grug (NA)
: starting to think mid is the hardest position to play in low ELO
A common thing in lower ELOs is the "just 5 man mid" mentality - people often don't know what they should be doing after laning and gravitate towards having an ARAM for some reason.
: and be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind and what is right and just before GOD I do not conform so I am not under the governments laws plus there occult in nature so why listen to them in the first place lol
I'm not sure what you're getting at, but if you don't follow the rules, you should accept the punishment. If your religious views tell you not to follow the rules, then go for it. But I doubt the Lord Himself is going to intervene on your behalf.
: You knew what you were doing when you queued for blind pick
This would involve the average League of Legends player to think about something other than themselves. Good luck.
: Yea but the way you present yourself i took it as anytime someone get banned for flaming and the use self defense. While true on giving trolls and inters exactly what they want maybe riot should bring back tribunal and add trolling and inting to it. The tribunal for a little while seemed to work really well because people will always find a way to bypass a computer its an inevitable outcome. Also if they added the feature of everyone who reported a player get a notification it would increase trust in the current system. This would make more people bend to the rules.
Yeah like I said it's not clear, but that was my intention. I can't say much on the tribunal, but I do wonder with the number of cases the system must handle on a daily basis, would there be enough people doing the tribunal to cover them? Also, even with a tribunal, people will find some way to undermine that system. They'll use vague chat messages, or do one thing in game and say another. I believe this was one of the problems with the tribunal - someone could troll and then deny it in chat and the person doing the review doesn't know what to believe. Having feedback for all bans you assist in, instead of only when you were the most recent report, would definitely be more useful. I also think people should be able to see their report weight - some feedback for when people know their reports aren't valid. I think a lot of people report trivial situations as a way to vent, not understanding that it weakens their future reports, then get upset when they actually have something report-worthy and the system won't take them as seriously. Boy who cried wolf, etc. One way or another, more clarity in the punishment system would no doubt go a long way.
: People use it as a defense for flaming trolls and inters to. You never stated you were only arguing against flame wars.
I do say in the title "the philosophy of self-defense does not apply to league of legends chat". Admittedly, this is not very clear. But inting and trolling happen outside of the chat box. My post concerns what happens inside the chat box. I will totally agree that trolls and inters present a more difficult situation. However, they do present a much easier situation to determine who deserves punishment. But my point is - is flaming the troll or inter going to defend you, or is it giving them exactly what they want?
: Not to play devils advocate but that assumes people only flame in retaliation for written flame and not for int feeding, trolling or ping/mastery spam. In every except a flame war you have no options other than let them continue and keep your mouth shut. you cant mute their pings or emotes and you cant stop trolls. If you leave the game your punished so you must waste time finishing out the game.
The self-defense argument usually comes up in flame wars. I'm not talking about all flaming and trolling in the game. However, a frequent complaint made by people on this particular board is that they have the right to defend themselves from what someone else is saying. Almost every time this comes up it's because someone said something mean to them and they feel obligated to respond in the name of defense. I'm specifically addressing why defense is a not a valid reason to engage someone who is flaming you.
Rioter Comments
: PSA: Retaliation
The difference between self-defense in the real world and "self-defense" in a League of Legends match is that in the real world, there isn't a magic button you can press to prevent their fist from impacting your face. In League, there is a mute button if you don't want to read what someone is typing.
: i know i deserve the ban but i want you people to understand something
For as long as you continue to say "But they were doing _______!!!" you're going to keep getting punished. You get judged for your actions, not the actions of others, just like in a courtroom.
Pouting (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Verxint,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VyddWbEB,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2017-04-17T18:19:36.462+0000) > > My understanding is that any asking for reports is against the rules, since report stacking makes literally 0 difference the only reason you're doing it is to get sympathy or drag other people into the toxicity, i.e. you are making the situation worse i.e. don't do it. This should be something you get warned for separate from being toxic because this is a different problem. This is not "toxic", asking for sympathy is not toxic unless you ask in a toxic manner. It should be bannable, but separate from racism, homophobic slurs, and flaming.
Asking for sympathy is toxic though. You have two choices - be quiet or engage other people. One of these is likely to result in more needless chat messages as the other person jumps to all chat to defend themselves, and now 10 people are having their game ruined instead of 5. You have nothing to gain from asking for reports except self-aggrandizement, and if you're more concerned with vindication than with playing the game, you are being toxic. I will agree Riot needs to clarify some of the rules and philosophy behind their decisions
RallerenP (EUW)
: Its not unless you use it for harrasment. If you write "wow, report yi no ganks" you could argue thats a jumping off point for harrassment. If Yi is spewing out homophobic slurs, you writing "Wow guys, please report yi, that is really offensive" wont get you punished, but multible reports from the same game also dont stack so calling for reports is kind of useless.
My understanding is that any asking for reports is against the rules, since report stacking makes literally 0 difference the only reason you're doing it is to get sympathy or drag other people into the toxicity, i.e. you are making the situation worse i.e. don't do it.
: I got banned for this ?
Asking for reports in chat is against the rules. They really need to make a giant dialog box every time you queue that says that. If someone is rude to you, report them and be quiet about it. Dragging other people into the situation doesn't do any good for anyone.
: lol or keep in mind that i JUST started using the highlights addition to the League Client. hence why i have two videos EVER of league gameplay despite playing since late season 4. cute though :)
> [{quoted}](name=ELEJackieMoon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p6JJqPyV,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-04-14T21:29:59.114+0000) > > *Damage control*
: haha actually I posted this to get responses like yours. obvious hate. I play the champ to have fun. yeah my winrate in ranked sucks with him because i get ahead and i have trouble playing with leads and closing games out appropriately. that's on me. but to say i'm delusional about being skilled with him is a farce. I am a skilled Lee Sin player mechanically. it's my game knowledge and map pressure that need work. so thanks :)
> [{quoted}](name=ELEJackieMoon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p6JJqPyV,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-04-14T21:28:37.311+0000) >*Damage control intensifies*
Lyseth (NA)
: The Lee Sin Combo you see EVERY GAME, yep.....I'm triggered
Keep in mind he had to cherrypick a game where his team has 58 kills at 31 minutes, is up by 30 kills, and is already about to win and the play wasn't really that clutch.
: one game in ranked and you went 3/9/6 for the L. nice spam. nice troll. gg :)
Nice 43% winrate on lee sin, buddy
: How many Lee Sin haters can this trigger? lol
So how does your Lee Sin perform when your team doesn't have 2 kills a minute? Oh, wait. This is why Lee Sin is hated. Not because we're all jealous of your delusional sense of skill, but because despite a 43% winrate in 58 games on that champion, you still will use any delusion you can to think you're good at him when you are objectivley not. Of course, you'll call me a hater and use the one mediocre play at the end of an already won game as some kind of ultimate proof.
: and then god fist vi releases and this post becomes invalid.
: One less thing for enthusiastic support posters to complain about
At the very least total CC time applied and total allied damage mitigated via shields should be added.
: Beware buying Xayah before it's too late
Riot needs to stop making champions like Camille with obviously problematic kits. Those are the ones that get "nerfed into the ground". I doubt Xayah is going to have the same problem because they didn't feel the need to give her everything and the kitchen sink.
RexSaur (NA)
: Ok riot, since you're gutting every way to deal with tanks on pbe
Sunfire is getting a huge damage nerf vs champions and the big boy teamfight tank item active reduces damage by 60%....
: in one of my previous illaoi games, i actually bought both randiuns and Righteous Glory. i used Randiun at the beginning of the fight then follow it up by Righteous Glory because the slow has a 3sec delay but you get the movement speed immediately. was pretty fun. and getting free mana from tanking so much is nice.
I've done that on Nautilus. Activate Glory->E->Randuins->Glory Slow->E is back up. You just run forward into fights and they all panic, it's great.
: Her full combo can 100-0 at level 6, not kidding. After 2-3 ap items you're free to miss charm and orb and still kill with WRRR faceroll.
I don't like Ahri and this is bullshit.
: Yea, i bought randiun's on illaoi for the AoE slow instead of IBG since the mana isnt really needed (and if i need mana, i find Righteous Glory to be nice). A stronger slow, but less duration really kills the item for me on illaoi as it's the duration i want.
For me, if I want a slow, I'll get a Righteous Glory instead for the speedup.
: increase sion's base health
If HP items are nerfed, won't his HP farming be stronger in comparison? Plus that double max HP item seems good on him. Edit: his winrate by game length drops from 55% to 53%. That's hardly significant, it probably has to do with the enemy carries scaling.
: Am I the only one who doesn't like how they are switching banshees and abyssal?
I like the change stat-wise, but I agree the naming seems weird now. A lot of mages didn't spend much time in abyssal range.
Kilanost (NA)
: They're doing it in conjunction with some unreleased changed to armor pen stats in the setting of decreased overall health on items. They're trying to make it meaningful to build resistances again instead of health. the 10% crit reduction was always a bandaid for completely out of balance damage.
This. Also, they're adding tank items that are more active and involve more gameplay, so they don't want boring passive effects as well. I'd rather have double the HP than 10% less damage from crits. I do wonder what exactly you get Randuin's for now though.
: Crit Reduction Removed from Randuin's Omen
Why not Steraks AND Stoneplate?
agbudar (NA)
: cmon now 40 armor/mr and doubled with more then 3 champions around. and on top of that a must buy active for tanks. thats too good to be true.
Except they're there, so you can deny all you want. The items aren't labeled experimental, meaning they will likely go to live in a similar state. The nerfs to Randuins and Sunfire are to compensate for this. Yes, it would be too good to be true to have current Sunfire and Randuins AND these new items. That's why they're nerfing the less interesting, passive parts of Sunfire and Randuins and adding more interactive items that make tanking engaging instead of a stat check. Your willful ignorance is astounding.
: this balance is absolutely terrible
Just gonna point out this guy has double-digit deaths in 4 of the 5 most recent games he played. He just lost to a team of {{champion:62}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:17}}. Last I checked, none of those were FotM or performance outliers. Meanwhile you're playing Shaco and Twitch, the former of which was a top jungler last patch and the latter of which is a top ADC this patch. You're a hypocrite.
agbudar (NA)
: ow so we get to live 2 seconds extra? how much you wna bet that item will get NERFED TO THE GROUND? just as hard as COTC
I mean if literally doubling your defenses only gives you 2 seconds longer to live, then 10% crit reduction is giving you about 0.25 seconds longer to live. Since the item cuts your damage by 60%, I'd imagine if they felt it was too strong they'd increase that instead of decreasing the tanking aspect. "NERFED TO THE GROUND" is also a pretty hyperbolic statement about CotC. It's still really good on the champions intended to use it.
agbudar (NA)
: hey riot tanks like expensive bling just as much as adc
We're losing 10% crit damage reduction for an 80/80 armor/mr item and something with an active that **doubles** our HP in a teamfight. I can live with this.
: How the hell does Ahri put her skirt on?????
It kind of looks like the sides of the skirt might be two separate pieces of fabric. I always figured Ahri's outfight came on and off by her loosening it; considering how tightly it's wrapped around her it would be hard to put it on normally. Then again I know very little about making clothes, so I might just be talking out of my ass.
Jbels (NA)
: They're place holders. The Helmet one is Force of Nature's old icon, and the other one is an old Runic Bulwark icon turned updside down with a face drawn on it
>an old Runic Bulwark icon turned updside down with a face drawn on it They should just keep that tbh.
: So what about the trash talker? He's all good?
He gets judged for his actions. You get judged for your actions. You have an incredibly juvenile outlook on these things and its going to make your life worse if you don't get over it. People suck and 99% of the time there isn't jack shit you can do about it. In fact, usually the biggest jerk in your life is the one who signs your paycheck.
: It's the bragging that triggers me man, can't help but to type back. Would you like that if you lost lane, and the whole time the enemy is taunting you "You suck" "Maybe get better?"
>[I] can't help but to type back Lie and excuse. Take responsibility. You made the active, conscious, deliberate, and intentional choice to willingly and voluntarily reply to someone when you have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to do so. You are acting of your own free will and are receiving the consequences of your actions. Life isn't your safe space. Grow up.
: Cause they think their better than me when their a fed ADC. Pisses me off when people brag about one game. Those people should be banned.
At least 3 people piss me off every time I drive to school, I dont get out of my car and tell them they're a shit driver because it's a waste of time and I don't care about them. If it bothers you that much, it's a problem with you, not with them. Why do you care? Why are you so sensitive to it? Why does it matter besides "muh feelings"? What is your endgame? What do you hope to change? Do you expect the person to suddenly go "Oh, you're right, Mr. stranger on the internet I've never met, I must concede that your ADC play which I have never witnessed is vastly superior to mine and any pride I have in my performance this game should be rendered null and void because I have the honor to bask in your glorious presence"? If the only reason you're doing this is to vindicate your petty superiority complex (which it is because you just admitted it), you're infinitely worse than the Jinx you think is such a problem.
: Yea, I mean I was right about the Jinx. She gets a penta and said "I'm so good" but who was helping her? The support Malz. It's all about what you're capable of actually doing.
What do you gain from telling her that except compensating for your own insecurities? What's your endgame? What do you hope to accomplish? Why are you so invested in the mental development of a complete stranger on the internet with which you will likely never interact with again?
: When they came out with the list of things that can and cannot be dodged, they said that abilities that are coded as an auto attack are dodgeable. So either these auto attacks aren't coded as an auto attack and there's 2 parts to it, or it's not working as intended.
I don't know which attacks are programmed in what way. But Riot is going to pay more attention to a discrepancy between two abilities that should have the same effect. If Shen and Jax's dodge behave differently in response to the same skill, that will bring attention to it. If they both work the same, you have to assume it is working as intended unless you can manage to get a red to respond. You do understand what I'm trying to say, right?
: Well sometimes Nasus' Q goes through Jax's E too. I forgot to add that in there. Jax's W is very similar to Shen's Q in the sense that it buffs the next auto, and dodge consumes Jax's W. So it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that it doesn't use up Shen's Q as well. A while ago they 'fixed' what Jax's E dodges, and Panth's Passive dodges, but I feel like a few things were kind of left out or not clarified for no reason.
Well that's my point, they don't have a big list of every form of attack modifying effect declaring whether it should or shouldn be dodged. I think you misunderstood what I was trying to suggest. If Shen's dodge has the same anomalies as Jax's dodge, then its a question of what the intended mechanics are, which is not 100% clear. If there are discrepancies between the behavior of Shen and Jax's dodge (and I guess Panth and anything under a Teemo blind), which should be identical effects, you have a stronger case for an immediate fix. Riot may not know how they want to handle all the possible dodge interactions, but they do want whatever happens to be consistent. There is more than one mechanic that modifies an autoattack and they may not all be intended to work the same with dodge.
: > [{quoted}](name=Karunamon,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=h1FYVtXJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-05T16:35:38.226+0000) > > Hope you don't have any skins or champs on this account you like, because you're well on track to losing it at this point. what kind brain-dead idiot actually spends money on this game?
Ah yes, the "Why is everyone so sensitive" crowd that acts like easily offended babies whenever someone disagrees with them.
: Jax's Counterstrike (E) Still doesn't work the way it's intended.
I think it's more of an inconsistency with what is absorbed by dodge and what is not. Does Shen's dodge consume another Shen's Q stacks? It's not completely clear how dodge is intended to work, but as long as Shen and Jax are both working unintended in the same way at least its fair. I don't know what is and isn't supposed to be consumed by dodge. For example, I believe Nasus's Q not being consumed by dodge is intended, but I may be wrong.
Kylemis (NA)
: Not to oppose what you're saying. I agree with you. After excessive verbal abuse for 10 minutes, from racism to constant flaming, would you personally consider "stfu thresh" as toxic? I understand from the tribunals point of view that toxic behaviour is toxic behaviour, even if it is in response to other's behaviour that belittles the behaviour in question. But I think that is a serious flaw in the system, but maybe I'm wrong and its not a flaw.
Why were they unmuted for 10 minutes? You made the choice not to mute them. You made the choice to type in chat. You are responsible for your actions. Self-Defense applies in a court of law because you can't click a button and prevent someone from punching you in the face. You can click a button and prevent yourself from hearing Thresh.
Kylemis (NA)
: Looking for a stern talking-to regarding my most recent behaviour
>This was after excessive verbal abuse from thresh. I see why an automated system might flag this as toxic ("stfu thresh"), but I think it's quite innocent. From my point of view, I'm defending myself after continuous abuse from Thresh, while trying to lighten up the mood with snarky humour. >These four comments were after excessive verbal abuse (not just passive aggressive chat) from I believe a volibear in my most recent game. You are judged for your actions, not the actions of others. If they're flaming you, mute them and move on.
Ralanr (NA)
: So far that leak is looking pretty accurate, which means Eve might get tentacles.
More importantly, Eve will be wearing even less clothing.
: Evelynn Rework (VGU) - Simple Request.
But the new one is wearing even less clothes.
: Anyone else cringe at the thought of star guardian ezrael
The fact that it's not Tuxedo Mask Ezreal is a disappointment.
: This is one reason why I stopped watching brofresco. Something along the lines of "my Q does X damage, W does X damage, so I do total of Y damage? That's more than enemy HP so I should be able to oneshot them" Except he's ignoring all the damage amps, AAs, and resistances and inevitably fucks up
Watching Brofresco in the first place is already a mistake.
: Gapclosers in other mobas lul, League by far has the most mobility of any moba I have ever played.
Other mobas don't need to spam gapclosers and mobility in order to make their champions good.
: With Liss new Passive let's talk about melee top laners
Most people in league don't realize how much this MOBA babies ranged compared to almost any other game. What's funny is how a common answer is "a ranged should have an advantage over melee in lane", as if range is supposed to simply be better. Ranged vs melee should be a tradeoff, not just a flat advantage for one side. I won't list it out here, but almost every other moba or game similar to mobas treats melee vs ranged differently. Edit: I should also mention as part of that, almost every other MOBA has some option for ranged to build besides maximum damage and everything oneshots you. A number of ranged carries in DotA end up tanky and just whittle people down. It allows for a lot more types of champions overall when an entire class isn't locked into being a glass cannon.
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