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Wygol (EUW)
: Whoever drew this has some real Talont.
I know this is a joke but I'm still going to plug the artist here: For conformation it was made by him: (Click the photo and follow to twitter)
: Riot really need to start pay the guy who create diana art MORE he always delivers the best! This is the artist who made blood moon diana, different guy from the other diana art I believe
HollowMimic (EUNE)
: Nice. One question though: Why is the link from March 2016? Wrong one?
Nope, not an error. A single file went up back then, posted this and here we are today :P
: Laughing Fish's 150,000 Lifetime Upvote Spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
Me when I see Laughing Fish doing another skin giveaway Me when I realize how I can win this giveaway
: Combo breaker
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: Cass could use a new one. Not sure about illaoi she is pretty new of a champ and not sexy either {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yes, because Riot will only give skins to people that are 'sexy'
: What would the perfect Ultimate skin for your main be?
Mecha {{champion:150}} I can just imagine as he goes into Mega Gnar, his parts shift and change. Instead of the gibberish, it could be like grinding gears, garbled messages or morse code.
Keepe (NA)
: Yeah. Riot can't just steal other people's designs like that. I mean, who in their right mind would think Riot would even consider doing such things. Absolutely absurd.
Drow Ranger? Pretty sure that's Sylvanas Windrunner. Absolutely absurd
Shloonz (EUW)
: In the new client... any release dates? or is release date "when its done" or "sometime"?
Well, currently it's in Alpha, which means it's 'close' to completion. Sure there's no specific date, but it will actually happen. Probably mid 2017, I'd guess?
: Taliyah should be able to rock surf around malphite
But imagine this: She would literally be ripping off pieces of Malphite Wait, that would be pretty cool.
: Which skins do you want to have chromas?
Bârd (NA)
: Less excited about Kled after seeing some of his Dialog/Interactions
If you don't like him don't play him then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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: Shh, if you remind them of Irelia, they'll nerf her again.
I3anana (NA)
: I queue alone and get matched against a team of 3?
Complaining about tryharding... In ranked...
: How much would you pay for a weapon of your favorite champion?
I like a bunch of champions but {{champion:133}} and... I am now participating in medieval warfare... SWEET.
: Laughing Fish's 100,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!) Do I have to say the name? Really? Fine... Faughing Lish Or is it Laughing Fish? Maybe Aughing-Lay Ish-Fay Not certain. Someone might have to correct me
: Context doesn't matter.
Actually, he and Based_Yoona were duoing, and really good friends. They were joking around. Context does matter.
: May not work since I'm on my phone but this is what every Tyler1 supporter is quoting.
Fun Fact: They were duoing that day. Based_Yoona (Orlando) and Meteos are pretty good friends. They're close friends.
: Instructions unclear unlocked solo que.
Instructions unclear League of Legends is now completely, 100% balanced
Mhihnj (EUW)
: what if they hate to hate
But then they still hate something? THUS A PARADOX WAS BORN
: Instructions unclear Haven't seen Shaco in a while.
Instructions unclear Used Vision {{item:2043}} and found Shaco
Wuks (NA)
: Who are YOUR URF champion picks?
{{champion:412}} Your hook is permanent. They cannot escape. Also: Full AD
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: Come now, you had to know it would only be a **short** wait before I noticed you. I'll take it
: Just a **small** one.
SENPAI FISH NOTICED ME! stay calm.... ahem {{champion:45}} I AM EVIL! STOP LAUGHING
: Although I can't help feeling a **little** worried that this is a trap, and you will turn on my **short**ly.
I don't see anybody else saying it sooooo: IS THAT A SHORT JOKE? {{champion:45}}
: I think it's this guy.
who's he? I feel like I've seen it before :/
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: War. Huh! What is it good for?
{{champion:55}} Violence solves everything Kappa
: Sion would not be caught dead (heh) saying a word as sophisticated as therefore
I mean, I didn't mean him actually sating that.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Regardless if you like it or not, whatever you believe the "canon" is today, may not be true tomorrow.
Then it's not canon tomorrow. That doesn't mean it's not canon today. That's like saying the world's ending tomorrow, so it's ending today :/
Ralanr (NA)
{{champion:133}} GOUGE 'EM VALOR! Valor: CAW CAW {{champion:14}} can't see anymore, therefor can't destroy demacia :3
: > [{quoted}](name=Omega T33mo,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=oEeA4GJr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-03T07:19:52.611+0000) > > If it was legendary and made him not gay af then i would buy you leave my son alone {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}}
: D is for DASH
Flash is a blink. Checkmate.
Zenithir (EUW)
: I like this. I can appreciate the J4/LB theory put to life. But do you think LB would be so easily caught like that? We don't know a ton about the Black Rose, but we do know that they've existed for centuries without being exposed or routed, iirc. It would seem odd that LB would so casually leave in the detail that leads them to the black rose. Unless... That was her plan all along. >.>
I want to think that she left this rose as bait, to have them track her right into the middle of the black rose, throwing {{champion:133}} (with {{champion:91}} and {{champion:55}} , if you'd like) into the middle of a Black Rose plot, possibly black mailing them or just straight up trying to kill them. But that's just my thoughts
: {{champion:82}}{{champion:30}} {{champion:2}}{{champion:37}} {{champion:83}} rock on.
I see what you did there
: So basically "When you're in a 5-man queue."
Igglet (EUNE)
: That ain't too bad but Demacia and Noxus are in a war already, I believe. The fact that Quinn wasn't executed on the spot when she tried to enter Noxus seems weird to me. The rest is pretty good.
Maybe I should have put that it was a time of peace or w/e ty though <3
: Had a rumble jungle match where the enemy voli was ganking top at level 2 like a madman... Cause our yasuo to flame and be toxic, alongside with his Riven... Had to report them and our azir for negative attitude as well... Christ...
{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} FeelsBadMan
: RIP dynamic queue
I mean, you can five man in blind, right?
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Igglet (EUNE)
: The Main Character of YOUR LoL Movie?
I want it to be about the Demacian/Noxian conflict, and it would follow {{champion:133}} Just imagine, it starts with Quinn in Demacia, possibly in a market, then suddenly, out of a nearby window, a man cloaked in black and red jumps out and lands on a merchant's awning. He takes off, with Quinn persuing. He manages to get away, and we soon learn it was an important seantor that was assassinated. We also learn this man was a delegate between Demacia and Noxus. At a meeting, {{champion:59}} is discussing if this is an act of war. {{champion:86}} believes they should be hesitant, and should not seek out war, while {{champion:102}} wants to go to battle. {{champion:133}} on the other hand believes that this is strange: It was broad daylight, and Noxians aren't ones to give a warning, plus why give away the colours of it's nation? {{champion:59}} doesn't want to take any risks. Jarvan III decides that it's best to ask the Noxian king, and sends {{champion:133}} as the new delegate (for whatever reason. Roll with it.), as she treks, she continues the journal that she writes in, and this gives us some exposition about her life, maybe we get a quick flash back about her childhood when her brother dies. She gets to Noxus, and is escorted by guards to {{champion:50}} , who is outraged when {{champion:133}} tells him about the murdered Demacian, calling her a liar, and she is thrown into a Noxian prison, Valor caged away. Two days later, in the middle of the night, when Quinn believes that she's as good as dead, the prison guard takes a dagger to the throat. {{champion:133}} looks up to see {{champion:91}} unlocking the door to her cell, with {{champion:55}} standing guard. {{champion:133}} is hesitant to trust them, but goes along with them anyways. They get back her equipment and Valor, and get out of the city quickly, narrowly escaping {{champion:14}} (or {{champion:6}} ), if you want. As they get farther away from the city, {{champion:133}} asks what the hell was going on. Around a camp fire, {{champion:91}} tells her how a Noxian senator was assassinated by a man in a blue and gold cloak, who got away too. Here's how I imagine the conversation playing out: {{champion:133}} : Why are you helping me? {{champion:91}}: Somebody's playing us for fools. {{champion:133}} : What do you mean? {{champion:91}} : You tell us a Demacian senator, who was assigned as the delegate for Noxus, was assassinated, about the same time our delegate was assassinated. Both were wearing the colours of their supposed nation. {{champion:133}} It is odd... but who would gain from a Noxian and Demacian war? {{champion:55}} That's we don't know, and want to find out. They quickly put a list. {{champion:50}} has nothing to gain, he's already in power. {{champion:59}} ? Impossible, he's already in line, why risk his neck. {{champion:41}} is already fighting for bligewater Ionia? They're trying to rebuild. Freljord is already at war with each other. So who? The trio found the assassins, they snuck back to Noxus, finding a hideout just outside the city, where the Demacian assassin, who showed a note from Jarvan 4 and a dagger given by only the Lightshields. The man also says in a panicked voice: 'They're going to kill the king' The quickly run to Demacia, to show to the king. As they get there, {{champion:55}} disappears and {{champion:133}} enters the throne room with Talon in tow, yelling about the plot to kill the king, but knew not when. She also presents the evidence about J4's part in it, and {{champion:59}} in placed into custody. When the king is about to thank the pair, an arrow was thrown at the king, but Valor quickly flew in the way, taking it in the wing. Quinn quickly takes down the assassin by shooting it in the leg with a crossbow bolt, and runs over to Valor, almost in tears, and happy to see her companion alive. Talon grabs the assassin, who was a Noxian noble who admitted to assassinating the delegate too, but not saying who ordered him. Quinn quickly takes the arrow out of Valor''s wing and wraps the wing in bandages. As {{champion:133}} goes to rest in her small apartment, there's a knock at the door, with {{champion:91}} panting on the steps. {{champion:91}}: 'Jarvan's gone, and this was left in his cell.' He says, holding out a black rose. This isn't my best work, but this is how I imagine it. Plz no haterino <3 I whipped this up quickly.
: What happens if you have a chain of 3 barrels in a line: XYZ X is near you, Z near the enemy. At the same time, you blow up the nearest barrel. Then who does Barrel Y count for? Would Barrels X and Z deal damage respectively?
Forever (NA)
: If your main was a Pokemon trainer
{{champion:133}} : (Braviary) for her Woad Scout Skin for her Phoenix skin for her Corsair I thought about this too much. {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}}
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