: Ban 11 time for been toxic
You have literally no clue as to what freedom of speech actually entitles you to.
: I Need human assistance
ktiniatros (EUNE)
: I was permanetly banned for using third party software without even having one..?
Check your match history. If there are any matches you don't recognize, submit a ticket. Does anyone else you know have access to your PC or your account?
: atleast its a better suggestion than most of what everone says to remove smurfs
It really isn't though. Your IP address changes all the time. Most IPs aren't static and change over a short period of time. Also as mentioned a router restart assigns new IP addresses to the devices on a network.
: Harassment of various kinds are crimes in the Unites States. I may not be the most friendly person, but I do not harass others, at least not in the sense of the word I was taught at the University of Georgia at Athens. You know, the LEGAL term used in court. I now know that my only shot at keeping my account is to let my team know that I /mute all at the beginning of the game because my tolerance level for toxic, mean and even in some cases down right "evil" people in this game is at an all time low. **PS: Its comically obvious that the two of you are downvoting every post I make, just wanted you to know I was aware. (Not that I said that either of you would care).** Anyway, Thank you Rujitra and GatekeeperTDS for your responses. I am going to use one of the rules on the summoner's code and just agree to disagree, rather than be a disagreeable person.
Stop harasing people and you won't get banned :) Also don't threaten people on the forums over this pettiness...
Jergen (NA)
: I was wrongfully permabanned. Can It be reversed?
So this can happen for a few reasons 1) Scripts were used by you 2) Scripts were used, but not by you. Let the ticket process go through but be aware of your own account security. Can you check and see if there are any recently played games that you didn't actually play? There's a chance that your account may have been accessed by a third party. Good luck man, it definitely sucks to have your account thrown away like that, but definitely check your match history for oddities.
: Losing games because of people like this
No naming and shaming. If you want a discussion remove the photo, if not the post will be removed.
hi im bega (EUNE)
: perma ban,just wondering can it be unbaned?
What are your chat logs like? They will only jump to permanent ban without priors if your realllllllyyyyy went toxic.
Nadiri (NA)
: There is one solution. Let the trolls be and let the riot be blind. Go and play something else this is what I've been doing for months now and I have lots of fun because I actually enjoy those games
: 14 day ban
Your ban is based on severity and consistency. You've gone through a 10 game and a 25 game chat restriction that lead up to this. It doesn't take much for the automatic system to assign punishment if your consistently toxic.
: I don't have any sources on me specifically, maybe y'know since riot hided everything, and because I'm lazy, but statistics can be seen without even looking at graphs. Is the system working? Well everyone complains the games still toxic. So obviously not.
Don't say "From Statistics" when your pulling info out of your ass lol
: If you worked for me, and i asked you to do something and you didnt do it. (even though ITS RIGHT FUCKING INFRONT OF YOU) i would fire on you on the spot and give you a bad rep. everytime someone called b/c you are appealing for a new job.
: someone played on my account and got me banned for toxicity
I don't believe you. The thing is you can submit a ticket for sure, however looking at your match history all of the games are played with champs you normally play anyway. On top of that your summoner spells also stay consistent.. Like I said though, submit a ticket, Riot will assess your account and they'll either lift the ban or keep it. {{sticker:darius-angry}}
: that makes sense, i'm just so angry that when I tried to sign in and I got this message about scripting and the banned being irreversible, and I'm thinking wtf. If they still say it can't be reversed I'm thinking of looking into lawyers to get all the money I put into this game that has been pretty much deleted. its not like the money was a huge amount but its more of the principle of being punished for being a pretty decent person in chat, having not scripted than getting falsely accused and punished. I'm just working myself up into a tiff just writing this. (So angry and frustrated)
As a heads up lawyers won't do anything for you. You agreed to the terms and conditions of the game. They can ban your account for any reason they seem fit and all money put into that account is gone.


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