: i'm not arguing, im stating facts
> [{quoted}](name=HalcyonDweller,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=MA7EiEEa,comment-id=00040002000000010001000000010000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-16T21:29:05.412+0000) > > Maybe, maybe not. But why should anybody listen to you or believe you if you act like a loudmouth brat? _Note, I'm saying you are "acting like" one, not that you are one._ > > This is a lot like crying wolf or saying the sky is falling. If you irritate everyone around you by behaving poorly then people will not listen to you regardless of whether your words are truthful or not. > > My point is that if you act superior and treat others like they are beneath you, you will not hold their respect and they will not care what you have to say. So don't act like Riot. lmao
: Brought to you by a silver 2 player. Riot you did a great job with the new runes. Of course there are going to be things that will require adjusting after such a big change. I do agree with the resolve tree needing some changes however.
What exactly do you disagree with? Since you led off with an Ad Hominem and literally only commented once with substance supporting what I said? I feel like I did a pretty adequate job pointing out what was good and what was bad the runes after playing with them and what I thought needed work. Particularly buffing the Resolve tree and adding something for junglers to make the jungle less miserable for a large portion of the jungle pool.
Son Foku (NA)
: > Non Keystone Runes > Nothing to note here yet beyond that nothing seems crazy or useless so far. Do you have any data on how many people actually use the item for increased minion damage?
I would be more curious who is taking Iron Skin and Mirror Sheild other than when the rune page glitches and wont open and you panic pick a preset that has it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 10
I disagree that nothing seems useless out of the non-keystone runes. They are terribly balanced where certain trees offer far better options than others. Also, in nearly every set there is one choice that is vastly weaker than the others. And in the resolve tree, all of your choices seem weaker than your choices in other rune trees. The Resolve tree is the biggest issue. Iron Skin and Mirror Sheild are terrible and I haven't heard from a single person that they are using these over conditioning. Second wind is good on two champions (basically Garen and Mundo) and is vastly underpowered on any other champion or tries to choose that over any other rune trees choices. Guardian is TERRIBLE compared to other keystones, the shield takes one hit to remove and the cooldown on this rune is about 10x that of the offensive runes that can be used to pop it. Grasp of the undying makes a few of the champions who want to take it monsters in game and the rest feel completely underpowered. And for 1/3 of tanks you need to take aftershock, which is a great keystone, however you forgot about literally any tank or juggernaut who doesn't have hard cc or has a hard to hit or high cd cc effect. They have no good choices in this tree, but when you try to play them using other rune trees they feel squishy and unrewarding. What was the point of updating the juggernaut items if you were going to make all the champions who want to build juggernaut unplayble. Most the juggernauts I've played I've had to play squishy full burst damage instead of juggernaut, and I've had some ridiculous games were even I feel bad for how quickly and out of control I snowball.... Looking at you "Dark Harvest Jarvan". The damage is out of wack right now and the Resolve tree does nothing to fix it. Also, why does every other tree get different options for what their bonus stats will be and Resolve just gets "130" hp no matter what it picks. Its so bad.... you literally get more hp if you take inspiration and choose resolve as a second tree (145hp) AND you get other effects. This tree already needs a revamp, I don't know how this made it in game without some of these changes being fixed. Just get rid of Iron Skin and Mirror Sheild, buff guardian by cutting its cd ratio down to maybe 35 seconds (I think those 10 seconds will make a big difference), replace grasp of the dying (as much as I love playing this keystone on several of my builds, its terribly balanced. I'm either breaking the game or completely useless and their is no middle ground. It at least needs a MASSIVE change to how it is functioning), replace demolish with anything else (towers are already nearly useless. When I can push my lane and take tower faster with a tank than with a split pushing champion the game makes no sense and meanwhile those split pushing champions are blowing up everything else on the map because their damage is so high they can 1 v 3 at lvl 6). Sorcery Tree. This tree had much fewer issues. Dial back Summon Aery, I see 3/4 of all mages taking this spell, burst champions taking this spell, and supports taking this spell. It's getting 30x the usage of any other keystone for non-ADC non-assassin champions. Nullifying orb was a bad idea. Zed doesn't need yet another way to not get punished while he tower dives and shits all over ap mid laners with his totally out of wack damage and broken lethality. Same goes for Kha, Talon, Yas, Etc. The rest need some balance tweaking but seem good in theory and I made some use out of without feeling like I was ruining the game for everybody else. Phase Rush seems interesting but basically useless because if you take it you have to get on your knees and pray the other team didnt take a single assassin champ or you're done for. Domination. Nerf Dark Harvest. Whos idea was this.... seriously. You shouldn't have champions just turning and popping all 5 champions with dark harvest resets instantly when half of them are tanks in 1.2 seconds (looking at you katarina, nasus, j4, etc). This ability is so out of wack, its a better choice to take on tanks right now than any of the resolve tree keystones because they are all so underpowered and this is so snowbally and out of control. Electricute is making Zed and Talon remove champions from the map with their burst before they even build an item. Predator is being built on every champion who can still jungle which isn't too many, and is also way better than your choices in most the other trees. You basically are seeing Aery, push the attack, and Domination keystones after 2 days as people find out these are massively more powerful than their counterparts, even if your champions kit should work better with a different keystone. Dominion as a whole needs a hard nerfing. Ghost poro and Zombie ward are amazing. These are cleaver, not op, but have a clear use and make a clear choice of when they should be taken. Ravenous Hunter, Ingenious Hunter, and Relentless hunter I really like. They are currently super op because the keystones are causing the snowball effects to stack instantly. But if you nerf all the domination keystones these should be able to stay with their current numbers and feel rewarding without feeling broken. I like the forcing assassins to pick their snowballing buff as they attempt to take over the game as well. Just stop making it so easy for them to take over the game with broken keystones. Precision. Press the attack damage buff is out of wack and making the ganks from assassins feel even worse. Lethal tempo is cool but its hard to tell how effective it would be on most the champions who WOULD use it because they cant take it or they will get wrecked and tower dove too much early on for the end game spike to be worth it. Fleet Footwork is cool, havent seen it taken almost at all, I tried it once, it didnt feel very good on an adc just because there were vastly stronger options but it felt like it would be balanced if the other keystones werent SO badly in need of nerfs. Overheal, another one of those useless choices. Either get rid of this or change Bloodthirster... what is the point of both. Presence of mind.... this is good on a few champions and useless on 90%. Leaves you with Trimph on virtually every champion you pick Precision for. Legend choices are similar to Hunter choices, seems cool, havent seen how they would effect a balanced game where assassins arent penta killing at 15 minutes. Best for last, Inspiration. Whoever designed this tree should be given a raise. And perhaps a promotion. In a patch where everything feels crappy and there are 15 champions who can solo carry and 70 champions who have no business even being on the rift, these runes are the only thing keeping the game fun. So creative and I love almost all of these. Hexflash is glitched and doesn't work 95% of the time. It just straight up doesn't work on certain champions, look into this. Unsealed Spellbook is such a cool idea but sucks compared to a lot of your other options. The summoner spell cooldowns is a nice touch to try and bring it up to being level with other keystones but it wasn't NEARLY enough. it's a fun choice but an underwhelmingly backsetting choice in terms of the power you have as a champion. You give up ridiculously strong options for fun but not ultimately rewarding. The other two keystones are dope. Don't change them. All the lower tier options are cool too, just want hexflash to actually work more than 20% of the time. Junglers got screwed... Hard. There is basically no viable options for junglers anywhere in any of the trees. You take Domination and gank with Predator or you choose to be uneffective all game and get shit on by a jungler who does. Don't see how this "opened up new options" like you promised. most of the champions I enjoyed jungling as are just bad compared to their counterparts now, and while every other champion is excessively strong and burst you have a hard time clearing camps with half the champions because the "compensation" we were promised was 15% attack speed on machete and otherwise our clear times were doomed to suffer.
: Touching base on Runes Balance for Pre-season
Thank god for Maple Nectar. The only Rioter to ever address the community right after a patch goes badly in terms of balance. You're the only Rioter I see in these Boards I appreciate man. Cheers. (Also nerf the shit out of AD assassins. AP mid laners cannot touch them or even stay in lane against them) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: PSA, please, stop ranting about the runes
PBE pointed out all of these issues and they fixed not even one of the ones I saw on the PBE. How much time do they need? Clearly they arent catching onto how terrible of a job they did otherwise we wouldn't have 30 broken champions and 45 unplayable champions as the game goes live.
: > Because telling somebody they suck in chat is worse than trolling a game No, the problem is you think that someone having a poor game is trolling. You also think it's ok to harass people having a poor game or not doing exactly what you think is right. I've seen your numerous logs and penalties. No, you didn't have trolls. There is no way you can tell me that you've never had a poor game. Do you think people should be free to harass you with impunity in this case?
Lmfao. Are you serious? You read the logs and yet you don't think that kid was trolling. He admitted he was purposely bailing out to get me killed and he admitted he was spam pinging. He purposely walked under their fucking turret as an adc and auto attacked it 3 times feeding a kill. I may have been toxic to that %%%%, but the fact you think he was "having a poor game" is pathetic. To prove the point I have gotten a smurf account to lvl 23 only trolling. Lvl 23. No bans. No chat restrictions. Nothing. 23 levels of purposeful feeding. ulting people with bard so the enemy could surround them. spam pinging. taking smite as a bard support and smiting all of my junglers camps away from him. Not. One. Ban. You're bad at your job and your banning system is flawed. All you have to do to troll is not blatantly say "I am trolling" to get away with it. Don't be toxic in chat and you can ruin the game for 9 people at a time and Riot will take your side when they report you and you report them because "they were toxic". I actually get little congratulations from your system in game saying players were punished. Literally, what happened to my account I've had since 2010. Game got super toxic, I talked back to the assholes and got a bunch of chat restrictions and bans for doing so. It must suck to be the man in charge of the punishment software and know that you literally work all week to do nothing useful huh? Banning the wrong accounts because toxicity in the chat is considered worse that toxicity in the game. And to answer your question, yes. Let people rage. Who cares, its an in-game chat. Your policy seems to be if somebody is toxic mute them, since that's what I was told in my ticket when your own employee acknowledged that I was being trolled by players and said that I should have just muted them. You have a system that is a mix between coddling a bunch of pussies who cant take a negative in-game chat and allowing trolls to ruin the game. I was told I should have "changed my behavior" if I didn't want this account banned. I did so. I stopped being negative in chat and started ruining games instead. Because on this account I never purposely fed, trolled my teammates, or anything like that. But boom, banned. And on one of my new accounts all I do is troll my teammates and purposely feed and harrass them but avoid the chat and Riot seems to have no problem with it. My issue is you ignore the harassment that actually impedes game play in order to coddle a bunch of cry babies who cant take somebody saying they suck in the chat. And yea, I do have bad games. The difference is when I did I never purposely ruined the game for everybody else on my team because of it. And thanks to this being one of the most toxic games out there, yes I too am harassed by at least half my team any time I make a mistake like not warding and going in for trades when it comes out bad. But enjoy your job bud. Doing an outstanding job policing the chat logs for any negative messages. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} _Edit: I've actually come up with some really cleaver ways to troll my teammates. Exploring ways to ruin the game with these terrible new runes currently._
: It was most likely related to the ~~6~~ 14 previous penalties you had, and the 30 other lines of harassing chat .. no tso much the single line of 'you suck'.
Reads the entire chat log, definitely doesn't do anything about the teammate who was purposely trolling and assisting the enemy team who I was talking to. It is Riots policy after all to punish those being trolled for responding and letting those who troll purposefully get away with it. Because telling somebody they suck in chat is worse than trolling a game and your teammate and ruining the gameplay. Is league supposed to be focused on the game or the chat I wonder?
: They tried to pander to the new players instead of their old school people. The game isn't at all the same as when i started in season 2. they should just make league of legends 2 change the game back to season 4 on league 1. that way there's still a quality product floating around and they can mess LOL2 up all they want.
> [{quoted}](name=Constantiine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pkwVANmc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-10T00:26:31.816+0000) > > They tried to pander to the new players instead of their old school people. The game isn't at all the same as when i started in season 2. they should just make league of legends 2 change the game back to season 4 on league 1. that way there's still a quality product floating around and they can mess LOL2 up all they want. I wish this comment got 10000 upvotes and Riot would actually read it. Would be ideal but I'm just gonna go back to Heros of the Storm like I did last season where they dont ruin there game constantly.
: No, there is no bug. You must exhibit sportsmanship in those games, and not have questionable behavior. You frequently insult your teammates. Not enough to be penalized, but you're not going to gain honor progress while calling your teammates dipshits.
Weird. I got an account perma banned for telling my teammate "you suck" every time he purposely fed kills. His account is still active because I check every now and then. But "you suck" ohhhhh that was enough for a perma-ban. lmao, okay Riot
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Tantram,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AtZLfEBz,comment-id=00040000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000010002,timestamp=2017-11-10T00:30:18.117+0000) > > Not only were you treating the only person not in your premade badly, your premade also didn't appreciate your comments. They reported you for your behavior, as well as spoke up in chat about your behavior. > > This is your 8th penalty. > > You also lied in an attempt to get unbanned. > > No, this perma-ban will not be overturned. LMAO. DW fam. Riot only concerned with people saying toxic things. Not them creating toxic gameplay or with players who purposely troll. Just head over to Dota2 or HoTS like everybody else now that his preseason patch tanked the game when it was already in a shit place.
Eedat (NA)
: Like I said, it rewards players in the fact that you no longer need to dump 30k on a decent set of runes. That translates to a ton of games saved
New players didn't even have rune slots to fill and couldn't even buy teir 3 runes. This did nothing for them. Not to mention picking a champ now locks in shitty runes you dont even get to choose on new accounts (my lowest level smurf account was so miserable to play on I actually just played a game and mad the decision to never log into it again). Was looking forward to it getting all these great new player rewards so leveling it up felt more fun. psych, Riot trashed the game for new players.
Shukuchi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vermonster,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Z1GttyQr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-09T23:33:21.830+0000) > > You're retarded then He's just expressing his opinion. Not everyone will be agreeing to these changes.
> [{quoted}](name=ultinix,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Z1GttyQr,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-09T23:35:42.830+0000) > > He's just expressing his opinion. Not everyone will be agreeing to these changes. "Riot did an awesome job" .... What taking their game they couldn't balance and fucking the balance up even more? Breaking runes so you cant change them in champ select, or in the menu, cant view profile, had to log out and back in 5 times to get the store to work, couldn't open any of my loot yesterday, adc are broken again. People are welcome to have opinions, that doesn't mean they arent morons. Riot broke literally fucking everything, screwed up the gameplay itself with these shitty runes which have 1000 in game glitches I've already seen (i switched to smite in game with my keystone and it let me buy jungle items as long as i bought the finished item) just to name one pretty obviously broken one. The game spirals out of control instantly, 70% of the champions are useless no because their base stats are fucked and the new runes suck for them. Almost all of the jungle champs got screwed. I can't find even one thing Riot did well with this fucking preseason patch. How do you even fuck up that bad??
Eedat (NA)
: Lets take a look at the BE system as a whole.
Its terrible for newer players. I've leveled one of my smurfs up 4 times. I've gotten virtually no blue essence compared to before and I've been grinding hard cause I'm on vacation. Game is shit now. BE is shit now. Haven't gotten enough BE in 4 levels to buy a 3150 BE champion. What the fuck about this is rewarding for new players? ~700 BE every level which is 2800 BE after 4 levels which took a fucking shit ton of games. pointless grinding. And now I have to wait 10 more games to level up again before I get the 80 BE I need to get a fucking 3150 champion. Riot royally fucked up.
Rioter Comments
: I like the new BE system and think Riot did an awesome job :)
koshkyra (NA)
: Unable to see or change runepages
Yet another massive glitch ruining the already fucked up and unbalanced game. I'll be over on HoTS where they don't ruin the game every 6 months and where they actually know how to fucking balance. christ.
SadKill (NA)
: That's what preseason is for. Welcome to preseason.
Preseason from Season 5 never ended. Still waiting for them to balance it for the past 3 years.
: Based on what metric lmao? Also, nobody tanks 10 towers shots besides, well, tanks
I played AP attack speed Xin before the changes and I could tank the turret from full to dead with no minions at all. Don't the number of champs who can tank 10 tower shots is absurdly high
GigglesO (NA)
: Armor values have been extremely watered down compared to the damage amp that this game now has.
I got blown up in 1.5 seconds by a fed zed as a tank yesterday and I had 3k health and 284 armor on a poppy (so more armor when j hit 40% hp for .2 seconds). The zed was fed but it was also 16 minutes into the game and i was a 4/1/1 tank
: You get reqrds and blue essense from leveling up. The amount of blue essense you get is equal to the amount of ip you wouldve gotten, dont listen to some people on here who complain without any real proof of this. Trust me when i say you get as much if not slightly more
Bullshit, leveled up twice, got about 70-80% of what I would have gotten and prices of everything increased. Greedy riot ruined the game while trying to pick money from yout poker simultaneously
SadKill (NA)
: It's a known issue that will be fixed.
Right. There fixes are gonna be bigger than the preseason patch itself at this point. Such shit
: Runes reforged
Seriously Riot ruined this game yet again, this time beyond repair. Just download heroes of the storm and call it a day. It wasn't gonna last forever.
League of Trash update. Riot ruined their game with yet another shitty unneeded update.
Ralanr (NA)
: Not really. Split push Sion wasn’t that good because he didn’t take towers as quickly as other split pushers and wasn’t a super big 1v1 threat. Now he’s an actual tower threat.
Yea.... because towers are completely ineffective and literally any champion can demolish them now
: League since 2012. 30% global damage nerf isn't the solution.
Neither was combining runes and masteries into shitty single stream runes and tanking half the characters so they are unplayable. But hey, Riot had no problem doing that against literally everybodies advice
: New LOL is fail
Agreed. It's a trash game now, it was already in a shitty place. See you in HoTS
Ralanr (NA)
: Why do you believe you can not customize your playstyle now exactly? The new system may not offer things like 1% crit, but it allows for certain options that you can change easily in champ select to better suit your match ups or playstyle.
What game have you been playing... the runes are trash, they don't work with matchup virtually at all. Half the champions they don't work on at all. And junglers got fucked yet again.
Acheron16 (EUW)
: Feedback regarding the new runes...
HoTS. See ya there. League is trash now for all the reasons above and more. It's been a solid 4 years since I've seen this game near balance. At some point you have to stop giving Riot the benefit of the doubt and need yo give up on them. These changes were completely unneeded, floped on the PBE, and yet they pushed them through anyways.
: "I think it is time to make a global damage nerf to all champions by 30% and start from there" I hope this is sarcasm
It definitely is not. Idk what game you've been playing
mfknlwig (NA)
: heros of the storm bbro
Already downloaded.
Rewt (NA)
: most champs have a rune set up that fits them pretty well. I dont really know what you are talking about on that one.
Guess you don't play jungle and haven't explored 90% of the champion pool then. Even pros like Dyrus have said only 1 in 5 champions are viable now. He tried virtually every set up on Rumble and they all sucked so he came to the conclusion Rumble is gutted and gave up on him. What do you run on Zilean? How about Olaf? Morde? Any ap mid laner is screwed because of how broken kha, talon, and zed are. Adcs more broken then ever. These ruins are dope for adcs and assassins, but when I build full build tank and have 5k hp and are blow up in 1.5 seconds by a zed I think something is wrong. No counter play at all. Also I watched a fed pantheon get two hit by our draven before his stun even landed. Remind me how a 500ad draven isnt broken? These masteries/runes or whatever you want to refer to them as are geared towards a tiny pool of champions. Bard, blitz, morg, etc can't even leave lane to grab a single roam because the damage is so out of wack that bot lane will just tower dive and snowball. Game ended in 13 minutes yesterday and the majority of my games ended at 20 minutes or earlier. Game play is unhealthy and un-fun and half the runes are useless compared to their counterparts.
: Nah not really - just played a game as jinx and while enemy Panth and Shaco could kill anyone on our team. I just facetanked them with lifestealing 3.6 AS. ADC are as hilarious as before since like half of all masteries feel designed for them - it's just everyone else who suffers. This + the compensation buffs they compared to others...
This is my experience. I play a tank top. I get burst in 1.5 seconds by an assassin because playing a tank means nothing anymore. My adc goes 37/4 and carreis because he is draven and he has 415 ad and one to two hits literally everything with his 2.0 attack speed and other ridiculous buffs. Was the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen. He literally two shot a tanky panth in the time it took panth to walk into range and hit stun. He died before he even stunned our Draven. We won and I was mad. I literally don't understand how this made it live even for preseason.
Rioter Comments
: Jungle Runes
Jungle got fucked as always. RIP League of Legends. Game went from bad to worse and jungle got raped the hardest.
: This "Season" is still 1-2 day long I think I made it pretty clear in my post what I like about this preseason, fast games and the possibility to solocarry your team.
You made it clear. I'm just saying it blows and the game sucks now because of it. Play one of their broken champions and snowball ridiculously so every other persons champ feels like shit, or feel like shit trying to play against it. Games boring and unfun. Enjoy I guess.
: As someone that only got to play two games of support as Tahm against a Sona and a Lulu... The amount of damage utility supports are doing right now is absurd while also seemingly never running out of mana. Tank supports really got shafted a bit I think, there's barely anything for them to pick uin the rune trees.
Tank supports, tank top laners, sustain top laners, anybody who plays a juggernaut, the entire jungle excluding about 6 champions. Half the champions blow and the other half are OP as fuck. Game blows now
: > [{quoted}](name=Blakers1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qA529XHq,comment-id=001700000000,timestamp=2017-11-09T03:45:43.826+0000) > > HoTS is actually a really freaking amazing game. Sometimes I hate how popular league and DotA are for the simple fact that gems like HotS basically have a non-existant player base because of it. > > I'll probably update my game files for HoTS until they balance this whole runes fiesta we have right now. First pre-season I have played where the massive imbalance wasn't an enjoyable experience for me and I've been around for everything as a pre-season 1 vet. Does HOTS make you grind for champions? If it doesn't I'm gonna transfer there.
See ya there friend. They havent ruined their game even once never mind 7 years in a row. its a wonderful place
: > [{quoted}](name=Devil Grave,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qA529XHq,comment-id=0017,timestamp=2017-11-09T01:50:57.271+0000) > > Yep I unistalled an will never play again 9 years an thousands of dollars gone because they ruined a good game the only way I will come back is if they release another client called Classic where we have all the rune pages an masteries. 4 gigs left on my HoTS install.
Just finished my install. See ya there
: Then don't play until things are balanced? Only an idiot would expect things to be balanced the first day of preseason {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Yea, I've said that the last 5 years. Except preseason ends. summer comes and goes, the next preseason details get released, and they still aren't even done fixing the fuck ups they made the year before. How long do we wait exactly for the game to be balanced? Also after these newest changes for this preseason it isnt even fun to play so I guess if I remember to I'll check back in 6 months and see if they reverted the game yet.
: riot really screw the pooch on this update fuckin stupidest update ever. completely ruined the ENTIRE game with these "runes" of course riot is too damn %%%goty to change back... nope, it's gaurunteed this game is dying now. fuck this game, wasted all this money on a game that i wanted to stay just the way it was. but they went and fucked it. "if it aint broke, dont fix it!!!" no apologies for cussing, but fuck riot. i KNEW these runes were going to ruin the fuckin game, i knew it. this new rune system paired with the toxic automatic player issued reports/bans is just getting way too much it's as though the people making decisions at riot have some kind of personality disorder. who the fuck changes a product when they dont need to? they should have just introduced a new game mode, and kept the classic league but having the OPTION for the new gameplay. but no they cant think of that, they invented the automatic player issued ban system after all.
Agree. Agree. Agree. Agree. Agree. Oh and Agree. See you in any other game. I've had enough of terrible preseasons lasting 8 months where half the champions feel like shit to play and nothing is balanced. This season is the worse yet and the game wasn't even fun to play today. What shit changes.
: Anyone else love league and LOVE the new recent updates?
What you would do without it... Get a life. Play a game whos programmers understand what the word balance means. I dont know... go outside.
: ive waited 4
I was about to say. A year? Guess you haven't been playing for very long.
: This preseason is fantastic
You mean this season is terrible because 10% of champions are good and those champions can solo carry games and spiral out of control in like 5 minutes because the ruins and masteries favor certain champions so badly? Clearly, you don't see the issue with solo carrying games in 15 minutes.
: It hasn't even been a day. Honestly, just quit now if you're gonna being throwing a hissy fit like this.
> [{quoted}](name=Shandrake,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=s3XVaxo7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-09T03:42:57.749+0000) > > It hasn't even been a day. Honestly, just quit now if you're gonna being throwing a hissy fit like this. And it takes more than a few matches to see how shitty all your main champs feel and how horrible this ruin system is? Most of us have been telling them this update is terrible from the PBE and they dont listen. Also, clearly you arent a jungle main. Feels dope to know every lane champ has ridiculous masteries/runes now and yours fucking blow cause all the good ones require you to hit champions and nothing useful for the jungle even exist... oh but dont worry. They gave you 8 attack damage and 15% attack speed against monsters on your machete. lmfao. What great compensation Riot... Glad to know you tested this shit at all. It feels just as bad if not worse than it did on PBE.
Nopolis (NA)
: Garbage Update
Called this was shit from the PBE. Riot doesn't care, they just do whatever they want and ignore whether it ruins the game or not. This may actually be the worse balanced they have ever made the game. I'm pretty sure 60% of the champion pool feels like shit to pick ruins for and blows hard in game now and 2/3 of the possible junglers feel like shit jungling now because the only useful rune trees require you to hit enemy champions to get any effect. Also really like how 1 our of every 3 rune choices they give you is complete garbage compared to its counterparts. Just further ruining the game making it mind-numbingly simple. My fucking dog could pick my runes and they would probably be equally as efficient as any human, or a random generate. I hope every employee at Riot involved in brainstorm, creating, and implementing this all get fired when the entire userbase bails on this piece of shit game. Game was already in a shitty place making a boring worlds with a super toxic community and now they decided to bury it with the worst update live update I have seen for pretty much any game I play. I guess I'll check back next year to see if their game is still total trash.
: > [{quoted}](name=Poske,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=b6nRFrZW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-02T10:47:33.762+0000) > > Sometimes you can reach a peek > > > For example I reached Peek in terms of Micro and Macro on Lb long time ago. I peeked macro in league of legends also way back > > I dont have to think much. Its all in memory muscle / automatic I see what you are saying, but I don't think this is what it is. This doesnt explain me having climbed from bronze 5 to plat 5 over hundreds of games this season, only to drop from plat 5 to silver 2 in 50 games. That is either HORRIBLE matchmaking or my account was flagged by something to only allow me into games with trolls and feeders and afkers. Statistically speaking, even if i was getting unlucky I wouldn't have been able to drop THAT fast, 50-60 games of 90%+ loss rate, meanwhile i have changed nothing about how i am playing, and still havent, and am now climbing back up? yeah no, i haven't peaked.
> [{quoted}](name=BerylCrab,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=b6nRFrZW,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-11-02T11:00:33.796+0000) > > I see what you are saying, but I don't think this is what it is. This doesnt explain me having climbed from bronze 5 to plat 5 over hundreds of games this season, only to drop from plat 5 to silver 2 in 50 games. That is either HORRIBLE matchmaking or my account was flagged by something to only allow me into games with trolls and feeders and afkers. Statistically speaking, even if i was getting unlucky I wouldn't have been able to drop THAT fast, 50-60 games of 90%+ loss rate, meanwhile i have changed nothing about how i am playing, and still havent, and am now climbing back up? yeah no, i haven't peaked. It's just because the game is so toxic because trolls don't get banned only their victims. Blame Riot for their terrible ban system for that stark decline
BubbaV (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sparkle,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Bfw9U58z,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2017-11-01T18:49:22.709+0000) > > This is something we maybe haven't said enough: > > - We plan to support multiple playstyles for champions in Runes Reforged > - They will not be the all the exact same playstyles that exist now > > Like, I'm gonna level with you - not everything you can run right now will be something you can run in the new runes. As Zoneout mentioned, we are going to be continuing to monitor & adjust stats but I do wanna be upfront that not every single way to play is going to come through the runes --> Runes Reforged transition exactly the same. > > EDIT: It's always hard to say something like this, because I know every playstyle is someone out there's favorite but I think it's important to discuss this with you guys up front. thanks for ruining the game even more
It's what they do best. It's their yearly preseason ritual and then my 3/4 The say through the season things will finally BEGIN to be balanced before they make more half-cocked changes again
Sparkle (NA)
: If I had any answer for you on Zyra specifically I would give it. I can only speak in general terms here. I will say if there are individual champion issues in the new system, we'll be solving those on a champ by champ basis (i.e if just Zyra is left out in the cold with the new runes, we'd probably adjust Zyra not runes). If there's a larger group of champions being left behind in the system then that's something we'll solve on the runes level instead. Meddler has mentioned (and I will repeat) we're keeping a close eye on classic DFT users in particular to see if there's a need there.
So what you're saying is you're going to let certain champions run wild as always and leave half the champion pool in a nearly unplayable shit place for 6 months, finally get them near balance and then ruin the games balance again next preseason #RiotsYearlyTrolling
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