: RIOT Supports Bigotry!
Riot still upholds their bigotry
: No, two wrongs do not make a right. League is not like society where his huge wrong makes yours moot. You're only defense is to ignore him and report him then move on, you are not allowed to flame ANYONE for ANY reason.
how did I flame anyone? [1:12] [All] W H l T E B O Y (Garen): reported [7:36] W H l T E B O Y (Garen): reported for hate speach [7:51] W H l T E B O Y (Garen): you're being a hater [9:20] [All] W H l T E B O Y (Garen): hate speach, reported Where are any inflammatory comments here?
: Riot punishes all guilty sides. Them being racist and homophobic does not excuse you being an ass.
Being an ass? All I said was reported, how is that offensive, rude or being an asshole?
: RIOT Supports Bigotry!
Responding with "reported" when someone calls you a fa* is not derailing the game.
: Is Riot Too Aggressive with Judging Bans?
You also can't say "reported" or "reported for hate speech" when a jerk calls you a fa****
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