: if you use chat regularly you **will** end up banned.
Yeah what i did that was reportable according to riot themselves I told xerath he could get banned for saying the N word. and saying I felt like some of my supports decisions may have cost us lane. Apparently those are the major things. I never called anyone bad, just said I think they were making mistakes. never said a swear word. was called racist words 2 of the 3 games. But thanks riot you got me, Im totally the one in all the games doing the most harm. Like if i dont answer someone in the normally duo or trio whos flaming me they say they will report me for refusing to communicate. Im actually talking to someone ona support ticket thing right now and am trying to find out if I can be penalized for not using chat. Because I will unbind it or whatever I need to do. Heck I woulda stopped using it along time ago If I knew for sure I wouldn't get in trouble for not communicating besides pings.
: ***
Well maybe you deserve it with that attitude.
: Typically the first game listed is the worst offending game... so I'm not sure why it's so mild. Are these chat logs edited?
No if needed I can send you screen shots from the in game ticket. I was cussed out and called the N word several times in 2 of the games listed. If I can be honest it's probably because I play alone and I recieve many reports from premade groups. If you say anything like hey let's try to avoid 2v1ing to one of a premade group the whole group jumps on and reports you. I wish it would show how they talked to me. Honestly I was really upset but felt I did okay considering I didn't say a swear word or do any kind of personal attack to them. But I honestly think riot doesn't take into account if the reporters are a premade and are like oh well you got reported 2 or 3 times in that game from a premade. (Every game I have ever been reported and got any kind of chat ban from has been a normal with premade, normally 2 or 3 people) and I swear on my life I have not said one swear word in the past 2 months in game cause Iwas getting chat banned alot. So i stpped talking about anything not game related. Even if someone ints I dont flame them i just ask them to play safer. I may ask if they are new on the champ if they mess up repetadly but I rarely even bring up people's skill, the only reason I did in one of the games here was cause a diamond (the xerath in a duo) flamed me for being silver. ND the son died 3 times in a row ever time I backed went in 2v1 so I assumed she was a newer player and said ya know son can't 2v1 when they have cc, cause she squishy. But I mean I guess the xerath one could be flaming but compared to him cussing me out and calling me racail slurs I feel like it's not a big deal. I would be okay someone talking to me like how I talk, but I'm not okay being cursed at and called racial slurs. So I don't get how riots punishments work. It has to be automated and go by number of reports rather then if the reports are premade or if you actually did anything. It really hurts to try to follow the rules, get talked to like a dog, have them tell you they won't get in trouble after saying racial slurs that are "Supposed" to not be tolerated and then you get suspended. I'm just sick of getting bullied by premade and if I say anything back getting punished when they say really hurt full stuff. The league community has some of the meanest people I've ever met, but I love the game and the small amount of nice people I have met are some of my really good friends now. So I really wanna play the game forever but I just can't be talked down too so much almost every game and the punished for even atempting to say "no dude you can't talk to me like that". I guess unless riot shows me otherwise I'll just have to let people talk to me however they want, because when I say this it's suspendable and just as bad as them cussing me out, personally attacking me and calling me racial and homophobic slurs. So just I dunno. Sorry for the book response and I can prove these have not been edited if you would like for me too. But riot finds this suspend able either way I guess.
: lmao
Glad you think it's funny. Wouldn't be funny if you were the one who was receiving the suspension who hasn't even said one swear word in league in 3 months. So I get cussed out almost ever game, I don't even reply most of them because when I do this happens. But yeah glad you find it ammusing.
: You typed that much in one game? Dude you really need to lay off the keyboard and play. I would get tilted if i seen my teammate typing that much.
I typed alot less then them while they called me racial slurs and swear words, I shoulda muted them and I know that. I just dont understand why they can say so much hateful things and get away with it and im in trouble.
: Just unbind your enter key and play, you type way to much for a game, it's fine if you just explain the gameplan but your backseat gaming and people get tilted off that.
I know you wont believe this but I typed alot less then my teammates most of the games. Especially when normally its a duo or trio and if you say anything at all all three cuss you out. I try not to type because I get tilted by people, im just not cool with people calling me swear words nonstop over a game thats not even ranked. I honestly might just mute all every single game when Im unsuspended.
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: Groups Bully in norms
Oh on a side note I am now chat restricted and the only match i played b4 that I was on sup and got 2 honors, had all chat off cause I do that so i wont tilt from enemy flame. And the meanest thing i said was we prolly shoulda won lane to my adc when he complained about the enemy blitz screwing us over. Litterly all I said was that and then told him good job when he got a triple and I said gj to our top when she got 1st blood and im pretty sure he honored me and the only other person i talked to was top. So unless that somehow got me chat restricted. Like I said you get bullied and if you say anything at all back even when the group is being vulgar and straight racist then you will get in trouble. Im just sick of having to be talked to like crap by a buncha keyboard warriors cause they have numbers. I mean the reports prevent me from honors alone even when they are just people ganging up and then when i get a team thats not a group of toxic people I cant talk to them or reply. Cause after that I played with two 2 man and that match I got camped and they were cool no flame at all and we won but I had to let them know at start I was basically false reported and chat restricted and it hut us in the game me not being able to type details like fizz ult, or typing who was where when I knew 3 were in topside. I mean honestly whats the point of trying to not tilt and not be toxic when im just gonna get bullied and reported anyways. At least one way I can tell them off. Anyways I wish there was a way to challenge chat restrictions or even pull up the game and show whoever is in charge of that, cause it seems like they can cuss me out and say whatever they want but when I say I know yaw are a group now stop being keyboard warriors and bullying just cause you have numbers and play, that im chat restricted. Just blows my mind, but I guess doesnt matter if your inncoent if you dont have the numbers your screwed. I really enjoy this game. I do have a problem with tilt. Since the few months since my last chat restriction, one and a half to two months ago, which I still am at honor 0 from. I have turned off all chat. I have played a few games with it on but 95 percent have it off because I know enemy trash talk can tilt me. But I made a point since then to try to keep cool. In the past 2 months basically two times ive tilted and argued in chat, and one because my mid in ranked said he was banned out and i had already picked tristana and I said if you have zoe, annie or lux I can mid and he said yeah and then locked mf and then tried to trade me. Which I was like dude why we needed ap and I said who id trade for and you said you had zoe. So then he runs mid and ints the whole game. after the 5th death in 5 min and asking him to play back and poke and him saying it was my teams fault everyone started arguing myself included. And the other time I turned all chat on for a game got camped and then the enemy flamed me and I tilted and we smack talked back and forth. But honestly I play alot cause I enjoy the game and I enjoy growing better, I have been trying to get M7 on all adcs since preseason ended to have them down for next ranked season, I have over half now but with those I got 4 chest and cannot open any due to getting no keys. And with these reports and chat restrictions I know im losing my honor which is my chest. Which in turn means no chest, but I dont really think thats fair. Now ive been chat banned 4 times. The 1st time i argued I didnt deserve, the second time I definitly did and the 3rd I read the chat logs and felt bad honestly and since then even when i tilt I have not flamed like that. Even when the dude inted on mf I did not personally attack him anymore then saying I thought he was trolling. Other people were like kys to him and stuff and thats my rank even if its preseason. So I did care about losing that match but in was not gonna do anythig I felt like would lose me my honor, and since then even with the banter against the enemy mid weeks ago I do not feel ive done anything to lose my honor. But I lose my drive to play when i earn chest and cant open them because I have no keys cause 3 people wanted to attack me and then report me because they know I will report them. I mean its their word against mine and they have three or four. So its no wonder I get the short end cause. Just getting flamed day in and day out in norms by groups makes me not even wanna progress, and if I try new champs and do bad, cussed and reported, if I have an opinion cussed and reported, even if I mute all reported. Its to often and I hope that maybe im just unlucky. Maybe this doesnt happen to many more people. I just wish that I felt like I could accomplish something in this game without getting it taken away unfairly. I am losing my drive to play just because how things have went and I absolutely love this game. But its so full of bullys, and trolls and just mean people that its hard to think about the friends ive made or how fun the game itself. So I guess ill just keep all chat off still and hope I dont get groups like that, the only other option i can think of is to bring two people myself but I like to just play solo alot. So hopefully it gets better if not idk because I really dont wanna stop playing this game because the bad in the community, when LOL is something I really enjoy.
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: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1no2gi/we_are_the_jinx_team_ama/cckcym5/ Jinx is definitely older than Vi despite the fact that she's more immature
Im pretty sure Vi was an older sister figure to jinx, there are theories that she hates vi for leaving and thats why she started acting like that. Some think vi ekko and jinx were all part of the same gang at one point and ekko liked jinx before she started only causing mayham, and since Vi leaving cause jinx to feel abandoned and become what she has that Ekkp blames Vi. I mean as far as I know these are only theories though but I believe jinx would be 1 to 3 years younger then Vi, maybe even a lil more.
: You will never be punished for false reports.
> [{quoted}](name=Fairyfleur,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1olFEvg3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-05T01:00:58.843+0000) > > You will never be punished for false reports. So I deserved to be chat banned for being a lil salty because I get tilted while my sup and jungle who are more then likely duod are cussing me out, but they more then likely got off scott free when I reported them because they had numbers on their side. Can you honestly tell me that I sound banably toxic there? And yeah I could have muted them, but I hate doing that when sometimes you need to type things for the betterment of your team, such as ults on cooldown or flash, and I would not be able to read those if needed. I mean take a look in chat, her cussing me out then muting me I guess so she could get the last word cost us multiple team fights when her ult would have won them. I wish riot would send the whole chat logs because even though I got mad I was still way way less toxic then they were.
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: Low Priority Que From A Friend.
Also it didnt show when I duod with someone else and im getting in games fast. Might be a glitch.
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