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dpceee (NA)
: Anyone want to offer me some sage advice on how to improve in LoL?
One thing I think is very important is to know the other champions capabilities. Most of the time you aren't planning to die, ESPECIALLY in laning phase. Every time I die in laning phase, although I may get insanely tilted how some champions {{champion:84}} {{champion:238}} have insane capabilities for no reason, I acknowledge that and attempt to play around it. Know that dying is REALLY REALLY BAD and avoiding it at all costs. "Its just one death" you might think, but 1 death puts you behind because you miss cs/xp, and it gives your opponent free cs/xp/tower gold, which inevitably hurts your teammates, which leads to losses. I didnt even mention the kill gold ontop of that. Cs is also very important, especially when you feel you cant win a lane. You average 3.7 cs per minute on lux **OUCH**. CS is essentially a risk free way to get gold. Imagine you averaged 5 cs per minute, which is still below average. Using a guesstimate of 25 - 30 gold on average per cs, in a 20 - 30 minute game, you could get an extra 650 - 1170 gold. That may not seem like alot but it adds up over time. I also very much think I am underestimating the average value per cs, as it increases as the game goes on. Build is also VERY important. I don't know the builds for every champion but usually I look up top korean players on said champion and copy build/runes. Trading, which is related to knowing champion capabilities, is also important. You win a trade when you get more value, not necessarily damage, out of hitting them. I know this "value" concept is especially useful on vlad. I may q and take A LOAD of damage for it, but that q may put them in the threshold where I know I am able to kill them from. You may take more damage but have your jungler right there to back you up. If you want to see your stats you can go to this website Its how I saw your avg cs but it has a lot of other things too.
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: Matchmaking Idea To Re-Direct Tilting
I mean it would be nice for the good players but if someone goes off one game it kinda goes in a downward spiral more toxic, more likely to tilt, worse players, more toxic .
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: What do you get when you put root beer in a square glass?
Maybe if you take the square root of.....
: Just what in the world happened lmfao. It's like your team got nuked and you were standing just far enough out not to get struck.
"Platinum gameplay"
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: Jungling at my level is nearly impossible along with laning.
Are you new to the game or because if ur sub level 30 u wont get many fair games.
: Completely agree it’s a mess below mid plat.
Honestly would agree, being low plat and having been high plat last season, I find it absurd that I have to play the lotto until about p3 where i can actually talk to my teams and make coordinated plays.
: Ranked series problems.
If u dodged a game it counts.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Can we go back to Grasp tooltip displaying health gained instead of times used?
: {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3155}}
So ad champs can get hexdrinker for some ad and immunity to burst mages. Ap champs got a really hard time which gets slightly better when they get zhonyahs. How we gunna fix this (rito gets drunk) LETS GIVE ALL CHAMPS ZHONYAHS HUR DUR!
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: Tips for Improving Play?
Looking at your match history I think its pretty odd that u run blue ward on supports. Supports are supposed to get a sightstone (which will be automatic kinda in the next patch) and a sweepers. Other than that, I think it might just be decision making, knowing when u can get the enemy. When in lane make sure you are targeting the adc with your bubble. make sure if you are going in for a bubble, you or your adc has poked enough (so like adc 50 - 70% hp) to engage. If their supp is melee abuse it by poking alot. Make sure you factor in if the enemy adc has heal or not, as that can turn a fight. Try and generally know where the jungler is before you fight (if you dont it is probably better not to fight unless it is really easy like adc 20% hp). As nami your adc should almost always be better health wise than their adc unless their supp heals too.
WrÆth (NA)
: What is the counterplay to Nasus
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: Toxic Team all reports me, will punishment happen just because I got ganged up on?
Only if u responded with one toxic statement. Then those 4 players play another game while you get punished. Fair system.
: For people who finished Gold or Higher Last Season
I think trolls are more common in bronze but what u consider "bad teammates" dont really change. Whatever elo you are ull think teammates are bad (unless ur like challenger and can realize ur mistakes) I still think my teams fault is mostly for losing even though logically i know I can be at fault for the loss (peaked plat 2 100 lp last season)
Annimoo (NA)
: Got ranked Bronze 4 after winning 8 out of 10 placement matches
If ur mmr was like b10 do math and u get b4 lel
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: Oh, see that? You only down voted because you disagreed with my opinion. You probably didn't even look at the rest of my post LOL. I guess the vote system does have to deal with that but when its just a bunch of people constantly down voting other's opinions who may or may not be right, it's a little oppressive.
Opinions aren't meant to be wrong or right, and yes I downvoted your post because I disagree. If someone says 30 minute games are more fun, that can't be proven right or wrong, its an opinion.
Seen (NA)
: What is the one phrase that puts you on full tilt?
How do you die as (champ) you literally can (ability)
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Do you think you've improved? If you win all 10 u might still be placed b1 or s5 if your mmr didnt move. If it did reset you'd be around s5 and winning all 10 could place u s1. So if you get placed high bronze after 10 good placements it didnt move. High bronze in bad placements it reset.
: Just wait till you get into higher elo. Happens quite often to encounter the same guy 5 times in a row.
I am plat 3 this happens like every 4 games or so.
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: Trying to find a champ to play in the top lanee!
Try quinn? I feel if u can learn to roam with her enough u can win any game (:
: 15 Likes And I Will Write a Several Page Long Analysis on Why I Hate Singed.
I literally vowed to not play singed. Legit he isn't even a real champion. All he has to do is fking run away. You are playing a game of tag but singed is fking usain bolt. Oh did i mention he has slows and does more damage than alot of mages when you don't chase him?
: minion health bars changed?
Is it constantly? I have been seeing it happen in a couple of my games and sometimes they are normal.
: wishlist for season 9 or maybe before season 8 starts
U can't queue 4 because then u need a solo in flex queue which doesnt make sense
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: I don't understand this difference between AP and AD items.
Who says you cant use morello on vlad? (I'm a vlad main)
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Sniper (NA)
: My in-game settings keep getting reset?
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Zed genius (EUNE)
: Quick tip for climbing
Another tip if someone on your team locks in {{champion:81}} take the - 3
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: You actually lose 40LP lol
He is right. If you win u gain 20 or so you lose you lose 20 or so. Therefore if u lose there is a 40 lp difference from where you could of been. Example. Win - Win - Win - Lose vs Win - Win - Win - Win The first one u are sitting at 40 lp and the other around 80.
: Take a blunt. Lmao. I like to play under the influence. It makes the game more enjoyable and less stressful. Sometimes I play better, sometimes I play worse. It doesn't make me a lowlife to indulge myself whilst playing a video game.
Inhibiting my brain function lol it makes it more enjoyable
Drugoth (NA)
: Permabanned? There are reasons Riot tells you you're 0.006% of the community.
Yea riots numbers gotta be wrong. If only around 6000 players were banned in ALL regions, then I would not see a post every other day on " I was perma banned pls unban rito ty". And reminder thats world wide of the 12 regions. Lets be generous and say NA makes up 3 times the region average so 1500. That doesn't make much sense. They might of meant .0006 as a decimal and in reality meaning 0.06% which adds 2 0's to all of these numbers. (600000 players permabanned) but then thats sounds awfully high, but then again, its 100 million players so.
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