: Aphelios Kit Primer
I hate it. I hate it so much. The only thing that can save this project is making sure that his numbers are so terrible that he's not worth playing.
: The Good, The Bad, and the League: 10/4 - 10/18
Corki Package notification still annoying the hell out of those still playing him... No accountability for this universally disliked change...
parlayd (NA)
: my favorite part of playing your game is when I leave in the middle of it because of the n word being spammed in 29 out of 30 of my games
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: The Good, The Bad, and the League: 9/19 - 10/3
Dear Riot rep, i'm begging you with this one. There needs to be a review of the reception of the "quest" notification that was added a couple patches back to Corki when his Package becomes available. I have spoken to many other players of the champion online and never heard a single positive reaction to it. Obviously this change was intended to help people who have never played the champ before, but where is the precedent for this? - No other champ has instructions on how to use their kit show up on the middle of their screen in game. With there being no way to disable this, and the size and intrusiveness of the message, there REALLY NEEDS to be a review about how this change was received. I've been posting about it for months and no rioter has addressed this simple complaint.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 4
Meddler, i'm begging you with this one. There needs to be a review of the reception of the "quest" notification that was added a couple patches back to Corki when his Package becomes available. I have spoken to many other players of the champion online and never heard a single positive reaction to it. Obviously this change was intended to help people who have never played the champ before, but where is the precedent for this? - No other champ has instructions on how to use their kit show up on the middle of their screen in game. With there being no way to disable this, and the size and intrusiveness of the message, there REALLY NEEDS to be a review about how this change was received. I've been posting about it for months and no rioter has addressed this simple complaint.
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: Patch 9.20 notes
Please revert the intrusive message that appears when Corki's passive is ready. Players don't need this kind of babying to tell them how to play the game. I mean let's face it, there's already so much information that you need to play this game effectively that cannot be delivered while players are in game, they need to read up about it out-of-game. Something as simple as the basic functioning of one of your abilities is only the beginning...
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: Whats up ya'll, I'm on my lunch break again
: corki package message
Riot is completely deaf on this one. They added something that nobody asked for, feedback has been universally negative, and won't revert or even implement a way to disable it. Seriously, it's a fricking NOOB TIP. Something that belongs in the tutorial!
: The only people getting punished by honor are the ones that are super toxic in game.
So very wrong. The truth is that almost everyone will get dragged into some argument at some point, and who gets reported has more to do with who is losing the match in-game than who is being more toxic. The system is completely unable to tell if a person was heavily provoked, it just looks for key "bad words" + report = punishment
: Damn this is literally game-breaking for me. New courser is absolute trash.
You guys... new cursor has additional functionality, is lower profile and looks way more sleek and modern. what on earth was so great about a cheesy fist pointing a finger? I can't figure out why anyone here even liked it at all, let alone this insane melodramatic "wahhh i'm gonna quit the game cause of this" whining in this thread...
: I feel like the game is intentionally holding me back from hitting diamond
> feed and say nothing in chat which is super tilting Right, if they were complaining and getting into a flame war with you that would be better? Saying nothing in chat is by far the right call...
SirPurrr (NA)
: Incredibly Annoying Corki Visual Information
Just here to agree, Riot please take this out as soon as possible. And learn a lesson from it, players do NOT need this kind of excessive, intrusive babying telling them how to play the game.
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Bongoba (NA)
: Actually, in Bronze elo, Lux support is seen a lot. But as for the Ori support, I will have to agree with you on that, I haven't seen an Ori support in years.
That's the whole point of their comment. Lux support = actually played but not nerfed, Ori support = super obscure but got nerfed anyways.
: > The action around Scuttle Crab is making for a good mini-objective, but it's currently up too often, forcing too much of a jungler's attention onto its continuous respawn. To compensate for fewer overall Scuttle Crabs, we're pushing some experience back into the basic jungle camps (detailed just below). ” When will you realize that this isn't going to bring back the jungler diversity that you want and we will still see the Duelist junglers and very few early game junglers. If you play a tank or late scaling jungler then you are hurting your team at this point. REMOVE THE SCUTTLE CHANGES or move your "Good mini-objective"<That only you and other developers believe in back to 15-20 mins so it will be a mini objective. That is if you want jungle diversity at all. Runic echoes won't be enough to bring back the AP junglers. I am sure the Laners appreciate you adding more experience for them at later levels to jungle camps, now if you just could help the junglers.
Runic echoes is garbage and AP junglers are suffering right now more than ever.
: I think there was a post a while back (or multiple) that said that it was mainly used if an ult had some reward for doing the execute (ie chogath, darius, not garen, urgot). I'd like to think thats still a valid reasoning. Darius and chogath dont get less damage by ulting a bit too early, granted everything else is equal (like stoneplating for cho or stacks for darius), while for garen it leaves a skilltest for both players (estimating damage levels). So unless there's an execute that doesnt reward on kill, but also stays the same on damage (can it even be an execute then), I dont think there's much reason to give non-rewarding executes an indicator.
Urgot fears in an aoe when he executes.
Infernape (EUW)
: It isn't coded as healing. It's classed as regeneration. The same goes for Garen with his passive.
That's pretty stupid. Why don't they just increase his base health regen and give him a passive that interacts with what the player is actually doing... He's pretty outdated and very basic, only time he gets played is when they buff the crap out of him like right now.
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sblego11 (NA)
: Yea 30-40% of his damage is true, but he does 50% less dmg now. Yasuo always (unless ur going lethality) builds full crit so he got the 50% damage increase from the IE. Now that he loses that, he will do a little bit more damage than tanks but not enough to be worth having like 2 or 3k less health, so tanks just become better than him
"unless ur going lethality" I think we can safely assume you don't know what you're talking about based on those four words.
: Patch 8.11 Early Look
Please don't apply your nerfs to Corki. Right now he is never played bot and reducing his armour will really f@#$ up his matchups against zed yas and talon which are matchups that already rest on a knife's edge. If people end up taking advantage of his higher base stats and start playing him bot again then go ahead and nerf, but pls wait to make sure that is necessary!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 27
No mention of the massive restructuring of mage mana pools? I'm really worried that all the mids I play are going to get absolutely f#@%ed in the mid game due to being unable to clear waves when people rotate into my lane. I think all the changes are pretty much awful and haven't seen any response to the overwhelmingly negative feedback mid players have been giving on these changes
: An assassin that sucks at farming, but is good at assassinating. Welcome to season 1-5. Fucking love it. If only they revert Swain/Galion/Jax/Vlad... ect ect.. League might be fun again. Lets also remove Static shiv/Rapidfire/Jungle Items/Botrk/new runes/ect and it would be perfect.
Revert... Jax? Can I see a link to his rework reveal page? Also NOBODY played old Galio because he was 110% flash reliant, he's vastly better off now. No offense but you don't seem very knowledgeable about this game.
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nekzx (EUW)
: Riot can u plz show some love to pantheon witch is realy in a bad state (countred by 99% of laners , doran shield , second wind , tabis , minion aggro ,tanks, and alot of recent nerfs that indirectly targeted him ,ect ... ) , he needs some armor pen in his kit , or W becomse % dmg instead of 50 ap dmg , maybe remove his passive and put it into his W , his Q does no dmg , his utli can be a knock up in the centre maybe , maybe his W allows his to jump on allys and give them the passive , that would be cool . i realy think u should work on pantheon , thanks
you sound like a little kid asking santa for something. you are totally right though they should give him some more interesting game play since his cheesy early dominance is ruined by the minion aggro changes
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 30
Please give Lucian Q an AP ratio. Just .3 or .4 would be so nice. Corki, tristana, and ezreal gets to have ap scaling on all abilities, why not lucian?
: LOL the op of the thread cowsep's referring to is actually bronze 4 LOLLL good call
Incorrect, actually. He is literally bronze 5. With a 46% winrate: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=GentlemanGhidora
: This is hilarious and fucking ignorant of Cowsep (probably because he doesn't know that he's an exception of being able to play in the KR server). If you guys didn't know. Korean gaming servers are generally blocked off to the outside world except for Korea itself, using a SS ID to register for accounts. Thus, not allowing anyone who isn't a person with this SS ID to sign up and play. This was done for several reasons (keeping players accountable by IDing, etc). The fact that Cowsep is even allowed to play in the KR server or any player that isn't from KR without this SS ID, is an exception/blessing - meaning it's allowed because of who they are + outside world can't compete against the Korean players, so they needed to let the pro/famous players compete in the KR server to stay relevant on world stage. So the toxicity? Yeah, it's there because unlike me who lives in Seattle and plays LoL for fun > seriously, they play seriously > fun. The mentality of eSports or games in general is different from that of Korea compared to any other country. In other words, deal with it. If you can't, just play in the server that you can handle. Riot won't do anything because they know you playing in the KR server is a favor given by them. They could really just revoke your access in the KR server if all you want to do is cry about it. Seriously, if you can't handle the "threats/toxicity/etc" of KR server, then why do you even play there? Edit: To add onto your racist comment... You act as if "USA, USA, USA" chants isn't a thing. (This is done EVERYWHERE, doesn't matter where). If you want to bash on Asians, then do it in good taste. Don't try to make it seem like you're the victim.
This is utter nonsense, what is wrong with you. Just because it's an elite server doesn't mean cowsep or anyone else should be subjected to personal attacks, racism, and a general horrible game experience. I'm honestly just so confused as to how even one word of what you wrote makes sense to you. "If you want to bash on Asians, then do it in good taste." Literally what the hell does this mean? There is no acceptable way to insult a race of people, and furthermore Cowsep's intentions with this post had NOTHING to do with that, he is pointing out their toxicity and generally awful behaviour BECAUSE THEY ARE TOXIC, not because they're asian. I've read a lot of dumb posts on these forums but I think this is actually the all-time stupidest reply I have ever seen.
: Why do people play Ezreal Jungle? it is because people, as a rule, think that it is super cool to skip any analysis of thought or behavior, any examination of their own life, and simply do whatever they want and if someone else suffers, oh well. People are deliberately ignorant. _** ὁ ... ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ.**_ Or, in english. The unexamined life is not worth living. -Aristotle
Not only are you an insufferable know-it-all, you're just dead wrong. This isn't a troll pick, it's the dominant keystone for her in pro games.
Terozu (NA)
: So ummm... with new sword skin is janna an adc? Cause imagine new janna full crit since a lot of crit items grant movement.
Hopefully you're joking but that's retarded since your bonus magic damage won't crit, and AP ms items give even more.
: Patch 7.19 notes
> You can now ping everything on the scoreboard, /mute all just got buffed even more
Rioter Comments
: I just played Evelynn on the PBE and I think she may be the hardest champ in the game now.
137434 (NA)
: The problem was old Athenes and Morellos were too close to each other. So whatever item was tuned the best at the moment was the clear choice to take out of the two 99% of the time with the other item forgotten. So Riot decided to make Morellos a mage focused item and Athenes a support focused one to give them some space and unique identity.
That's silly. It's like saying essence reaver and ie are too similar, or rav/titan hydra. There's supposed to be itemization options that let you specialize your champ to perform different functions. And it's not that hard to create those specializations, Morellos was always about the healing debuff now it's about being able to pick up lost chapter early, if anything it just feels like the same situation you described, of one item edging out the other via stat efficiency, it just happens to be officially sanctioned...
: Do you have any idea as to how you are going to fix Ghostblade? I was thinking that if you removed the attack speed boost, it would be a lot less valuable to adcs. Assassins usually don't really care about attack speed, and get the item for the damage and movespeed. Removing the attack speed keeps it how it is for assassins but makes it a lot less desirable on ADCs
except when it comes to pushing towers. but ad assassins are already not bad at that.
: Riot have said that they want to add another AP CDR item to the game, as Morello is so widespread. I expect that to come during preseason.
I don't know why Athenes had to be changed, although I don't terribly mind the new item on a handful of supports and midlanes, it's completely different and not a mage item at all anymore. so yea, i would like there to be two AP/CDR/mana options like there always used to be.
: Gun-sexual? Kill-sexual? Jhin doesn't understand sex in the same way you do (regardless of your gender identity).
feel like this is kind of the cop out answer for riot. how many characters would a champ design team member give this explanation for? my guess is a lot. not that i think it's a bad direction to go with jhin specifically, it makes sense to me. you guys ever going to confirm that Vi's a lesbian?
: kill-sexual, lol so hes a necrophiliac...gross
yeah that's definitely not what was implied
: Um, the Q allowed his jungle survivability same with the shield
He still gets a shield on ability cast. and W grants immunity to creep damage for a few seconds. The jungle isn't difficult anymore, I doubt he will have any trouble with his clears.
: You are right. The post I saw about this was before the NHL decided to pay bonuses, and I didn't mention the NBA. MLB bonus comes from ticket sales, which is not the same thing as a prize pool. If you look at the prize pool for baseball back in 1913 it was $3,246 for the winning team which when adjusted for inflation is $78,000 now. That's 44 years AFTER the MLB was started. I still think that for the 5th year of LoL World's a two million prize pool is doing ok.
you're ignoring the fact that esports is hugely international, reaches exponentially larger audiences through the internet, PLUS the base salary for players is wimpy compared to pro sports, even back in the day.
Elimist (NA)
: I have tried everything I can find to fix my issue and nothing has helped. I was playing earlier and it was fine, then a few hours later I log in to play again and now after the champion select screen, I only get a black screen and the game never loads. No amount of relogging in, force closing, repatching, repairing, will fix it. Hell I even uninstalled and completely redownloaded the game and it didn't fix it. I have turned off IP Helper, I have disabled IPv6, I have released, renewed, and flushed dns. There is no running firewall. I even downloaded Adobe Air. Nothing has fixed it. I lost lp, and LeaverBuster placed me in the low priority queue. Please, help me out here. {{champion:86}}
This is a major problem and should be viewed as very high priority since it is the most game-breaking: the client will work fine, store will work fine, you can enter queue and champ select just fine, and then be completely unable to actually load up the game once you're assigned to it. Please turn on loss prevented and disable ranked queues until this shit is fixed and also don't give out leaverbuster penalties when people fail to connect at all because it's obviously not my fault, it's the software's.
Utora (NA)
: Rek'sai Q&A [COMPLETED]
When one tunnel goes on cooldown, does this affect any other tunnels on the map? That is to say, can you line up a bunch of tunnels through the jungle and troll everyone by making the easiest long distance escapes ever?
: I like the idea of this champion, but I think her ult is a big mistake. You want to talk about toxicity and trolling games? I main support by choice, and I've never second guessed my choice until now... Is there going to be any option for the one who she has bound with to essentially say, "My body, my choice?"
it makes you untargettable and you get to choose when and wear to dash to. Almost impossible to use this to troll.
: I've seen it. OOOOOPPPPPPP as F!!! But since {{champion:157}} is not a support they struggle. She makes a much better combo with {{champion:412}} !
{{champion:412}} ?? You're thinking inside the box. This ult will make {{champion:32}} or {{champion:3}} support way more viable.
: I have a secondary question concerning this. I will certainly try playing him in the mid lane once he comes out, but another position I plan on at least trying him out in is support, because I'm a karma main and I see the potential to completely control the lane so my adc can free-farm. My question is whether his soldiers will proc the "bandit" mastery, as it only procs on auto attacks.
Doubt it. I would call bandit an on-hit effect.
: What other champions will Azir be a viable pick against? Which ones will be his greatest enemies? Also, what other teammates will work best with Azir?
Post-6 Kassadin will be quite strong against him, able to jump over his wall without taking any damage from it as well as do better in trades due to his magic shield. Of course all melee champions are going to have a hard time in the early game against someone with harass this strong.
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