InTheory (EUW)
: I think that's the 10th post within the last 3 hours containing the exact same subject.
Yeah I'm now seeing this as I scan the boards. I'm not a lurker my bad for posting redundant stuff, but it obviously seems to be a huge problem at the moment .
Barkley (NA)
: I am so beyond sick of these 1-sided stomp fests
Oh wow I just made this same post. No kidding I completely agree. I think it's a matchmaking problem.
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Porocles (NA)
: Thanks for the info! It sounds like your network might have lost sync in champion select, so it couldn't communication information and kicked you off. I suggest using the [connection issues]( guide to make sure your connection is holding steady comms with the server. It may be also worth removing entirely in case it might still be working in the background but just hidden. Hope that helps!
Just saw this, thank you for the response I'll see if that helps !
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Porocles (NA)
: It sucks that happened, and I'd like to help fix whatever is causing you to leave champion select. When you say bugged out, what do you mean exactly? What happened and when? Did you receive any error messages? Are you currently using any third party programs that interact with league like Let me know!
So what happened was we were in the ban phase when it was one of my team mates turns to ban, his ban clock went to 0 while he was hovering a champ and it never locked in and it didn't dodge out, it just stayed on that like it was frozen, yet everyone was chatting and talking and I couldn't see what was happening or whose turn it was to pick/ban. Next thing I know I got kicked out and it said I failed to select a champion. So I guess my turn came but there was no way for me to see or interact with the champ select menu. This is an isolated incident and has never happened before, it just sucks it was during promos and made me lose. I have but I don't have it on , so nothing third party should be interacting with league.
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: When you play that champ you swore you'd never play
: Pool Party Vayne
: How to Build a Better GD Community
what's a weeb, and a meme, I thought you needed a picture for a meme. wtf is going on in the internet now.
Be Exact (NA)
: cant connect to a game due to the last update
The same exact thing happened to me. 20 minute low priority q waits now. This is crazy. My internet is perfectly fine its not my connection it's something with the client. Please lift this leaverbuster..
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: Why does Yasuo never get locked out of his House?
Was expecting something like... "because all he has are WIND WALLS" . I'll leave now..
: New Champ Select is WONDERFUL - QQ all you want we NEEDED this!
Envy Sin (NA)
: This is me laughing at people saying that's toxic. First, Karthus laughing at himself saying HE sucks Not the other team. Not sure how that's toxic. Then Bard saying Cho is a worthless champion, Not that the player is bad. The champion. And a laugh from Cho. Please enlighten me on how that's remotely toxic/satly. Whatever you wanna call it. Because it looks pretty friendly to me.
THANK YOU! so many people calling things "salty" and "toxic" that legit is just casual fun banter. Grow some, I don't know how many times some crazy jump the gun kid has decided to report me because I've said some stuff like what you see in the /all chat. Chill out noodly arms omgosh.


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