Copic (NA)
: TFT requires no skill to win, prove me wrong.
They really should have included some release valves for the rng, and some more standardizarion like one component per wave.
Lapantino (EUW)
: I don't get a joy playing top anymore. Riot, for whom is actually top lane?
I will never understand why Riot made so many AP champions who are simultaneously able to poke, wave pressure, and zone melees who ALSO have multiple tools to shit on said melee champs if they all-in
: I really don't like Dark-Seal Corrupting pot. I was firmly against Crystalline Pot back when it was in the game, and I firmly disliked Corrupting pot when it came in to, but it wasn't that common back then. Now, it's the same damn thing I keep seeing everywhere, and I'm so sick of it. Cause who needs to care about making effective trades when you can just heal off all the damage and get mana back.
I hate corrupting pot, I don't know what it was intended for but right now it's used as "Constantly fight for the first 3 levels and literally win even if you lose"
: Unpopular Opinion: People complain about League's balance while not knowing enough about balance
This is actually a very true post even though most won't accept it. There is an issue though, Riot has balanced it like a fighting game for so long that the current changing state is very annoyong. Many aspects of the game still operate as if you had that fighting chance, but you don't anymore so those aren't available. The community, especially in NA, also hates strategy. The fact that it takes until the top ~10% of players before people stop mindlessly going 5 mid is proof of that.
: > [{quoted}](name=HateDaddy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sEM63Nii,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-03T23:28:27.401+0000) > > You’re right, but what’s more is ornn can easily set up ganks against the vayne. Even if Vaynes jungler comes, it’ll be easy because you and your jungler just hyper focus vayne and gib her. She’s so atrocious early in 2v2s it’s not even funny. and then the jungler leaves, and even with a massive gold lead ornn still cant beat her and still gets bullied around by her, because her kit has no counterplay for him in a 1v1 scenario. i have been in that situation before. whats he going to do? build defensive stats? her w doesnt have gold scaling, so shes not really put behind in damage against him. there are no items that you can build against direct target displacements either, so he still cant make a play on her without the vayne just disengaging and then turning around on him. her kit just counters his so perfectly, that gold difference doesnt even matter.
You build bramble and tabi and leverage your midgame tankiness before her damage really scales to set up ganks and teamfights while Vayne still has to farm to be a threat to you outside 1v1. Your problem is that you think you have to 1v1 the Vayne to win the game.
: Whenever people bring up the hectic nature of toplane, Vayne is always mentioned
It's annoying but I'll take a Vayne top over Kennen or Jayce anyway.
: It's nice that you discovered these things and you find them fascinating but this is basic stuff. Hell, number 1 on your list is basic wave management knowledge that should be known by all players at the Silver level. Anyone who doesn't know at least one of these things should not be playing ranked or if they are, should be in Iron or low Bronze. That stuff is just too basic for there to be any valid excuse for someone not knowing them.
> [{quoted}](name=FioraWillCarry,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=OKFLGxJo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-29T21:46:50.399+0000) > > It's nice that you discovered these things and you find them fascinating but this is basic stuff. Hell, number 1 on your list is basic wave management knowledge that should be known by all players at the Silver level. Anyone who doesn't know at least one of these things should not be playing ranked or if they are, should be in Iron or low Bronze. That stuff is just too basic for there to be any valid excuse for someone not knowing them. People in Silver don't really know these things or they wouldn't be Silver.
Reksee (NA)
: Opinion: More Mobility does not make the game fun
I honestly don't have a problem with hyper mobile champs. It's that they often have other amazing tools as well.
Yenn (NA)
: Zoe's item drops from minions really needs to be made less RNG
I definitely liked when I lost lane to a Zoe because she picked up a GLP at level 3. I felt skillfully outplayed.
: You know what? I can live with many of the balance decisions your staff makes.
I swear movement speed is just a suggestion in this game
: "He absolutely shits on mages that underestimate his early game, and I've seen it happen countless times." = "People who play incorrectly lose" {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
It's been said a few times in the thread that it's just fucking boring and tedious to play correctly against it.
: "We don't pick favorites for skins"
**Riot** isn't picking favorites. Money is. If Riot did pick favorites then they wouldn't be making skins for the popular champs.
Sillae (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=crippler38,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2QlApqdJ,comment-id=00000002000000010001,timestamp=2019-06-07T04:12:36.713+0000) > > Darius has less sustain, poke, hard CC, and isn't global. > > Darius will murder you if you don't respect his space, Tahm will poke, kite, and then murder you as you try to run from him. Are we talking Tank Tahm or Damage Tahm? Just curious. Tahm has a over time heal that helps with sustain but won't keep him there forever (cmon its 40% of recent damage at max thats not exactly groundbreaking, and its either maxed second or last) Darius has a spammable heal if the edge hits a champ (and he is going to hit a champ) Darius can hard cc an entire team and heal off them, Tahm can hard cc one person and make them untargetable for everyone trying to kill or save them. and have a second life bar for about 1.5 seconds Darius has a bleed effect that does a shit ton of damage, Tahm gets outscaled at like level 5 with a Darius Tahm's early damage is insane, but if you dont die in the first seven minutes guess what ya won the lane congrats
Tahm actually fucking destroys Darius in lane even after level 5, and has way, way less counterplay.
: Remember when some boards people flamed us for complaining about Rivens compensation buffs?
Her playrate is down significantly, so the nerfs did work. A lot of people were getting success they shouldn't have and those people stopped winning and stopped playing. That's why the winrate is back up, not because all those people were unaffected, but because the people affected aren't in the statistic anymore. Does she need more changes? Quite likely. But that change did had a significant impact.
Hoosier1 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=How Do You Meta,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wErmpQWE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-31T13:47:27.193+0000) > > I think we should at least have our phones send a text code or something when our accounts are attempted to log in from abnormal places like in a whole different country. I don't believe that we should be held accountable and Riot says "well that's your fault for getting hacked" if someone managed to hack our accounts because there isn't much protection other than our passwords that can be brute force guessed. I haven't been hacked yet and I hope I never will be, but I don't want to suddenly one day see myself banned because someone guessed my password with a bot and that marks the end of my many years of service on league of legends. No reason to waste money making a system to protect people from not understanding how to take measures to ensure their account don't get hacked. People need to learn to be accountable. Two step verification has and always will be a waste of time and resources.
> [{quoted}](name=Hoosier1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wErmpQWE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-31T14:42:11.220+0000) > > No reason to waste money making a system to protect people from not understanding how to take measures to ensure their account don't get hacked. People need to learn to be accountable. Two step verification has and always will be a waste of time and resources. You realize if much larger companies that store much more personal info routinely have breaches and get hacked it's inevitable that league account info will get hacked somehow right?
: I Exclusively Fill in Ranked and...
Having your jungle be so heavily influenced by the solo lanes presence at 3 minutes is just not fun
: Well mortal kombat for one's purpose is not to sexualize women and attract an audiance of sexist pricks. And neither does league. They have games for that. Dead or alive paradise for example. The league community is already toxic enough. And needs to be turned around. Example, I was fat shamed by the enemy team mates. Like what? These are either kids or adults that do not belong in this community. But thats besides the point. I don't want league to attract a sexist audiance.
How the fuck do your league teammates know you're fat? Also using "fat shaming" un-ironically?
Kai Guy (NA)
: Make Champion Mastery scale to 10. Add some swag.
I want a mastery 10 emote that is the most extravagant, prolonged animation ever for the greatest bm
: No intention of being rude but if that's the reason Vorpal blade was removed then explain Sylas's heals.
Sylas heal doesn't heal allies Sylas heal isn't usable from range, it puts him in melee Sylas doesn't use his W to harass or poke Sylas is a different champion with totally different abilities and it's stupid to just compare the fact that both of them heal
: I hope you mean that zed landed every ability and ignite while getting auto attacks off and burning bork's active... renekton would piledrive zed into the ground if he didn't...
There actually was a period of time where Zed could ult, drop Bork active, and right click people while spamming E and kill bruisers. It was dumb
: Not a single damage increase? Boy you haven't seen the wukong rework, everything about it, is about damage. Can't wait to die from an invisible champion again, while getting beat up by his clone.
It's more about re-structuring his damage. He has more overall but it's less oneshot bursty
: > [{quoted}](name=BrokenRayquaza,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uTmQOUEu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-20T10:42:48.426+0000) > > I mean. Some people play better when they are high. I wouldn't know I don't smoke but I have a friend who does and when he smokes he becomes his alter ego "super toxic riven main" and proceeds to 1v9 while calling our support a degenerative mongoloid That is a minuscule amount of people. But if someone is regularly feeding while admitting his high. They should get chat restricted or a 2 week banned.
I'm pretty sure a lot of those people are just making it up to sound cool and try to excuse their feeding
: > [{quoted}](name=letsfeedtogether,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uTmQOUEu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-20T10:35:21.107+0000) > > and how will you prove it Anyone that is high or drunk will tell you that they're high or drunk. They really like the attention.
The people who say that are a small portion of the people actually high
: The fact that when your runes are incomplete, it defaults you to one of their rune pages instead of one of your own makes me laugh.
This is really annoying. I'm changing a page in champ select, the pick phase ends, it kicks me out of the window to tell me the page is incomplete, resets me to a default, then I have to go pick the one I was working on, which gives me another message saying it's incomplete, then I click edit. Just let me make my page in peace
: Can we PLEASE be given the option to delete default rune pages
It's actually amazing how Riot somehow managed to make what may be the 5 worst possible pages and set those as the default.
: Ezreal doesn't basic attack enough to make yuumi's W worth it value wise and often ezreals will force you out of Q range making harassing way too hard especially since the circle is centered on ezreal if he suddenly moves the ability can fizzle.
That first point makes no sense, Ezreal still loves adaptive force
: If it had splash we would be running into another lulu mid situation. It's weak on purpose to avoid her being able to clear waves so she can't be played mid. I do agree Q feels very underwhelming, though. The range of it makes it pretty difficult to balance because it's pretty easy to hit and extremely safe to use it (because you're invul). More of the problem for me is how low her auto range is, it feels really bad for a champ with an auto-based passive. It's almost the range of Galio's taunt circle, lol.
That's simple. It's only AoE if she's attached.
: I dont see many people that flame, hard carrying, that is the real irony, the flamer is usually 7/6/2 or 3/2/0. The people I never see flame are the ones who are hard carrying - something like 13/3/8 at the very least.
In my experience the flaming is almost always between the two people doing worst. Usually the one doing the worst flaming the one doing second worst
Zardo (NA)
: I think i'm starting to see why everyone gets all these "trolls" on their teams
A lot of the people who say they get trolls constant define a troll as anyone who did anything they don't agree with. Person makes a mistake, admittedly a stupid one - obvious 100% troll
: Death recap separates the two. (as in the examples I use in OP, it shows both as separate sources) soooooooooooo
It's **supposed** to separate the two. I've seen instances where it clearly didn't, and considering how absolutely bug-ridden it is, it's not a stretch to say that damage type could be reported incorrectly.
: silver bolts does true damage. Period. So this isn't the case here.
Yes, but it triggers on an autoattack that isn't all true damage. What I'm saying is that if Vayne hits you, does 200 physical, and procs Silver Bolts, the death recap often seems to report that 200 physical damage as true damage. I've had multiple cases of dying to a Vayne that only got one proc off yet it said she did way more true damage than she possibly could off.
: Every champion that gets Conqueror, Triumph, and Death's Dance feels like fighting fucking Vladimir
The issue is that in the past if you spec'd that much healing you'd give up damage and take a lot longer to kill enemies. Now there's so much damage that, while you technically have less than if you went hard damage instead of sustain, you still have more than enough to murder people quickly.
: Can we please put a hard damage cap on true damage champions?
When the death recap shows 60% as true damage it's usually wrong. Often if an attack does any true damage it reports all the damage done as true instead of just the true portion.
BigFBear (EUW)
: **Boards:** "You can't carry games anymore! No matter how good you play, only the worst player decides outcome of the game! BOOH Riot! BOOOH!" **Also Boards:** "There is always a snowball player in my games who destroys everyone!! BOOH Riot!" {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Usually the person snowballing isn't necessarily good, but they were going against the one deadweight moron on the enemy team
SanKakU (NA)
: Not everyone likes doing math when they read patch notes, but making patch notes is hard enough without trying to make them easier for the lazy to understand. There are lots of times changes go live without them getting into the patch notes...don't make it harder for them than it already is.
At what point did I say the patch notes should express stuff in percentages?
nelogis (EUW)
: She can dash less, tank less, mitigate less poke and has less mobility what the hell else would you discuss about this?
You have no context for how much less if you don't mention the original skill CD and only talk about the change.
nelogis (EUW)
: > My point is that you have to compare a change to what the numbers and ability were before, not just put the change in a vacuum. You can do that without making percentages out of them Riven E increased by 4 secs at all ranks you can discuss the change with that info There, done, I don't know why you would use percentages
>Riven E increased by 4 secs at all ranks you can discuss the change with that info No if you are given literally only this information and don't get to use anything else besides the knowledge that it is a dash and shield, you can't fully discuss the implications of the change.
Saianna (EUNE)
: 4s is long, sure. But it all depends how she uses her shield anyways. And she uses it for dive engage and in this case those 4s mean nothing, or rather mean only that she has to wait 4 seconds longer untill she can dive someones ass again. In teamfights she uses it to gapclose, so again, it's not meant to be used defensively, beyond whatever shield will block. My guess is this change will not affect her playstyle nor OTP winrates at all and I doubt Riot will dare to nerf her again but this time "properly".
4 seconds is the difference between using it to engage and disengage the same fight and not getting that option. I also never said this would make Riven balanced, but it is a significant change and something that makes sense to do with her.
nelogis (EUW)
: Trundle Pillar used to do 1 damage to account for assists (don't know if it is still the case) If the Pillar now did 20 damage instead that would be a 2000% increase in damage. 2000% sounds like a shit ton right? The 20 damage might be noticeable if you actually pay attention to it but it nowhere near makes the spell 2000% better. Percentages are misleading, flat numbers are the naked truth. Vel'Koz R damage reduced by 50% Lissandra R damage reduced by 50% They look the same but Vel'Koz has lost WAY more than Liss and that's why you use flat numbers
You keep specifically trying to make a further and further silly example **just** to say "Look, this time there's a large percentage and it doesn't mean the skill is good". That's half missing the point entirely and half just trying to be an obnoxious smartass. And no, I never said patch notes should be in percentages, that would be stupid. My point is that you have to compare a change to what the numbers and ability were before, not just put the change in a vacuum.
Saianna (EUNE)
: Rivens shield CD nerf is nothing more than making Riven angage/dive 4 seconds later than usual. Woo-hoo. What a change. > Here's another example: Darius was recently buffed to get 15% missing HP healed per target hit with his Q blade instead of 12%. By Boards logic, that's "lol useless 3% increase". Except going from 12 to 15 is a 25% increase - this change means Darius is healing for 25% more than he used to every time he lands a Q blade. That doesn't seem so insignificant anymore. Imo you are, although right, only adding to the misleading. You try to make those number tweaks as if they were world-changers. > That doesn't seem so insignificant anymore. Exactly this. You only want to make it sound significant, even though it isn't.
I don't try to make them sound like world changers. I just try to point out how a differential value with no given reference to the original does not tell you anything about the impact of a change. And as for >Rivens shield CD nerf is nothing more than making Riven angage/dive 4 seconds later than usual. 4 seconds is a long time in League of Legends.
Nea104 (EUW)
: You're right, flat numbers don't mean much. But you don't get the full picture anyway, even looking at %s and proportions. Point is, in a complex system you need tons of data and calculations. Only Riot could do that, but they aren't able AND don't want to. That's why this game is incredibly unbalanced, and perma-stays in this awful state. If they were actually fixing their own game, you should actually see very little changes like the 0.25 sec thing, but in a consistent way, and not as a meme. It would be a "tuning" process, not just random thumb-rule style changes. You should basically never see integer numbers either. And, of course, you would never have something like **doubling** a whatsoever factor. (like Nasus' stacks now, or Tham's CD or Brand's passive last season :D )
Yeah, that was more the point I was going for but got on a specific bend. People often show the numbers around changes without really showing all the info to tell you how important it is. You have to look at all the numbers in comparison and how they relate to each other. I personally find that more often it's people saying a change is some small flat number when a more thorough analysis shows that it's going to have a larger impact, but that may be my own confirmation bias or selective memory.
nelogis (EUW)
: this doesn't make any sense So when you have a spell that deals 1 damage and increase it to 3 damage then that is a 300% increase OMG WHAT A HUUUUUUGE BUFF No it isn't, a measly 2 damage got added to the spell which is damn insignificant Same can be said about low cooldowns, when a spell has a 0.1 second cooldown and it gets increased to 0.3 seconds then that is a 300% nerf. Doesn't mean it's a big one. When discussing something you need to use the flat numbers, percentages are completely useless since they can be misleading. Edit: Like that Darius change "WHOA 25% MORE HEALING" That is 3% more in flat amount, 3% of MISSING health. Let's put this into perspective, let's say he has 2000 HP Let's say he is at 40% HP so he is missing 1200HP 3% from 1200 is 36 He now heals for 180 instead of 144 pre-buff Doesn't seem like a lot anymore does it?
This is missing the point. The point is that just looking at one detail doesn't tell you everything. If that spell that does 1 damage and now does 3 can reliably be used 200 times a second (since we're getting into extreme examples), that's an insane change.
: Why can you not interrupt Jarvan E,Q?
Doesn't Flay and other knockbacks stop it?
: Screw Vayne and Vayne mains..
I'd screw Vayne. That said, I saw a Vayne yesterday out damage a Jhin while exhausted when she had 2 items to his 4. I know she is meant to scale but that just seems too much.
Rioter Comments
: But if a tank is 4500 in terms of durable and an adc only 1600 that 5% is 225 on the tank and only 80 on the adc.
By but 225 is still 5% of the tank's HP while 80 is 5% of the adc's HP. Both are getting 5% more durable. They get the same relative boost, because it's a percentage.
: I don't think you understand what %bonus hp is.... a squishy would have to buy items/runes with hp on them in order to use %bonus hp at all.. %bonus hp does not scale with base hp.
By % bonus HP I mean a bonus to HP that is a percentage of your HP. Since it's a percentage, it gives everyone the same relative increase to durability. For comparison, a flat 500 HP is much more valuable on someone with only 1500 HP than someone with 4500 HP.
: Literally everyone can use armor and mr from tabi and merc treads? Infact non mages tend to LOVE merc and tabi… Are you saying we should change merc and tabi to be more niche aswell? And you cant get anymore niche in favor of tanks than % max health or % bonus health when it comes to defensive stats....Squishy champions definitely do not benefit as much unless they are building against a mixed comp and need a defensive item or two in order to survive. Oh no zed got +50 hp because he built {{item:3071}} with his weighted boots.
Actually %bonus hp is just as good on squishies as it is on tanks. 5% more durability is 5% more durability.
: > [{quoted}](name=Verxint,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=B86BOohg,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-04-27T23:17:55.269+0000) > > Remember to always comment your code. Their code has some of the worst navigation, you can see this with some skills being labeled as someone elses skill etc. They actually tried to fix this for some champions which oddly enough broke their websites description of those champions abilities because the website tracked it via codes in the client (for automatic Live stats updates) which broke when they cleaned up some of the spaghetti code.
Personally my favorite example of how bad their code base is was when you could make Brand's autoattacks his ult and other things, that was literally a gameboy game level glitch
: Vlad is less op mid lane and way more op top lane, simply because him and other top laners (Cass or Kennen come to mind) can easily invalidate melee match ups with their range and move speed or cc. I might get downvoted for this, but Vlad DOES have a weak early game, BUT it's only way more noticeable when he's mid, since he'll have to use W more and E will be his only way to keep dmg high enough for all ins. Plus, you can actually punish him if he tries to do a non-empowered Q. At level 3, he'll have maybe 700hp? Maybe a bit more. W+E does 28% max together, so that's maybe about 200 HP he's losing, on his own accord. If you look at his mid lane stats, he's actually a fairly balanced match-up, even in high elo, and his ban rate comes from top lane abuse. Honestly, I think the problem is less Vlad and more strong ranged top laners in top lane. It would be really nice if Riot buffed items like Dorans shield or {{item:3211}} for melee champs like getting more HP back, or gave tanks and bruisers more ability or opportunities to get on ranged champs, so they're less oppressive in general, like adding a sort of Bork or Gunblade active on some tank/bruiser items that apply a small slow for a few sec, or something like that.
If someone forces trades on vlad consistently and doesnt let him succ them with the big red Q, they'll bully him pretty hard. The problem is a problem a lot of champs have: you put yourself at a much greater risk doing so than he does avoiding it.
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