: Balanced Draft Matchmaking OCE
This happens when people que with their friends that are lower elo. Especially diamond+ there are just not enough players to balance around higher mmr players so it just tries its best off the people who can. Which leads to games like this happening. Im a d4 support who regularly ques normals with a d4 adc, a silver 1 mid, and a g4 jungle. When this happens our 5th person and the enemy team are just a random assortment of people silver to high diamond. Its unfortunate because sometimes youre the random player whose lower elo vsing a diamond but its just the way it works. I would recommend taking the game as a learning experience and learn why you won/lost the lane and what they did better than you. Other than that good luck!
: d4 bot and support LF clash team
Im the support. IGN: Voice of Torment
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: Plat adc looking for a supp main to duo with ranked or norms
hello, I am a Plat Support only player and am always looking for new adc duo's add me my name is Support desu ga on League. Let me know who you are and maybe we can play sometime!
: Carry me XD make it worthwile?
that is boosting. Its called duo que boosting.

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