: I mean bronze and silver are next to each other If I complain about having Silver in my Plat game, it would make better sense
You are missing the point. Im not complaining about having bronze and silver in the same game. Im pointing out how unbalanced the game was...... 4 silvers (one of them almost gold) & 1 bronze 3 vs 3 bronze, 1 silver 4 and a unranked player.
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: So Riot how bout we make the Preset Rune pages editable
Hell I have max rune pages and I still agree. Make sno sense to have preset pages not editable. I never use them.
QancerClown (EUNE)
: After 5 years of playing this game, I am done.
See ya next week {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Oh, the enemy team took the elder drake in URF
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: Nice Re-roll
ok last one...guess i was getting lucky because this on is just a regular one http://prntscr.com/mx4m3n
: Nice Re-roll
How much was this skin? i can only find the bundle price, im starting to thjink im not getting lucky lol....every skin seems to be good. Ill do one more...starting to run out of skins im willing to reroll. http://prntscr.com/mx4ku8
: Nice Re-roll
looks like im getting lucky....just rolled another 1350 RP skin. http://prntscr.com/mx4jh1
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: autofilled jg loss caused demote on my main role
I dont like positional ranking probably more than anyone...but....wehn it comes to demotion.....just dont go on long losing streaks on your main role and that wont happen. I mean, it is your main role....shouldnt be having that long of losing streaks to even make a splash demotion possible. If thats happening, its probably time to find another main role. I file that under the same thing as people blaming their demotions on their people .....like i mean u already have to be losing lots of games coming into that game to get demoted.
: As a Kayle main.......I don't like her new kit.
As someone who hated the Galio changes when they changed him and the Soraka changes wayyy back when they changed her I'd say you just hav eto get used to them. You said you just played vs other people for the 1st time.....so odds are you would not have as good as game as you might once you get used to the changes. I dont play Kayle so im not even familiar with her old kit let alone the new one other than that her old kit ult let people take no damage. now that i think about it i might go in a bot game just to check her out. Has her role use changed?
Sukishoo (NA)
: It is exactly what it says. It's league unlocked, gives all champs, ect. Usually given to those that are part of the Partner Program or when someone is on an Internet Cafe.
But im niether. Not a partner and I only play from home. And I have had all champs for over 3 years now. So make sno sense for me to have it.
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Whale Oil (EUW)
: whats the reasoning behind this insane sylas buff?
> [{quoted}](name=Ban Pyke,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sB1AMEB7,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-05T13:53:53.033+0000) > To answer your title question.......... initial skin sells came back low......must buff to sell more.
: Moderation, dude. League can be fun but it ain't fun if you're doing it 24/7. Why don't you pick up biking, like moi? It's super fun and energetic!
> [{quoted}](name=Necroash,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YOsiatcB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-06T04:56:03.063+0000) > > Moderation, dude. League can be fun but it ain't fun if you're doing it 24/7. Why don't you pick up biking, like moi? It's super fun and energetic! Been getting too much snow right now for that. I was going to get back into drawing but holding a pencil is too close to same position as holding a mouse so it causes pain too. Ima just have to take a long break from league. Maybe after i go back to work ill take a month away from the game.
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Ryukotsusei (EUNE)
: The most terrible ranked sytem in history of League
Not even reading the post, just upvoting off title alone.
: Just saying there is a new board for rants.
Lets be real. That Rant thread is just the equivalent to back when you used to be able to select "unskilled" as a option when reporting people. Just like the "unskilled" option that rant thread is pointless. Just a therapy session to let out frustration. Just like people feel empowered after reporting someone. All those "unskilled" reports was just wasted time making reported. Hell that thread is already become a MEME thread....u got people over there complaining about why cant they get a girlfriend for crying out loud.
HàrrowR (EUW)
: Downvote me all you want but i freaking hate Bard
Downvote? You will take this Upvote and like it! I hate having Bards on my team too. Always ulting at the wrong time and SAVING the enemy.
: Its hard to remember that there are more than 100 champions in this game
wtf...why i can respond to others posts but i cant make my own post without getting a error message? oh and if this goes through ignore it, its a test. Edit: ok yeah it worked.,...wtf riot.....i can respond in others posts but cant make my own posts REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
: Soooo can we un gut vision yet?
> [{quoted}](name=The thigh guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BXPR4mTQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-05T19:47:30.627+0000) > >Maybe just the return of an actual sightstone, im confused by that because all 3 of the support warding items offer the same thing that a sight stone did right? They hold multiple wards and recharge when u base. But either way I never did like the change when they got rid of the normal wards. I mean before at least you could ward against the invis champs, but ever since they made the only ward you could but a visible pink ward that was like a buff to invis champs being that if they seen the pink they could just path out of range of it.
: **Positive** Ranked adding Iron, it helps remove some much needed frustration when playing people not adequate for the higher ranks of bronze, you get matched with similar skill level, maybe 60% or 70% of the time and it just feels like a better experience. **Negative** Lack of rewards when reaching higher mastery ranks, feels empty and sad when I get one of my champs to mastery 6-7 and not getting anyrhing more than an emote, feels like I just wasted blue essence and energy to get here.... {{sticker:sg-janna}}
> [{quoted}](name=GlancingChaos,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iTqtjjjc,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-02-25T17:43:05.028+0000) > > Lack of rewards when reaching higher mastery ranks, feels empty and sad when I get one of my champs to mastery 6-7 and not getting anyrhing more than an emote, feels like I just wasted blue essence and energy to get here.... Add to that the fact that we have been capped at Mastery 7 for a very long time now. So long that it pretty much means nothing. Having a level limit capped so low gives little meaning to it for those who were among the 1st to reach level 7 on a particular champ. Because the longer the level is capped at 7 it just gives other players more time to reach. just think of how it would feel to have like 43 more levels available to reach and be one of the few to be able to flash a level 30 mastery when %95 of the player base is only at around level 10 on that champ. Now thats a true show of mastery. Seems like everyone is level 7 now days.
: You actually expect positive feedback on a report system where there's none to give? News Flash: Those who send behavior reports are usually offenders themselves, so although they frequently get that little message that says "Your feedback was helpful," they really have no reason to celebrate because they are guilty of some other form of report cause. No one in this game is innocent. Some take out their frustrations griefing. Others get verbal. Others just play "Enough" to look like a bad player but take solace that whatever their team did to piss them off...... resulted in a loss. I just got 3 behavior feedback reports yesterday out of 8 games. Guess what? I'm currently on a 25 game chat restriction, dropped from a 65% win rate to a 55% winrate because every single team has 2-3 outright trolls. You expect positive feedback? Hire positive players, because very few exist, even if they pretend to be. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- That being said (and probably removed, even if honest) Positive: The Position Ranking actually encourages climbing more than any other previous incarnation of the ranking system. It allows fill players to gradually rise in all roles, based on how well the average. It allows one tricks to rise based on their skill. Negative: Riot has been implementing itemization changes without considering the fact that they already tuned runes to proxy as a 7th item or better, or the buffs they made to champions to compensate for one patch, when reverting in another. For example, no adc has lost the buffs they received for the IE change, and this is resulting in extremely lopsided games where the adc who wins the 50/50 bot lane gambit just dominates the rest of the game, while the loser never gets that opportunity to get back in.
> [{quoted}](name=Illabethe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iTqtjjjc,comment-id=0029,timestamp=2019-02-25T23:55:50.900+0000) > > The Position Ranking actually encourages climbing more than any other previous incarnation of the ranking system. It allows fill players to gradually rise in all roles, based on how well the average. It allows one tricks to rise based on their skill. I believe whether people like or dislike Position Ranking just comes down to how each person feels how their rank should be represented for this game. I absolutely hate it. I have zero interest in how I rank for each role individually. I want my rank to represent all my game play combined.
: Gameplay/Client Feedback Megathread: One +, One -
Positive: Hope this doesnt get my post removed but honestly the only thing I truly like lately is the plating gold you already mentioned in your post. believe me I sat here for about 10 minutes trying to not repeat your positive but its the only thing that comes to mind. Negative: The Positional Ranking. On the other hand there is really 3 main things i dont like right now. But so this doesnt get removed i'll just list this one. For what this game is Positional Ranking is such a terrible idea. It is NOT a true showing of your rank in this game. We should not have 5 separate ranks. A true rank is 1 rank for ALL your games no matter what the role. I mainly que up Mid/Support. But im fine if i got auto filled to something else. I've been playing since season 3 back when, when you got into a ranked game if you was last pick for your team you most likely was support. And it went by pick order. You had to be ready to play anything. Now days this game is just becoming The League of One Tricks or One Role Tricks. People literally have 1 or 2 people banned and thats their whole champ pool or champs they know how to use. Positional Ranking just caters to that. People can benefit from learning other roles. If you dont jungle, learning to jungle can actually help you in your other roles. If you are a mid or top laner and you ever wonder why a jungler is not doing what you think they should. If you jungled and experienced it from their end then maybe you will see why they are or are not doing what you think they should.......that can help you in laning because now you see what you need to do or how to play to get what you want from your jungler. But now with Positional Ranking people dont really have a reason to get better at other roles. They know that a loss on the off role has little impact on the role they care about. This one change has led to the least fun I've had in years in playing this game because I simply dont care how I rank for each role individually. I want to know how I rank with all my games I play no matter the role. A supposed compromise I feel should be made is a bringing back the ranking people would have with all games considered as well as showing their individual role ranking if you feel this is what player really want. There should be a ladder and be shown in players profiles what their average rank is considering all games played on all roles.
Lapis (OCE)
: Fortune favours lots of damage
Just use Zyra...or use something like MF support. They only way I see you not being able to do it is if you just dont play enough games to do it. If you can get 30k damage a game and play 6 games a day you can do it.
: Unpopular Opinion: Support is fun
Support is fun........when your are supporting a adc that understands you are the TEAMS support and not just their personally babysitter and that every time they die its not your fault. When I 1st started playing this game I would always que up for support and stopped just because of those reasons. *On a side note though I think its funny how a person can get the kill shot on the enemy and get a penta kill and get all this praise but a support can get 5 assists on those same 5 kills and get no recognition lol.
Cherysse (NA)
: Rework Nasus
IDK, i dont mind Nasus...............as long as he is on the OTHER team. In my experience i hate having Nasus on my team. It turns every game into a 4v5 while he's top playing his mini wackem game either getting carried by his team winning 4v5 fights or just flaming his team for losing 4v5 fights. I like him on the other team because you get all the 4v5 fights in your favor.
: Ever wonder why it's so hard to climb?
I voted yes to your pole question but as to the post itself I dont agree with. It only seems like that because there are so many people in this game that intentionally trolls, afks, ints, and so on over the smallest thing that you are just bound to cross them sooner or later. Every game you play that you dont run across one the higher the chance you will get one in your next game. Its just going to happen. I usually play at least 6 games a day when i p[lay and it happens in at least 2 of them whether I was winning or losing the games before it happened. It can be something as simple as 1 failed gank 4 minutes into the game and then your jungler saying "screw top, im not ganking again." That alone can cost you the game if your top starts falling behind or starts to get camped and because your jungler got tilted over 1 mistake (no matter who made it) they now refuse to help that lane and now next thing you know its 10 min into the game and your bot lane has to leave bot to help defend a top outter base turret or inhib. Now you lose a bot turret even if they were winning their lane. Small stupid stuff can cost you the game. Also, sometimes you just lose. You're not going to win every game. You can have a troll free, int free, argue free game and just simply lose.
: There is no more mmr, or so I thought.
You have 5 MMRs now. A seperate MMR for each role.
: Same can be said for the people who go 10/0/6 but lose. Those filthy KDA players that won't make a move unless it's 100% safe, even if it means losing the game.
yeaa.........had a Darius player play for kda a few days ago. Guy just sat top flaming our team for losing 5v4 fights. I mean we either just give up tower after tower and other objectives or try to contest them 5v4. He didnt take TP and wouldnt group. Sad part is he had ignite and Ilrelia had TP but he someone let her run wild. He finished like 1/2/1 with just over 3k damage in s 32 minute game.
Saianna (EUNE)
: > 10 / 18 / 6 with 12k damage oddly specific :P
Just a example. Basically pointing out how some people see the game. They have a stat line like that while everyone else on their team is like over 20k damage but less kills and way less deaths but yet this person just looks at his 10 kills and thinks they are carrying. But in actuality they are hurtng their team way more than they are helping.
Sukishoo (NA)
: It's all based on the MMR. Theirs is most likely higher in the system than where yours is, so it gives them more points. We don't know for sure though since only Riot can see those numbers and we just have to speculate.
Yes it is possible to have the same rank as someone else but the MMR is way different. it can be caused by win streaks and loss streaks.
: Damage is too high. Damage items are too strong.
Only one I hate really is {{item:3147}} ....champs that can use this item are so broken with it. You got Rengar and Zed hoping on you with instant kills. Like people should not be dying in less than 1 and half seconds. Like think about it. Full health. Count in your head...one....two.....before you get to two you are dead...makes no sense. You literally dont even have time to react.
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: Which System Do You Like More?
Me personally I hate Positional Ranking with a passion. I hate wasting time knowing that not all my games win or lose count towards ONE ranking. Lets say you have 80 LP on your preferred role. Main role - Loss , - 16 LP Off role - Win , + 19 LP on off role + 3 splash LP on main role Main role - Loss, - 16 LP Main role - Win, + 19 LP **Old System** - Now if all your games counted here to ONE rank you would be at 86 LP after going 2 - 2 . (not counting the splash because it wouldnt exist) **Positional Ranking** - But because someone got hit in the head with a bat and thought of Positional Ranking you end up with 70 LP under that same situation. In both situations you go 2 - 2 but end up with 16 LP less in the new system than you would of in the old system. It makes getting wins on a off role just pointless and feel like a waste of time. Also, what about people that like to que up "fill." Like those people gotta hate knowing its going to take forever to rank up queing up fill. They could actually go on a 15 game win streak and never hit promos.
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Iustin (EUNE)
: Matchmaking System Report Option
Good idea...but seriously good luck witht hat. Simple because look how much people believed the matchmaking was already not working correctly. Then look at how Riot went and made it even more difficult by adding Positional Ranking, which a very very small minority amount of players even wanted. So before even fixing or perfecting their matchmaking they went and made it even harder for them to do. Sometimes less is more....they need to stop making shyt so difficult for no reason.
: PSA : Future's Market drains 100g instead of 50g.
Its going to take them a long long time before they finally crack out details like that. Just take the time and look through the bios of some of the champs and to what their abilities do, then go look at the in game descriptions of what their abilities do. The in game descriptions are way more detailed. Just take Bard for example. His W - Caretakers Shrine. All the client bio tells you is that it "Reveals a healing shrine which powers up over time, disappearing after healing the first ally that touches it." ......But it doesnt even mention that it also gives who ever touches it a speed boost and that Bard can have up to 3 shrines out at one time. Someone new to the game wouldnt even know this unless they used him in game or read it from another place. Many champs are lacking full ability detail descriptions in the client bios. Sad when 3rd party sites like op.gg give more details than the games client. You shouldnt hav eto go in game or to their website to see it.
: How do you verse a Yasuo Mid?
EZ, you beat him in champ select...just ban him. That champs kit is too much...he will never be balanced. Only people that dont think that are Yasuo mains.
: Riot Fuk You and this new Season 9...........
Ill agree with all of that except the bans. They dont ban the good players. They just ban the players who think because they had a good game they feel free to flame their team. Everything else you said pretty much true....this season sucks. You pretty much either have to play carry champs or Duo que just to climb. If you didnt get out of low elo soon as season started its damn near impossible now if you play supports or control mages. Too many peopel tilting and throwing and deciding the game by 10 min. Then you spend another 20 min team down 20 kills while the 1 - 9 player blames everyone but themselves for their play. Doesnt matter how you do to start the game, someone gets a bounty, and the 1 fed person on your team gets cocky and tries to 1v4 then gives up another bounty and its just snowballing out of control.
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shipo13 (EUNE)
: where is yasuo nerf after 9.3 critic items buff?
Easy Fix ............Just ban him 4Head I've always felt Yasuo had too much in his kit. But since I always ban him, I dont have to deal with it. Only time I dont ban him is if someone on the team is wanting to use him. I seriously dont see how people who feel he is too much to handle even let him into the game. Even if you are not laning against him just ban him. The fact that you dont ban him means you really dont think he is as much as a problem as you make it out to be.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: I feel. Support is one of the harder roles to carry from a solo queue perspective. Roaming and trying to snowball as many people as you can or just getting yourself fed if you play champs like Zyra/Brand/Xerath is probably the best way to win.
See thats what i tried. Last season when I was Around Silver 2....i switched from support to mid.....made it to Gold. But now this season while Silver 4 its been giving me support alot and when i am mid even if I start good someone else is getting stomped. So I figured I might as well just que support and since I always do a lot of damage, ward good, try to tell people where and when to be or just tell them where I believe the enemy is if there is not a ward ( a lot of times im right). But if people dont listen or continue to try to fight someone that just killed them soon as they got back to lane...there is pretty much nothing i can do about that from that role and my champ pool. And i mean im just talking about simple stuff liek 1 example......teammates running from bot lane to top lane when they see 3 enemies about to dive someone. Like in that situation just push the lane where u are. Running up there is a waste of time..odds are they will be dead before u get there and when u do get there u will die too. You might as well push and trade towers. Or another example...those people who decide to chase enemies running away from a fight instead of staying with the fight and killing the enemies who are still there...so in turn your team ends up losing the fight. This stuff is just ridiculous.
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: That is the correct account, and I have not played much since season 5. I messed with ranked here and there in 6 and 7 but I mainly play Dota 2. Currently Dota 2 is having queue timer problems and everyone is reset and needs to re-calibrate for the new season, but doesn't want to.
Oh...well since you havnt played in awhile u got some catching up to do.....its completely different now..and not in a good way. If you didint climb early soon as this season started its going to be really hard now. For this season you had to go on large win streaks right out the gate in order to see real gains........1 promo loss or back to back losses after placements and u are seeing 15, 16 LP
: I'm tired of Ranked.
Well 1st off did you link the right account? You say that your account has been Gold/Plat for several years. But your account hasnt been Gold since season 5 and you only played 1 ranked game in season 8. At least according to op.gg But with that said..... Ignore those type of people that just look at wins and losses.. People look at your wins and losses and just that. They dont even know or even care to know about whether you had a afk, people arguing all game ( not including you, just other people) , or a game where you started off good but then that 1 fed champ thats 8 - 0 at 9 minutes shows up in your lane and just snowballs the other lanes for them. I mean its possible to start off 3 - 0 and end up 4 - 16 if you start getting wrecked by other lanes that got out of hand once lane phase ends. But some people will just look a the final stat and just reply negative about it. And yeah, you could say well this happens to everybody.....but we all know it happens more in low elo and when it happens 2 or 3 game sin a row it can completely mess up your day...even if you take a break its not the same. Oh and cant forget the fact that Riot has now gave filled players / off role players a EXCUSE to not even care or try to win when filled or off rolled. Positional Ranking is a excuse to not care/try , not a fix.
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