: It takes into account the presious years they played too. I never played ranked, had a very high norms mmr (It only cares about norms mmr if you havent previously played ranked), won 8 games and got gold 3. A few things to keep in mind: A) Placements take your previous ranked history into account (or norms mmr if there is none) B) The people in the placement matches are important too. If they had a high rank, and win every game, you will get a higher placement rank then if they were all silver 4 and you won every game. C) Your friends couldve lied. Im not gonna jump to conclusions, and there is a good chance they didnt lie, but its not out of the ordinary Generally A/B are your answer though.
Didn't know that, thanks for the help! P.S. No, I've looked at their match history and their profiles (not like we don't play together often) and they did win those 6/5 matches.
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: A Fiora Rework from a Fencer's Perspective @Vesh
Yeah, I get this is an old discussion, but discovery and all that. As a fencer, this is a really great rework. Nice job. P.S. I'm pretty sure she's sabre. P.P.S. Screw epee, foil rules.


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