: Zion Top - Rush Jungle - Bjergson Mid - Sneaky/Piglet Adc - Aphro Support Pobelter is just as good Bjergson he just doesn't make his on 1v1 kills but its a team game so who cares.
Sneaky shit on Piglet and piglet cries too much so I vote piglet. Also rush isn't good internationally cause he plays really risky and his risky plays will be capitalized by other regions so I vote Hai for jungle. Hai is amazing in team play and his shot calling is outstanding also his jungling has improved a lot. Or BRING BACK METEOS PLSSSS I MISS HIM!
Menbung (NA)
: Why not just send all the koreans... Impact Rush Bjergsen Piglet and Lustboy?
How bout no impact rush or piglet since everyone on Cloud9 is better then them! GET REVERSE SWEEPED TIP! And piglet {{item:3070}} too much so how bout we don't get him either. I think it should be: ZionSparton Hai (His shot calling is amazing) Bjergsen Sneaky and Aphroo or Lustboy
: So here I am in Alaska, used to have 60 ping, now have 160+ ping. Thank you Riot for taking away my enjoyment.
Stfu fuck Alaska you have so many other servers to connect to (For example, the Russian servers) Have Fun. The only pity I have for is Hawaii they are fucked, unless they can connect to the Oceania servers. Or other servers. but alaska stfu. No one even lives there, and the people that do live there rarely play league. Riot is looking at the Majority not the Minority. So stop the {{item:3070}}
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