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: > [{quoted}](name=Vigilwake,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Vx10YoRw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-03-02T19:29:52.927+0000) > > Any idea of what champs counter her in a lane match up {{champion:80}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:111}}
: Well shyv beats cho straight up I think, her speed up lets her dodge the knock up and silencing her doesnt do much. Her natural tankiness is just going to let her bully cho all lane.
Any idea of what champs counter her in a lane match up
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Rozair (NA)
: What's your opinion on towers right now
In my option tower should be more a goal not a thing in a person's way. That being said tower dives are problematic as well as tower miss-targeting. But a way around all of this would be to improve the tower targeting at the same time make so killing was is less of a chore and more of a challenge. Also, make note that with the meta the way it is tower are taken faster than before and with champs with long range auto or even high damage auto. IE cait, trist, kog etc. I just dont want the game to be like oh I just took bot tier 1 time to take tier 2, tier 3 and inbis since I hav one item.
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Varqaaa (NA)
: Stop nerfing DoT mages; nerf deathfire touch (the actual problem)
It's not just the dot mages its players too. Everyone is running Deathfire do to its AD and Ap ratio on it give a ignite effect to some degree and then thunderlord burst makes so ever AD champ can do even more burst. It just kind of a welp I wanted to have fun but you pick Deathfire or Thunderlord so you want to win try hard style. While the other three offensive ones are just ok or not even useful. Stormrider surge when can you be sure that you will deal 30% of their health and then you want to chase after them....I think they're an item for the Phage or even the boots red enchant. Then the other two Warlords and Fervor first one you need crits and a lot of them to make it useful and the other grant a small boost to AD damage over as you attack to about 8 AD which is at level 18 while DF gives you that boost in damage every time you attack a target. Everyone give RIOT a slow clap. They could have made keystones for each of the types of champs or roles but instead we get. One crit based, one dual ish based, a OP second hand ignite, phage's slower cousin, and a smite for burst champs. This doesn't even count the defensive ones which only two of them are good the middle is just a filler IE "Strength of Ages which only gives around 300 plus health.
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Cardmant (EUW)
: I wonder how long riot are going to keep us argueing about it being a new champion, being yi or being Xin.
I laying my money on Yi cause its says Alpha and muti hit
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
I Play the tank roller Game; {{champion:111}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:12}} or i go on journeys{{champion:432}} with friends {{champion:412}} . But if need I be that White mage {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} I play so many u could see a have a D20 personality
: For us, the solution isn't alleviating East Coast woes by tossing them over the rockies onto the West Coast. If we had decided to move the servers to Newfoundland or another coastal location on the East Coast, yes, it would absolutely be a "tables are turned" flip, and we wouldn't be solving anything! Instead, we focused on a centralized location that offered the best balance between coasts to the east and west, as well as a midpoint between Canadian and US traffic. The end goal is not one coast being stronger than the other. The goal is to cover a HUGE geographic region by a common ping threshold of below 80ms. We feel like we can get there for almost everyone regardless of which coast you're on. It'll take some work and we'll need some input from everyone, but we feel confident we can get there.
Would have been easier just to create a second server on the eastern sea coast instead of moving a whole server system or even set up buffer zones for the coast lines
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woobee (NA)
: Remember when Urgot was OP and was played every game?
Wow Zilean and Yorick have more games played in then Urgot lol {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} for all those forgotten champs
: I disagree with you here. You are oversimplifying this game mode ~~because you are frustrated with a loss~~. **This mode is about spawning the brawlers that work best with your team comp (and/or against your enemies team comp)** --- **For example:** There would be no point sending mass Razorfins against champs with good AP wave clear: {{champion:4}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:90}} But mass Ocklepods would give this team trouble (because they have MR and provide shields that block magic dmg). --- Mass Ocklepods would be then weak against AD wave clear {{champion:104}}{{champion:15}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} But Ironbacks would give this team trouble (because they have a physical dmg shield). --- At the end of the day, you have to remember you need Krakens to even upgrade your brawlers in the first place. And it does not matter what brawler you have, if you have a baron buff, those brawlers are strong no matter what ---- **TL;DR: Instead of getting riot to nerf the mode so that you can play better, why don't you just learn to play better?**
You right some what there, I was anger about the lose. But the thing is that people have been using this mode to troll a bit or aleast trolling in Bronze lvl elol from what I have seen. At the same time during that game I posted this from MF was at the fountain and the razor fins chased her there and it didn't seem to target them. It might be a glitch or there could have been too many razor fins. Sorry about the anger in that post. I hate trolls and people who think they can break the meta when they have no idea what they are doing.
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: Wasn't lore. Barrels making wards indestructible is pretty big.
Wait thats why he was disabled how did the barrels do that
: * Also a good point: check out and look at what other people have posted, they usually explain their process or at least their materials. Someone might have even done Twitch before and has photos of what they did to achieve the look. ^w^
Sorry about the late reply. Well to start with I over in California so I guess I have more access to shops in my local area. The few issues I have when it comes to making then cosplay is one I have no experience. Second I not sure if I want to do a human hybrid vision of twitch or a more animal like. When I look at twitch its hard to come up with what I need. AS you can tell I'm new to this. I also did checked out and there where not twitch cosplays done. I figured I would start this costume off with the coat or the crossbow.
: > [{quoted}](name=Derek the Ferret,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OAe4hEUA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-06-08T23:19:51.105+0000) > > What it means is this: > > {{champion:122}} is at 50% hp left > > {{champion:39}} is at 25% hp left > > Irelia gets the stun > > {{champion:122}} is at 50% hp left > > {{champion:39}} is at 75% hp left > > Irelia doesn't get the stun > > The number in the amount of health means nothing. Irelia could have 10k max hp and Darius could have 1k, but if Irelia is at a lower percentage of health, then she gets the stun. irelia will also stun you at full health if she also has full health.
Ok that odd but I understand it. I dont like it but I understand it now. So ban Irelia got it LoL :P
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: Nerf Kalista's E
Seconded plus 90% of people who play her build the same first item to out farm the adc easy {{item:3085}} because of its tri attack bonus they just attack the whole wave press E and clear it with bonus mana. It is just not right. They say that twitch has the highest attack speed but that is no longer the case.
: Problem is Kha'Zix is still in a bad spot from the major guts he received in S4 (late S3?). He realy just needs his isolation range made a bit better in his favor. Maybe trim like 100 off it and he could see some competitive play (maybe add in something like guaranteed isolation under his own towers to help scare tower dives away). Kha'Zix sadly had his problem addressed with his nerfs but then they went overboard and flat out gutted isolation. His problem was his easy tower dive damage and in a single patch they made it hard to isolate people and impossible to use isolation under an enemy tower.
Yeah I have noticed that. I would like to See a more balanced jung meta. With a mix of jungle champs would be nice
: I run him as a bruiser in the jungle. I use 9/21 masteries (be sure to take Second Wind) with arpen marks, lifesteal quints, and armor seals. With this setup, you can stay in the jungle indefinitely.
I have not considered that. I will try that.
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Marthian (NA)
: 1. No, it gives an incentive not to do it during damage and makes it so it isn't an amazing escape. 2. You generally only change form once during a fight. 3. Maybe. She needs a rework (and visual update) 4. Wouldn't mind it being more responsive (such as not being able to use it for a second, then registers your first missed click and shoots there.) 5. Yes, but only at later levels (say 9 or beyond.) Early game, she can already be a mean lane bully, minions make it much more risky, especially without boots. *Insert thinly veiled Shantae reference.
I like 1. but I agree it should have that effect. Instead they need to buff twitch and nerf Kail. 2. I think a better change would be no mana cost on her spider form abilities because Nid's are. 3. Seconded both a re-work and new look would be good. (but not on the same lvl as Taric or mundo theirs where pointless) 4. I think a different passive all to together 5. not sure don't play mf
Frozted (NA)
: The state of Elise
I seconded this I like elise as a champ. Her kit could melt tanks in the meta right now so why is she not seen much.
PVPMage (NA)
: dont forget the face in the very beginning on the right of his face, the one of the left is jinx but who is the one on the right
Oh i miss that
: Ekko and Jinx?
In my knowledge of the subject the three of them share a moment. VI has lost her memory, jinx when crazy and Ekko want to protect a picture of a kid in goggles. With all that said. I think all of this concerns the kid in goggles. ( Plause the vid at: )00:17, 00:20, 00:27 "They could fix a any mistake". Maybe it could be that that event that made Jinx crazy, Vi loss her memory and Ekko focus on time could be all the same. -----------Vigil Wake
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: What made Vlad so viable now?
Also do to the fact that Vlad's passive give him for health when he has bonus ap and bonus ap for his bonus health
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: AP scaling on AD champions is a remnant of the old balance logic. Granted, not necessarily bad logic.
True but the damage with ap scaling is pretty high if u look at it MAGIC DAMAGE: 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 (+ 20% AP) MAXIMUM MAGIC DAMAGE: 315 / 450 / 585 / 720 / 855 (+ 180% AP) or his shiv ap scale MAGIC DAMAGE: 50 / 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 (+ 100% AP) MAGIC DAMAGE WITH BACKSTAB BONUS: 60 / 108 / 156 / 204 / 252 (+ 120% AP)
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Riot, please, remove the limit of how many wards you can place
Well also the problem is the players themselves the whole can place 5 pink wards and 15 green wards, But the problem is that there is no rewards to placing wards by those who place them. So only the supp gets the job. Because all the odd jobs are given to the supp. When really its the whole teams job to ward when they can. Now I not saying we should get money for each ward we place but what if when a ward you place spots a enemy player who then gets killed but one of your team members you should get an asset from that or a spot gold reward.
: {{champion:35}} is beautiful just how he is.
He can go AP or AD when his was designed to go AD only. With a high damage output with his box when they aren't meant to be used as a damage source.
: I play non of the champs you just said, what's their issue? I think mundo's alright though
Taric, poppy, mundo need a better graphic update
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: Champions that need the "sion treatment"
also the following {{champion:44}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:36}}
: They're overworked, underpaid, and deal with abuse from the people that they serve and protect? Yeah, that sounds like a support player. We need more love for our supports.
> [{quoted}](name=Mister Punches,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=qVZ2JEej,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-05-15T01:28:29.140+0000) > Yeah, that sounds like a support player. We need more love for our supports. Thank you As a support main I like this. Also you did forget two type of student the one the forgets you're even there and the student who stand next to you as they worship the ground you work on.
Zirzon (NA)
: More Jurassic Skins?
If they where to stay on theme the next Jurassic skins would mostly be {{champion:121}} {{champion:421}} While {{champion:161}} could get the skin It would be hard to look good because of this general shape and effects
: For the Support Mains
: Leavers
i can agree leaves and afks can be a problem. But right the only thing we can do is report them and keep queuing
: Champion Mastery
True it does seem to be a bit off key since all it does show is that you have played this champ before. Since this mode came out I play a few of my champ to see what happens and nothing really changes. Even the whole grade system makes no sense. I have just got A+ and C+ with a few Ds so what make a grade and how does it tell how well u played. This is coming from a Bronze player so I still have a lot to learn.
: Reported by Shaco Player 2 games in a row for saying "Wish we had a tank jungler"
Have you tried to call it into question and ask for more details on why the chat bans as well as if you might be close to other banes
HailBeer (NA)
: Much needed Heimer Nurf
He's not hard to fight but the thing is he can snowball hard and fast. So when laning against him, he will always start q and place three turret forward in the lane use that to your junglers advantage ask for ganks fast. He need to hit lvl 6 to gain a power spike tell then just dont AA gim focus on taking out his turret and minions fast
: We don't need a new one every 2m onths. Releasing anything sooner than 6 months is usually a blatant mistake. We are alerady stuck with roughly 30~ while the rest are majorly UP or even close to useless. THey should fix thoose first so quit whining for new content when we cant even make use of the alraedy existing one.
Seconded fix the ones who need it and repair the ones that are broken. Then focus on new content. That how things should be.
: "We Want to Nerf Riven without Nerfing her Core strength"
The power that comes from her is her core mechs. For example you don't use magic resist glyphs runes instead you use cdr runes. Second her main defense is in her shield which build off bonus AD which is the only thing that you build on her so thats a pain, Next her abilities run off a stack system or better way to call it is combo system so if u need to kill her have to stop the combo which is hard since she has a aoe stun. In short to nerf her would be hard because to tweak any of her abilities would wreck her as a champ also she has a huge fan base. But she isn't the only other of the many R to win Solo que killer in lol. There are others who need tweak to make them more skill than spam. For example of Solo killers: {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}}. The only saving grace is that these all need to be fed before they get strong, but sadly that's not hard on some of them. Also they dont get fed they fall off.
: Ryze Update
He's a bit different from the old Ryze but the change to his Q makes it a bit easier to stack the tear. But he just takes some getting use to.
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