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: Rename mode to "**Crash**"
upvoting for the sheer savagery of the statement
: Patch 8.11 Early Look
Well, this is gonna hurt Riot, a favor to ask, in the next even number patch can you bring supporting back into the support meta?
: ctrl+f thresh ctrl+f blitzcrank :( riot pls give me back threshcrank
PLEASE bring back threshcrank Y'all buffed Thresh until he's basically an ADC with the new runes, finish the job!
Rodnii (NA)
: Am I reading this wrong, or is this the first step to adding voice lines to older champs?
They'd be stepping on toes to admit it, but if the entire audio engine can be easily edited from behind the scenes we can expect those new {{champion:12}} and {{champion:26}} jokes any time now.
Laurgon (NA)
: This may be kind of a stupid question — I don't know anything about audio or the systems that keep everything running behind the scenes — but will the new audio engine make sound files easier to find and access? I still want to be able to use sound effects (not just voice lines) as ringtones.
If you don't have "you can't milk those" as your picture message tone I'm disappointed in you.
: Let us change vo language and client language freely PLEASE
I logged in to say THIS! Just because someone's in a region doesn't mean they speak the local language!
: We've recently made some improvements on our data pipeline (work on that front is still ongoing), which will enable us to detect bots sooner. I'm striving toward a model that would only require a few games to be confident enough that an account is worthy of a ban for botting, and we'll need to monitor this as botters adapts. On the captcha idea, this is something that's commonly brought up, but is not an idea we're entertaining at the moment. For one, we have a captcha on account creation and we still see botting on new accounts (i.e. we know there are ways around captcha). Secondly, as a human it's really annoying to have to put in captcha codes. Bots make up a very small percentage of all players, so by implementing a captcha in order to queue up for a match (which we know bots can circumvent), we're likely just causing annoyance for human players. That's not to say we couldn't put in some logic to only present a different challenge to suspected bots using certain criteria, which is why we haven't dismissed that idea completely.
So this hasn't gotten any better. Like really, have we been to treeline lately? Don't answer that but still...
: I Got This to Say to Everyone About Sona's Current State
Aaaaaand one more in line behind Aatrox for the rework!
Violett (NA)
: When are we gonna have another HARD support?
{{champion:53}} Forgetting someone?
: RIOT... you are absolute morons... you made a champions that is UNFIXABLE!!!
Zilean got fixed, all the damage on one skill isn't necessarily a dealbreaker. That said, the cooldown could be a bit higher or the flight time a bit slower on her Q, and her bubble being a trap is OP AF. But you were playing EZRAEL man. {{champion:81}} HI I'm Ezrael, the whole point of me is that I'm a GLASS CANNON who thrives on winning ranged matchups!
Weedbro (NA)
: Riot cares about bad naughty words but not if you ruin the game.
Better yet, the ENTIRE JOB of weeding out which players are flaming and being racist could pretty much be done automatically by existing (MINIMUM OF) 30 year old code with no human input except reports of the wordfilters being circumvented. I had an IRC where if someone wrote out a slur, the system would detect it and generate an instant warning, then an instant ban, without letting them post! This shouldn't be hard! Imagine it, your support tries to type "GG bot's a [pick a slur]" and instead they say absolutely nothing! That way the ENTIRE STAFF of riot's game moderators could be put to the task of detecting and banning the other kinds of troll.
Hópe (NA)
: Hey does anyone else stumble across runes when they are last pick?
Because the new client is spaghetti code that locks in that hasty last minute rune page pick about 75% of the time
: Can someone tell me why Sona shouldn't be outputting lots of damage?
Because ADC's who can't lasthit cry? IDC build a metric ton of damage, if the patch notes are any indicator riot already hates her. If you can peel 90% of the health off the carry DO IT. Just consider having restraint with that last 10%
: Ban System
A percentage of players, large or otherwise, will not mute you. Those players develop tilt, tilt loses the game for the other 3 players who aren't you and your trolling vic. No.
: Can we see nunu buffs he has the lowest win rate in all roles besides adc and mid.
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: Leveling and Rewards - Early Impressions and Adjustments
So what I really don't get after all of it is this. I *DO* play a metric ton of league, why do you feel the need to punish that?
: Buying Runes Between Now and Preseason
A lot of people paid the real world money to finish the colossal grind progression that getting all of the rune pages takes, and a lot of people went through the friggin years of grinding it took to get all of those pages and have optimal runes for their champs, I'm not against making that level of customization free but if you're going to make extra rune pages that can be edited in champ select then you should find a better way to repay the people who paid full price for your game.
: won't this potentially kill some late game scaling champs; I just see a panth with runes all geared to the early game and having the need to sit under tower for 15+ min just to live as any semi squishy champ.
I doubt that it'll permanently kill them, but I bet it will make for some interesting early/late rune builds. I could see players typically using the secondary rune path to offset that difference by picking an OP early game one
: That would fix the second problem, but the first problem is still huge. Riot works very hard to lower the toxicity in the game, introducing a system that could potentially increase toxicity would be a huge issue for them. And, as I said, assuming you are not leaving yourself or causing your teammates to lose your games you are at a statistical advantage when it comes to whether or not there will be a leaver on your team. Also, from what I have seen, afk's are very rare, at least outside of aram.
Been very rare 5 days in a row? Is there a new account selling operation going on or something?
: That would fix the second problem, but the first problem is still huge. Riot works very hard to lower the toxicity in the game, introducing a system that could potentially increase toxicity would be a huge issue for them. And, as I said, assuming you are not leaving yourself or causing your teammates to lose your games you are at a statistical advantage when it comes to whether or not there will be a leaver on your team. Also, from what I have seen, afk's are very rare, at least outside of aram.
I wish they were rare, but they're far from. It seems like a weighted scale, the closer to a promo game, the more likely there is going to be a jinx that runs to lane, kills two waves, bases, and goes to the mall.
Zerenza (NA)
: 3 AFK's in a row later, i haven't won a game in 3 hours.*Tilted*
Punishing the other 4 players for one afk remains the most frustrating policy at Riot games.
: Because if they did that then when someone thought they were going to lose they would either troll or flame someone on their team to try to get them to leave. That and people could queue with people and have the person they queued with leave if they were losing so they would lose less LP. Right now, assuming you don't leave games, you have a statistical advantage as to whether or not there is an afk on your team as compared to your opponent. Four chances compared to five.
Isn't that simple to fix by equally applying the penalty over groups when one afk's? I mean, this is literally the main point of frustration with a lot of players, it certainly inspires me to spend hours at a time playing kerbal space program instead of league because after a few games in a row of this crap the frustration threshold kicks in. 4v5 games have a statistically impossible winrate, and happen too often even with the 3m leaver surrender
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: Future plans for the client
*sigh* "and we've seen no widespread technical problems after the launch" Your humor is subtle riot. For the first time since about 2006 a game broke my OS, except it wasn't a game, it was a glorified menu to get into a game. The way I've kept playing your game is by literally creating a League of Legends partition and dedicated OS, with a dedicated backup, so that when, not if, your client does that again it'll be easy to just format the partition, paste and patch, and it's still crashing about once a day on a fully clean and dedicated partition that just has League, and Windows. I just hope you're pulling 12 hour shifts on this
Helstrom (EUNE)
: They don't refund LP.
Yeah, and while they keep fuckin up the community's going to keep asking them to correct their mistakes instead of punishing players for programming mistakes
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: Is your Updated Client not working? You've come to the right place!
Low spec mode problem I do have the "close client during game" option checked. The game just ran for about 10m total, at 3m I started having FPS drop like a process was eating up CPU, and at 10m I simultaneously began having lag and FPS drop. Then the "closed" client crashed, followed by League crashing, followed by my league folder being corrupted and my computer displaying a warning that my hard drive has been corrupted. RIP old client
: Like I said, can't talk specifics. Work is being done on chat stuff. And we've heard the feedback about the need for changes and improvements to clubs.
So if you heard our feedback that chat rooms are important to us, that clubs don't work, and that it's an isolating thing to the community of people with more than 20 friends... Why not ship the feature? Why send it out 50% when you usually push for 110%
: But Riot wants to push the new client now in order to focus on getting a lot of new features in within the next 5 patches. I expect not only for the Item Sets to come back, but purchasing skins in Champ Select, 10 bans, upgrading the Club system, and other enhancements. Heck, don't be surprised when they'll probably also include cosmetic client skins based around a theme so they can make more money because this is a capitalist's world, where if you buy, you say yes, and if you don't you say DO NOT WANT. Overall, cutting the Legacy Client allows development to no longer be split between supporting both of these clients. Not only is the New Client fundamentally more stable in the long run, but it also runs faster. At least on my PC, which is a laptop that has a price tag of like $900 and yet has like $300 in like tech (8GB RAM, Intel i3 4th gen., 750 GB HDD, Windows 10, Ethernet port and Wi-fi b/g/n) which isn't a bad start (I plan to convince my mom to spend money on an Ironside computer so I can actually work with something more powerful, and run Overwolf and Discord at the same time! WOWEE!) Riot also took the time to make every part of the Client consistent with the new lore. Before, you were supposed to be a Summoner, with a tome that recorded your Matches, and allowed you to document your masteries and place your runes. But, there's a problem: where in the new lore does it suggest that a Summoner exists? The new lore tarnished the old layout by making it jarring to new players who have only ever seen the new lore (Unless you're main is Lee Sin), so the New Client opted for a very recognizable object in the lore that is mentioned several times in Piltover stories: Hextech. (Fun Fact: The Client specifically based the designs off of Jayce's Mercury Hammer, and its transformative nature.) By unifying the entirety of the client with one recurring theme, new players who will join the League of Legends will find the client more inviting (or more annoying if you main anyone in Zaun.) Finally, I'd like to say this. I honestly don't understand the situation with people saying the client runs like garbage because I only experience that when I leave the client open for a ridiculous amount of time, yet still functions essentially, and it hasn't resulted in me accidentally dodging matches (queues, yes but only if someone else dodged them, and I don't get LeaverBuster for not accepting a match. Heck, that's why they have a Decline button if you suddenly do not have 30-40 minutes to spare for a game.) I have no idea why everyone is rampaging about Champ Select because it works fine for me. (Except patch 7.6, but then it miraculously fixed itself during patch 7.7)
You're what scientists and philosophers call "really friggin lucky" if that's how it's running for you. Cutting the legacy client does mean they don't have to split their resources, cool, if it was ready I wouldn't argue with you, but anything capable of knocking my operating system offline from a simple menu, without even starting the game (the thing that ought to be the most complicated part of a league session) with it's bugs is SERIOUSLY not ready in terms of 2017 development standards. Yes, we've made every part of this client "part of the lore" and speaking of graphic design I've never through the entire process of trying to get this to run decently on my box in the alpha and beta said it wasn't pretty. If pretty were the minimum standard of software engineering everybody would have loved this on drop. Here's the thing though, if how pretty a piece of software is detracts from it's ability to do it's very basic function it's a worse piece of software than an uglier version. It would be visually appealing if MS Word had a stylus that scribbled every letter for me, auditorily appealing if it made a pen on paper noise, and ultimately annoying and wasteful of resources. It would be pretty, and detract from my ability to write my resume. This is pretty, and detracts from my ability to play League of Legends.
: I mean, Riot didn't say the New Client was perfect. They'd be bullshitting you if they did. But the New Client can last a much longer uptime (run Legacy Client for 24 hours, and it fails to load up UI elements and crashes immediately after that, giving me LeaverBuster), and also I have accidentally dodged 2 games from a snag that resulted in the entire teardown of the New Client. I had to redownload it twice. However, it seems that the new client can recognize if the failure was on the Client's fault or the player's fault.
I'm still at the point where at the end of matchmaking I have to manually restart it, it's literally crashing when the match ends so that after every league game I have to start the client. I already know it's supposed to come back, but after ten minutes of nothing it's a moot point. It's busted.
: I enabled low spec mode as soon as the forced downgrade happened BSOD Thanks guys, I'm gonna miss you!
After restart it works, but jeez if low-spec can crash the client to the point I have to power off my computer and restart it, my sentiment that this is alpha, and not release, level tech is kinda validated ain't it?
: Low-Spec mode pretty much nixes all of the champ select animations that cause lag. We are thinking about ways we can improve it further but a lot of the more recent general performance fixes (that work for everybody and not just those using low spec mode) have had a really big impact. How's it working out for you on the latest patch?
Yes, but can you even initiate Low-Spec mode if the dialogue to initiate low-spec mode crashes the client? Questions without good answers
: Legacy Client Now Retired
I enabled low spec mode as soon as the forced downgrade happened BSOD Thanks guys, I'm gonna miss you!
: Updated Client Switchover: Out with the Old, In with the New
Honestly, I've never seen backlash this strong from your community. It's going to be nice to try Rakan, but if I can't run the game my joy of this is going to be short lived at best. I'm impressed with the look and potential of your new client, but when I'm getting one frame per two seconds on your animations, and your pick ban quotes are liike "" -Thresh (In low spec, disabling as many cpu draining features as possible is how I get the best gameplay, always has been, always will be) I really hope you're putting in 48 hour days trying to get this thing stable by the 24th, but I don't see how you can accomplish this even if you give up sleep as a concept and hire ten more people today.
: You can resize it using cntrl+ and cntrl- I'm pretty sure you're still mad after learning this but I thought I'd share anyway *hides*
*attempts this* Two sizes, neither good
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zee Captainia,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=RorgOxwt,comment-id=0044,timestamp=2017-04-17T21:08:37.095+0000) > > Seems this is the wrong choice here. Many of the comments are complaining - and about many different things. New Client lag, less functionality for more resources used, many features not implemented yet. Please, Riot. Keep the Legacy Client until the new client is fully finished. Many people are going to miss the features that aren't yet added. I am one of those people as well. The new client just isn't practical in the state it's in, at least not when you force everyone off of the Legacy and onto it. Give us more time. To be honest, most of the time the comments are going to be complaints on any Riot announcement.
But have you seen one positive response? Even from an alpha tester?
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
There's a difference in quality, I've noticed, between free open source software and private development. Private developers tend to create artistic programs that look very good (and well done on that!) but are plagued with crash inducing bugs that the end users can't resolve. The legacy client was doing a very good job at running without crashing. It may have looked a little dated, but for it's lack of style what it accomplished was function. It did and does all the things needed by players, where the new client does not. What the new client accomplishes is jerky skipped frames that, if I cross my eyes and use my imagination I could see as animations, and garbled noises that are supposed to be pick/ban quotes. "wh.. ight..l ..ent ..ace" -Thresh I'm running a system with an i7 processor, sure those didn't come out yesterday but they're still pretty dang high on the performance curve. I used to play league on a box that I built in 2006 with 4g of ram and a core2 duo and it ran. I would have no chance of playing the game now. Part of the appeal of league has always been for me, and for many other people who frankly don't have a colossal amount of extra cash, that we could play this game on legacy machines and enjoy spending $10 on it once in a while. Those players are now going to have to find another game, or save the money they blow on RP until they can afford a high end gaming rig to play your game. Given the choice, I suspect many of them are going to go try something else, and this comments section more than confirms that. Yes, that's nice for the *next* Riot games coming up, but I can't see where it's going to this community, company, or game, that we love so much any good.
: Client Beta Update #3: Closer to Completion
I enjoyed the alpha/beta of the new client, but to be honest, I'm not really all that stoked to lose item sets (even knowing you're working super hard to roll them out along with the Aatrox rework and your plans to bring back Revive as a sum) and really especially not looking forward to summoner spells not being revealed while champions are hovered. Last pick surprise smite support might just become a thing, nobody wants that
: Chroma IP sales: 3.22.17 - 4.5.17
It's a fun sale to play support for... lots of incentive to come bot lane from this sale!
Zayll (NA)
: Autofill opt out
Riot does a thing I don't like! I'm gonna quit LOL That never works, never will. On the other hand if we can come up with a better idea that would be great. I for one enjoy playing sup, but I can see where that's because I have more tolerance for bs than most. I'm just glad I'm not the one who has to figure out how to make playing support at least a little satisfying even with a flat out bad ADC
: 3 games in a row where I've been kicked out of the match after champ select and have not been able to reconnect at all... What's the word on this issue?
: Kicked out of game, can't reconnect
Anyone that's following this one, confirmed from my end that a clean install is no fix at all.
: Can't connect to game (please dont low prior :( )
YOU ABANDONED YOUR GAME! 100,000 YEARS LOW PRIORITY QUEUE AND/OR GULAG no but really I hope they work it out, it's happened to just about all of us now, I got knocked out of a game at like 4 am and it's still a straight line from client to blackscreen
: 3 games in a row where I've been kicked out of the match after champ select and have not been able to reconnect at all... What's the word on this issue?
Well they finally admitted it's worth taking ranked play down, still no red post on the subject of why League isn't working, though Meddler's on talking about the Galio rework... so... yeah... there's that! Maybe if the playtest teams can't connect things will get done?
: Any official response from a Rioter yet? besides the lackluster service status message?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
*hits red tracker* Nope Red tracker's a thing btw.
: at least you didnt have it as bad as this guy
It's been a long time since I used this trope PWN3D
: > [{quoted}](name=Viceroy Bolt,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=EAWGF3uY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-13T15:53:02.996+0000) > > Historically speaking I'd say 0-0.0000001% chance riot gives a nanometer on that one. Kinda wonder why we don't just boycott this game? Not like we're all slaves to Riot...... I think
Because while some people will have a tantrum *every freaking time* the server crashes for the most part we're all here because we had a good time playing. Riot values criticism, but they're damn near immune to salt at this point and have a player base large enough that regardless of your exit from the game they're gonna be making money and filling stadiums.
: > [{quoted}](name=Viceroy Bolt,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=KX0tphBV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-03-13T15:51:06.797+0000) > > Wow even split! > > Only surprising because there's a lot more PC gamers than mac gamers, most of us don't spring the extra $3-600 to have an apple on the side of the case. I used to be able to justify a gaming rig. Now days though I just use my work laptop. My macbook pro with a monitor, usb wired mouse and wired keyboard. Can't tell the difference cause I always play of low settings for better performance. Nice attempt at gatekeeping tho.
Me: *watches PC jump up to 20% more than mac* Ahh there it goes And bonus points that it's a work rig and not the computer you went out to get yourself. In the face of far less limited resources and bulk buys it's NBD to pay more money for it to have a pretty little apple on the side. Most of us aren't justifying a gaming rig, most are justifying a discount rig. It's 2017, nearly none of us can afford a beefcake liquid cooled gaming rig.
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