: ARAM Emote Bug
The bug is something small but actually quite frustrating; take my supportive upvote. Hopefully with all the threads on this Riot will fix in this upcoming patch.
: Can We Get 1 LP for remakes?
I haven't played ranked in years but this would be a nice enough change just based on how often people end up a single LP or two away from getting into their promos lol.
: What do I do about ships i do not approve of????????
You can never sink a ship truly. It can be at the bottom of the ocean, it could be locked in Davy Jones' Locker, it could be sucked into a void of its own plain of existence and yet the ship still is not sunk. So long as the captain is always on board, even if in the sense of going down with the ship, it'll never be truly sunk. All a ship needs is that one supporter. The rest of the world may not get it, they make look down on it, but they cannot kill the passion that built it. Now don't mind me as I ship two random people because they accidentally bumped into each other. :^)
: when's next urf
It'll probably be awhile; Riot actively doesn't like URF in any form, they're convinced the fast paced gameplay makes people leave League because they can't play the game at a normal pace anymore. I don't know what kind of logic that is, but most people don't find ARURF fun anyways, so I don't imagine any version of URF will be out anytime within months.
: For the games that require skins, I got those playing ARAM and other players having the skins. You might also try asking on the Boards or other communities if anyone with the skin wants to go play with you. Also keep in mind that any mission that requires a matchmade game that doesn't specify "PVP" you can do in Co-op vs. AI.
> [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lAK0nkeO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-06T06:32:51.897+0000) > > For the games that require skins, I got those playing ARAM and other players having the skins. You might also try asking on the Boards or other communities if anyone with the skin wants to go play with you. Also keep in mind that any mission that requires a matchmade game that doesn't specify "PVP" you can do in Co-op vs. AI. I think all the Worlds missions are limited to 5v5 PvP games this event.
: Fizz is confirmed to be an aquatic Yordle. Kog'Maw, however, is a Voidling and has no relation to Yordles.
Was he finally? I haven't been keeping up with all the lore updates but I figured they'd make Fizz a vastayan.
: so when do we get our shadow isle yordle?
Ignoring why you put {{champion:105}} and {{champion:96}} in your list, a Shadow Isle yordle would be legitimately epic. The only evil yordle we have really is Veigar and I mean, Veig is the ultimate evil, but... I mean, he's Veigar, you know lol?
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Ætheist (NA)
: Why do I see people acting like the old Aatrox was some amazing design compared to the new one?
Mostly it was just bad timing; Aatrox needed a rework, there wasn't a single doubt there. It's just insanely ironic that he got his rework literally the moment he became a viable pick. We had even been seeing some Aatrox in pro play before the rework. Mostly it's a bandwagon, but I can see perhaps some nostalgic feeling from players,
: Zed x Syndra does it make sense?
I mean, Kata and Garen are enemies, but people ship that to no end. Love can bloom on the battlefield, can it not? Not that I'm for or against the ship, but willing to see the credibility.
: Emotes not working in aram
As I've commented on every thread about this I've seen so far; despite the bug being something small, it's insanely frustrating to be honest! Take my supportive upvote, I want this bug fixed sooner then later!
: What's your Star Guardian wishlist?
Serious Lineup - {{champion:163}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} Not exactly a team comp, but champs would do okay in the skin line; well, they'd look good at least. **Now though, when it comes to the REAL Star Guardians - ** {{champion:6}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:6}}
: what is the longest match you been in?
I can't remember the longest game I've been in of all my games, I but believe the longest ARAM I had was either 46 or 52 minutes actually; it was hella crazy and pretty intense actually.
: C&C's Odyssey of Art: WINNERS!
Congratz to the winners; the Jinx drawing was amazing, I'm not surprised to see it win. The Odyssey Donger was also one of my favorites from the submissions. (Though I may be biased cause, my boii; my big Donger boii!) [It sucks Zayord couldn't carry the torch to victory but alas, I had fun making him for the contest none the less. His ultimate was my favorite part making since we don't have a champion in the game whose abilities change based on their health.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/13OqgY90-contestraffle-for-sona-emote-ccs-odyssey-of-art?comment=0011) Thanks for the mods/admins for the contest, it was enjoyable being able to partake in it even without a hint of drawing capabilities lol.
: Emotes for some reason go away
This bug has been insanely frustrating despite being something so small. Take my supportive upvote, I want this bug fixed sooner then later.
: How much is the chroma? I got almost 700 and I play about 5 games daily sooooo will I ever get it? I have the World Pass. Someone please give me info? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
> [{quoted}](name=Tylerfig455,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=VQvZ1IjU,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-10-04T18:29:36.248+0000) > > How much is the chroma? I got almost 700 and I play about 5 games daily sooooo will I ever get it? I have the World Pass. Someone please give me info? {{sticker:sg-soraka}} 2,500 tokens - https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-worlds-season-2018-event#shop-loot
: It's spooktober, Throw Karthus a bone riot.
Fix the injustice; give us our Karthus emote!
: so it has nothing to do with the fact that riot gutted lulu because of her solo lane strength, gutted soraka for her duo lane strength, gutted braum for his protection ability, heavily nerfed thresh and leona, and promoted an all in meta(a meta nami is good in because of her cc) at the same time? why is shit like pyke allowed to exist in his current state, but nami is "overbearing" who the fuck is gonna counter brand, velkoz, and pyke supports if all of the healing/shield supports get nerfed into the ground?
Are you questioning Riot and their decisions to make LC$ more flashy with flashy champions instead of real supports? You mad man! We can't have a role not be doing insane amounts of damage! Who wants a shield when you can get the over buffed support ~~Darius~~ Pyke?
: What is love?
Love is peel for your carry.
: The Worlds Pass Grind
I haven't bought any of the bundles and the Kai'sa chroma is out of the question if I actually want to get anything from this silly grind of an event; right now I'm at 605 tokens, but I'm sure I haven't been nearly cramming enough. Not sure what I'm going for rewards wise yet. Probably gonna wait to see how much I'm able to get before making any decisions.
: PLEASE don't tell me you're going to wait until Harrowing to release the Karthus emote....
I'm really hoping it'll come out for halloween, but Riot probably forgot about us cause they don't care about their players anymore. We literally got a reply from a Rioter when you were doing the daily reminders and it amounted to what? More false promises and a continual disappointment. Just Riot Games' things I guess; feelsbadman.
: people crying about nami really makes me mad.
Nami is getting a slap on the wrist lol, not a nerf; considering she has had both a 10-11% play rate (8th most played champion in the game) and over 50% winrate for the past, I don't know, all of season 8 so far, I don't mind opening up some room for some other supps. Half the reason so many supports are just burst mages again is realistically cause ardent got gut due to people over exaggerating.
Dare mo Nai (EUNE)
: It stopped givin me worlds tokens from Co-op
Huh, if anything it's weird you were even getting tokens from bots; I'm almost positive tokens were only ever supposed to been obtained from PvP games since the start of the event this time. That is how the event page worded it at least.
: New skin idea: Entitled Yasuo
This is actually a golden idea; would pay for this without second thought. xD
: Who is best girl GD?
Welp, if this is best girl with no limits, for myself at least there is only a single answer: https://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-35/art/sc6-tira-special-art.jpg Tira will forever and always be my Number 1! <3 In fact, 'Number 1' is honestly an understatement; there are no words to describe my transcended feelings of passion for Tira. {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: What champion/skin does this border go with?
If it applies to all Harrowing skins, that would actually be super badass and a hella well played move by Riot. Now, I highly doubt it is considering some of the original Harrowing skins actually have their own border, but it's really simple and easy to miss, so maybe this will replace it? No way to tell for sure at this stage in the game~ It would be nice if Riot informed us of stuff early on though.
: WOW Rito did you just stealth NERF Worlds 2018 Pass token grind?
I didn't know if you were serious or not but checking the Worlds Event Page, down in the FAQ about the tokens from the Worlds pass, Riot actually did decrease the amount of tokens you gain from games now lmfao. This is beyond slimy; as someone who hasn't ever had a problem with spending some extra cash on League here or there, this actively puts me off wanting to support Riot in any way, shape, or form.
: No-one mocks the SG Urgod
I'd ~~tap it~~ buy it.
Saianna (EUNE)
: > The system is overall a **free **rewards system, so you can't complain too much, but it's definitely Uh, I wouldn't go that route tbh
I had to, otherwise the White Knights would witch hunt me; too much prior experience on the matter, we need to appease them by acknowledging Riot _tried_. Key word being "tried"; they tried to make a good free rewards system, they didn't though.
ˇˇˇ (NA)
: [Emotes] Emotes are not always showing up in aram
This bug has been insanely frustration despite being something so small. Take my supportive upvote, I want to see this problem fixed sooner then later.
: dont tell taric
I think Ez wants it to be canon; Lux's special interactions still technically probably say otherwise, even if they were before Ezreal's rework? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtFrbd4Z_MI
: Where does the trash talk come from?
Your definition is well enough; sometimes a tiny bit of banter back and forth between teams or players can make a game feel more competitive or put a little bit of drama out there with some bad blood. There has always been some smack talk in gaming and in most cases it's not that bad; then you get games like League here where people take it too far and it just becomes someone personally attacking someone for the sheer sake of just being an asshat. In general, trash talking really isn't needed (nor wanted) in most cases outside of entertainment purposes (drama = views), but it's one of those things where you unfortunately can't really escape it. People are gonna talk smack in gaming, just some people like to go the distance to try to be as rude as they possibly can.
: A Jarjar
Dis a good meme; das pretty good, I like, I like!
: someone do me a favor
Already gotchu; the total is 360, although some people have been claiming Riot has a secret mission or two for an extra 40 tokens, bringing the total up to 400 max. I don't know if the secret missions is actually a thing or not, but going off the Event Page alone, the max is 360 tokens without the event pass.
: When I'm posting / commenting on the boards....
Ehh, don't forget it happened as to learn from it, but don't sweat over it too much either; we're all only human after all, and our species is faaaaaar from perfect lol. It happens, no one can be nice all the time; it'd be scary almost if they were!
: lol 5/35 worlds quests? gotta pay for the rest!!
Ironically, the event pass doesn't even give extra missions lol; just lets you earn tokens from playing games.
: *Teammate indicates they're going Yasuo *Immediately bans Yas
I remember when instead of Yasuo this thread would be about good ol' Teeto. Poor Teeto; where did all the threat go? What happened to the half health mushrooms? Some could call it 'game balance', I call it injustice to a champion considered toxic just because he poisons people. Size sometimes does mean everything...
: Did they nerf Orange essence again? Or is it really that bad in general.
When Hextech Crafting was introduced, disenchant rates were 33%. When last preseason hit, Riot claimed they would be giving out more free loot and because of so decided to cut disenchant rates down to 20%. Now, I have absolutely no clue where this 'more free loot' was supposed to be coming from, but now'a days it takes roughly 4/5 disenchanted skin shards to simply upgrade 1 permanent skin. The system is overall a free rewards system, so you can't complain too much, but it's definitely a (super, mega) long term free rewards system. Feels kind of bad considering you're encouraged to have a smaller champion pool, meaning you likely won't be getting too many S' and chests on various champions.
: Unchained Alistar/Riot Girl Tristana
Those two skins can no longer be obtained, they were retired because Riot felt they gave away enough free stuff already; they had a promotion for them before they went away and then that's that. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/otLbJY8p-psa-get-unchained-ali-riot-girl-trist-before-they-enter-the-limited-skin-vault-aug-1st
: kalista? yes or no
Oh. O-oh.... Oh my! If this isn't about buying/playing Kali, then by all means, yes! Yes for days!
: > [{quoted}](name=Vhan8765,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HYs86Ve2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-01T17:57:15.807+0000) > > snip You.....do realize this post is purely meant to be ridiculous, and is in no way attempting to discredit or belittle actual weight loss, right?
> [{quoted}](name=The Oasis,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HYs86Ve2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-01T18:23:46.439+0000) > > You.....do realize this post is purely meant to be ridiculous, and is in no way attempting to discredit or belittle actual weight loss, right? It's League, I could have assumed as much with how toxic the community is; doesn't mean the topic isn't something serious none the less. Chances are some people even agree with your post, not knowing you're just being a trihard.
: hurrah for the month of spoops
: I dont get why people celebrate losing a few pounds.
This is actually insanely inconsiderate; just basing an argument off of pure fact, each person has varying metabolism, meaning for some people they can barely eat but actually still gain weight. On the other end of the scale are people like myself who can eat literally as much as I possibly can but barely put on any weight at all. It doesn't matter what overall size you are, for some people they have to watch their weight their whole life simply because all it would take is a few slip ups to where it could cause actual health problems. Why would you ever intentionally want to make some feel bad about something that is a pretty good thing for them? A few pounds or a bunch of weight, if they're proud of the changes they're doing for themself, don't actively go out of your way to tell them it isn't important. Shoot, how many people in the world do you think would judge every single one of us for having put so many hours into League of Legends? A game online that provides no life experience and doesn't make money for the average player even. I'm not trying to harp on your case here, but don't be that person who belittles something someone else has done even if it seems like a small accomplishment to you.
: Why do you play league?
Because my computer is slowly breaking. Because the lore and the universe is honestly fun. Because the uh, "fan art" is good. **_Ahem_** But mostly because I hate myself and enjoy the suffering.
: Zed needs to be buffed
Zed isn't as strong as current bandwagon people are jumping on would lead you to believe, but in no way does Zed need a buff lol. The champion may be a bit strong right now in the right hands, but on average he is still below a 50% win rate; good players can play around a Zed easily.
: Champion of the day: Jinx
Ahh, Jinx is quite a topic; she is such a cliche fan favorite that it's almost off putting, and yet I can't help to find that over time I've come to absolutely adore Jinx. Odyssey Jinx is potentially her best personality among skin lines, even if you can only hear it in the game mode or Odyssey related animations. Still can't do Ahri though; that is one cliche fan favorite I haven't given in to. Probably cause Star Guardian Ahri actually makes my ears bleed...
cupcaker (NA)
: i don't care if nasus has no other engagement tools
Nasus' slow is one of the slowest slows in game; if Nasus wasn't Nasus and didn't need a rework, I'd just say to make the slow a stun with how slow it makes ya. Then again, Kha just got a 90% slow buff on isolated targets so, eh; game balance. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: What's more tilting/BM? "?" or "gg ez"
Honestly, while both are kind of low on the toxic scale, I find the "gg ez" to be more rude just because it's pretty unsportsmanlike, so to speak. That and half the time whenever someone drops the single, lone question mark, ironically they end up doing something silly and deserving the same thing right after lol. "gg ez" just seems to disrespectful, you know? Even if it was an easy game, you don't need to be that person who actively kicks a person when they're down. Game is over, you won, they lost, don't make 'em feel worse lol. Especially cause RNG was screw you over and pair you with that same person next game. xD
vimaid (NA)
: Can someone disconnect you every time they attack you?
Were the either of you wearing skins? I don't believe this happens often at all, but I know when Beekeeper Singed was released there was a bug with the skin that was causing some people to having major FPS drops to the point of unplayable. Doubtful, but there could be some kind of Nasus/Yorick skin bug; both have such little play rates, it could be possible.
: I watched 2 games on LolEsports (I was signed in) already. My mission is still not complete.
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