Zarkmar (NA)
: I'm just gonna stop arguing with snowflakes, it's pointless. Millennials just love to be offended.
You are the one butt hurt because big bad old rito won't let you tell little kids to kill themselves. Cause "kill yourself" is an expression, yeah
Zarkmar (NA)
: Oh I get it, you're just assuming shit about me even tho you don't know me at all. I've been bullied a lot when I was in school, I know what words can do. In this case, the guy is being hella toxic. Do you seriously think telling him to fuck off in a rude manner will get him to shoot himself. There are situations where telling someone kys would be extremely bad and I can see it. But don't tell me trolls and toxic people don't have thick skins because that's simply wrong. If you feel confident enough to talk shit you're not gonna be affected if the very guy you're talking shit to tells you to kys.
Well you need to find a new expression, its fucked up. If someone said "I hope you get raped" and is like CHILL DAWG JUST AN EXPRESSION, is that fine? Yeah but you probably don't mean it, right? So its totally fine
: No, but other 12 year olds would. And your logic completely backfires. Those who would say such stupid things know that they don't actually mean it. It's not like they know the other person beyond the game well enough to be making real personal attacks against their character. And the receiver of such messages should realize it doesn't mean anything. They don't know you, you don't know them, so what they say to you in game has no weight whatsoever. I don't like this tendency of assuming I harass players just because I defend people's right to say whatever they want. Riot's policies are not clear on what counts as harassment, so they really have no grounds to stand on when it comes to punishing people for using the chat. Far more focus should be put on people who actually ruin the _gameplay_ by intentionally feeding, cheating, leaving, not reading patch notes, etc., than is put on people who type in the chat when there's a mute button.
I agree on one point and that there should be a lot more focus on those who ruin game play compared to just saying shitty things, but I don't think people should just say "whatever they want". If you think of the game as a store, you wouldn't just let someone come in and start yelling at people and tell them to kill themselves. Its not right and its not good for business, new players and even old players don't want to have to deal with that. The rest of us are entitled to play without being verbally abused every game, and if we didn't have the measures we have in place now this game would be a shit ton worse. And the classic rebuttle is "use the mute button" which is fair, but part of the game is actually communicating or even making friends / meeting new people in the game, no one wants to go in and mute their whole team every game.
: The solution is not to punish people for something that isn't a problem. There is a mute function. If you can't handle what people say online, you shouldn't be online at all. Let alone the most toxic video game available. Riot needs to recognize that the players will say what they will in the heat of a game, and that they should not be punished for it.
Exactly, if you can't handle what people say, OR DO, online, then you shouldn't be online. If you are telling someone to kill themselves or just repeatedly going off on someone over a video game, you shouldn't be playing. Grow up and stop harassing people, especially if you are an adult. You don't know how old the other person is or who they are, would you harass and tell a 12 year old to kill themselves in person? No, probably not.
Zarkmar (NA)
: See, that's where you're wrong. The guy was talking smack to my duo because he didn't like his build. He tried telling him how to play so I told him. "He mains j4" "d/w about it" Yet he kept talking trash so I said that next. "kys" "Stop talking trash" Then I ignored him for the rest of the game even tho he kept being toxic. And voila! I got banned 14 days. My kys has the same impact your fuck off has, legit no difference. That automatic banning system is flawed and you know it. It can easily take things out of context and ban the wrong person.
You told someone to kill themselves. that is literally not the same as telling someone to fuck off. Telling someone to kill themselves over a GAME, joking or not, is fucked up.
Eedat (NA)
: PSA: You did not get banned for "defending myself"
Absolutely true, I'm the same way, I've played thousands of games, I have played enough to have all the champs. I've never had any type of ban or restriction. I've called people an asshole, told them to fuck off, suck a dick, etc. But I usually do it once, get it out of my system and continue with my life. That also doesn't happen very often. But if you continuously harass someone or keep fighting you are going to get banned.
: Genuinely, why does anyone give a shit about Tyler1?
What they do is all exaggerated / a personality. They do it to entertain. I personally think they are pretty entertaining. Especially after Tyler 1 got banned it seems like his content is a lot better as he has to rely on actually playing or being entertaining rather than running it down mid and ruining games for other people.
: This Whole "Never Surrender" (a.k.a "Holding A Game Hostage") Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand
This kind of goes both ways, I've had games where its literally like 5 to 7 and they have 1 more tower and theres 1 or 2 people just crying and throwing a fit saying how unwinnable it is. I would honestly rather play an unwinnable game than be forced out of a completely winnable game, or even winning. I've had games where we are behind in kills but ahead in farm/towers/dragons and the team is just done. At the same time I do know when the game is over, and I do hate being stuck in a game that is clearly over. I'm fine with how surrendering works right now over all, because it doesn't happen often that a game gets surrendered because the team is crying, but I think a good idea would be that after a certain gold deficit the requirement for surrendering could go from 4 yes to 3.
: Sounds logical, too bad I had a personal experience where I got chat restricted for an extra 200 games after I had literally not said a word in game and muted everyone. Riot chat restricted me for 20 games so I decided not to say anything and just mute everyone until it was over and when it was done they gave me like 30 more, then 20 more, then like 80 more, then 100. or something like that. It was awhile ago but I even straight up streamed the last set and had videos (they're gone now) where the system would send me warnings for verbal harassment and offensive language in games where I LITERALLY DIDN'T SAY A WORD.
> [{quoted}](name=DotEleven,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1KdpeJ2x,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-09-25T01:16:23.764+0000) > > Sounds logical, too bad I had a personal experience where I got chat restricted for an extra 200 games after I had literally not said a word in game and muted everyone. > > Riot chat restricted me for 20 games so I decided not to say anything and just mute everyone until it was over and when it was done they gave me like 30 more, then 20 more, then like 80 more, then 100. or something like that. It was awhile ago but I even straight up streamed the last set and had videos (they're gone now) where the system would send me warnings for verbal harassment and offensive language in games where I LITERALLY DIDN'T SAY A WORD. You are lying
: Was flamed for mentioning I would be honoring the support
This is something that I feel hinders me, I will usually die trying to save someone else. For some reason its hard for me to just say "fuck em" and bail on them. I'm not even a support main either.
Cocho (NA)
: There is often no logic/argument on either side because people are playing the game. I've given up typing THIS in a middle of a game, because the replies I get aren't great. I honestly do it expecting a negative reply because I find it funny. Me: Kat's passive ramps up AP over the game, while AD has a flat value. That combine with the passive and stats that hexdrinker gives you, there isn't a better mr alternative that is as efficient in the early game as hexdrinker. Banshees takes to long to build, isnt as gold efficient, and may have the passive wasted as I'm in melee ranged when I'm fighting. Banshees is more situational in my opinion. Hexdrinker's passive even scales later into the game with its shield. The amount of stats it gives me against their AP midlaner and AP jungler is just too much to pass up at this point in the game. AD especially is great early game because auto attacks have alot of damage to them. Especially if I opt to take an AD rune page setup, so my autos are doing alot of damage. On top of that, Kat's E has a auto attack reset to it, allow me to get off plenty of autos. Not only do her autos and passive do well with ad, but her shunpo even scales off of AD. It becomes hard to build against Katarina because she's doing plenty of magic and physical damage. Throw in ignite and you're doing 3 types of damage. Do you know see why I chose to make hexdrinker? Just to get replied with "you're stupid" lmao
Oh yeah, mid game is impossible. Best to ignore and just do your thing. I was talking on the forums to what the OP was talking about, how you are discredited for being bronze. Though ingame it goes both sides, you say something like "maybe you should build mortal reminder cause they have x on their team" and instead of a decent response or anything you just get back "stfu don't tell me how to play". Both sides are pretty frustrating
Cocho (NA)
: I don't mean to be condescending, but its just that low elo players are often just not credible. If I'm writing an opinion paper on my stance on abortion, I'm still going to look for whatever facts, stats, examples and research on the topic that I can find that is credible. I'm not going to listen at what Wikipedia says. I might look at the sources that Wikipedia got their information from (if any), but I'm not going to list Wikipedia as a source itself. Listen to a bronze player with his own opinions on most topics is like listening to a wiki page with no sources. Yeah sure, it could be right, I might even agree with him. But I'm not going to just take it alone for face value with no further thought behind it because it just isn't credible or I know that he's wrong 100%. I build {{item:3155}} on {{champion:55}} very often. I can't tell you how many times low elo players have questioned it. It's honestly annoying. I often hear things for backing and buying {{item:1036}} {{item:1036}} when I'm building into {{item:3146}} . I'm not going to take the time to type why its good in chat. I just ignore them or mute them. I don't insult them in chat, but I do think it. I don't expect anyone to sit there, and tell them why its good. Sometimes I actually do decide to sit there for 20 seconds, typing why its good. I dont get a positive reply either way.
Then it should be fairly easy to explain why there logic / argument is wrong without talking about their rank.
: Then you play against a bad akali player or you play a hero that hard counters her. Coming from someone that mained her in season 6 and most of this season as well. Tho, akali should be in a bad spot right now if we were to follow the lcs meta (tanks) and her buff won't help with that. But, as long as players prefer to play squishy champions in multiple roles, the akali buff just gives her more trading opportunities in lane. Something the bad akali players you are facing (sit only under tower until 6) will not abuse. However, skilled ( or experienced if you want another word) akali players will be more obnoxious than before
> [{quoted}](name=Serika Zero,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4wyAENY2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-26T18:29:42.860+0000) > > or you play a **hero** that hard counters her. A what?
Volgaria (NA)
: {{champion:54}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3068}}
: Things You Miss About The Game But You Know Will Never Come Back?
{{champion:54}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3068}}
aspects1 (NA)
: wards exist fyi
There are about 5-6 different bushes that can be camped when heading towards botlane. You do not get enough wards to cover all of those bushes. Its even less likely considering you may have a ward / control ward up top side to keep an eye on their jungler. Are you telling me you always keep the bush by red buff warded? Or the path to it? What about top side? What about river? Near blue buff? Or just the bushes to your sides? And to ward, you actually need to walk up to the bush which will leave you vulnerable. Again, it is very clear you don't play mid lane at all, or you don't play seriously. You don't have infinite wards and you won't always have the correct spot warded out of the multiple spots needed to be warded.
aspects1 (NA)
: in the last situation, why are you facechecking that bush?? ive said this like 5 times now, but ill say it again DONT WALK THROUGH THE DAMN RIVER you have wards in your jungle and a jungler constantly walking through it, so you know its safe there you can see which lane she is going to or if shes gonna back due to, the way she walks out of lane, so that only leaves one option and you know exactly what shes planning to do
Again, its the unknowing. You don't KNOW where they are, you can make assumptions. I've gone to the enemies jungle and just camped a spot expecting them to try to go around river and netted a free kill. Mid is my main role, so there is a lot of unknowing / gambling involved when you counter roam. You obviously have never actually played mid, you like to speak of certainties like "oh yeah my jungler was here a minute ago so its impossible someone else is here, i can free roam with out any repercussion". Again, you can assume what someone is doing, but you don't know what they are actually doing. People are unpredictable. Maybe the initial roamer went straight thru the river, maybe they went safely thru their jungle, maybe they are sitting in your jungle waiting to fuck you up.
aspects1 (NA)
: its called landing your root if you miss when she doent know youre there, you dont deserve that kill
You have this backwards. In this scenario, Ahri leaves lane and goes to an undisclosed location. She could be top, going to base, going bot, or waiting in a bush somewhere expecting you to counter roam. Assuming its the last one, she is waiting in a bush to counter roam, once you get right infront of the bush shes in (because you leave to counter roam) she is guaranteed to pretty much full combo + ignite kill you. If she is in a bush you aren't expecting her to be in, you are dead. And since she probably has flash / maybe 1 or 2 ult charges left, she can leave the jungle thru dragon or where ever.
aspects1 (NA)
: if they walk all the way into your jungle to try to bait and kill you, they'll never get back out, and thats worth since their the one with the bounty on their head.
That is making an assumption your team will follow up. And Ahri can escape that fairly easily having 3 dashes.
Eluvían (EUW)
: PSA: Just because im Diamond V, it doesnt mean that i will play perfectly every game
Because people dont know how it works, rank doesn't auto win lanes. I've lost to bronze players and won against diamond players. The difference is every game, on average, I perform better than that bronze player, and that diamond does better than me.
: I don't have to be good, just luckier than you!
Is posting a video like this bannable? I'm tilted just watching it
: Does GG EZ even do anything?
Lets be real here, the types of people to say "ggez" are probably going to get banned for something else anyways. They aren't the brightest bunch of people.
Eedat (NA)
: I may be able to clarify. > Death Mark > FIRST CAST: Zed ***vanishes*** for 0.75 seconds while dashing behind the target enemy champion, marking them on arrival, becoming Ghost ghosted for 3 seconds, and spawning a Living Shadow.png Living Shadow at the cast location (lasts for 6 seconds) For clarity: > Vanishes: This is not a form of stealth. Zed leaves the game entirely becoming: > * Untargetable (even from the fountain laser) > * Invulnerable > * Completely Invisible (even when near a source of true sight) Do not confuse this with being untargetable or invulnerable. An untargetable champion can still die while being untargetable if they have a DoT on them (example: {{summoner:14}}) before becoming untargetable. In comparison, Invulnerable champions do not take any damage what-so-ever. Even from fountain lasers or DoTs Hope I could clarify the differences for you
It does, thanks! I'm not used to the whole point and click thing. My main mids this season have been Swain / Ziggs, so this doesn't make a difference normally. But after playing Veig for the first time in a while I saw him ult when he had like 1/4th hp, then i ult, he ults, he comes back with same hp i'm like THE FUCK MAN.
Volgaria (NA)
: Zed ult blocking damage
Well damn, thanks for the replies everyone.
: When Zed ults, he becomes briefly untargetable. It's kind of like when you use Zhonya's. Nothing can hit you, and anything already on the way to hitting you disappears. It is intended.
Well with Zhonyas it specifically says you become invulnerable. And what I read in the client says that Zed dashes to his target, not that he becomes untargetable or invulnerable
: He becomes untargetable, so yeah it works as intended. Same as a Fizz troll pole or a Yi Alpha Strike.
They still take damage in that time don't they? What I mean is, I push R, he pushed R, he dashes on top of me and it just cancels my ult, he took no damage from it but it goes on CD. I've already targeted him and used the ability, so he should still take the damage shouldn't he?
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Volgaria (NA)
: New Doran's shield
Volgaria (NA)
: How do lose streaks work?
Yeah I have been tilted but even with that I've still done best on my team almost every game (again, for this lose streak, not always or I'd be a lot higher rank). I feel I'm being paired with much worse team mates than usual and the stats show that also. Though I do try to take breaks to get rid of tilt, eat food, take a poop etc. Also the input is appreciated
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Volgaria (NA)
: How to get out of lose streak?
Update: Lost another 2 games. Did everything possible to win but had an ADC who was just about afk (9k damage to the rest of our 30-40k damage) tried to get objectives and push. Still just can't win. Lost the next one, lost lane against a syndra (i've lost to her 3 times now). Naturally, the rest of my team also got shit on so there was no way. Lately its been only my team to lose lane, and I usually do decently. But this time I lose lane and team also loses lane. Definitely not salty or anything right now. Close to uninstalling this shit, I honestly don't know how the fuck lose / win streaks work. It seems like it has nothign to do with me or how well I do. It just gives me the shittiest players for a certain amount of games, then eventually pairs me with regular team mates.
: Just remember that each time you lose your MMR goes down, but your skill does not. It has to end _eventually_. The worst streak I had that I can remember was losing 13 out of 15 games. That was really hard to take. {{champion:51}}
Yeah I started out this season pretty well, shot to silver 2 immedately after a bad placement in bronze 1 lol. Was like 45 wins 20 loss at one point... RIP
Jo0o (NA)
: In this situation, I'd say the best way to end your loss streak is to not acknowledge it as a loss streak. You always gotta look at your own play first, but by your word it has been the fault of your teammates and not yourself. If that's truly the case, then your current loss streak is purely a fluke of matchmaking and bad luck. Allowing yourself to tilt off of it will only put you at risk to lose games down the line that you DO have a chance of winning. Shit happens. Take whatever time off you need to start fresh, but by no means should you change your attitude towards the game based on a "loss streak" that had nothing to do with your own performance.
Its so hard to break that mindset, especially after starting a new day and starting off with everyone on my team 0/2 before I've had a chance to even do anything yet. I tried a fresh start today and played my best role etc. and could literally not carry that team
Dukues (NA)
: You switching up roles a lot. I would go back to who you feel most confident on and your best role. I am happy I am not the only one struggling to get back to gold. You been gold last few seasons so gives me encouragement that I am not the only one struggling. Breaks usually help me. But sometimes If I try to do to much in games because I am frustrated I end up doing more harm then good. Just need to chill out, be in a solid state of mind where your not frustrated. Just focus on yourself and try playing your best in your next game. Not sure what role you main but I main jungle. I was really tilted last couple weeks because I was struggling adjusting to new meta and finding a jungler I wanted to play. For whatever reason I am on a jungle {{champion:79}} kick right now but after a few games I am starting to get better with him. Instead of focusing on prior games I just go into each game thinking about how I am going to get my team first blood and then just staring at mini map trying to figure out where enemy jungle is and either focusing on counter ganks, counter jungling, or ganks of my own. Then I just keep thinking about my next play and building off my teammates champs. It hasn't been easy but I can say games have been going longer and I like to think its because I am helping keep my team in the game. I have been helping control objectives so enemy hasn't been able to get them besides a couple dragons plus most the jungles I have been playing against latley have been easy to read so I have been counter ganking them and turning the fights into our favor. Ever since I went back to focusing more on my play and not really paying attention to teammates play I have felt more confident, been more chilled out, and feel like I am having more impact in games.
Yeah I was trying that but I kept losing mid, got sick of going mid (which is usually my main role). Thats why I played another Ziggs game was to just try and do what I'm good at but had a literally uncarriable team :/
: All of your games except your Jinx and Ziggs games were close in terms of gold until the end, often with your team being up in objectives since your last victory. You seem to have issues securing wins when you are ahead and pulling ahead in even situations. Of course, that is just what I can gather from your match history.
We had a very unstable Jayce in one, I gave him blue buff and he fed a kill. I didn't want to give him more blue buffs but he would literally just afk or int if anyone even looked in his direction. I try to push objectives and win games if I can, I'm not about stalling games.
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Volgaria (NA)
: Anyone else feel like duo queue is impossible?
Yeah the mismatched MMR plays a huge role, and seems to be lopsided against me most of the time (maybe I'm just biased). Normally if I duo I will get every lane just dying most of the time or far behind while I'll go even or win lane. Again, not stroking my own dick here just saying that the MMR doesn't seem fair, it puts me against lower people sometimes and the people on my team are also lower and get stomped :(
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Slythion (NA)
: Unpopular Opinion Time (sorry guys)
I agree, I also enjoy more tank-oriented metas. I like to play pretty much anything, but mostly mid/jungle, and longer team fights are more fun. When I do occasionally play ADC i would rather have to worry about kiting / support helping peel and watching what I do rather than standing around and then just dying with out being able to do anything or react. That will still happen, but with more tanks around it will happen less often.
: PSA: If your 6 kills to 26 deaths and 8 towers down 20 minutes in it time to give up.
I hate surrendering, but even I have some limits. There are times when you just need to call it and not waste time
Dryditch (NA)
: All good. Worth checking in game.
This changes everything, time to abandon ship
Dryditch (NA)
: To minions only, I believe. PBE had that information a while ago. Don't know if it changed in game as well.
Weird, patch notes don't mention that
Makior72 (NA)
: well its bonus dmg to minions sure, which will help with last hitting. But if you plan on playing a farm lane, its a great option. You can regen hp without attacking things, you take less damage from trades, and have enough gold for one more potion than you would have had if you went dorans blade. But for a traditional lane where you are trying to poke/kill the enemy laners yeah its not ideal, only really good if you plan to farm it out.
NEWSHIELD SLAM Basic attacks deal +5 damage on-hit
: ^This. It's only bonus dmg vs minions.
"UNIQUE PASSIVE Regain 20 health over 10 seconds after taking damage from an enemy champion" Also basic attacks deal +5 on hit, doesn't say anything about being minion exclusive
Rioter Comments
: Not can actually complain that a movie is bad and/or hard to watch and get a refund from the theater. As far as riot goes, they do a work around because you buy "RP". You never actually purchase an item directly, hence they can skirt around the refund issue. As a side note......on riots refunds in the never get money get the RP back. RP is basically like a middleman for legal maneuvering.
You can get a refund and complain, but you cant call the staff and/or other people names, tell people to kill them selves etc. If you have a real issue, you complain in a PRODUCTIVE manner and be refunded. So your point doesn't really work.
: What MOS are you considering? Also consider going active duty for your first contract. You can always add me if you have questions. I am an AIT instructor at FT Gordon.
I just left FT Gordon a few months ago. Was Navy working there tho :P
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