: OK, what are these SSG skin prices...
As someone who normally does wind up getting limited time content (because I have a problem), even I didn't look twice as these skins borders/icons. Riot is getting absolutely ridiculous with their massive price increases on everything now'a days and it gonna start completely turning off even the people who are will to spending money. Remember when borders were as easy to get as simply buying a skin within the first week or two that it was released to live?
AceGeo (NA)
: She's not popular. A lot of resources go into making a skin and it's not her time yet. Be patient. I waited how long for a Yorick skin, so you can relax.
I was being a bit mellow dramatic on purpose, but compared to someone who was actively waiting for a Yorick skin, I have no right to. You, my good sir, are an inspiration to us all! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: If you play Zyra what's wrong with you?
Not the same things wrong with you if you play Zoe, amiright? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Still no Pool Party Orianna T_T guess another year of waiting and hoping I go.
Lee Sin's PP splash art lied to us. I don't get my hopes up during the summer skins time of year anymore. {{item:3070}} {{champion:61}}
: Daily Reminder for Karthus Emote #2
Keep it up you beautiful, brave soldiers! You're fighting the good fight! If nothing else, Riot at least should let us know what happened to the emote.
: Learn more: Pool Party 2018
Whoa, this is like, 3 events all within rather close proximity of each other. That's pretty rad, Riot; right on! It's nice being informed about these events early on as well. Glad to see the missions are still really versatile, they're a real highlight of these events now. In my opinion, events don't always need to be flashy, they just need to feel fun. I like it, this is good stuff; feels chill, feels nice. Yeah man, yeah. Groovy, bro.
: August sales schedule
>Dragon Sorceress Zyra If you play Zyra and you don't own this skin, especially after it goes on sale now, then I don't know what's wrong with you.
: Does Zed not squee?
But where is the Karthus emote?
: New emotes for Lee Sin, Leona, and Zed
But, what happened to the Karthus emote?
Rioter Comments
: Hextech Key Bundles
The chest to key ratio is disgustingly low; and this is coming from someone who does buy keys from time to time. (More often then I should really.)
: Alright Riot, Where is my Karthus Emote?
Thank you, this has been bothering me for awhile now. At first I figured it would just come out at around the same time Dark Star Cho did since the VS event was over and everything, but still nothing. Now the new patch notes are released and still no sign of the emote. The most frustrating part is how there hasn't been a single word from Riot about it; not that I can find at least. It's almost as if someone honestly just forgot to swap it on. xD
: Patch 8.14 notes
What happened to the Karthus emote? I was really looking forward to that emote, it was great.
Prandine (NA)
: Please bring back Dominion as a permanent game mode.
Honestly, I overall just wish Riot would make Ascension a permanent game mode. Not only does that bring back the Crystal Scar for Hide and Seek but in general it would be nice having a third game mode again. One that didn't have the expectations Summoner's Rift holds and with the ability to actually pick your champion, unlike ARAM. Ascension becoming a permanent game mode would probably be one of the wisest decisions Riot could make.
: I hate these condescending comments. Go ahead and praise Riot, but stop trying to invalidate people for being understandably frustrated at the state of the game. It doesn't make you sound like a better person. It makes you sound like noodle.
Literally didn't see [my comment right below.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/2pvn0ldJ-a-response-to-doublelift-on-a-constantly-evolving-game?comment=001500000000) Good job! {{champion:64}}
: No one has to have a heart,stop acting like riot are 8 year olds that can't take harsh criticism.
Criticism is one thing; trust me, I give Riot plenty of shit. Practically attacking Ghost Crawler though (or any Rioter for that matter) as personally as some people were here though kind of is just straight disrespectful and insanely toxic. Don't get me wrong either, at the same time too I don't agree with the people who are gonna White Knight the hell out of things. I'm all for not over selling Riot credit but people should at least be able to act civil; have a little dignity, you know?
: What type of mage is tf
Other people may disagree, but I've always seen TF as a control mage. He doesn't have the longest range or the best burst, but his CC on W and sheer pressure he puts on the map by having his ult up all the time is what makes TF so strong. People really have to play wisely around a TF because he will capitalize on their mistakes otherwise. Other control mages: {{champion:61}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:34}} Obviously all those picks are still debatable and ultimately come down to your personal play style, but when it comes to a rather generic view they all kind of have the same job of looking for that sweet spot to turn the tide of battle in their favor.
: When one of your teammates claims the game has been going on for a long time at 35 minutes
The real joke is that in the current meta, 35 minute games are pretty long.
Dealth (NA)
: riot please fix rune swapping
It's sooooooo frustrating! Especially if you're last pick and have to change your runes for whatever reason.
Shaian (EUW)
: Please revert Zyra to what she used to be. I want to feel the quality of her plants. not the quantity. im not talking about power. Im talking about gameplay. Make her fun again. Just revert the plant changes since their major aim was to move her to midlane (which actually suffered from this change and made the Zyramid player base actually drop further) and it failed. As long you dont want to put resources into balancing her properly while making her fun to play, just revert her plant and W changes you made in preseason since if you look back it did not fulfill your aims while making her just less fun and satisfying to play. Thank you for your attention.
Boii, whatchu talkin' 'bout? I don't want that crumby passive back! I'll take the circle back on Q over this clunky rectangle, but the Zyra changes up to date have been great. Now if we could just get a proper keystone for tick-damage mages again, that'd be just perfect!
: A Response to Doublelift on a Constantly Evolving Game
I'm not going to say anything on the state of the game or my opinions with any of the topics at hand. I do at least want to give a thanks to Ghostcrawler for taking the time to make this though. I may have a lot (**a lot**) of problems with Riot, but geez Comments Section, have a bit of a heart. Tough crowd man, tough crowd.
: Its for charity guys...I went to a charity auction, and the prices of that stuff were drove up to give more to the kids. This community is so toxic you can't even pay money for a good cause, and get a free skin for your donation. It is very sad you guys.
I understand that mindset but at the same time too, it's because this is for charity why I'm honestly frustrated about this mass increase in price. If Riot wanted to take this seriously, they would have decreased the price if anything so it is more affordable for everyone, which means more people would be able to donate to the cause. How many times during a charity of any form will the people in charge point out that even a single dollar can help add up to something important. If more people are able to help out for the cause, no matter how little they can donate, it will almost always add up more then a few people dropping big bucks. I'm disappointed in Riot if anything. I get the comment section might look bad, but shame on Riot for putting a price tag on a charity event, cause that's basically what's happening here. **The only way to donate is buying the skin and its content. No one can donate if they can't afford the price set to donate.**
Thilmer (EUW)
: Opinions about Zhonya
Zhonya's has always been in a weird position in my opinion and Stopwatch has only made things more weird. For me, Zhonya's has always been a bit of a 'gamble item' so to speak. The defensive stats are a bit nice early but don't mean much late and the actual active effect can be gimmicky if we're all gonna be honest here. There are times where you can use it to make plays, times where you can use it defensively and your team can save you, and then times where you use it defensively but realistically are just prolonging your death by a few seconds. With the introduction of Stopwatch to the game, Zhonya's in retrospect seems stronger. The ability to completely shut down early plays with Stopwatch is insanely powerful, don't get me wrong, but then we hit the problem of reality verse the problem we think is a lot larger then it is. In pro play, Stopwatch was disgustingly useful to the point where it influenced the solo q meta for awhile. Stopwatch's rune gets nerfed and then nerfed again later on to where it's viable but no one takes the rune cause there are better choices. Stopwatch gets slightly buffed and we're back to the same middle ground where Zhonya's is in my opinion. Overall, I think in the right hands Zhonya's can insanely powerful. With coordination and proper communication, Zhyona's/Stopwatch can actually completely change the tides of a teamfight. Realistically though, I think Zhonya's will always be a stable item in the game but will always be semi-gimmicky too. It's great in the hands of the right players but a waste of an item on some players. In higher elo the item can extreme in its usefulness because those players have such a good understanding on how these Zhonya's situations can/will go down, whereas in lower elo the item is almost equally as useful but even more useless in the sense of the players who can use it right but also in the sense of the players who don't know how to react to a Zhonya's in a teamfight too. Holy moly, how did I end up typing this much on such a simple item? Good morning world, I, am, awake! Kind of, partly; not really but getting there.
: The Value of Lion and Wolf Orbs
The PROJECT Augment Caches were by far the best loot that any event has had since Hextech Crafting came out.
: Emotes and skins are actually redeemed by two different systems so we can't bundle them together at this time. We're working to combine the systems into one, but it's not quite there yet :(
Are we ever going to get a reply or will everyone just be left with this clear excuse? Riot just isn't going to address that they charged $30 for a $10 skin? And then people wonder why everyone is saying League is gonna die when we don't even hear back from the company about literally anything. The image that Riot interacts with their community now'a days is a giant laughable joke.
: I understand this is for a good cause and all but costing 1k more RP for another icon+border without the emote in there is really expensive. compare to the skin being 1350 and with the icon is 1500 in the bundle, so going by that math another icon should be +250-350 and the border usually cost 150rp +600 for the emote is around 1k-1.1k rp for that bundle, so i don't know why the emote isn't in there.
I didn't want to say anything at first because at the end of the day that increase in price is all theoretically supposed to be going to charities as well, but 1,000 extra RP for the border and an icon without even including the emote is honestly quite extreme. Riot keeps putting out tons of limited time content (and I'm for sure going to aid this cause), but even for the people who don't mind spending money on League from time to time, there is beginning to be too much limited time content to keep up with. I just spent $35 on the God-King Mega Bundle for the borders and now have to spend another $30 if I want to get the Dark Star Cho'Gath border and emote; it's kind of ridiculous to be paying an extra $20 on a $10 skin knowing if I don't get it now it'll be worth gemstones later and the emote might not even be available anymore.
: Haven't gotten the mission yet. Is the event over?
The event is over technically but it looks as though the final mission will be given on the 23rd or potentially some time before. Chances are Riot needs to confirm the data/results and then actually compose the mission based on who won; then addressing which players get which mission on top of things. Give it time overall I say; something like this is too big for Riot to forget about.
Eedat (NA)
: How is it mind blowing? The amount of LoL players that visit the main Reddit absolutely dwarfs this board. Why is it such a surprise that this board isn't listened to as much when it's just common sense?
I understand going to where the larger crowd is, especially when realistically you're not going to put too much of a dent into the people who prefer Reddit over Boards. What blows my mind though is why any company, not even Riot specifically, would completely abandon their own site to all be on a different one. There is so much information on the League site that tons of players end up completely unaware of solely because they never use the League website. Even something so little as knowing there are some Rioters who browse Boards and make it feel like what playerbase is here have some degree of a voice at least would be captivating enough to bring some life back to Boards and maybe give it a bit more credibility. Ultimately you're never going to pull the people who use Reddit away from Reddit, but at the same time too I don't understand Riot not promoting their site at all or even give players a reason to be here.
: Champion and skin sale: 07.13 - 07.16
Umm, I think someone got confused on which Yi skin is actually supposed to be on sale; the top image is showing Cosmic Blade whereas the actual post says Ionia Master Yi is on sale. Somewhere, someone messed up. :o
Ąkąli (NA)
: I disagree, her late game sucks. They group, you're useless. Its not Evelynn. First, they changed Skarner, stopped maining him. Then, the reworked poppy, stopped playing poppy, then they reworked Rengar, stopped maining him. I played eve throughout this entire time, and decided to start maining her. Now shes changed and everything that I ever liked, they have changed to something completely foreign or just bad. "Play Your Way" has become "You Dont Belong Here" at every point for me. I like skirimishing with eve, and I cant do taht at all. She was so versatile and fun, you had to pay attention to what I was building to know what my playstyle was and how to beat me. It was so interactive. Now its not, and im still salty about it because nothing I like stays good, or even the same at all. More and more, it just looks a lot like I just dont belong in this game anymore.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold the phone for a moment here! I honestly agree that the Eve rework is questionable still despite her seeing a decent amount of play with a generous win rate as well form time to time. But the Poppy rework on the other hand; heeeeeeellllllll naaw, I won't be hearing none of that! The Poppy rework was **by far** one of the best things Riot has ever done. If anything, too successful in that when Poppy is strong, she generally becomes too strong and dominates the top lane. Kind of like a reverse form Renekton. Less slashy and more smashy.
: Does anyone miss Thunderlord's Degree?
I just miss my DFT; tick-damage mages still don't feel as fun.
: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story 2
: Did anyone not get the end of the VS event Icon?
I just double checked the event page and there was this; >After the event, you must complete one final mission by July 23, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PT to receive an icon commemorating the VS 2018 victor. If you chose the winning God-King, you’ll also earn 1000 Blue Essence. So, hopefully that clarifies things a bit. Kind of not really, but it's something. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-vs-2018-event
KnifeCat (OCE)
: Riot, brushing off the boards complaints is not a good idea.
But this isn't Reddit, Rioters don't even come here anymore. Why would they be on the official League of Legends site, come on! Get your act together! Although in all seriousness, I do completely agree. Players are people who play the game no matter what site or form of communication they're using. The fact that Boards can so easily go completely ignored to basically promote a different site is mind blowing to me.
YuGiHo (NA)
: did u forget treeline exist?
Who the hell plays TT? That's not a game mode, that's a place to get your First Win easy.
: You act like such an intelligent adult, but you can't even spell border. Unless you mean that someone is literally boarding something ingame, and you can cause this wonderful event to occur by spending 150 vs tokens.
I'm being judged over a single mistake by someone with your grammar? I'm 8 hours late to even acknowledging you and already the community has done a fine enough job enlightening you. Big Toxic Boii tried his hardest but only became the joke everyone got a laugh out of; cute. Oh, a quick thanks for pointing out the error though. I don't reread things when it's early, especially if I've yet to get myself coffee even. You know how things go, generally the responsible need to deal with the children first before being allowed to start our days. Speaking of which of now, I should go get my coffee started since I'm done here. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Random Bring Back Ascension Thread.
Honestly, I overall just wish Riot would make Ascension a permanent game mode. Not only does that bring back the Crystal Scar for Hide and Seek but in general it would be nice having a third game mode again. One that didn't have the expectations Summoner's Rift holds and with the ability to actually pick your champion, unlike ARAM. Ascension becoming a permanent game mode would probably be one of the wisest decisions Riot could make.
: Ooops, sorry if I offended you with my humor. Speaking of Ad Hominems, I too am a working adult (Licensed teacher with a Master's degree). As I've said before, I think riot has a fair and satisfying balance of advertisement and generosity. I'm sorry that you don't get what you wanted. I'm sorry if it doesn't feel possible to kick some money Riot's way in order to get what you wanted. I believe I have explained the skin shards situation down below on your other comment. I don't feel that we get to police the "worth" of content that has been given to us for free. Thanks for the conversation, happy to continue it if you are willing. But if you feel like you need to "educate" me, maybe it is best for you to step away and relax. {{item:3110}} {{champion:201}}
Ironically, your comment below was very respectful and appreciated to be honest. I'm more then willing to have a conversation among adults, provided they act like one. There was a lot of points I agreed with and ultimately at the end of the day I will never turn down free loot of any form. But when considering Riot and the standpoint League is in, I do not agree with over selling them credit that honestly isn't worth what they're putting out. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and meeting people on a mutual ground; the moment someone's ego (Riot in this case, so to speak) goes a little too above the clouds, some where reality is going to knock them back down. If I actually have an opinion I feel is worth saying on the matter, I don't mind being that reality check.
Revoke (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=3TWarrior,realm=NA,application-id=cBWEdEZ4,discussion-id=aAVJiLXh,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-07-10T07:50:09.372+0000) > > it would dampen the number, but really, one person could probably set up 10 accounts or 20 in a day > > give 10 people that power and you have 100 to 200 bots being made per day > > I guess that's better than thousands though but it's still wrong It's more when the botters sell accounts. Unverified email accounts are worth more because the buyer can use the email they have and not risk losing it in the future because the seller did a "recovery".
I cannot be possibly happier about this! As someone who has tried to introduce quite a few people to this game, the amount of them that stop playing because they were always paired with botters was ridiculously high. Anything aiding in the stop against botting, whether intentional or not, is a perfect step in the right direction for Riot; the new player experience is still pretty bad right now but this will help so much.
: Oh dear. It seems like your feelings might be hurt over the cost of those borders. Let me drop a {{item:3107}} active to heal you and all the other sadbois. Perhaps you could open a Patreon or give me your Paypal so that daddy Braum can buy baby everything you want for Kwissmiss? How dare Riot make you choose between different combinations of free content you get! HOW DARE THEY!!! ME NO WANNA CHOOSE!!! ME WANT IT ALLLLLL!!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Try as your little heart must, but of all people, I've put more money into this game then I care to even admit; perks of being a working adult compared to a youngin' trying to farm upvotes on an online site trying to feel relevant in the world. Allow me to enlighten your little brain for a moment here; promotional content of any form is ultimately to make money. Limited time content works wonders on people with collection addictions (much like myself). You can argue at the end of the day that cosmetics are cosmetics and you'd be right; it's something to adds absolutely zero value to the game one way or another. So based on that alone your argument of Riot losing money off a single profit point their multi million dollar game has is laughable at best. We add in as well then the rates and values that go into Hextech Crafting; tell me, of those whole 3 skin shards you got, how many are actually usable? Sure you could disenchant them for orange essence and get a whole 20% worth back, but at that point it takes 5 skin shards to upgrade a single skin; that's hardly a discount, let alone giving away something free. So while you cry your ad hominems and embarrass yourself, I'll leave you with that little bit of actual fact right there. Don't know if you'll be able to be serious enough for a moment to even attempt to understand it, but I'll allow you to enjoy yourself. I don't have time to educate everyone.
: Ending soon: VS 2018 event
I'm just gonna drop a copy-paste comment from a different post and leave it here for all the littlin's who actually think Rito is giving out any degree of "free stuff". "Missions are event only 90% of the time; First Win existed before Missions, so I don't count that. Champion capsules I guess are indeed a discount for anyone who doesn't already own all the champions, but at this point in LoL history, that's less than 50%. Honor Rewards don't give out anything other then champion shards until honor level 5? So, I don't even get your point with this one. The Rune System was a scam in the first place and realistically cost players more money now because they need to get more Rune Pages to actually stay relevant while playing the game. The BE shop gives out chromas for BE? I think there are mystery icons (and maybe (maybe) mystery ward skins) you can get for BE too? Woohoo~ And as for the Hextech Crafting system; honestly, you just don't want to get me started with how terrible of a 'Free Loot System' it is. I'll give you the short version though; it takes 6 Legendary skin shards to upgrade 1, single Legendary skin shard. Yee, real nice. On top of too the expectations for getting an S are silly high considering LoL literally encourages you to keep your champion pool smaller than larger. So you're allowed a whole total of 4 chests, gaining one chest per week after obtaining one, and then have to wait on key shards that have a disgustingly low drop rate. Add in as well, even after cramming on a champion _you don't play_ to finally earn a Hextech Chest, it's not even the Masterwork chest, so chances are you'll end up with a Champion Shard. Wow! You're literally trying to pull _the most_ literal nonsense out of thin air to argue a multi-million dollar company is losing money by barely giving out free stuff? You're actually in belief that Riot, who has people like the youtuber Trinimmortal who owns literally every single skin in the game (excluding ones like Black Ali or Rusty Blitz), is actually in the possibility (even hypothetically) of going into debit? Riot, who is **thriving** off of pro play and making tons of money from LC$, needs to worry about giving out slightly more skin shards? You're full of it and you know you are. Riot is beyond fine financially."
: Guys... Riot just made a random excuse to give us free content while advertising 2 beautiful skins. Your missions didn't feel like they mattered? Guess what you still earned free content for every mission you completed. Your side isn't winning? Guess what you still get tons of free content, you are only missing out on 1000 blue essence and your first choice of a free icon. I've received 3 skin shards so far from this event and I would have gotten the same rewards if I had chosen the other side. The missions gave me an extra little nudge of motivation to play this last week. Let me be crystal clear: YOU PAID NOTHING FOR THIS FREE CONTENT, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT FAIRNESS. IT WAS FREE FREE FREE! Thank you Riot. I appreciated the time I spent playing your awesome FREE game this last week, and I am thankful for the generously-rewarded FREE content. <3 Brauminator {{item:3110}} {{champion:201}}
Look at this brown noser lmfao. Yeah, we're just going to pretend the limited time borders that 90% of the LoL community is going to want to get don't literally cost 150 out of the 200 tokens we got. So you can get one of the limited time borders and then nothing else from the event; SUCH WOW! So amazing! So much free loot that isn't available for the common person so actually get! OP needs a life and to stop bending over backwards for Rito.
: Check out the Champ Memotions Contest!
But I can't draw! I'm not artistic in any sense of the word! I couldn't even make RP Art like some of these people! Good luck to everyone entering though; this is pretty dope of Riot to do.
: Vel'Koz loves Teemo. (That's how you know they're both evil)
You can't just drop this on someone without warning! I need new trousers now!
Memberry (NA)
: How does one counter Master Yi
Why are there so many down votes on the people actually trying to help? Are people really so salty about Yi being popular again that they down vote even clear cut ways to counter him cause they're that tilted? Man, I miss my days of not knowing how to play the game.
Mortdog (NA)
: I understand your frustration. The reason for the delay is that it happened on a weekend when we're a little slower, and it takes time to figure out the issues, exactly how to fix, and make sure we know what we're going to do. We'd hate to communicate something that we can't commit to, so all you'd get earlier is "We're looking into it" which isn't super satisfying (and we did via the in client notification)
100% understandable; at the end of the day, 'better late then never' is always what I hold to generally. I probably could've worded my original comment better but I am happy about this update on the situation; the clarification in reply as well is also very appreciated to be honest.
Mortdog (NA)
: Versus Event issues and Extension
I'm glad finally something was put out to address the problem with missions. The frustration for me wasn't even entirely them being bugged, shit happens sometimes, but not hearing anything from Riot about the problem was what was bothering more so later on. I'm happy to see all the concerns players have had about the event missions have been addressed and am overall personally happy about the way they were addressed. This will feel good for all players and makes up all losses for the players really effected by the problem. The only thing that does suck a bit from this bug is that it'll probably effect the overall results of this VS Event this time over. There is no way of saying which players for what factions would have been playing when or for how long. I'm sure things will be enjoyable at the event's end none the less, but shame still.
: Why does Zyra have such big boobs?
As a Zyra player, I've just heard this joke too many times and now it simply reminds me I'm dead inside.
Memberry (NA)
: How does one counter Master Yi
Hard CC (preferably point and click), grouping, and waiting for his first Alpha Strike before trying to fight him. Shut him down early to keep him from becoming a monster later on if possible.
: Why the missions aren't working (Start looking at the yellow exclamation mark more people....)
It's been almost 12 hours since the problem first came up, at least with all the commotion Riot might finally fix it.
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