: This shit keeps me from wanting to try getting back into Ranked. As aggravating as the playerbase in Normals is, Ranked is so much fucking worse, in big part because it attracts trolls who think pissing people off is funny. Makes me wish Riot would be harsher in their punishments. Two week ban first offense, month for second, permaban for third level harsh.
I'll say from experience, I see less intentional trolling in ranked than I ever had with normals. I outright refuse to queue solo in Normal Draft because I fear for my sanity at times. And harsher punishments won't do much, if a troll really wants they could have multiple accounts all at the ready in case one gets banned. And Riot has no reason to care when they can still make money if they drop money for a skin, or something else here and there frankly. The only case I've known of a player being hard targeted like that was Tyler1, no other that I know of have happened before because it takes time and effort.
Arammus (EUW)
: *salute* kudos to you man. some idiots will now come in and say "stupid you should have wasted your time and technically lose even more lp so you can report him at the end" but no you shouldnt. also save yourself the time on the support ticket, its literally pointless. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/LPPBqEOy-typical-player-behaviour-and-whats-wrong-with-this-game this is one of 100s of posts that show how pointless support tickets are when it comes to player behavior
Thanks, though even then I'd just respond with 'Why would I waste my time for a report I have no guarantee will get anywhere?' A good troll will feed hard early and then do enough or steal enough kills to look like they just had a bad game to any bot. And thanks for the warning on tickets, seems like another issue with Riot.
: Not all heroes wear capes
Thanks for calling me a hero, but just wanted to share a story either way. Sure there are more people taking bigger hits out there than dodging a troll for teammates.
: 1st of all, you didn't lose any mmr for dodging, so you're none the worse for wear. 2ndly, always take a screen shot in these scenarios, and send it over in a support ticket. 3rdly, good job.
Thanks for the comment, though quick responses. 1. It wasn't mmr I lost, I was in the final match of my promo's series. When you dodge a promo game it automatically counts as a loss, that's all I meant. 2. Would have sent a ticket if possible but again, can't remember the summoner and didn't think of it at the time to screenshot. that's on me. 3. Thank you ^^
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I have the exact same issue right now, What is going on?
: I mean if he was just doing what we see in the chat there over and over. But he's not just doing: im gold im gold im gold im gold He's being inane and it's sort of funny. As long as he wasn't flat out insulting other people there's nothing wrong with him declaring his goldness over and over. Being a distraction is not a reportable offense. He should just be laughed at and/or muted if it's distracting you. I don't know if you're familiar with the Dave Chappelle Rick James sketch but this looks very similar and I would play a game with this guy just for laughs. I don't see the need to call him an ass or anything. I'd mute him if it was bothering me but I wouldn't report.
Except that the screenshot I got was just a small excerpt, and doesn't cover what was in the game. It was to the point where anything and everything that occured in the game warranted an 'I'm Gold, because x' or apologizing for being gold and bullying our toplaner just because he was rumble. He did get muted, in fact it was about 15-20 minutes into the game where my entire team had muted him. While I see the logic, it's just a distraction, non-reportable his attitude shouldn't be considered acceptable whatever the case. He wasn't even that great. I was Anivia, and the dude Flashed after I finished my entire combo on him, not to dodge my Q which would have let him kill me. If you'd play a game with him, that's on you, maybe my sense of humor doesn't quite understand this joke I'm being told. However you should treat everyone in the game with respect, not just some. (Yes, even if they don't deserve it, which I've had the displeasure of dealing with one such being on my own team before.)
: > [{quoted}](name=Horny Flamingo,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=0ceUAAkz,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-09-10T11:05:54.516+0000) > > wow...just wow circle jerk much?
To give a bit more backstory, I was a bit tilted after that game and I admit I shouldn't have said a word in end screen but the way he acted during the game was just as bad. Every time he did anything in the game, he killed someone, he survived, he made a mistake, or watched someone on my team make a mistake, he proceeded to lord the fact he was a Gold 5 over everyone in game, to the point where my entire team muted him because he was being a distraction. A couple of our teammates fell to his taunting, tilted off the planet and fed like mad, though that's our own fault. The fact you focused in on me calling him an ass, I can't say i don't blame you even though it's not that great or worth note. But to ignore the fact he's acting high and mighty just by getting into gold to the point he enraged an entire team, and possibly irritated his own team at the same time for no reason. It was just a normal game too, the player was being rude for the sake of being rude and I honestly can't see why anyone would condone this behavior, or just simply ignore it. An additional note is after that screenshot he tried to get me to beg him for help getting out of bronze. Great person. ^^
: 1. Delete this picture and reupload it with the guy's name censored, because admins will take this as naming and shaming which is not allowed and may delete your thread. 2. I agree with you 3. Many people think gold is high elo and means that they can play the game skillfully, with only few more things to learn. I personally consider anything below DIa 3 to be low elo :-D 4. Here, cool video about ranked divisions :-D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sloON9v1PhA
1. His name is censored, his name is not mentioned elsewhere in the list at all, the name you see not blacked out is my own league account name. The others were teammates. 2. thank you :3 3. I understand, and I agree you can't really call yourself skilled till you reach at least platinum and can play on a level playing field., Dia I consider middle ranged on the elo scale and then higher from there. 4. thank you for the video.
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