: > [{quoted}](name=VoidBorn13,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PGPLXEgY,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-23T01:30:12.086+0000) > > I have submitted tickets you fuckup mutt, but it hasn't gotten a single response, much like many of mine and other's tickets which tend to take entire weeks to even get an automated bot response. > > But please keep lying for Riot's sake, I'm sure people can look past their disgust to see how kind you're being. "lying" pretty sure that you are lying yourself and that you have never gotten below 810 BE and that you have never sent a support ticket in your life
Because it's such a fucking hassle to click the support tab and type in "I'm not getting 810 BE per capsule." You caught me red handed man it's just too hard to do all that so I **_LIE_** about it.
: You get a minimum of 810 BE for every level up post-30, either from disenchanting the champion shards or in raw BE (and a max of 1250). There is no “hoping you get that much”. That is the least you will ever get from a capsule.
Wrong, I have and still get multiple capsules that only drop me shit like {{champion:5}} which I can't even disenchant for 500 BE. If you're going to lie for Riot's sake at least try.
: You earn BE faster now than you did IP with the old system.
If you're lucky maybe, capsules are crap most of the time and will only give you a champ not even worth 500 to disenchant. You got to hope and pray you get those 810 drops.
: Would it really be too much to ask to get BE for each game I play? 50 L, 100W? 60 games = 1 champ?
Why would Riot ever do that? It would cost them money and we all know how strapped for cash the poor indie company is.
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: > [{quoted}](name=VoidBorn13,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=R1wtwwZE,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-09-02T00:44:30.035+0000) > > I loved playing him, I did a couple games in bots just to experiment and everything feels so smooth, but it's just **_too good._** > > Go in with W for big burst+knockup, follow-up with E root, run ahead a bit and start channeling ult, it's a guaranteed kill if you have the smallest bit of AP, > > And the sustain holy shit dude, you're at 1/3 HP and his Q will heal you for 400 HP off 1 minion WITH 0 AP, it's fucking insane. he has no real burst past 20 minutes tbh
And? The knock-up on his W alone make's it a perfect ganking tool, and if his damage somehow starts falling off against champs with how ridiculous his Ult damage damage scales his he'll just waltz back into the jg with his 980 true damage Q ensuring the enemy has no jungle presence whatsoever. He doesn't have to do insane 1-shot damage to be useful, his CC and the THREAT of even his lowest base damages forcing out mobility and flashes will make him a pick/ban in pro, there are no doubts.
: Agreed, once he is enabled in pro play and is abused, we will likely see him be hard nerfed. Makes me sad.
I loved playing him, I did a couple games in bots just to experiment and everything feels so smooth, but it's just **_too good._** Go in with W for big burst+knockup, follow-up with E root, run ahead a bit and start channeling ult, it's a guaranteed kill if you have the smallest bit of AP and the enemy has no mobility at all. And the sustain holy shit dude, you're at 1/3 HP and his Q will heal you for 400 HP off 1 minion WITH 0 AP, it's fucking insane.
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: Playing mages mid is a noobtrap
What are you talking about? Mages have the most broken item ever {{item:3157}} !!! How are you losing with this overpowered 120 second CD active against all these CDR inflated assassins? It's not them, it's your fault not being able to survive their 0.5 second electrocute combos with {{summoner:14}} finishing you off with its balanced 500 true damage!!! /s
: Not everyone hates the game.
And just because there are people that don't hate it doesn't mean the game isn't going to shit.
: +1 to respect riot
Oof now even Riot is using bots on the boards because no one likes their game. Dat grammar.
: Teemo is a very popular champ, he's a success and I see no reason to rework him. They can adjust a few things, give him some new tools but a total rework is uncalled for, and quite frankly find it disturbing so many people think he should have a VGU...
Isn't that what update means? Also Teemo is by no means popular or successful, he's mediocre at best.
: Is it just me or is banner of command more cancer
Now you know our pain, just be glad it's not immune like before.
Salron (NA)
: Archangels nerf isn't as bad as it seems
That's beyond retarded when crit items are a thing that cost as little as 2600g
: Can we fix the Surrender vote for a yes vote on disconnected players?
You expect Riot to do something as simple and easy as this? Don't you know they have a reputation to uphold as incompetent losers that need to have common sense game designs beaten into their empty skulls for MONTHS before they finally acknowledge and implement it? I expect we'll hear plans about this in season 9, and they'll probably be put in preseason 10.
: [Kit Concept, Melee Troll Shaman Support] Wuden: The Totemic
A shame something like this will never make it into the game. Seems like a fun skill-oriented kit concept, would be nice if those actually made it out of this next to useless Board's section and into the game instead of being completely ignored for the sake of Riot pumping out another %HP damage hyper-mobile burst-per-second champion.
: Parties level up!
Oh great, more premades
KazKaz (OCE)
: Nah bois. Let's go full Brood Wars and buff everything so that EVERYTHING is so overpowered that nothing is overpowered.
Or actually take things seriously and save this game from becoming a boring braindead casual-fest?
: When the post does nothing but say nonsense and insults, I'm not going to take the time to explain in detail when they are wrong. Likewise, if the entire post is wrong.
Please do tell how everything is wrong here then, I'm sure everyone would love to see what you have to say since you've already wasted time commenting 3+ times. Love your type, the ones that just go around with their "I think you're wrong so THERE! Haha Got em!" Attitude and equally pointless comments.
: > Balance isn't just: "Buff the weak stuff until it makes something else weak in comparison." That is correct. But it's not "nerf everything until everyone sucks" either.
Well considering how bursty and unintuitive so much of the game now is it seems like the only way to actually get some semblance of balance back IS to nerf everything until it stabilizes. I don't see what good can come from buffing up other people to be on par with _**>>FOR EXAMPLE<<**_ shit like {{champion:67}} top and {{champion:142}} in general instead of whittling those problem champs down until they don't dominate so brainlessly.
Eedat (NA)
: > Are we seeing an argument? > *doesnt present an argument* xd
Hm, doesn't appear so, though given the way this guy acts with the majority of the community that doesn't agree with him, that's not all that shocking.
: Is this a joke or something? What do you mean proof of him inting isnt enough? You can get permabanned for that. The fuck is wrong with you? God damn this community is shit. Got people left and right attempting to defend this scumbag inter. This is why everyone thinks support mains are a joke. Got like 6 of them crawling out of the woodwork trying to say inting is ok to teach an ADC a lesson. Jesus fucking christ man
Dude your salt levels are through the ROOF. 1 game of int and you're up in arms as if he made it his life's mission to throw all your games... It's actually pretty funny
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: We banned 6 cancerous champions
Gotta wait for riot to fix the bugs in their new client and shorten queue times apparently. So basically a third/halfway into next year when they finally decide to stop fucking around with their BS excuses.
Tel Saro (NA)
: What game is that?
Lovelle (EUW)
: I just started playing and Lux seems like a hypercarry on this map. I ban her when I can. It seems like she performs well no matter who is playing her. On topic, I'm not too fond of the candies either. Some team comps are hard enough to play against without such an overwhelming advantage the candies can provide.
{{champion:63}} {{item:3683}} Let them pull the enemies in and then proceed to ult. Fun gameplay
: I dont like the new poro king candy
"Snowbally and unfun? Working as intended!" -- Riot
: is there a word for a 0-2-0 d3 kass and a 2-10 bot lane 15 minutes in?
"Grade A matchmaking." For me though it tends to be the Jungle and Botlane that makes or breaks a game most times. If we've got a shit player in either position _boom,_ we lose because our most important roles are incompetent.
: New champions are the reason Team Builder should have stuck around
New champs being picked the moment they're released are one of the reason Ranked is a joke.
: I went from Gold I to Plat V playing support. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Dominick%20Destine Perhaps OP simply is not good enough to increase rank beyond gold.
? Kind of a dick thing to say considering I'm climbing now, already 50 LP into G4. Pretty sure that by tomorrow I'll be G3, and then G2 by the one following, etc.
: wait, you were unranked season 6, and only did placement during presesob after season 6 ended and you got gold V, then now you did placement again and you got gold V again?
IKR? I was shocked by getting G5 too From all the placement rage I was seeing I thought I was almost guaranteed bronze/silver
: Seriously tho the rank reset doesn't actually shove you down to gold as all the golds have been shoced to silver, you are still playing against and with players in your last season mmr range.
I've never been ranked before though, during the preseason before the reset I managed to get to G5 but that's it.
: I don't necessarily feel that the alternatives to {{item:3340}} are upgrades. Support should have {{item:3364}} for sure once they have sightstone, but other than that I'm ok with people preferring the basic yellow trinket provided they use it, as it provides more warding potential than blue, and I'm not convinced bulk sweepers is strong in solo/duo.
I suppose if you make it to Level 18 then the yellow Trinket can be better, it's just that from what I've noticed people just _don't_ seem to use them even when they have 2 charges.
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: Read this in {{champion:161}}'s voice. It makes it MUCH better.
I honestly think in VK's voice every now and then, my main has such a perfect VO
Rioter Comments
: Anyone else think a lot of champs need VU and new voice lines?
{{champion:9}} _Pleeeeease_ He looks AND sounds horrible compared to how he was presented in the cinematic.
: {{item:3165}} you're...um... too tanky for me to reduce you below 40%... Sigh
_-->35%<--_ {{item:3070}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3070}}
Salron (NA)
: Riot is looking into Yasuo nerfs
Maybe after it legit happens, then people may calm down. For me though I'm actually betting on the changes being cancelled thanks to his playerbase. _cough_ {{champion:64}} _popularity bias_ {{champion:92}} _ cough_
Escheton (EUW)
: Upvotes
Let's try and make the total upvotes of this thread a multiple of four and keep all the downvoted comments at four as well
: Im tierd of this game being about: "Who has more cancers on their side".
10 bans baby, they can't come fast enough God I hope Riot doesn't make us wait until it's a third of the way into the next year before they add what they should have the moment they hit 100+ Champs.
: By increasing IP gained in flex matches riot has incentivized people to mess around in ranked.
Flex deserves all the shit it gets for being such a horrible matchmaking environment. And to hell with Riot for trying to get more people to play it by giving ONLY that mode a 50% IP increase.
Alesya369 (EUNE)
: Current state of Grevious Wounds applying items is horrible
At least with Nomicon you have to get someone below 35% health and do magic damage. {{item:3123}} {{item:3033}} You just need to auto attack.
: In a meta where pushing lanes is winning games. Yeah I can imagine. There is a reason all the push and zoning mages are meta mid lane.
... That's not even a meta, pushing lanes and taking objectives is _**HOW YOU WIN GAMES PERIOD.**_ KDA < Objectives
: So melee champions can clear them without activating them
Melee already can clear them without activating. You have to walk on top of them in order to activate them, not stand 100+ range away hitting them.
: Y'know it's just lovely when
{{item:3139}} {{item:3222}}
ybuR (NA)
: "Mages should get have more ap" -mage mains
That actually would be perfect Too many useful items are worthless since they don't have enough AP and all the damn CDR Riot forced onto every purchase makes it inefficient to build together.
: What if Death Recap could recommend items?
http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3q23nEcNv1qmbe27o1_500.gif {{champion:22}} Died to {{champion:119}} _Recommended Item: _{{item:3075}} _(I couldn't resist)_
: Build zzrot to keep lane pushed
Too many dipshits don't realize just how good this is.
Medúsa (NA)
: how do i get off tilt
/mute all Hope and pray you get competent teammates and try not to say a word when their stupid starts showing. Only other way is to queue up with a dickhead premade and ruin someone else's game.
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