: Which System Do You Like More?
Me personally I hate Positional Ranking with a passion. I hate wasting time knowing that not all my games win or lose count towards ONE ranking. Lets say you have 80 LP on your preferred role. Main role - Loss , - 16 LP Off role - Win , + 19 LP on off role + 3 splash LP on main role Main role - Loss, - 16 LP Main role - Win, + 19 LP **Old System** - Now if all your games counted here to ONE rank you would be at 86 LP after going 2 - 2 . (not counting the splash because it wouldnt exist) **Positional Ranking** - But because someone got hit in the head with a bat and thought of Positional Ranking you end up with 70 LP under that same situation. In both situations you go 2 - 2 but end up with 16 LP less in the new system than you would of in the old system. It makes getting wins on a off role just pointless and feel like a waste of time. Also, what about people that like to que up "fill." Like those people gotta hate knowing its going to take forever to rank up queing up fill. They could actually go on a 15 game win streak and never hit promos.
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Iustin (EUNE)
: Matchmaking System Report Option
Good idea...but seriously good luck witht hat. Simple because look how much people believed the matchmaking was already not working correctly. Then look at how Riot went and made it even more difficult by adding Positional Ranking, which a very very small minority amount of players even wanted. So before even fixing or perfecting their matchmaking they went and made it even harder for them to do. Sometimes less is more....they need to stop making shyt so difficult for no reason.
: PSA : Future's Market drains 100g instead of 50g.
Its going to take them a long long time before they finally crack out details like that. Just take the time and look through the bios of some of the champs and to what their abilities do, then go look at the in game descriptions of what their abilities do. The in game descriptions are way more detailed. Just take Bard for example. His W - Caretakers Shrine. All the client bio tells you is that it "Reveals a healing shrine which powers up over time, disappearing after healing the first ally that touches it." ......But it doesnt even mention that it also gives who ever touches it a speed boost and that Bard can have up to 3 shrines out at one time. Someone new to the game wouldnt even know this unless they used him in game or read it from another place. Many champs are lacking full ability detail descriptions in the client bios. Sad when 3rd party sites like op.gg give more details than the games client. You shouldnt hav eto go in game or to their website to see it.
: How do you verse a Yasuo Mid?
EZ, you beat him in champ select...just ban him. That champs kit is too much...he will never be balanced. Only people that dont think that are Yasuo mains.
: Riot Fuk You and this new Season 9...........
Ill agree with all of that except the bans. They dont ban the good players. They just ban the players who think because they had a good game they feel free to flame their team. Everything else you said pretty much true....this season sucks. You pretty much either have to play carry champs or Duo que just to climb. If you didnt get out of low elo soon as season started its damn near impossible now if you play supports or control mages. Too many peopel tilting and throwing and deciding the game by 10 min. Then you spend another 20 min team down 20 kills while the 1 - 9 player blames everyone but themselves for their play. Doesnt matter how you do to start the game, someone gets a bounty, and the 1 fed person on your team gets cocky and tries to 1v4 then gives up another bounty and its just snowballing out of control.
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shipo13 (EUNE)
: where is yasuo nerf after 9.3 critic items buff?
Easy Fix ............Just ban him 4Head I've always felt Yasuo had too much in his kit. But since I always ban him, I dont have to deal with it. Only time I dont ban him is if someone on the team is wanting to use him. I seriously dont see how people who feel he is too much to handle even let him into the game. Even if you are not laning against him just ban him. The fact that you dont ban him means you really dont think he is as much as a problem as you make it out to be.
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: I feel. Support is one of the harder roles to carry from a solo queue perspective. Roaming and trying to snowball as many people as you can or just getting yourself fed if you play champs like Zyra/Brand/Xerath is probably the best way to win.
See thats what i tried. Last season when I was Around Silver 2....i switched from support to mid.....made it to Gold. But now this season while Silver 4 its been giving me support alot and when i am mid even if I start good someone else is getting stomped. So I figured I might as well just que support and since I always do a lot of damage, ward good, try to tell people where and when to be or just tell them where I believe the enemy is if there is not a ward ( a lot of times im right). But if people dont listen or continue to try to fight someone that just killed them soon as they got back to lane...there is pretty much nothing i can do about that from that role and my champ pool. And i mean im just talking about simple stuff liek 1 example......teammates running from bot lane to top lane when they see 3 enemies about to dive someone. Like in that situation just push the lane where u are. Running up there is a waste of time..odds are they will be dead before u get there and when u do get there u will die too. You might as well push and trade towers. Or another example...those people who decide to chase enemies running away from a fight instead of staying with the fight and killing the enemies who are still there...so in turn your team ends up losing the fight. This stuff is just ridiculous.
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: That is the correct account, and I have not played much since season 5. I messed with ranked here and there in 6 and 7 but I mainly play Dota 2. Currently Dota 2 is having queue timer problems and everyone is reset and needs to re-calibrate for the new season, but doesn't want to.
Oh...well since you havnt played in awhile u got some catching up to do.....its completely different now..and not in a good way. If you didint climb early soon as this season started its going to be really hard now. For this season you had to go on large win streaks right out the gate in order to see real gains........1 promo loss or back to back losses after placements and u are seeing 15, 16 LP
: I'm tired of Ranked.
Well 1st off did you link the right account? You say that your account has been Gold/Plat for several years. But your account hasnt been Gold since season 5 and you only played 1 ranked game in season 8. At least according to op.gg But with that said..... Ignore those type of people that just look at wins and losses.. People look at your wins and losses and just that. They dont even know or even care to know about whether you had a afk, people arguing all game ( not including you, just other people) , or a game where you started off good but then that 1 fed champ thats 8 - 0 at 9 minutes shows up in your lane and just snowballs the other lanes for them. I mean its possible to start off 3 - 0 and end up 4 - 16 if you start getting wrecked by other lanes that got out of hand once lane phase ends. But some people will just look a the final stat and just reply negative about it. And yeah, you could say well this happens to everybody.....but we all know it happens more in low elo and when it happens 2 or 3 game sin a row it can completely mess up your day...even if you take a break its not the same. Oh and cant forget the fact that Riot has now gave filled players / off role players a EXCUSE to not even care or try to win when filled or off rolled. Positional Ranking is a excuse to not care/try , not a fix.
Poske (EUNE)
: HOLY SHIT THE BOARD RANTS SOMETIMES YOU DO REALISE THATS NOT A POSITIVE THING. THATS NOT SOMETHING YASUO PLAYERS WHO WANT MORE POWER FOR YASUO LL BE THANKFULL FOR SINCE NEW PD IS A FKING POWER LOSS **AS A YASUO MAIN I DONT WANT FOR MY PASSIVE TO OVERLAP WITH PD SHIELD** Just like I DIDNT WANT FOR IE TO OVERLAP WITH MY ULTIMATE PENETRATION (PEOPLE WERE SCREAMING THAT IE WOULD BE TO GOOD ON YASUO WHILE IT WAS SO FKING BAD DUE TO OBVIOUS OVERLAPS THAT YASUO ENDED UP RECEIVING BUFFS) Reminds me of redmercy recent Video I can take Darkharvest on zed which is an excecute and it ll synergize well with my passive which is also an excecute THATS IT NOT HOW IT FKING WORKS THATS AN OVERLAP even if zed passive procs on quite a high percentage of %hp Or those bright teammates who lock in Pyke / Kha / Darius after I am already a reset God Katarina Nice OVERLAP TEAMCOMP. And then People wonder why does this Katarina have ghost + cleanse.. IDK maybe I am trying to force a dodge not to have an orangutan teamcomp Or when people complain about Conq Yasuo (so fking overated choise) While Conq overlaps with Yasuo Ultimates passive and crit which yasuo builds
> [{quoted}](name=Poske,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XRfn230E,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-07T14:38:18.083+0000) > > > > **AS A YASUO MAIN I DONT WANT FOR MY PASSIVE TO OVERLAP WITH PD SHIELD** I dont use Yasuo so I have a question about this. So are you saying that damage to the overlapping shields effect both concurrently? If that is how it works then yea, no problem. But....if it doesnt then thats a problem even if you consider the item weaker than it was before. If you have to pop one shield just to get to the other shield and then pop that...thats huge.....by time he actually takes damage he will have dealt wayy more damage to you than whatever damage you feel you lost from the item change.
: Can somebody please explain matchmaking and climbing system
I think you just answered it yourself. But in short. Matchmaking is shyt and this new ranked system is a giant mountain size pile of shyt.
: > [{quoted}](name=VvVVvV,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JlMMhgxj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-06T02:19:51.530+0000) > > As long as gaming centers exist....this game will always favor faster paced games. They should just make a ranked version of Twisted Treeline for those who want 15 - 20 min games. Who's gonna tell him
Yea...someone said they had Ranked for TT..... I wouldnt know because I dont play that map. But I checked and its Flex. i dont think anyone takes ranked flex seriously.
: Where are you getting the idea that you only get a fraction of lp? Lp gains are much higher now and each win this season is worth more than each win last season. People are hitting diamond and above in a fraction of the time as last season.
You obviously are miss informed. 1st off he is talking about splash LP for your main role when you win / lose on a off role. You get or lose like 5 LP on your main role, at least thats what i get, when you win or lose on a off role. Also the high LP gains everyone got while in placements...and if after placements you continued a long win streak. But most people who didnt are only getting like 14 - 16 LP
EBL003 (NA)
: wtf is wrong with my account???
Welcome to league of legends my dude. Where every year its just a little bit worse than before. Where stuff that doesnt need to be changed is changed and stuff that should be fixed/changed goes untouched. Where years of your life are wasted thinking "well it cant get any worse." Surprise surprise {{champion:35}} Jokes on youuuu
: Riot Your Ranked Matchmaking is Garbage
Could only upvote once FeelsBadMan
: So when is Sylas getting the nerfs? in 6 or maybe 8 months ? like Akali?
All new champs are intentionally released over powered. gotta get that skin money. You wreck witht hem and be like "oh shyt, my new main!" You get the skin...once their skin sells slow down....nerf nerf nerf.
: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=tuturooo You didn't look at the Yasuo. He is Gold 2 in jungle, Platinum 2 in mid-- the role he was playing in the game in question.
Well that only happened because he didnt que up for Mid.....he either duo ques and swaps roles or he just asked for a role swap. This system is stupid and there is many ways to abuse it to create a mismatched lane. Unfortunately just like Dynamic Que, Riot will let a entire season go by before admitting they did a terrible thing and revert it.
: Look at the game. You was vs Yasuo...he is Gold 4. http://prntscr.com/mhlj44 You said yourself you are still in your Mid placements and you currently have a Gold rank for that then it was correct to match you vs another gold. The only reason you see Plat 2 next to your name in the op gg is because you only have 1 role with a rank right now.
But even with that said....yes it matched you correctly but I still think this new ranked system sucks ass and is not a true showing for your rank..........all games should count for 1 rank, no matter the role.
: What is the point of position ranks if I'm just going to be matched based on my highest rank anyway?
Look at the game. You was vs Yasuo...he is Gold 4. http://prntscr.com/mhlj44 You said yourself you are still in your Mid placements and you currently have a Gold rank for that then it was correct to match you vs another gold. The only reason you see Plat 2 next to your name in the op gg is because you only have 1 role with a rank right now.
Supermook (EUW)
: How does the LP gains work?
When you 1st got to Silver 4 you was getting large LP because the system thought you belonged in a higher rank class. You was winning a lot more than you was losing. So if you would of won that Promo you might of skipped Silver 3 and went right into Silver 2. But since you now lost your Silver 3 promos 2 times in a row now the LP gains are lower because the systems believes you are in your correct rank class. If you start losing a lot more LP than you gain then the system thinks you are in a higher rank than you should be and you have to dig your way out.
: So which ADC is best to learn now with the new crit changes?
: Theres been a ranked version of tt since forever. Lol.
Well I didnt know because I dont play that mode. i only play Ranked Summoners Rift and solo Q , never duo. Also I just loked and yes they do have a ranked mode BUT its Ranked FLEX...... I've never really counted Flex as a serious mode. But thats my personal preference. Being that I dont even duo que so last thing i want to do is que up with multiple people.
: I keep going 7/2 and 9/2 and losing anyway because I can't make up for a teammate going 2/9 while his lane opponent goes 8/3] I've never had so many games lost where I felt I did well. The occasional unwinnable is expected, but this loss streak has been spectacular
Like look at this crap. I called it before it even started.....20 + wasted minutes. http://prntscr.com/mhl3qf We won bot lane but our mid vs Sylas literally cost us this. Sucks having a guy roam to your lane and 1st time you face him hes already got 10+ kills.
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: The ONLY reason Yasuo is broken
Really? I mean yeah when im mid i ban Yasuo every game....but never is it because he can use his ult off others knockups lol. Pretty sure id rank the dash dash dash, shield passive and windwall wayy above that.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: This game is neither rewarding nor fun in its current incarnation
As long as gaming centers exist....this game will always favor faster paced games. They should just make a ranked version of Twisted Treeline for those who want 15 - 20 min games.
: > [{quoted}](name=BradNo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=u2fLFEdA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-05T23:54:08.637+0000) > > What If I don't like Carries? then by definition youre relying on someone else to carry, which means youre putting yourself at the mercy of whatever matchmaking decides to give.
What about when you got those smurfs on your team that intentionally lose to keep their accounts in that elo when they get too close to their promos. Or when you ge that troll Tham Kench that will eat you then run you INTO the enemy when you are low HP trying to get away?
Zone0ut (NA)
: I find people who assume games are over by 10:00 actually lose me the most games.
True... it usually goes like this ~ loses a trade early.....starts spamming assists ping before the jungler even clears their 2nd camp. ~ dies because they chose to stay with 100hp instead of backing. ~ gets right back to lane and dies to a gank while pushed up. ~ starts spam pinging ??????? to their jungler as if that was their fault. ~ starts complaining about ganks/ getting no ganks at 7 min mark ~ proceeds to sit afk in lane flaming and screaming for a FF... claiming jungle difference.
: @Riot 70% Win Ratio with only 15-17 LP per win
I believe your rank is high for your MMR. Look at your games. You seem to be the highest ranked player in all your games. Even your current game you are in right now you are Silver 2 vs Silver 3 and unranked players. Some of your games even have Bronze players. The system doesnt believe you are at your right rank.
: why does talon run as slow as an elder?
Cant have the best of both worlds. He has wall jump, a gap closing ability, a ability that slows enemies as well as can go invisible with ult. No reason he should have any more movement speed.
: Any champion can select the Electrocute rune and purchase Duskblade. Also, if you hate Duskblade and electrocute, don't use a post that has nothing to do with it to rag on it.
Yes, anyone can use the rune and buy that item. That can be said for all items. Hell any champ can build a Zekes but you're not going to see a Ashe actually build it unless they have brain damage. Duskblade is most effective on champions who are AD and can go invis. Now with that said it seems your comprehension is bad so I see I have to explain it to you. The person posting is talking about WuKong. Duskblade is a core item for Wu..as well as Zed and Talon. So maybe you need to re-read my comment. I was not ragging on Duskblade. Between Duskblade and Electrocute he is getting a free 60 - 330 damage just for going invis for a split second. If he is playing that champ mid and still getting shyt on then its not the champion its him. He is just getting outplayed or picking it into the wrong matchups.
Jamaree (NA)
: So like, see you in a week.
Thats me right there...... i hate the new positional rank system. So I already feel like its a waste of time since I feel a true rank of your skill in this game should come from ALL your games, not just games for each role. Also the start of new seasons is always rough....being that I usually sit around Gold 4 to Silver 3. So whenever a new season starts I get thrown into the games with people even lower elo than that and its just so frustrating. Then I get tilted and do dumb shit. Next thing you know im in games with B1 and 2 and since im support i cant really carry myself out of it....just a long sad road. I say F this forget it. Then a week later I say it might be different. Then 1st game back you get someone flaming another over 1 mistake and dying while typing that flame. Sigh, life of low elo.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: honestly i wanna say thanks to riot that they made the game so horible and no fun to play it anymore
: Tip? Just dont play x champ because they are bad
Sorry but I find it hard to feel sympathy for any champs that get to use {{item:3147}} with Electrocute.
: I was cheated out of a promos because splash lp doesnt put you in promos
but splash can demote you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Riot Logic
Galyxi (NA)
: Opinions on the new ranked system
its http://prntscr.com/mgqe93
BigFBear (EUW)
: But if you play for 8 years and can't see why you stuck, you probably need someone who point the finger on it.
There is no point for anyone to pay for a coach if they do not intend on trying to go pro. Its just pointless. Even if you have a lot of money to spare...its pointless. Why pay to be coached in a hobby that will not improve your life in any way? This YouTube channel is good enough https://www.youtube.com/user/SkillCappedDotNet
xAcidik (NA)
: How Riot Can Reduce Toxicity In Our Games
I partly agree. For the 2nd part putting people who have been punished in any way in games together makes sense. But for the 1st part that really wouldnt work because people dont use the honor system correctly. I've seen really toxic people get multiple honors after a game just because they carried. You'll see them flame 1 person all game and then the other 2 that got carried but wasnt the focus of the flame honor them. So people like this would get matched with others with high honors until their reports catch up to them and their honor resets.
: MMR Reset is Such a Joke and if you play ranked before June you are dumb
Apparently you miss the part every season where Riot tells you that EVERYONE starts a bit lower than where they finished.
: Cheese ideas:
Just play atk speed Ezreal.... remember its season 9. Rank nolonger matters and we are encouraged to make our own meta #isitmeta
: I have been a Silver player since 2010. Never reached Gold. Should I pay for a Coach to teach me?
Even if you just started playing today I wouldnt say you should pay for a coach unless you are trying to go pro.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=VvVVvV,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nTFRxnV2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-03T21:00:37.822+0000) > > Well this is nothing new....but this year it will be worse. Cant tell you how many times in just the past week either someone on my team or the enemy team was either threatening to troll,int or afk in champ select because they didnt get their role and didnt care about the role they got. Or had someone on the enemy team asking for reports for someone on their team for one of the same reasons........... think ive had like 6 normal games where this didnt happen on either team. So this has always been happening, but with positional ranking it will be worse all season. > > And does reporting them do anything? No because they just love to tell you how much they dont care because its their "smurf." > > Their are a lot of people that wont like to hear this but Riot really needs to find a way not make people only have 1 account. If people wern't allowed to have multiple accounts they would think twice about being toxic. I suggested tying one's account to their phone number, but it turned out to not be a good solution and I don't see how else it could be done. Link them to emails and people will just create new ones - same for any other type of online account. Link them to IP and you can play from only one machine... And some are gonna use VPN.
I know...only real way to do it would never happen...and that would be to link the account to a verified SSN lol .
: 1/2 Agreed. Old ranked system was better but the new ranked divisions allow for a more accurate representation of skill level.
only for that role...but not for the GAME. A true representation for your skill in this GAME is a rank of the result from all your games played no matter the role. No matter how high i achieve this season (if i choose to even keep playing ranked) It wont have the same satisfaction to me as it would of in other seasons.
: does ranked have a point anymore
Hell to the naw...ranked is pointless now. Unless you are a 1 trick or 1 role trick. I may spam a champ from time to time but i have many that i can use or used to use that i could use again if need to. This new ranked system is not a true representation of your rank in this game. This change literally catered to the minority. I was told that if was made because people didnt like that when they were auto filled...that if their lane opponent was on their main role they were at a disadvantage. Its a TEAM game...suck it up and just learn 1 or 2 champs for every role so that when u need to play it u are ready and do your best.
m0zz4r3ll4 (EUNE)
: If Im support, I always play it with on so I can see if a brush is warded or not
How does having auto attack on let you see if a bush is warded or not???
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