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AmazoX (EUW)
: #The option of choosing your primary & secondary role It is the best thing they've done for the community. *I am surprised OP didn't include it.*
You kids can't even play your main role but giving people a secondary role to feed from sure is great.
: The buff to ghost poro won't change anything
Just make it give 40% bonus AP that's literally riot's solution for balance problems.
: All the good things Riot has done for us.
1) This is literally how they make money, wow expecting them to put some effort into the shit they sell for 15 dollars a pop, ur so gud to us rit 2) No, I really don't have to admit that, because it's garbage. Next season why not just remove walls, and make your mouse randomly click around the map, keep things fresh you know /s, for stupid as fuck. Hey guys we're real sports we're serious business. Here lets just fuck with the meta every year to keep things "fresh". Is that having your cake and eating it too or does being consistent and enduring not apply to EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEsports. 3) Good one 4) Yeah I too enjoyed how they literally re conned the fucking league of legends just so they could turn varus into 3 gay guys, wow. I also find it pretty lazy they can't seem to use one consistent artstyle but there's no real canon now either so I guess nothing matters. At least it's not shit, I'll give riot's art team that, it's not shit. 5) They've been ruining this game trying to accommodate esports for a while now (the most egregious one was the bot lane tower bullshit) so I have no idea what you're talking about. What hype. Wow, they shuffled around the same shit players in NA around in the same shit teams, so hype. TSM or CLG or something. So invested in, I dunno, the 3 letters of the teams, i guess. So hype. Such a big fan of S and G. 6) Name a hundred. Do it. I have no idea wtf plants have to do with quality of life anything but whatever you're here to get a pat the head from riot so I won't fault you for chasing your sexual fantasies. 7) Yeah don't kid yourself. Besides the fact that this isn't an MMO and actual player to player interaction is limited, riot hasn't been able to implement any sort of in client community features for 8 years now. Thing is if I was meddler the janna picker I wouldn't need players to shame me because i'd be ashamed of my own shit work. Course I'm only a regular degenerate and not a mega degenerate like meddler who goes around posting about how he's not really responsible for anything at riot so please stop blaming him, he just posts his apparently meaningless gameplay thoughts every week for the lulz because he's really not responsible for anything, coward. Quit it with the shill pop psychology, meddler's a big boy getting paid the big bucks to take 2 ad off teemo and declaring TOP LANES FIXED. He's not gonna kill himself if people tell him to stop shitting on the floor.
datfatguy (OCE)
: Revert LeBlanc rework plz
God shut up about leblanc already she was perfectly viable in high elo last season and she's perfectly viable now.
: Why does the Boards Over React to Everything?
: @Riot, You really need to tone down Shyvana's jungle clear ffs
There's actually some kid here jerking off about how shy totally hasn't changed since season 7 omg she no op. Like lmao. Like the preseason was just a collective dream that we all had and really, we're in 2017.
Hópe (NA)
: Props to Riot, New patch actually looks solid and hit where it needs to.
zoe azir stopwatch kat aftershock alistar tank supports in general sej yeah no
: Swain's Rework is out and it might be the Coolest Rework Riot has ever Made
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: I Dodged Even Though Someone Offered to Trade Roles
people can't even play the one role they main so lets let them pick a secondary role and maybe just give them w/e, sounds good - meddler the janna picker
: What if we took Nasus' Ult Q CDR and put it on his E instead?
Who's nasus we need to buff khazix right now dude - meddler the janna picker
Meep Man (NA)
: Some Rules the Gameplay Boards Need to Realize About Discussing Balancing
This nonsense was relevant 4 seasons ago. Meddler the janna picker has had 4 seasons worth of feedback and the culmination of that was him explaining how he's not responsible for game balance ok he's just in charge, he doesn't pick who gets nerfed or buffed ok stop blaming the lead gameplay designer ok.
iahim98 (EUNE)
: Zyra ult mana cost still increases with ranks
That's too much work man, need 6 months to figure it out - meddler the janna picker
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: I miss the days where Zed oneshotted me in lane.
I have no idea what you're talking about when they can both do it.
: What if Nether Grasp's suppression had a bit more "to do" for Malzahar to use it?
Or Riot can just remove his passive and admit their entire rework was retarded but we're not going to do that at all and just pretend it's not the problem whatever, meddler the janna player
koshkyra (NA)
: I love going 5/0 as lux mid and still losing because my botlane lost
You thought it was a meme when people are telling you don't pick low tier champions cause they're not viable.
: Can we rework Rylais into a healthier AP item? Pitch your ideas!
Remember when riot buffed the ap AND slow on rylais for no fucking reason, then it became a must build, then they NERFED IT instead of reverting the changes. Retardation station ticket for 2.
Biotic (NA)
: Viktor buffs for 8.3/8.4 don’t address viktor’s current problems
You think riot knows anything about viktor. I'm surprised meddler didn't give janna a buff and call it a viktor buff.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Not only AP itemization is inferior to AD, but Sorcery runes too.
Comet and aery are both total trash compared to electrocute. If the sorcery tree didn't offer that tiny bit of utility and the inspiration tree pretty much mandatory if you don't want to start the game 600+ gold behind your opponent no one would run sorcery. Actually I don't even run sorcery anymore on mages, just electrocute or spellbook.
: I read some comments so I'm going to rant.
Is this just an american thing. Where the guy at the top gets paid the big bucks and gets to claim when shits going well it's all them that's why they deserve all the money, but when shits hitting the fan well you know he's just one guy. Ghostshitter is the lead game designer of riot games. What do you exactly think that means shill mods? You think the lead game designer isn't responsible when the game is shit? Hello? Is there anything there where your mind should be? And only a fool would worry about ghostshitter's career. Game development isn't a profession, there are no education requirements, there are no tests that need to be passed and the total lack of quality control is especially egregious in multiplayer games that struck gold and blew up overnight. So known bed wetters like meddler will move on to the next big game once they're done killing league because they'll have riot games stamped on their resume under experience and that'll be good enough to whoever founds the next big thing (they'll probably already be swimming in chinese money by then anyways so honestly who cares). I'm just glad I'm getting too old for this shit and won't have to see meddler getting hired to ruin whatever comes after league.
Hópe (NA)
: If i was an employee at Riot i'd 100% ignore these boards.
They already do. Meddler posting his ramblings every week that show us exactly how unqualified he is isn't communication. They spend most of their time on reddit posting useless fluff memes and taking 2 ad off teemo and calling it 2 weeks worth of work.
Divewing (OCE)
: Just because we are the players doesn't entitle you to be a jerk about it
: Does Triumph really need to give gold?
Does half of the utility runes in the game need to give bonus adaptive damage? No. But ghostshitter and his pet dog meddler are on the case so logic and sense need not apply.
: Scarra's Thoughts on Reddit (and Boards by extent) Balance
My thoughts are this overweight land whale should be more worried about the nachos he's shoving into his mouth than what other people think of balance. Extra bonus points for the shill mods out in force today trying to defend ghostshitter. Mmmmmm
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: It gets better after you buy it
You're just rewarding meddler's shit behavior
Seen (NA)
: What is the one phrase that puts you on full tilt?
: I've sat around most of S7 and ended pre-season D2 and will tell you Diamond is WORSE than Silver
Why are you so shocked. Silver is a joke. You can do anything and climb silver. Competitive people don't waddle in silver. Nobody pays to be in silver. Where as diamond is the perfect storm of try hards, boosters, smurfs, boosted, d5 shitters, and shit match making.
: Is it true RIOT that your balance team is full of ADC mains?
The most important thing is meddler's a degenerate janna player who started playing nami cause everyone caught on that he was a degenerate, realized that took too much skill so he moved onto brand supp and then just full on zyra because doing anything but rolling his face is beyond his capabilities. He also occasionally plays adc. So now you know why ardent was a thing for 6 months. The rest of the rioters exist to just clap for meddler and ghostcrawler like sheep anyways so who cares what they play (it's adcs, riven and akali)
Zardo (NA)
: Yeah, it sucks that his only counters are assassins, whom have to force his spell shield out before they can trade.
It's how funny how you managed to be the literal opposite of correct. Malz's worst match ups are probably Ori and Xerath, who are both in meta and both mages. But you keep doing you.
Zertryx (NA)
: Yasuos Shield is so Frustrating to deal with
It's the same reason he gets double crit and free arpen. certainlytrash never wants you to have to play league, he wants you to be able to play your own game and just be able to ignore everything that goes on around you so you can make that montage.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Did you just say the Hexcore doesn't give him mana? It gives 10 mana per level + 5 mana per rank of the item (10/15/20/25) At level 16 it ties Morellonomicon in mana AND gives more AP than a Rabadon's Deathcap by itself.
Wow at lvl 16. Thx for the info bro. It's so good. The way it gives 10 mana when lost chapter gives 300. Go climb diamond with viktor now.
Xyzx (NA)
: No he wasn't just because he wasn't made strong to the point of being a meta midlaner but found play as sup doesn't mean he's a sup. That's like saying just because mord found play at adc that he's an adc after his rework, but he's not.
No, he was made into a support specifically when they destroyed his ap ratios, the base on his E, and the poke on his W. He was always found mid and supp and the rework did everything it could to make his mid irrelevant because medder play supp brand for a season. So don't give me trash when you have no idea what brand is.
Xyzx (NA)
: Thats not what im saying. the fact is when they make midlane buffs, those buff tend to fall into the sup role. him being 49% considering hes not even a sup, and only really gets picked by autofilled players who dont want to really play sup is decent in itself. So now they just amp his poke damage alot so going melee sups is going to feel like a nightmare
You have to be willfully ignorant to not understand brand's rework turned him into a dedicated supp.
Eedat (NA)
: Sooooo about those Brand buffs
He has a 1.5% playrate and his support winrate is still below 50%. But sure just delete him from the game what does it matter mid is total trash with nothing but kats and oris and xeraths making it impossible for you to play mages so what's another dead mage really.
: Mordekaiser Es Numbero Uno
He was never gone, he's always been the more stable in meta darius.
: Viktor Buffs Will Completely Break Him
This isn't going to do fucking shit. Viktor's extreme early game laning is already the best. After that the shield becomes negligible and everything shit about Viktor shows it's ugly ass face and after you lose another game because you have to save 1250 gold to buy some garbage that builds into no CDR and no mana just so you can clear waves every mage already does with lost chapter, because everything you do is massively delayed by 20 seconds including all of your damage which every good mage applies instantly, you ask, why the fuck would i play this mess of a piece of shit champion that got the short end of the midget stick that was the mage rework when i can just play Orianna, who literally has winning match ups into almost every other mage and does everything I do but better and smoother and easier. Stop trying to be clever when you're not riot, just remove the retarded delayed damage on his ult or make his upgrade cheaper or give him CDR or something real. You fucking gave Vayne a permanent fucking ult, and this is all you have for a champion that's been sitting at 45% winrate for more than a year. You let ardent censor into worlds so we both know competitive integrity doesn't exist so I have no idea why you're like this. Ori is picked every year in competitive and she fills the exact same niche viktor does and yet here she is day in day out making the game garbage to play for any mid lane mage player above diamond.
: WTF is that i have never seen that in league since my 6 years of playing
Esports ok we soccer now here buy some more lux skins.
: Ziggs bot needs to make a comeback, he has 2 answers to Vayne's mobility
You're gonna pick Ziggs into Vayne let me lmao at you lmao
: Riot has already stated that 8.1 was supposed to be a small patch
So is this the new go to for shills now that OMG IT'S PRESEASON CHILL GUYS garbage is no longer viable
Poske (EUNE)
: How about a rune which allows us to have 2 control wards placed
How about runes that aren't just HERE HAVE MORE DAMAGE That would require too much effort, so here, have some extra damage on your damage - meddler 2017
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: Can the Entire Game NOT Revolve Around Bot Lane?
What. You don't like it when the Vayne has a shiv and can 1vs5 with her 3000 extra hp people pretend is playing the game with the other 4 players.
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: First update for Season 8 is a total joke...
Where the "it's just preseason chill" idiots at. The party line toting sheep, where you all hiding.
Xamtec (NA)
: Draven doesn't seem to have a place with updated runes
HALF THE CHAMPS IN THE GAME HAVE NO PLACE WITH THE UPDATED RUNES Why are you sell riot's incompetence short
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 10
> Targeted Spells and Minion Agro As expected of the low elo zyra player who mains janna. RIP league
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