KnifeCat (OCE)
: Riot, are you going to just continue to ignore damage creep?
The reason Riot doesn't address such issues is because Riot doesn't want the game to be like S7 and below anymore. They're trying heavily to cater towards non gamers/casual gamers so that they can pull in quick cash. They essentially want that $15-100 randomly spent within 3-6 months vs the $100-1K+ in the span of 3-4 years. They're realizing that they can pull more cash this way so they're abandoning their previous player base in favor of a base that doesn't give 2 shits about the game they're playing. Riot Games the company made by gamers for gamers that says, "Fuck gamers we'd rather cater to casuals and non gamers."
: Font of life feels a bit weak
It's only meant for early game. Even then it can't be too good because if it is then it makes non heal supports too viable and the Janna main on the balance team would get triggered if that happened.
: i voted resistance, and it seems to have won the draw, also this point can be made if any of the other category's won
> [{quoted}](name=Master2139,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ZNe881Lr,comment-id=00190000,timestamp=2018-12-04T03:35:18.744+0000) > > i voted resistance, and it seems to have won the draw, also this point can be made if any of the other category's won Even more rigged than gambling at a casino man lol. Seriously though, Resistance is such an ugly skin. It's just a cheap and underhanded move by Rito honestly. They saw how popular the other 2 choices were and went, "Oh shit, we might actually have to design a good skin for this champion. Let's quickly make up some fake numbers." Thematically it's just bleggh. Seriously man space mutha chuckin tentacles!!!! Giant slappy plants! How is that not cool??? A recolored tentacle is cooler than those two??? Edit: Also found this little gem from the League subreddit for people doing a community poll. Guess what tho? Battlecast wasn't popular! Like no way right??? Totally not rigged right???
: This is getting out of hand.
I know right! Look at that! 4 Ignites! That's just absurd to see so many Ignites being used in one game.
Asamas (EUNE)
: Oh but were would I post my sexy bionicle girls now? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
> [{quoted}](name=Asamas,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=l8V1GYwQ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-12-03T19:28:57.192+0000) > > Oh but were would I post my sexy bionicle girls now? > {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Lmao for some reason reading this just reminded me of the Futurama episode where they go to the planet with robots that are afraid of humans. In which Bender enters an abandoned adult store and proceeds to look at dirty robot magazines.
Moody P (NA)
: Balancing around people who cant play well is absurd
How else is NA and EU going to beat KR and China?
: the world needs this illaoi skin
Lmao as if. Do y'all not remember "Resistance" Illaoi? 3 skins polled. Explorer Illaoi, Deep Space Illaoi, and Hextech/Battlecast Illaoi. Player base: Votes for Explorer and Deep Space. Shows very high popularity amongst players. Rito: Oh hey guyz! Hextech Illaoi won! Why and how did this cheapo generic copout of a skin win? Bcuz fuck you that's why! We don't give 2 shits about your input and never have! Also we're renaming her to Resistance Illaoi now to further symbolize our "resistance" against your "negativity" Omegalul!
Satakieli (EUNE)
: Gold is a nightmare
Gold isn't actually Gold anymore. Gold is Bronze 2.0. Clean accounts have their MMR sitting at higher Silver to low Gold. With the sheer amount of players playing this causes what should be average to above average players to become heavily infested with very below average players. Thus lowering the overall quality of the rank. With such players comes such mentalities as well. That is why you are experiencing higher amounts of toxicity.
: Eve being either a one-shot god or users being banned for playing her, old Yorick, old Kassadin... Great times I guess, but I'll enjoy this season just fine tbh. I'm having way more fun this season than the past 3.
> [{quoted}](name=Attysu The Poro,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nvewWBtT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-02T21:03:07.482+0000) > > Eve being either a one-shot god or users being banned for playing her, old Yorick, old Kassadin... > > Great times I guess, but I'll enjoy this season just fine tbh. I'm having way more fun this season than the past 3. IDK man/woman/UFO, S8's only good point was preseason. Kinda hard to say that it was enjoyable in any way shape or form. Unless you just enjoy having a grey screen for 95% of your play time.
: The Year is 2023
20XX is a better meme.
Terozu (NA)
: Actually ignite is balanced specifically to crowd out teleport.
> [{quoted}](name=Terozu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tGOA2lOu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-02T08:11:52.621+0000) > > Actually ignite is balanced specifically to crowd out teleport. Found the secret Rito employee scrounging about the boards trying to indoctrinate unsuspecting players.
: Well, the issue with Censer was that it was the on-hit healing, the bonus damage, the attack speed, AND the stats (Censer has some pretty damn good stats) all in one package. A new item with a FoL passive could be dedicated to the passive, and thus won't be as overloaded.
> [{quoted}](name=chipndip1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gO7EL1eE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-30T02:21:29.964+0000) > > Well, the issue with Censer was that it was the on-hit healing, the bonus damage, the attack speed, AND the stats (Censer has some pretty damn good stats) all in one package. A new item with a FoL passive could be dedicated to the passive, and thus won't be as overloaded. I mean again the only thing remotely strong was the AS. The healing and damage was like 30~50 spread out over 3 hits or something. Now it's a flat scaling per hit over 6s. Which frankly is way better lol. You see where I'm getting at? People just cry OP because they want to say it is not because they know it is.
: Font of Life: From rune to support item
FoL is better as a rune than item. People bitched enough about Ardent especially when all you needed to counter it was 800g on the ADC. So yeah, when 99.99% of the player base is too stupid to buy an 800g item once you'll bet it will happen again.
: I only chose to go outside long enough to drive to McDonald's.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=TzdhWjWA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-27T16:00:19.216+0000) > > I only chose to go outside long enough to drive to McDonald's. Nope, already tried that. McDonald's won't partner with League players because the salt is too pure and one grain would kill a normal human that has never once been exposed to gaming salt.
Lordlore1 (EUW)
Pentagon. Hexagon. Octagon. All your players are gone. Oh wait...
: > [{quoted}](name=ViciousSummoner,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=i6r6aVoR,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-11-26T21:58:58.543+0000) > > First off, > > > Secondly, > My OCD is through the roof because of the rough edges here and there! I know. But I still wanna share lol{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
> [{quoted}](name=SweetAndSourFish,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=i6r6aVoR,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2018-11-26T23:28:43.884+0000) > > I know. But I still wanna share lol{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Oh no, by all means keep putting your stuff out there and keep at it. It's just a peeve of mine as I myself do a bit of art. The more you make the better you become at hiding mistakes from the unwary eye. At least that's what I've learned lol.
: 【Handcraft】 NAMI
First off, Secondly, My OCD is through the roof because of the rough edges here and there!
: Y'all remember when Corki was actually a champion?
TBH Corki is fairly strong it's just that he has so, so many bad match-ups anywhere he goes.
: Does Tencent have anything to do with how shitty this game is?
Who to blame for the current state of League of Lego's: Tencent: The guys who keep chucking out cash grabs like there's no tomorrow. Rito Smol Indie Company: The guys who blatantly don't give two shits anymore about game balance. That should solve your dilemma.
meowwow7 (NA)
: tbh my build with alistar if i ever go past {{item:3401}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3050}} would be {{item:3401}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3193}}, but since it usually ends after a teamfight with a zeke's ult with a heavy hitting ad linked i never get to have much fun
Yeah, rushing your T3 supp item... Lol you never rush that. It's a complete waste of gold that you could've put into another item. You only want to rush the T2 for the warding and gold proc increase. Aside from that uggh no Zekes is just garbage. You're so much better off rushing Vow just because of the damage reduction it grants your ally. Also not to mention the small heal that you receive.
BradNo (NA)
: I think Alistar is better Mid to late because of his teamfight potential. The best part of Alistar's kit is being able to force a fight on enemies who are mispositioned. This is more effective when enemies have longer cooldowns. My build provides even more peel than an average Alistar build when it comes to Teamfights. Outside of teamfights, I provide the same peel as before. I agree with. Zeke's is pretty bad at the moment, but I put it in this as an option. Buying Adaptive Helm and Thornmail can co0me in handy if you really want to 1 v 5 the enemy team. If you haven't noticed yet, this build is DESIGNED for you to 1 v 5 the enemy team. In fact, that's Alistar kit when used perfectly: 1 v 5 the enemy team and lock them down. Gargoyle Stoneplate buys you more time to do this. For the Sums. I just threw ideas out there. For the runes. Take Inspiration. I think it's the best on Alistar.
Maybe I should've just simplified it. Your build forces you to wait for super opportune moments. Your build forces you to sit around and wait on the game to play itself out. Sure, you can play proactively, but even then it's not effective because of how slowly you move around and how easy it is to avoid such situations. You're waiting and hoping for the game to hit 30+ mins. Meaning your chances of success are significantly lower. With the pacing of the current game state you want to play the early and mid game. Not the mid and late only. You're basically throwing out all of Alistar's early power for late game fiesta coin flips.
BradNo (NA)
: What is it about my build? Can you explain that a bit more? Also, the build you provided me is for getting picks. My build is designed to be in the center of a teamfight. I think my build is better for higher elo considering people will know how to utilize their damage in a teamfight. Also, my build provides lots of peeling for my ADC
Your builds only prioritize you and not your team. Your builds also only work mid to late. You should be more focused on early to mid where your CC/engage/pick, which ever you want to call it, is its most viable due to the lack of items on other players. Your builds also don't provide that much peel. You're just banking on your Q and W. After those are gone your carries are free game. {{item:3050}} is just overall a terrible item. It's nothing but stats due to its passive being so bad. You're better off never buying it. {{item:3194}} {{item:3075}} are super, super situational. Even then what're you trying to do 1 v 1 the entirety of the enemy team? {{item:3193}} doesn't offer anything outside of the tank stats. Your ult already does that for you and doesn't have any negative side effects. Summ's are pretty much a no brainer. Exhaust is better in all situations. Heal and Ghost don't do much. I mean, sure Heal is good, but are you going to follow your ADC around for the whole entirety of the game? Ghost is fine, but when your ADC gets jumped on what's it going to do then? So far as runes go you want to prioritize Unflinching and Legend: Tenacity for the tenacity effects. Triumph is better than Presence of Mind simply due to the fact that you don't need to refresh your ult just because of how low the cool down already is. On top of that your mana issues are negligible due to your heal being a passive now instead of an actual ability. Other runes just don't do as much. Sure they do provide some good utility, but they're passable at best and don't make too much of a difference.
BradNo (NA)
: Weird Alistar Build Path!! Can It Be Meta?? (Alistar Setup [Runes, Summoner Spells, Items])
This is better for low elo (only if you're good at controlling and winning games as in you can 1 v 9 through shot calling and picking off correct targets to demoralize the enemy into wanting to FF before 10 minutes): Aftershock Demolish Second Wind/Bone Plating ~~Revitalize~~ Unflinching *edit: put the wrong one* Triumph Legend Tenacity CDR Armor MR {{item:3117}} {{item:3301}} {{item:3800}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3109}}
Myyt (NA)
: Diamond 5-4 Support looking for a Master/Challenger mentor
I'm not super high elo or anything, but I've played my fair share of support for more than a fair enough amount of time. TLDR; Look towards playing more proactively and for your team instead of yourself. At first I was just going to say that you should just play less and things will work themselves out seeing as you've put in about 700 games the previous season. Then I decided that I could just watch a few of your matches to compare myself to you to see how much I differ from someone with a higher rank. Granted I only watched a few of your matches so this may be a bit harsh and off because I've not seen enough of your play style to fully evaluate it. First and foremost the excuse of, "Oh, but it's high elo you can't compare..." Yeah, no. That shit don't work with me lol. When I watch these games all I see is a normal Silver game. People running around letting the game play them instead of playing it. Your play style is completely backwards. Especially on a champion such as {{champion:267}} . You play passively during the laning phase, and then switch to full aggro during mid game and when you roam. Your laning phase should be way, way more aggressive to the point that the enemy laner will want to jump on you or run away from you every time you step forward slightly. You miss out on so many gold procs just because of that passiveness. You also have a strange obsession with chasing people down. This is what leads to a lot of your deaths. This also affects your positioning a lot of the time as well. You either get caught out because of it, or your ally, especially your ADC, pays for it. You should work towards making it so that your positioning is more favorable towards your carries. You're also too greedy towards giving yourself damage. A good example is when you play Nami. You use your E on yourself way too much. A lot of the fights that you lose and kills that you drop are simply because you prioritize yourself over your ally. You simply could have turned and won a majority of lost fights and kills if you had used your E on your ally instead of yourself. You are after all playing Summon Aery which gives a bonus shield to them. This in turn extends your ally's overall durability while granting them damage. This goes on into my next point of your thought process being a little lacking. You're too focused on, "I've got to play for me, myself, and I only." You should be more focused on playing for your team and how you can help your team push their lead and recover if behind. I'm not saying become Stalin and go full dictator, but you are the support. As the support you can heavily dictate the flow of the game just as much as the jungler does. Instead of doing so you just let the game play itself out and then react accordingly. If you want to further excel as a support you have to push games in your favor. You have to play proactively. This next part will be 2 parts. Your build pathing is okay, but a lot of the time you spend your money poorly. You're using more control wards than necessary. Control wards are nice, but you have to remember about placement. Can it be protected? Is it worth protecting? Will it last long enough here? Buying more control wards than necessary and just spamming them about slows down your overall build. Again, because you're letting the game play you and not the other way around. Boot rushing and finishing your support item. These pretty much kill what momentum that you've built up. Especially since you don't play proactively. Mobi's IMO are terrible on Nami. You've so much MS already that most other supports don't have the mobility to do as much as you. On top of that Nami is a support that you will poke/fight a lot on so they don't do much. Lucidity is a much better buy for the 10% CDR all around as well for summ's. You only need the support item on T2 so that you can get the warding since the gold passive is the same at T2 and T3. Sure you get more stats, but for what? You're going to waste money on an item that's already as good as it gets instead of putting it into an item that does more with the same if not better stats? It's a no brainer. Runes and Summ's. First off is Ignite. Because you're not cheesing anyone let alone playing proactively there's really no point. Exhaust is a better option because you'll always have more potential targets. No further explanation needed. Magical Footwear is okay, but it's not good. You're better off running Future's Market which grants you better gold viability. It only tacks on the extra 50G per purchase. Meaning if you don't buy in multiples you don't lose out on gold. Celerity is fine, but again you're not playing proactively so it does nothing for you. You're better off running Transcendence to get the extra 10% on top of the bonus AP when you pass the 40% cap. This works for both you and your team.
: Im more concerned with his stun bypassing Spell shields to be honest
It might be because the SS is only absorbing the initial hit and doesn't stop the tether.
Jøker (NA)
: LEAKED! Matchmaking algorithm found!!!
Well of course you're always paired with the bottom of the barrel in your games when you have above average MMR. You're generally always the only player in your games with higher than average MMR. Sometimes the rare chance pairing occurs where there are 2 or even 3 players with above average MMR.
: Is Anyone Else Desperately Waiting for ADC to Get Better?
ADC doesn't need any buffs. What ADC needs is re-balancing so that crit isn't always the go to and/or favored build. Then again that's way above the balance team's pay grade as they're only paid to buff damage and not balance the game.
Reksee (NA)
: Call me an Idiot but what defines a solo carry
The true solo carry role is support.
: weird poros showing up in ARAM
It seems to be an intentional feature. The poros seem to change randomly.
: Two Ideas for Wukong
{{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3033}} This solves all of your problems.
: So I'm a support main looking to diversify
{{champion:117}} can play every role.
: You've got it backwards. Riot: HoLy ShIt BoIs! We GotTa RaKe In ThE nOrMiEs!!! Fortnite: ~exists~ (As game fundamentally better designed for casuals) Riot: WhErE dId AlL oF oUr NoRmIeS gO?!?!?!?!
Rito didn't kick it into full gear until Fortnut came out. When Overdong showed up nothing much happened outside of increased marketing, and even then it was piss poor. Even now Rito's outreach to its content creators is laughable. Whereas all of these "competitors" are doing a much better job of reaching out to their communities and content creators.
Spookÿ (NA)
: I appreciate the insight. I'll look into playing that combo more often. We like to do Kog/Lulu as well which is really strong, just seems like most games we can never get lucky enough to have our top or jungler play a tank, and then when we have no front line it's kinda hard to do a whole lot :/
Your support can play this when you don't have enough front line: Guardian Font of Life Second Wind/Bone Plating Revitalize Future's Market Cosmic Insight CDR Armor MR {{item:3301}} or {{item:3310}} Your support never has to upgrade these past the 2nd stage. Rush {{item:3109}} {{item:3504}} > {{item:3174}} > {{item:3190}} or {{item:3143}} {{item:3158}} after completing first 2 items {{item:3190}} deals with burst {{item:3143}} is to peel {{item:3174}} can also be changed with {{item:3222}} if CC is a problem or can be bought instead of the latter of {{item:3190}} and {{item:3143}} This works on {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:16}} It's basically like having the old {{item:3504}} where it gave healing on hit. If your support plays it right it will be very hard to deal with you unless you're heavily locked down or they kill your support first.
: Riot needs to come clean and clarify why they're killing their own game
Fortnite: ~exists~ Riot: HoLy ShIt BoIs! We GotTa RaKe In ThE nOrMiEs!!!
: seeing as {{champion:89}} wields the power of the sun... and {{champion:131}} wield the power of the sun AND the moon... diana would win.. lore wise. {{champion:89}} is wrong... and {{champion:131}} is right
Ze7check (NA)
: Klepto Shyvana
Gonna be hard for her to lane again especially with these two {{champion:39}} {{champion:6}} running around in top right now.
Stone766 (NA)
: > {{champion:28}} Might as well play {{champion:76}} . wtf i main both of these champs and Nid cant do shit anymore. Much easier to carry on Eve then nid.
You can arguably still do more early on as nid. Then again that's only if you're on that next level challenger level.
: Eeeehhh. Maxing e seems like it wouldn't be any faster than just chunking an enemy player with Q every 45 seconds or so, honestly.
That's what Sirchez was doing a few days ago on stream at least when he was testing it.
Wow... Holy... Just wow... Syndrome was the good guy after all...
Kelg (NA)
: why is defense useless in this game
Because Riot doesn't believe in defending yourself. Why do you think people get perma'd when they tell other people to be quiet?
: Would Dark Harvest work on Nasus, or would it cost too much durability loss?
You wouldn't get too much use out of it until you get to 200~ stacks. That is unless you max E and slowly stack.
: I'm predicting now that this patch
People didn't quit because they played URF. People like URF because it's fast and stupid and breaks pace with the monotony of the game. The game was fine as it was previously, but each year Rito just kept pushing for the casual audience. This is incredibly stupid on their part because they already had a majority of players playing either way. People quit because Rito fails to see that they aren't helping the game in any way shape or form outside of making it more appealing to casual players. These players are your typical "I play X mainstream console game made to sell to masses so much, like, I'm totally a hardcore gamer" type of people. TLDR; Rito is giving it's previous loyal player base the big ole bird and shaft while trying to coddle and win over a degenerate mass that couldn't care less and wouldn't bother playing for longer than 15 minutes.
: > [{quoted}](name=ViciousSummoner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZYuGXX59,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-23T00:33:28.030+0000) > {{champion:28}} Might as well play {{champion:76}} . lol well as a nid main i certainly agree she is more fun.. but.. nid's winrate just took a 3 percent hit in every elo because of the removal of celerity. she may be VIABLE if u can play her at a plat + level,, but she certainly isn't GOOD and her hardest counters get massive buffs from dark harvest. so as much as i love her... now isn't the _best_ time to really pick her up.
Yeah, Nid took a pretty hard hit with a lot of the changes in the past year.
Spookÿ (NA)
: Looking for someone to help me analyze late game ADC with poor team comps.
With the randomness that ranked is your positioning and who you're focusing is what makes or breaks late game team fights. Even then that's not always enough. If you're playing the best in your current game, but your team isn't then that's when you really start to struggle. You could just cheese your way through wins. I've noticed that you duo'd quite a bit with a support. You could just play Twitch + Lulu or Trist + Ardent. Even if you don't win early on with these two when it comes to mid/late if you're not behind by a large amount you will be very hard to deal with and can turn games easily. You should look towards pushing early wins if you just want to avoid mid/late fiestas.
Solah (EUW)
: Is new Dark Harvest too strong in ARAM?
It's pretty much the same as Ignite. You don't need it, but you take it because who wants to turn down free damage?
: @Riot: if you wanted shorter games this season...
Because Rito believes that they for some reason should compete for the casual audience. Despite the casual audience showing very clearly that League is something they cannot grasp/play nor something that they do want to play/learn.
: One trick champions
{{champion:136}} You're gonna have a really, really, really, ~repeat infinitely~, bad time. {{champion:266}} {{champion:39}} Really strong right now and aren't too hard to pick up. {{champion:28}} Might as well play {{champion:76}} . {{champion:31}} AP bruiser. You'll need to learn how to prolong games favorably so that you can scale into the late game. {{champion:412}} Faker Faker play maker. If you don't make plays and dictate the flow of the game then there's no point in playing him. {{champion:222}} Relatively good at the moment. Under the radar in terms of ADC popularity.
: ~~Tanks~~ **Mundo** Always Win Aram. Fixed.
That's not true. I lost an ARAM as Mundo because 1 person had Ignite and I couldn't 1 v 9 anymore.
: Font of Life is Still Underpowered
FoL is super niche. {{champion:16}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:201}} are the only champions that I ever take it on. Even then it's not about outright healing it's more about sustained fight potential. It's basically a pot for your allies when they damage targets that you cc.
: Do you know when all of the rewards will be rolled out?
Got my rewards earlier today. Just give it a while and you should see your rewards. That is unless you've been punished recently or have low honor.
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