: LeBlanc is officially classified as a burst mage
Next thing you know Leblanc will also be armed with a Viktor style Death Ray coming out of her staff. She'll also be throwing out Clones that duplicate her abilities and a Chameleon style ultimate that allows her to look like an enemy champion for X seconds (in game and on mini map). ... 20 minutes into the game... You walk up to river where you see a "friendly" Ezreal. Suddenly, another Ezreal pops out and then both of them fire a Viktor laser at you. "You have been slain" Turns into Leblanc. "HAHAHA"
: what champ to counter yasuo top lane?
Dude {{champion:58}} may be "broken" for now but the other day I still used him and kicked {{champion:157}} in lane.
: Caitlyn is going to feel uber clunky with the Attack Delay nerf
Good. I strongly dislike the champion and would like to see her nerfed down as much as possible. It brings a great deal of joy to my heart to know that I will be able to play my favoured ADCs more safely now. Her super ranged autos and her traps are absolutely oppressive.
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: nerf ezreal
His damage is God-awful.
Sw4g3tti (EUNE)
: Jungle is still the most impactful
> [{quoted}](name=Sw4g3tti,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Nqym9KGI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-23T21:36:09.022+0000) > > Jungle is still the most impactful Theoretically. However, the problem with going JG is that the odds of feeding lanes on your team goes up by a lot (unless you mitigate that by Ganking well and Ganking a lot but its often not possible in games). I feel its easier to excel at 1 vs 1 in lane and to snowball the game that way. If you go JG, your replacement in the solo lanes likely suck more and in some games you can't Gank enough to offset that...
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Ahris (NA)
: Ahri nerf way too harsh
The Ahri nerfs can only be described as... BALANCE.
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: Viktor needs to be looked at
Viktor should get A LOT more damage in his Death Ray. A LOT more...
: Viktor needs to be looked at
I agree. I play both {{champion:8}} and {{champion:112}} and right now I see absolutely no reason (besides "I just feel like it") in picking Vik over Vlad. Neither have any kill pressure in lane against competent opponents... and against bad opponents, Vladimir snowballs harder. A 2 kill Viktor can still be shut down while a 2 kill Vlad becomes a god. Late game hyper carry with AOE damage? Vlad does it better. He has more safety AND more AOE damage and its all easier to land. He has a Sanguine Pool to reposition, tons of sustain, and a way more reliable kit (and its mostly AOE). I can't tell you how many games I win lane with Viktor but then can't go on to carry the game. He has to position SO MUCH more carefully and his damage is so unreliable. Viktor literally cannot function without a functioning frontline. Meanwhile... a 3 item full damage Vladimir does whatever he wants so long as he has some game sense, and nuke the backline with impunity.
: Does the Backline depend more on the Front line?
Seems like even when you get fed as the Backline... you later can't do ANYTHING if it turns out your Frontline has really poor formation/game sense. You'll still top the damage charts but you don't have enough firepower/position flexibility to actually win more often than not. If you get fed as Frontline however, you can do a super strong split (if your backline is bad) or team fight. Literally all you do is dive the Backline whenever you are not outnumbered and when you know you can survive the counterattack while your team attacks. Even a brain dead Lux can suddenly become somewhat effective if you provide that kind of engage. Just doesn't work the other way as well. I've also noticed that when the Frontline is good, you soak up a lot more damage, allowing won team fights to more easily translate to taking down towers and objective. On the other hand, if only the Backline is good... you often get these scenarios where you "won" the team fight but don't have enough people and health to really press on. And it just repeats until the poor Frontline costs you the game.
Ralanr (NA)
: They are supposed to depend equally on each other. Though I'm going to say backline relies on frontline more. Because without much of a frontline, people die too quickly.
> [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EMj26rhm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-23T16:33:16.328+0000) > > They are supposed to depend equally on each other. Though I'm going to say backline relies on frontline more. > > Because without much of a frontline, people die too quickly. I'm so glad its not all in my head...
SiegFx1 (NA)
: This season how many victories took you to get diamond?
I'm still in Silver. But I'm not playing Ranked again until I finish working on my ideal Top Lane champion pool.
: Why is pantheon still allowed to exist?
Besides his global Ult, he's basically a worse version of {{champion:58}}
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: Why are Rakan and Xayah so White?
Hey... white or not white... DO THEY NOT LOOK SEXY? WELL? DO THEY? YES? Ok well I don't see the problem
: Jungler-hunting is such cancer
and this is why I don't JG. Its a thankless job (you always get blamed when things go south) there's a higher chance that other lanes will feed because I'm not in lane (my strength is in laning) all the god damn mind games and counter JG/counter Gank bs the champions to play aren't very fun (you are either a champ with a strong early game but who becomes useless past 20 mins or a scaling tank who is in danger of losing the game pre 20 mins if the other JG is remotely good) ... And yes I agree. Counter-Jungling, invades... its dumb af.
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Broporo (NA)
: As far as I've been able to test, I don't think you'll be able to have attack move bound to left click, and still be able to use left click to select the angle of those spells =\ . You may have to settle with having attack+move bound to a different key unfortunately.
> [{quoted}](name=Broporo,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=9lEiEzh7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-16T02:30:01.140+0000) > > As far as I've been able to test, I don't think you'll be able to have attack move bound to left click, and still be able to use left click to select the angle of those spells =\ . You may have to settle with having attack+move bound to a different key unfortunately. =( So if I play ADC (and want to left click to attack move)... then I can't play Lux and fire my Ultimate in non-smart cast mode? =( It will just be if I press R I get a cast time but can't left click it?
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: Complain?
> [{quoted}](name=Mordepool,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=YflEa0Ju,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-15T23:55:35.144+0000) > > Complain? No my brother. An ADC... An ADC carries. An ADC carries. He carries.
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Genjab (NA)
: You should always be kiting as an adc. If you are always standing in one place, you are doing something wrong.
I understand that, but can I kite and not lose DPS?
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: Tryndamere Low Elo God?
He has "poor team fight" yet when the enemy engages or when your team engages... the enemy has to worry about an un-killable thing spinning in with BORK, 2/3 shotting their carries. He's obviously a better split pusher than team fighter but its a myth that he can't team fight or that his team fight is god awful.
: Lots of things are strong in low ELO. This is because players rarely exhibit a lot of things that make opponents like Tryndamere less intimidating. Doesn't Nasus generally work as a response to hard-hitting melee?
I murdered stomped a Nasus 2 days ago in normals with Trynd and that was without a level 1 Ignite cheese kill. At 3 items we traded blows and I out damaged him by just right clicking. You can zone him the hell out early. Now that I've learned the level 1/4 Ignite cheese, Nasus will probably be one of the easier champs in low eloes to cheese (since he'll focus on Q-ing minions and can't really trade back early).
Kotleth (EUNE)
: The same with master yi, kayle, Annie, Vladimir there are a lot of champions that are Gods of low elo and do not require skill, except that master yi, vlad and kayle are also op in higher elo. Trynd is at least possible to counter in early and you can always cc him.
I don't know how useful CC is against him when he's just going to watch the mini map and go for towers whenever there's a chance knowing he can simply spin away. If you want to CC him in team fights, again, he chooses when he wants to fight and when he doesn't. And unless its a Silence, he can still Ult. He's probably the front line in a team fight so your still having to tie down resources to deal with him when said CC could instead have been fired at carries maybe.
: Assasins, your thoughts?
You forgot the best assassin in the game. {{champion:23}} at 3 items. Fights breaks out... suddenly... Trynd spins in and gets an auto off on a carry. Carry flashes out, Trynd Flashes after them. 1 or 2 more hits... "An enemy has been slain." Ult... spin back out.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Vlad Maine ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t3w0H4ET,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-05-08T19:47:52.889+0000) > > higher elos are better at dodging the tornado though? And lower elos are better at missing it. It goes both ways.
well I mean, in my last game, when people's solution to dealing with Yasuo was running straight at him (EN MASS too) when he's fed... he didn't even have to aim and I think at that point it was harder to miss than to hit.
: I'd feel safe having an Ashe against Yasuo in low elo than high elo. In high elo it implies the Yasuo is more skilled as well. And then it's just hopeless. He can even erase her E, lul.
higher elos are better at dodging the tornado though?
MysterQ (NA)
: I agree. Any DrainTank is just ridiculous the amounts of heal. Our win was complete chance/throes. Yasuo was 4-0 and Master Yi was like 8-0 or 12-0 at 13 minutes. It was some ridiculous thing to our maybe 0-2 Ashe or 1-2 Ashe. Somehow their Yasuo just threw going 5-x into something terrible. And Yi into 15-x. But I was prepared for the most miserable game of my life and it was going that way until we won most teamfights.
its also frustrating because he's "balanced" around the fact that his tornado can be dodged. But in low elo, "dodging? What is that?" He gets too much free damage. It doesn't matter if you can dodge it if your team can't. I mean, he's still going to get ahead and you'll be under so much stress (do I go in and probably mess up my play or do I wait for a better moment... OH WAIT the moment is past now cause 3 guys just got caught by the tornado).
MysterQ (NA)
: My Ashe just beat a Yasuo, Master Yi, WuKong team. Granted we are low ELO, but she/he did great. I think he is Plat normally but was playing flex for who knows why.
depends on the team but yesterday I came out of a winning lane with Ashe. Then I noticed the Yasuo was 2 levels ahead. Our whole team was melee and his tornado just cuts through all my team mates. It causes the whole team to tilt as he cuts through them and life steals it back, windwalling arrows etc. Sometimes I hit him and we kill him but if ANYONE gets hit by a single tornado... "HASAKI! O LAY O LAY OH!" (DOUBLE KILL) There's just nothing more stressful.
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: What do you consider high elo?
I can only do it from Mid. If I'm playing anything else, I would probably have to duo (with a reliable player).
: > [{quoted}](name=zFrostistic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q1dY9E1y,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-05-05T20:05:01.894+0000) > > What kind of joke is this rofl A joke that's not very funny.
I notice you make a lot of posts on this forum. I play lots of Vladimir as well. You should consider adding me for some Normals games and if we meet we could scrimmage in Norms (just for fun). Always fun to see alternate styles of Vladimir play.
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: Actually played Annie yesterday and it was impossible to make any plays in lane due to the enemy building Banshees. It's extremely frustrating to play against. Basically just avoid any sort of interaction until your Banshees is back up.
I'm thinking of rushing {{item:3152}}. Using the active to "turn off" the Banshees and then make a calculated Flash play before it boots up again. Still annoying to play around though.
: And thus the Banshee's rush begins
{{champion:1}} Q stuns... blocked "BUT I WANNA PLAY!"
Shaco should be deleted. He is straight up unfair to play against. Invisibility and clones are a toxic mechanic.
: An ap carry will always be valuable for damage diversity, though at the moment that's basically the only reason to have one.
More than half the time come mid/late game a {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:112}} or {{champion:69}} will be far more reliable/useful to the team than an assassin. By late game they can 100-0 squishy targets too except with AOE abilities to fall back on, from much further away and with nowhere near the unreliability of execution/risk of assassins.
: What can make Zed such a monster?
Every time I play {{champion:238}} he feels like a more useless version of {{champion:112}}
: Should I stop playing mages this season?
Mages tend to lead to more smooth sailing/functional team comps reliable AOE damage, poke, wave clear, late game high reliability 100/75-0 burst damage, cc, range etc, they generally give you late game scaling superiority Assassins create a liability in team comp that has to be covered by superior mechanics and/or the whole team picking around the assassin pick
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