dominusx (EUNE)
: you ask too much for the average league player
Its not even just the average league player that doesn't build it though. Most of the plat/diamond videos I see on the various "road to" series I watch, people not only don't build {{item:3123}} , you wont even see a {{item:3165}}. And that's like what, the top 1-2% of the player base or something like that? So even the top tier sub-pro players don't want to do it. Its equally amusing as it is infuriating watching these people bitch about how Soraka is winning fights for the enemy team, then turn around and do literally nothing to stop it.
: Make a champion disgustingly OP without changing their ratios/base numbers
{{champion:112}} All of his damage lands instantly.
Salron (NA)
: PD probably needs to be reworked or removed
How does {{item:3046}} work with {{champion:6}} ? Does it stack additively or multiplicatively? Does he become an unstoppable splitpushing machine with it, and if so, why isn't it more popular?
Nidken (OCE)
: A perfect summary of Dynamic Queue's fundamental flaw
But even if you give premade players and solo players different ladders but still playing in the same queue there are still going to be issues with the system fundamentally. I suppose splitting the ladders might solve some issues pertaining to how accurate a players rank is compared to others, but at the end of the day having a mixed queue for premades and solos is still going to make the system suspect. They need to be completely isolated from one another. One queue and ladder for pure solo players, and another queue and ladder for premade players. If the queue for premade players fails after the removal of the solo players, then that queue is inherently flawed anyways and should be removed, not propped up and floated along at the expense of so many other aspects of the system.
: Do you remember him?
I hope they treat Yorick better than Morde/Viktor. Ive never even played him but after what they did with my Machine Herald, I just really hope they've got something better lined up for the Gravedigger, for the sake of his mains.
: Bruiser Yasuo has no weaknesses tbh - and I blame Fervor.
They should just shift Yasuo to a unique resource based champion wherein his wind stacking that currently works for his passive shield is now his resource for all of his other abilities. Remove the passive shield entirely, and put reasonable cost values on his abilities so that he isn't completely screwed out of his low CD sustained damage playstyle. However, put a relatively high value on his Windwall, so that he needs to make a reasonable choice on whether he wants to use his Windwall for survival, or if that resource cost would be better used for damage. Forcing champions to make meaningful choices is what this game needs an injection of, because right now its too easy for a lot of champions to get everything they want with no downsides. Also, the Keystones were a massive mistake on Riots part. They provide too much power for literally no cost at every point of the game.
: Tips from Diamond Player about Climbing Ladder as Support
> Build based on what's going on ingame. Don’t just blindly follow a build path. You need armor vs AD, MR vs AP, etc. As a support, you might need to get really strange in order to build what you need. This can range from a frozen heart on Sona, or Iceborn on Lulu. I whole heartedly agree with this line here, as ive seen so many games lost personally, on streams and on youtube because people don't properly counter build. That said, for whatever reason, I always find myself playing better on my main ({{champion:112}} ) when I just rush hexcore 1 (SOMETIMES 2) and rylais. Games where I try to counter build my lane opponent by getting abyssal or zhonyas first I always end up doing worse. Not really sure why either.
: When you hook them just right
There is nothing more satisfying in Overwatch than landing a hook on a Tracer or Genji. And nothing more infuriating than them being able to use rewind/deflect before you get your damage off. (this happens on console sometimes at least, dunno about on PC)
: Why are people mad that the misunderstood "villain", is being seen as a Villain from the perspective of people who don't know what Vik has been through? (also I wouldn't say that it was constructive criticism. Saying "I don't like this change it back" ain't constructive. It should also go to say that people thought Vik would be trash tier, but is currently one of the best Mids)
The fear isn't that people in-universe wont know he isn't pure evil, its that his character is going to be written as pure evil and his misunderstood side is going to be written off completely. It doesn't matter to us if Jayce thinks Viktor is evil, and the writing team can even go ahead and write exactly that if they want to, but as we the reader get to work through his lore, his misunderstood side should be made fairly obvious to us. The fear is that he is going to be made into a Veigar-esque type villain who is only out to cause torment and pain, which isn't what Viktor should be. Obviously all of the talk pertaining to his update wasn't constructive but there was ample legitimate constructive feedback that simply went ignored at best or was dismissed with insult at worst. I remember quite vividly that one Rioter responded to someone talking about how clunky his new kit felt by saying something along the lines of "When you people say "clunky" I just hear "we don't want to have to relearn our champion"" or something along those lines. It was a complete slap in the face to the community that was trying to be constructive about the changes. And his new kit is, in my opinion, clunky. At any given time during a fight (especially with the recent changes to his ult) the Viktor should pretty much just accept the fact that they are only going to land about half of his kits total damage potential on their target without hard CC from a teammate. His current success is tied almost entirely to his ridiculously high damage numbers, but due to the way his kit functions that damage only really comes through in CC heavy team fights or if Viks opponent makes a serious mistake. I would almost argue that when he has a team with heavy CC, Viktor is actually borderline overpowered simply because of how much damage he can dish out to a target that cant move. Its made Rylais completely core on him, and believe me when I say its painfully noticeable when you don't have it.
JungHai0 (NA)
: For the Viktor Lore Update
Its a shame but it seems the way Riot has been describing him lately indicates they plan on making him a purely evil character. Ive sort of given up all hope on Riots ability to handle Viktor as a champion conceptually. After his mid-season update, which most of the Viktor maining community was against but Riot just up and did anyway, ignoring all constructive criticism the community offered them, has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I seriously hope they can do his character justice with new lore, but I just really have no faith left in Riots ability to deliver something that isn't purely stereotypical comic book/Saturday morning cartoon villain-y.
: Looking for APC/Mage champion suggestion
You might consider Cassiopeia {{champion:69}} as an option. She is the most similar to an ADC play style as a pure mage can get, as she provides quick, consistent damage with her spells, but she can become tedious due to the spammy nature of her kit. For a more standard-ish mage, I would actually suggest Viktor {{champion:112}} as a possible option. His kit has spells that can be spammed for a fairly reliably steady bit of low-ish damage, as well as more typical mage spells that have decent range, high damage but fairly long cooldowns. He takes a little getting used to, especially after the mid year mage update, and he got some less-than-spectacular "changes" (nerfs) to his ultimate recently that are a bit annoying, but all in all he is a really strong mage. If youre interested in more of a burst mage style of play, Syndra {{champion:134}} is pretty strong at the moment. She takes some getting used to as well, since her kit has a bit of a mini-game built into it in order to maximize its damage potential with her ultimate, but all in all she can deal an extremely high amount of damage in a very short window of time. Veigar {{champion:45}} is another really strong burst mage, and he might actually be stronger than Syndra in terms of his ability to burst a single target since his ultimate is an execute, but he is less safe than Syndra due to how his only form of zone/crowd control functions. As a final option, you can consider Ahri {{champion:103}}, who has the tools in her kit to play like a mage when she wants, but also as a highly mobile assassin when the time calls for it as well. Just my 2 cents.
: Did you ever look at Nautilus and thought "Hmm.. I know what he needs... MORE CC!"
Dynikus (NA)
: So basically >If I can't have them, no one should! That's not throwing solo players a bone, that's just removing a feature people can benefit from for playing with friends.
At what point did I say the feature should be removed? Im simply saying everyone should get a chest if someone on their team got an S, not just people who they are in a party with.
Rioter Comments
: I hear a lot of solo players are forced to play roadhog because his kit is naturally carry-esq. Imagine if blitzcrank had enough damage to oneshot people lol. I did enjoy the launch of Overwatch though, quickplay does offer some sort of break from grinding in League ranked. IT helps because I hate playing norms in League, I'd rather play serious games.
Really, the only thing Overwatch has over LoL for me is the short matches. Unfortunately for me personally, so many of the matches are so infuriating for a multitude of reasons that I can only really play a small handful at a time before I need to give it a break. I also play on console, so its a whole different experience than playing on PC.
: League ranked > Overwatch ranked
Overwatch is pretty garbage to be honest. Its matchmaking is so bad it could make League blush, and it has so many glaring design flaws in everything from maps to hero design im still not entirely convinced we aren't all playing a Beta. But you hit the nail on the head pretty hard as to where Overwatch truly fails in comparison to LoL: Its almost impossible for a single player to affect the outcome of a game. I learned early on (I am a solo player) that you cant really rely on your teammates to make good decisions to try to win the game, which is one of the main reasons champions like Torj and Bastion are such a nightmare. In order to effectively counter a lot of strategies, you need at the very least 2-3 coordinated people working together to overcome that one thing, and if youre playing by yourself youre pretty much screwed. Its why I decided to just play nothing but Roadhog. As Roadhog, you are naturally tanky, can deal respectable damage if played right, can heal yourself quite a bit, can control objectives (especially in king of the hill) with your special, and can even flank enemy teams and be super obnoxious with your hooks. Roadhog is the greatest hero for a solo player because you are entirely self sufficient. Obviously you still wont be able to single handedly win a game, but you can hopefully be so much of a nut buster that the enemy will allocate a considerable enough number of players to killing you that the 5 mouth breathers on your team can take care of the rest.
: When You're The Only One Who Doesn't Own Overwatch
Youre better off. Its pretty garbage. Especially if youre a solo player. Its the worst solo player experience ive ever encountered, no joke.
Hershell (NA)
: Pink Ward Slot (In response to "late game pink wards, issue")
Support will be able to build 6 items? A small but important victory for the most thankless of roles!
ToolooT (NA)
: Haven't played a single game since I really got into Overwatch
But Overwatch suffers from some of the same issues LoL does at the moment...namely coordinated premade teams curb stomping games. I mean I guess since OW has such a smaller barrier for entry and its potentially easier to get friends interested in playing theres that but even then...ive found there to be some pretty ridiculous balance issues in the game. I bought the game because a bunch of my friends have it and have been almost constantly singing its praises but after about 3 or 4 hours of both group and solo play my conclusion is that its really not that great. To the point where I really cant understand how so many people find it to be the pinnacle of gaming atm. I just assume they are the ones doing the curb stomping and as such aren't really interested in looking for a healthy gaming experience, just one where they can easily win.
: Suicide in League of Legends, Let's Talk !
That's the perfect clip for a "hello darkness my old friend" meme
: Balancing around CDR is a mistake, because it will end up like Flash.
This is the case with a lot of the item design philosophies in this game. I would personally much prefer a system in which meaningful choices can be made game to game in regards to stat prioritization, but instead the game is just full of items that provide access to multiple ideal stats in large quantities. There is a small amount of this on certain champions, such as a few ADCs that can build two attack speed items instead of just one and get away with it, but I would prefer a world where most champions/classes could make those kinds of decisions based on how the game is panning out. I feel like this happens with most games these days though, though im not sure what the effect is called (stat creep perhaps?), and most of the time its a major detriment to game health. I remember in WoW how stats on gear just started higher and higher and higher with every tier/expansion that it became almost laughable. That's not to say that in a game such as WoW there should never be meaningful stat increases on gear; after all, there needs to be some incentive to push the latest content, but the increases in the stats just started getting more and more extreme and now youre left with a world where people can easily deal hundreds of thousands of points of damage with a single attack. Its just absurd.
: What is this Wizardry?
Does anyone actually know how the grading system works? Ive heard that its tied to how well you do vs how well other people on the same champion, ive heard that its tied to your role and that there is some system in place to determine your role. Ive heard that kill participation counts for more than just flat kills, and now people are saying its tied heavily to cs. Whats the answer here? Has Riot ever come right out and said plainly what exactly the parameters are for determining an S rank?
majulito (NA)
: Assassin: Do you feel outplayed?
Assassins don't outplay their opponents, their opponent has to outplay them to survive. Its really pretty shitty design for an assassin considering what they can do. Imo, assassins should be the epitome of feast/famine champions. If an assassin doesn't get fed kills early in lane, they should be pretty much useless late game. They bring so much damage and mobility (and in some cases CC as well) that they should need to scour the map for kills constantly. If their lane opponent is preventing them from fighting and killing them in lane, the assassins should have to roam to find kills in other lanes. Most assassins really don't have enough drawbacks at the moment to punish them for the insane amount of game impact they can have.
Kadavik (NA)
: As someone who never played it, was Solo Queue that good?
Most of the complaints I remember about solo queue (aside from complaints about afks/ragers/toxicity) were related to the fact that people could still duo queue in the system, giving them an inherent advantage. Even back then when we had "solo queue", people still wanted a true solo queue, but the system worked well enough that it wasn't really a huge deal. Its harder for 2 people to seriously impact a game than it is for 3/4/5 after all, because no matter how coordinated you two are, its still just the two of you trying to make plays. To be honest, my personal issue with DQ is that Riot just up and made this change that no one asked for. They say people wanted it, yet there was never a time where the boards were flooded with such requests. Ever. So I don't know where they got the statistics that "the majority of players wanted to play ranked with friends". The fact is, back before DQ, everyone had someplace they could be happy. Want to play ranked with friends? Well you need a full team to do it but theres Ranked 5v5 right over there! Want a more casual experience with your friends? Play some normals with however many you want! Want to play by yourself and not have to worry about getting stomped by premades? Solo queue for you! They even had team builder if you wanted to play a specific role, and im pretty sure you could queue for that with friends too. With the implementation of dynamic queue, solo players no longer have anyplace they can play this game and not have to deal with premades. They gave everything to group players and just slapped the solo players in the face. Something else worth mentioning too is that this is hardly the first occurrence of Riot basically giving the finger to solo players. Off the top of my head, they had higher IP gains as a reward for playing with a group, hextech crafting heavily rewards players who queue together (which is made even worse now that mastery 6 and 7 are tied to hextech crafting), and dynamic queue is just more of the same. TL;DR, there is a HELL of a lot more going on here than just people being angry at having to play with/against premades. The ideal solution would be a true solo queue, where you could only queue as a solo player thereby creating as close to an equal playing field as possible for all 10 people in the game.
Kank (EUNE)
: @Riot The grade system
I had a game of Poro King earlier as Thresh where I went 5/5/36 with kill participation in 41 out of 53 kills my team got, but only received an A+. That's about as good of a game as I could have had as full tank Thresh and it wasn't even deserving of an S-. Getting more hextech chests as a solo player is truly a nightmare.
: The Boards need to read this article by Riot's Tryndamere.
It would be different if so many things they've done recently weren't just kicking solo players in the dicks repeatedly. Its been like 6 straight months of near constant game "improvements" that have at best ignored solo players and at worst just been flat out giving us the finger. That and im sure most solo players (and players that hate DQ) cant really imagine a scenario in which DQ actually addresses and fixes all of its inherent problems that a solo queue simply wouldn't have.
: Let's play a Game: You name a champion and I'll assign them a Metal Song
: So let me get this straight, it's going to be completely impossible to have a 5 man team in diamond+
I really love it. They complain that queue times are too long, but the reason queue times are so long is specifically because of DQ, but they refuse to want to admit it and are just taking steps to try and make it seem like DQ is fine.
: Right now the Dynamic Queue video is at 212,527 views and 27.84% approval rating and lowering
Riot is just going to continue doubling down on DQ until everyone just begrudgingly accepts it as a reality or stops playing the game. Ill never understand why, but game developers are extremely reluctant to admit that something they came up with and implemented doesn't work and even less likely to remove the implementation.
Woook3r (NA)
: Give players who play 75% or more games as solo players a special banner to signify their ability.
It would be nice to see Riot give something to solo players since just about everything they've done over the last 6 or so months has pretty much been a giant middle finger to their solo player base.
Rioter Comments
Kovah (NA)
: Damage has increased... and keeps increasing.
I was playing a game last week as full tank {{champion:36}} and the enemy {{champion:107}}, who only had {{item:3142}} for armor pen, was able to obliterate me in 2-3 seconds through my ult. Literally couldn't do my job as a tank because damage was so high I just died.
: @Riot: I restarted the queue after 13 mins and got a game in 2 seconds..
My favorite is when im in queue for less than 30 seconds and yet get placed in my secondary role. If the system doesn't prioritize your primary role before your secondary why even have them labled as primary/secondary?
C00LE5T (NA)
: Essence for mastery? Uh.... why?
Same reason they change the free 400 RP they used to give players to a free hextech chest; gotta maximize those profit margins right?
: How Riot nerfs
Maybe theyre just trying to see if they can get a champion to 100% ban rate?
: I have seen the word 'clunky' mean a lot of different things. In the sense of the responsive-ness of his button presses (the most common meaning of clunky) they all cast the same way they do on live. If by clunky you mean that things are harder to land, then yes, the E2 is harder to land. In regards to the ult changes specifically, one of the more ridiculous things Viktor could previously do was instant burst people similar to how annie would. This is a play pattern that I would call unhealthy: if Viktor holds on to his abilities, squishy targets aren't allowed to move forward in fear of getting 100-0 bursted. While his new ult is unable to do that to the same extent, he can now pretty aggressively zone out high threat targets with the ult alone. As an AD player, I actually feel like I have options against this version of Viktor, even though I think it is overall stronger. What it basically comes down to is removing the unhealthy/unbalance-able portions of Viktor's kit (super burst combo that he can consistently get due to reliable wave clear) and adding in more sustained damage/zoning potential. With all of THAT said, there are so many moving parts that it is incredibly difficult to know where he will actually land, so we will be keeping an eye on how he performs regardless with the intent of doing any necessary follow up work
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Afic,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=1uoKR85F,comment-id=0006000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-04T07:52:04.558+0000) > In regards to the ult changes specifically, one of the more ridiculous things Viktor could previously do was instant burst people similar to how annie would. This is a play pattern that I would call unhealthy: if Viktor holds on to his abilities, squishy targets aren't allowed to move forward in fear of getting 100-0 bursted. While his new ult is unable to do that to the same extent, he can now pretty aggressively zone out high threat targets with the ult alone. I cant fathom how this makes sense at all considering the existence of assassins in the game. Viktor is by no means a long range mage, nor is he a mobile mage. How is it ok for a Fizz, Zed or LeBlanc etc to be able to zip right on by the enemy frontline, delete a squishy in the blink of an eye, and get right back out with very little window for stopping or retaliating against them, but a mage that is extremely squishy, highly immobile, and medium range at best cant do something similar? From where im standing, the healthier design philosophy seems to fall with the mage, not the assassins.
CppL (EUW)
: Pls ,for the love of god ,fix creep block...
I was playing as Mundo yesterday and went for a trade with the enemy Nasus. On my way back to my turret to farm I was creep blocked by 3 caster minions. I clicked on the far side of the minions, expecting the game to find the best path for my Mundo to take to reach the destination, only to watch him walk straight into the middle caster minion, and proceed to walk back and forth around the backs of the minions for a good 3 or 4 seconds trying to "walk through" them apparently. I was so astonished at what I was seeing I didn't even manually redirect him around them and was only able to get by when my tower killed one of them. Like, what the actual fuck kind of programming is responsible for pathing that a situation like that would ever even arise? Apparently the only thing that can stop Mundo from going where he pleases is the fucking minions.
: Riot, It's Time for You to Take Action. Now, Not Later
I encountered a situation like this myself a few days ago. I found myself in the annoying and yet amusing situation of needing like 1xp to hit 30, so I decided to just hop into a quick bot match to save time and just get to 30. I got into a game, called mid, picked Viktor, then headed for the restroom while the game loaded up. As soon as the game started I knew I was dealing with 4 bots, much to my annoyance. I managed to win the game, but if I really felt bad afterwards for any newer players that wouldn't have the skill to carry 4 bots by themselves. I reported all 4 of the bots after the game, but never got any messages about them being punished so I can only assume they weren't. This is a pretty serious problem honestly. As if the new player experience wasn't bad enough with smurfs and toxicity, now they have to worry about getting up to 4 bots on their team when they get into a co-op vs ai match. Riot really needs to get on top of improving the new player experience in a number of ways.
: Why not balance Zed by making his shadows' abilities do 50% damage?
It will be almost impossible to properly balance Zed simply because of the ridiculous amount of mobility he has in his kit. It makes it almost impossible for a skillshot based champion to really fight him 1v1 in a reasonable manner, especially if Zed all-ins them because between his ult mobility and his W mobility its practically impossible to land a skillshot on him. Riot may think he represents a good example of a health assassin, but theyre going to have to rework his kit to have less mobility if they want people to stop hating on Zed all the time, which will open the door for proper balancing. As it stands, he spends so much time banned (even when he isn't considered inherently OP) that it doesn't really matter what changes they make because they'll never get a large enough pool of data to see how those changes pan out. Of course, then there are the changes that clearly make him seriously problematic, such as the QSS nerf vs Zed ult, that they let go live without any sort of nerf in return. Their decision making is extremely strange sometimes.
Meddler (NA)
: Zed: We've pulled the ult nerf from patch 6.11 after a lot of debate on the team as to how hard the Q changes will or won't hit Zed. Still sitting on it as an option for a later patch, we want to assess what impact those other changes have first though. Azir: One of the issues we're looking to address with the reduced duration on Azir's ult is how hard it shuts down melee, fighters in particular who can't just disengage from the fight for a while. 5/6/7 seconds is a really long time to wait in a team fight for it to go down, meaning Azir's presence makes it really hard to play many melee champions usefully unless they've got really high slipperiness (leave fight then return), a way to cross his wall (blink or flanking ability) or really long fight times (tanky, or great with a tanky build). The other issue is just the raw power of the ability, as both a strong AOE knockback and a persistent wall. The knockback generates a lot of interesting plays/counterplays. We concluded as a result that, given we felt we needed to take power out of the ability, it was better to hit the persistent wall, which tied in well with the above concerns on effect on melee champs. In terms of overall power both Zed and Azir are too strong. Azir's particularly out of line when played by a really experienced Azir player (experienced players should perform much better, there's still a limit though). I suspect we'll have to hit both of them again at some point in the next few patches, that's a personal guess though rather than currently planned work. Wwe'll see how these changes go first.
Don't worry, he'll remain banned in most matches so you wont get to really see how well the changes work that much anyways.
: Hold on, Rune pages are on sale 2 for 1 - Why wasn't this ANYWHERE ON THE LEAGUE WEBSITE OR CLIENT?
That's awesome! Now if I can just play 30 games a day maybe I can afford to take advantage of this deal before it goes away!
: How to ruin your day
{{champion:112}} You are a disappointment to the glorious evolution...
: Tell me about your 'most wrong' assumptions you made before stuff got released
I thought Viktor was going to be garbage outside of a CC heavy team comp. I was pretty much half right though, because on his own Viktor shouldn't be killing anyone with half a brain. Luckily, the numbers on his spells are so high that he can miss a good portion of the total damage potential and still do ludicrous amounts of damage.
Jamaree (NA)
: I sure do love losing people in XCOM because my person misses a 95% chance shot
The designers of XCOM 2 failed pretty spectacularly when it comes to their hit % core concept. I wouldn't mind missing high % shots as much if it didn't usually mean one or multiple of my team members would take huge amounts of damage the following turn because of it. But I wouldn't mind my team members taking damage if it didn't mean they were out of commission for WEEKS of in-game time to recover from even minor damage. I ended up save scumming my way through the game because the cost of missing 1+ shots on enemies is so ridiculously high in most cases its just not worth continuing to play it out. I think I might have played through maybe 3 or 4 missions without reloading saves, and during those missions I had soldiers die and get put out of action for weeks. Others have also brought up the fact that in a great many cases, especially late game, you can find yourself in scenarios where your max level sniper unit misses their one attack shot that round against an enemy that's standing out in the open (or doesn't even know your soldiers are there yet), or your assault unit misses that point blank shotgun attack against a massive robot walker because of RNG. Its absolutely infuriating, and can put your entire team at risk of death on harder difficulties simply because the dice didn't fall in your favor to such an absurd degree.
: The "I'm bad at Top Lane but want free wins" starter kit
I expected to see a picture of ekko. How disappointing.
: I've never seen a game where mages build health almost like a primary stat.
Im not really sure where youre coming from with this. Ive never seen a normal mage build more than 1 or MAYBE 2 AP items with hp on them specifically because you have to sacrifice damage output in the mid game to acquire them. Mages having an extra 400-700 hp hardly makes them tanky considering those items don't provide extra MR or armor, so against other mages or assassins youll still end up taking huge amounts of damage from them. Youre talking about a mage surviving for maybe another 1-2 auto attacks/spells come mid/late game, which is pretty negligible. I main {{champion:112}} , who in my opinion is the kind of champion that you would want to build pseudo-tanky on, but because of how he works with items you really cant afford to. By the time you can afford to invest in an item like {{item:3027}} or a {{item:3030}} , its too late in the game to sacrifice the damage from something like a {{item:3089}} or {{item:3135}} to justify buying an item with health on it. Mages don't build health as a priority outside of a few special cases like {{champion:8}} and {{champion:50}} , whose kits are specifically designed around having large health pools/tankiness.
Kobold (NA)
: Why not just have the game mode have all champions unlocked (only that mode(ARAM should be that way too)) and have every match have 10 champions disabled at random with or without bans?
That's an interesting idea, but the problem with having 10 champions disabled at random is that there is a list of supremely OP champions that just run trains on entire teams in that game mode, while there are other champions that are far more reasonable in terms of power. If the 10 champions disabled were targeted at the OP champion list, that wouldn't be a big deal (might have to cut it from 10 to 5 though) but if it was random it has the potential to just be meaningless. As for having all champions unlocked, that doesn't affect the way the mode would play all that much except that you might get a scenario where an OP champion is picked by someone who doesn't know how to play them. I played a game as Viktor against a Fizz who had no idea how to properly play the champion and I utterly destroyed them (ive got almost 200k mastery points on Vik across my accounts) yet ive played against Fizz players that have been so good at the champion I literally couldn't do anything to them at all.
: every single urf game is people picking the most broken shi and just tryharding.
Riot should release Urf with 3-6 perma banned champs each rotation so the games can be more diverse and fun. {{champion:112}} is so much fun in Urf, but most of the OP champions people like to pick are super mobile and make Vik pretty much worthless because youll never land his skills on that LB spamming her mobility every second. On the plus side though, if you do manage to get a reasonable game its a ton of fun, and it makes getting the S ranks on certain champions a breeze.
Rioter Comments
: People can talk as much shit as they want about Riot
Ricklessabandon can suck a lemon for fucking with Viktor.
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