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: Let's figure out what we ACTUALLY don't like about the Boards
I want multiple selections and categories of boards, not a giant monstrosity where everything gets gobbled up and lost
: I think that the meeting went something like this...
I miss having an organized board mostly...I want things to be seen where they need to be seen, not just one giant mess of a board
: Patch 4.15 notes
I don't understand why they would try to make league of legends look more like XBOX. Why copy a terrible design when the old one looked fine and was better organized?
: Patch 4.13 notes
Braum wasn't nerfed enough
: Watch the Summoner’s Rift preview
Why are you making it look like Dota 2? The muted colors and pastel designs are not as appealing to me as the crisp and bright colors of the current summoner's rift. I enjoy the monster designs but they seem out of place against the drab background.


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