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Void2258 (NA)
: How do you get to the other pings?
Why the hell is Ward Here not on the ping wheel?
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Sukishoo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Void2258,realm=NA,application-id=EBBIvmVK,discussion-id=1FEEN03w,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-03T21:29:47.275+0000) > > Spotlights are about teaching/reminding people how champions work. They can't do that if they are wrong or nonexistent. Though they had miniature spotlights of sorts during the patch notes for some of those various champions, back when they did class updates, so they have videos displaying what they do. Plus, in client there's the champion pages that give details on each ability and a preview of it for all champions, so it's not like people are completely blind before choosing something.
If you go looking for videos, you are going to find the champion spotlights, not random patch video 327. Which means you are going to get incorrect information.
: Champion spotlights are for VGUs and new champions. Xin Zhao, Maokai, Sejuani, and Zac didn't receive real VGUs, and Lux, Rumble, Annie, Amumu, and Veigar, etc, are _also_ not new champions or VGUs.
Spotlights are about teaching/reminding people how champions work. They can't do that if they are wrong or nonexistent.
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I also have this. Tried to login and all I have is a blank black rectangle. Which is more than I got the first few times I tried to reinstall, when it immediately reported corruption and repair failure. Oh and I can't submit a ticket because I have to login to support, but the login button doesn't do anything.
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Jamaree (NA)
: Yeah, community is shit, never gonna not be shit though because internet.
I've been in plenty of games, both before and after league, including competitive games, where this kind of thing never happened. It's not "because internet". That's just an excuse to not do anything to fix it.
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: Patch 6.8 notes
I've been saying that Quickcast with indicators should be default since Season 2.
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: Patch 6.2 notes
Can we please get the ability to set up champion groups or other wise rearrange and hide champions on the select screen? It's really getting difficult to find people as the pool increases, and the decreased horizontal size, and thus increased vertical scrolling, in the new select is not helping.
Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
I am not a fan of this. This is how I predict it will be viewed: Solo queue is the "real" ranked, and reflects your "real" ranking, and dynamic queue will be viewed as "obviously you got carried by your friends so it doesn't count." Splitting the ladder inevitably leads to one ladder being valued over the other, and solo will get it by dint of not being able to play with anyone who might carry you. So now if we want to be taken 'seriously' we have to power level solo, but if we want rewards we have to power level dynamic. At least in the old solo/duo vs teams thing, you could ignore teams if you didn't want to do it, no one would say anything, and you got to get almost all the rewards. Now you have to level on two ladders at once. It also seems to me that it defeats the whole purpose, since dynamic will place solo queues vs solo queues. Why not just add a stat like "solo percentage" to your account or just calculate a separate ranking with just solo queued games as a sub-ranking below your main ranking, instead of making an essentially duplicate queue?
: New champion select roundtable
"When we watch pros talk through champ selects--how close can we get five random strangers to sounding like that?" One way might be to stop refusing to admit that typing and talking are fundamentally different and those on voice chat have a fundamental advantage in most cases. And then integrate voice chat for everyone so the game will actually be fair.
: Updated patch 5.23 notes
Are item sets going to properly remove items that are no longer in the game? This behavior has been spotty in the past, especially when the changes weren't full removal but just a change of which map an item could be bought on.
Void2258 (NA)
: Dynamic Queue: It's about communication, not MMR
If they don't want to give everyone voice chat, then they need to implement restrictions to block people from using it. It's only fair if everyone is on the same level playing field, which means either everyone has voice chat or no one does. Force the pros to play the same way solos do, with pings and voice chat only. See how that goes. <stage_whisper> Before anyone jumps in with a technological argument, I am well aware that this would require massive spyware or other things that no company would even consider in order to detect the use of unrelated software on players' PCs. It's called being facetious. Although I would actually like to see pro teams forced to play without voice. </stage_whisper>
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: Or if they do, at least make an option to make it windowed. And not crappy windowed like most games.
The problem most games have is that if you window the lobby, you window the game. No separate settings. This makes it impossible to leave them open in the background.
: Same client, new champ select!
I think there was a conflation of the new select with the new client that is coming later, but the same concern is valid. Please keep the new client as windowed, not full screen.
guguy123 (NA)
: Lowering flash's power would indirectly be a nerf to every single mobility-lacking champion, as already mobile champions don't really need it that much while less mobile guys need it to survive. In a game state where mobility is incredibly important already, this would lower the mechanical depth on any champion that isn't hyper mobile, and would require them to have absurd strengths in other areas to make up for the lack of mobility.
You are just proving my point. If the spell is that essential, then it unbalances the game. You don't have a choice as to whether to take it or not if it is that important, and in that case it either needs to be inherent to everyone or it needs to be removed and the game re-balanced to deal with it's absence. Otherwise, you really only have a single summoner spell to choose because one choice is made for you.
: The Preseasoning Day 2: Open Forum [VISION / STARTING ITEMS / RIFT HERALD / ETC]
You are making changes to TP, which is good, but you seem to be ignoring the elephant in the room: Flash. It is so powerful that you have to take it almost all of the time (only very specific champions playing very specific strats can not have it). What is being done to lower flash's power? Will we finally be able to use our second summoner spell for something else?
netloc (NA)
: Wow.. This is my last reply to people who have not read the full article. 1. Combine all of the runes you do not need before the 5.1 release. 2. After the release if you buy new runes they are like 10ip each. 3. When done with low tier runes, submit a ticket to have runes removed. I am sure they will setup a good system for this. They do not want people to be able to delete runes. The problem is when people remove other peoples runes when they get into their account.
I read the article. "Submit a ticket to have things removed" is not a good solution. It is slow, invites errors, is a large and needless burden on the support staff, and still wastes the IP you spent on those runes. This doesn't make it any better of an idea to buy runes before lvl 20. It still leaves beginning players feeling like they wasted time on junk,
: Rune Combiner & T1/T2 Runes
What are players supposed to do with tier 1 & 2 runes now? Are they just supposed to have them clogging up their accounts forever? This just makes it an even worse idea to ever buy lower tier runes than it was before, because they become junk you can never get rid of that cost you IP you can never get back or utilize in any form and become patently useless once you reach level 20.
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: Patch 4.21 notes
Has the issue with removed items still being available to add to item sets and still being present in existing item sets been fixed?
: Could you PLEASE put back the "status" icons back in the middle of the screen?
Please put it back it's so hard to use now. I never look at that area except just after using the shop. It would be better to put everything back in the middle and add icons for the active items in the middle, not move everything over to the side.
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: I agree with this. Heck, even nontoxic players gain tension over time, and throws occur which extends a game. But the problem with this idea is that while shorter games are more casual and fun - Riot now looks at League as an eSport, so any change meant to make the game more enjoyable for the average player would be ignored.
Short doesn't have to equal casual, as SMITE demonstrates.
: Uh no, average game time on summoner's rift is no where near 45 minutes, it's more like 30 minutes
Not in my experience. This may be a skill level thing (I'm S5), but if it is, you'll notice that S5 and under is the worst area for toxicity, so I stand by a correlation between game length and toxicity. I can tell you from personal experience that games get more toxic the longer they run.
67chrome (NA)
: > I have been playing a lot of League and SMITE, and the toxicity level in SMITE is far lower than it is in league. I'm pretty sure that ~50% because the toxicity in LoL is bothering you and you want to talk about it. And ~50% because LoL is just the most-played game in the world right now. Making it kind of the Wal-Mart of games, where those people that don't go anywhere else in public show up. Making games like Smite more like a Target or K-Mart, where there's a bit of class by comparison. > I think it comes down, ultimately, to time, and game structures related to time. For comparison (using Summoners Rift and Conquest Mode): Is it really that different? I haven't noticed Smite being much different. Not the best Smite player by any stretch, I've only played ~40 games, but it seemed to take a more similar amount of time. Most credible LoL game-time thing I've found also listed the average game length at ~33 minutes for LoL. ----- Also - DotA 2 seems to run on longer on average from what I've seen, and the DotA2 community has been pretty solid from what I've experianced thus far (only ~50 game in there). > For the Total game time, the longer it is, the more of a chance there is for people to become fed up with playing. This is why I don't want more bans in LoL. Also why that scumbag steeve that dodges at the last second in ranked needs to die in a fire. > The last issue is anti-snowball mechanics. Noticed a Loki do Master-Yi/Akali things when I played Smite. I've also snowballed out of control myself in that game a few times, doing Tristana things with Neith. I can't say I've noticed a difference between anti-snowball in Smite vs. LoL. Also, Smite has a defensive/magic/physical item with built-in snowball mechanics. They all start off as a solid item by themselves and get more powerful the more champion/minion kills you get, so there's that.
My average Conquest matches are way shorter than my average LoL matches whether I am winning or losing. Even really even games (that in LoL could go over an hour) still come in at only around 40min in SMITE. I have had 1, out of ~75 games of SMITE, even approach the 1 hour mark, and none have ever gone over. And yes, Loki can get insane in SMITE, but to do so he has to pull off maneuvers in team fights. He can go INTO the teamfights a little ahead, but I have shut down plenty of Loki's who were a little ahead at the end of laning once team fighting starts. The skill level needed to pull that shit in SMITE is much higher, and if it gets to that point it's the entire team's fault and they deserve to lose, rather than that one guy that the Yi camped lane on and got fed without any input from the rest of the team before teamfighting began, causing him to go into teamfighting so far ahead he can 1v3 or more. Also in this case the Loki's team will win rather quickly whereas in LoL even with hypercarry Yi the game can still drag on for 40+ min.
: > All they needed to do was rotate the map so mid is horizontal and that would fix the problem once and for all. Obviously this requires a few modifications to the layout but they are rotating anyway so that's not a big deal. The insistence that the map not meaningfully change will result in - surprise - NO MEANINGFUL CHANGES TO THE PROBLEMS WITH THE MAP. I'm in the same boat. I do not understand why they didn't do it when they had the chance. Hopefully we can at least get them to change this one slight benefit to blue side before it is implemented though.
Basically "if it ain't broke (enough to drive people to stop playing our game), don't fix it (unless it can be unfixed rapidly and with minimal effort)". Basically, League is the cash cow and they don't want to change ANYTHING major like the map for fear that they will lose teh monies. If people get upset about a change in an item they can just fix it with nerfs or buffs to numbers, but if people get upset about the map change it's much bigger of a deal.
: Major Purple Side Weakness in Preseason!
All they needed to do was rotate the map so mid is horizontal and that would fix the problem once and for all. Obviously this requires a few modifications to the layout but they are rotating anyway so that's not a big deal. The insistence that the map not meaningfully change will result in - surprise - NO MEANINGFUL CHANGES TO THE PROBLEMS WITH THE MAP.
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Deepicex (NA)
: Champ Select needs an update please.
Almost everything on this thread is a good idea.
IFraserAu (OCE)
: Global sounds effects and their presence in-game.
I object to the global sound being a big part of his counter play for a very simple reason: Deaf Players. There are plenty of deaf players in league (and hearing players who turns off the sounds to listen to music while they play), so having a mechanic that creates a material disadvantage to this is a major problem. Not everyone can or wants to have to listen to all the soundeffects in the game for the purpose of detecting an incoming attack.
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: I think this may solve peoples problem with Smart Pings
Ult timers should be in the sidebar. There is no reason we couldn't have them like they do in spectator.
Syvenon (NA)
: Placement of red posts
The continued existence of the old forums is splitting the playerbase as well. Riot still shows up in the old GD, so people still go there.
: Is it just me with the worst lag ever?
Riot is being persistently and constantly DDOSed.
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: Riot, can we get a rain check on this double XP weekend?
I just played a match where literally every 10s or so I would get "Attempting to reconnect". Couldn't move, couldn't see anything because everything would freeze and then jump and then freeze again, ping was between 1000 and 2000+ when not outright DCed.
LonxuLoL (NA)
: Ranked MMR vs Your Current Division
I have this too. I am fighting to get out of bronze while playing matches with silver 2-Gold 5 Players.
Tamat (NA)
: Introducing the Service Status Portal
How about putting a direct link to the server status somewhere. The shortest route I have found is 5 menus deep.
Void2258 (NA)
: The ranked matchmaker is horrible, and here's a tally to prove it
July 21st 2014 Game 1 Blue Side: Outplayed. Support didn't know character as well as he insisted he did (Constant missed blitz hooks, 0 zoning) and mid outclasssed. Defeat.
Void2258 (NA)
: The ranked matchmaker is horrible, and here's a tally to prove it
July 16th 2014 Game 1 Blue Side: Enemy team fighting with each other all over all chat. Good synergy with mid laner and a thresh that can land hooks led to a pretty hard stomp. Victory.
Void2258 (NA)
: The ranked matchmaker is horrible, and here's a tally to prove it
July 14th 2014 Game 1 Purple Side: Both teams did well. Hard fought. Victory. Game 2 Blue Side: Game began with both sides completely DCing during loading. Hardcore lag throughout match, multiple DCs. Jungler and ADC absolutely refused to work with team. Jungler constantly going to baron and starting no matter what anyone said, continually caught there. ADC refusing to come to team fights, going to jungle instead. Both constantly insulting team (and yelling at eachother) about how bad we all were and how we sucked and were throwing. Game was pretty even vue to other players hard carrying multiple 3v5 fights, but simply could not compensate for having to do it all the time. Could not mount defense since jungler and ADC both refused to do it, ever. Defeat.
Void2258 (NA)
: The ranked matchmaker is horrible, and here's a tally to prove it
July 13 2014 Game 1 Purple Side: Intentionally throwing duo in bot and INDEPENDENT intentional thrower in top lane. Me and mid cannot carry game alone vs. intentional trolling. Defeat. Game 2 Purple Side: Hard fought, slow victory in progress when adc suffers massive computer crash. Given how even it was 5v5, 4v5 is unwinnable. They slowly grind through our best efforts by shear virtue of having a power play as we try to hold out hoping for reconnect. By the time adc returns 15min later, it is too late to do anything, as we have nothing but our nexus left. Defeat.
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