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: hey i am starting to get serious now. g4 now highest, wanna get better and have fun of course 3 years exp
sure man, ill add ya.
: Gold 1 top/jg main looking for duo partner
As long as your not a flamer and a angry person ill play. Im gold 3, almost gold 2. Plat last season. I also main Top and Jg so you and i can switch if needed. I like playing for fun too whenever you need a break from rank. NA Name: ViperSRT
: Wait... Tryndamere pressed R...
Nymph0 (NA)
: If you play yasuo just uninstall.
Usually Yasuo and Teemo players are a bunch of assholes.
: [Rant]: Matchmaking
Keshaun (NA)
: Rotating game mode
They need to have a rotating game mode every month of the year.
I understand that frustration but you need to carry the team at that point and start early, rome.
: What the actual hell is this
Can be your MBPS upload on your wifi, basically meaning you need better speed.
: The most spiteful player ever
Troll or just completely nuts!
horobore (NA)
: How was this not an S
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: <Six Beers Deep> LF Jungle Main, Casual Siver/Gold MMR Flex games
Sounds like a good time, Hit me up ViperSRT NA
: Looking for jg and toplane (gold-plat flex)
Hit me up ViperSRT NA, I'm a Top/JG main. G3, last season plat.
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