: {{champion:98}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:35}} . this would be the ultimate team for just coming out of no where and killing you
I love matryoshka teams. Like: {{champion:223}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:4}}
Rioter Comments
: I bet Riot could change Ohmwrecker to destroy, not disable towers and no one would notice
I doubt this. It would have to be put into the game code and there are people who check that stuff on a daily basis.
Malza (NA)
: When is Riot going to buff Singed?
Because no one else can proxy farm as good as the Mad Chemist
: Yorick Is Due For A Skin
: The next three children you'll have are named after your highest mastery champs
: The next three children you'll have are named after your highest mastery champs
Bard, Illaoi, and Tahm Kench if I recall correctly (Veigar might slip in there, but not sure) Tahm and Bard are probably fine. Tahm is gonna need to lay off on the snacks though and Bard is not going to be playing his trumpet at night. Illaoi is the older sister that crushes the heads of those who bully her brothers between her thighs, so at least I don't have to worry about that.
Metéora (EUNE)
: Heimerdinger-Patch 7-10 for Esports??
Not sure. I think he might show up in Esports if a Siege oriented team wants to get picked up since his new mechanics are incredibly strong against targets who try and initiate onto his team.
: > [{quoted}](name=WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p33q4hGl,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-18T16:02:48.223+0000) > Sunfire Cape, which has become more of an item you get if you need wave clear as Tanks late game (probably needs better overall stats or cost reduction to feel more worth it). The issue is that I think most people that realize how weak Sunfire is are now switching to Iceborn Gauntlet which is a far better item now aside from lacking health but health has been nerfed on all tank items anyway so the disparity in that regard is lower. All Riot has done is switch everyone to the next best option. There's also no reason to buy Sunfire late game, by then all of your carries are the ones that wave clear and if you're doing your job then you're with your carries unless you're Shen.
: Boot Pouches - A Boot Enchantment
: percent health true damage that heals and grants a burst of ms on a passive
Done25 (NA)
: I think you're confusing HP% damage with damage that scales poorly. Someone who does 1% max HP (+10% per 100 AD) would want a good amount of AD in their build, even though they have HP% damage. Someone who does a flat 300 magic damage would want to go tank as their damage has no additional scaling beyond penetration.
Those extremes don't usually exist in the game unless on very specific case by case champions like Fiora or Dr. Mundo to where Riot wants them to have % based damage, but not build tanky (and vice versa). Most champion's scalings increase the higher the base damage is. For example, Veigar's 320 base damage Dark Matter has (+100% AP) scaling. Meanwhile, Xerath's Shocking Orb has 200 base damage and (+45% AP) scaling.
: Actually if you want an assassin, you should give them (and Riot does this constantly) % missing health damage. Because that rewards a rotation, a specific combination of skills in order (higher skill than just a normal burst mage), it makes them weak against tanks (damage that can be mitigated based on damage that was already mitigated) and kills squishies (you want to survive based on lifesteal instead of armor/MR? Too fucking bad).
I find that a ton of flat damage will usually get the point across for an Assassin to kill a squishy. If you add % missing health damage, it just makes it to where they can kill targets with more health. For example, if every single one of Fizz's abilities deals 500 damage, that's 2000 damage, enough to kill any squishy.
Rioter Comments
: Unpopular Opinion: The Boards/Community SUCKS at champ design
I agree, but I don't recall people asking for less CC.
: > be fair, an ability with insanely high base damage and % health damage that is ALSO a basic ability might just be poorly designed as it sounds just like a "kill anything I look at" kind of ability. If it is an ultimate then that is another thing, but those are expected to have high cool downs and few champions base their entire build around their ultimate and not their general kit. Such an ability could be possible without being broken you would just make it a zoning tool which would normally never hit but it would work for forcing the enemy to avoid that place (or they could stay if they are able to deal with the damage and it is worth it) I am not talking about 1 ability I am talking about the kit overall since one ability usually don't decide what you build on the champion it is the kit in its entirety and usually you don't have % damage on all of your abilitys there is usually only 1 or 2 so the rest of the abilities likely have normal flat base damage (And base damage can be quite high but does depend a lot on reliability, cooldown and ratios/scaling)
Having % Health damage or any Anti-Tank mechanic on any one ability is usually enough to begin to warp the champion in the direction of how they build. For example, if Kled's W dealt flat damage, he would probably have to build more damage and/or CDR to be successful. Reliability can warp a champion as well. % Health damage alone won't make them build one way, but it will push them in that direction as long as something bigger isn't pushing back.
: {{champion:114}}
: {{champion:67}}
Vayne is balanced very specifically around her % health damage so Tank Vayne isn't possible.
Zerenza (NA)
: Well...some champions have % Damage to prevent them from bursting someone to quickly, like with Evelynn, while she is getting a rework her ultimate used to do Flat Damage, but it's done max HP damage for a long time, she still builds full AP by the way. Or for Kled, who's W and Ultimate have percentage HP damage, if they made him do flat HP damage he would litterally yolo dive your AD and one shot them, he can still kill someone though but it's much more difficult and he builds full damage. Fiora, same thing, she builds full damage and was giving % HP damage so she wouldn't be massively oppressive with flat damage auto's early game and so that we would have 1 of 3 tank shredder's to help keep the game in line. Vel'koz, full damage, vayne, full damage two more examples. It's actually pretty rare that them having % HP damage actually results in them building tanky, the only two cases that are actually worth noting are of course Ekko and Fizz, their damage didn't go down if they built tanky due to their high damage on % HP and for fizz it's his W currently. But it's not just that, their stickyness and escape ability triumphs over tanks, meaning the tank can't do anything and ekko and fizz tank builds dominate. Other champions such as Poppy and Sion are given it so that they can do a little bit of damage and actually fend of other top laner's properly without, again, being able to burst squishes to easily. Personally i'm ad advocate for percentage HP damage, usually only on someones ultimate but i prefer the %HP damage over flat damage in many cases for balance purposes. It helps keep A LOT of thing's in line and many champions would be way more oppressive with flat damage than % HP damage.
I'm not saying DON'T give someone % Health damage or DO give someone % Health damage. I'm just saying be prepared for what USUALLY comes with it. I'm also not saying that IF a champion has % Health damage, they will build tanky. It will just push them in that direction unless something else forces them or provides a better reason to build damage.
: Stop buffing Zac.
> Edit: I'd like to point out to all the people talking about Zac's winrate that the new patch has him at 53% already. http://lolalytics.com/champion/Zac/Jungle/ WOW! I hit the link and... 46% Win Rate! Busted!
Ralanr (NA)
: Hey man...don't take away Sion's (and Poppy's) %max health damage. It helps with farming and trading.
Sion and Poppy were balanced around the fact that they are AD scaling Tanks which, no matter how much Riot tries, will act a little bit like Fighters in the laning phase and be naturally more attracted to building damage. Sion and Poppy are unique and have to be treated as such. They are also both encouraged to build Tank in other ways, such as Poppy's W Passive and Sion's W and all that comes with it. Most Tanks have similar mechanics in their kits if their play style would normally shout "Fighter" rather than "Tank".
: That depends somewhat If the champion has high % damage and some decently high base damages but with high cooldowns then the champion might actually end up building penetration to just unload their damage and try to kill the enemy since while yes they have % damage it doesn't actually help much to build tanky if that durability doesn't allow you to get in more ability casts (it has too long cooldown) Also even if you give a champion really bad ratios they can still build damage... there are penetration items which work well with % damage or high base damage or things like Titanic Hydra which adds some damage and it also adds quite a bit of burst with AA + active or items like Sheen (which only depends on short cooldown abilities to trigger it and base AD) or Sunfire (though it did get hit quite hard)
There a few items that support champions with "unusual" forms of damage. Your example of both high % damage and high base damage is rare and doesn't usually happen. The closest example I could think of is Lee Sin on his Q, but I don't know about that. To be fair, an ability with insanely high base damage and % health damage that is ALSO a basic ability might just be poorly designed as it sounds just like a "kill anything I look at" kind of ability. If it is an ultimate then that is another thing, but those are expected to have high cool downs and few champions base their entire build around their ultimate and not their general kit. Also your point about penetration items to me is ok. There isn't enough penetration items in the game to make a full build out of them unless you are AD, but there are very few champions that are both considered Tanks and also scale with AD. (for this exact reason) Titanic Hydra is the only item that defies this, but forces you to basic attack to really make use of it, which usually doesn't tie in well on most Tanks kits.
kasfas (NA)
: So there are no core tank items for lane anymore?
I rush an item on Tanks depending on their composition. Burst AD Majority: {{item:3742}} Burst AP Majority: {{item:3001}} or {{item:3065}} (depending on who I am) Sustained AD Majority: {{item:3143}} Sustained AP Majority: {{item:3194}} Notable is that the item against Burst AD is only there since it provides overall more globally useful effects than Sunfire Cape, which has become more of an item you get if you need wave clear as Tanks late game (probably needs better overall stats or cost reduction to feel more worth it). I feel like it's natural Tanks don't have a rush item since they don't build selfishly to boost their own damage, they build selfishly to reduce the enemy's damage, which can vary. I don't like the idea of changing Righteous Glory's active entirely personally. It seems far too... forced if you get what I mean.
Skorch (NA)
: Ah that was MB, i misread the faded part of the patchnotes for being removed. I still think that this rework solved nothing however.
I think their goals were clear, but not as apparent in-game as most reworks. It was to make Rammus less binary and have to think more about how he plays. Overall seems OK to me, but I probably need more experience on the new Rammus before being able to say for certain if the rework is overall good or bad.
: Is there any reason Heimer got massive nerfs?
Seems like a buff to me, especially late game. Early game you can pull off some sneaky E+Laser+W+Laser shenanigans of you are good.
: Rammus
Depends on what you enjoy. I find him enjoyable still after the mini-rework. Some don't. It usually depends on what you enjoy, so you will have to be more detailed for me to answer that question.
: The direct corrollary being : the more you add %HP damages to the champion pool the less you want to build tanky in general.
Not necasserily. That would be true if half the champion pool faced he other half of the champion pool. It depends on each game. The only form of damage that cannot be countered by any means is % Max Health True Damage, since the only counter to true damage is to build health. All other % Health damage can be countered by building Armor or Magic Resist since it will still be reduced due to it being Physical or Magic damage. The only match where I would recommend not building much Tank, if any at all, would be if the enemy team had: {{champion:67}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:86}} ...all on the same team.
Ralanr (NA)
: Why Riot hasn't done that I will not understand.
Apparently they are too long and would "clog" other sounds for too long.
Rioter Comments
Dysnomia (EUNE)
: "Stronger presence" in a lane with Q means your opponent is not trying to move out of it.
I don't try to dominate in lane when I go Sion. I usually just try to get as much farm as possible while making sure not to die. Maxing Q lets me clear the wave easily and even a level 1 E allows you to get a good Q hit on them unless they are directly on top of you, upon which you can just W. Usually when I play Sion O try to use his Q when the enemy has already used their dash when I am using it offensively. Plus, if I am going for kills early, I usually will be trying for surprise roaming kills through my R from the base or down river. Maxing Q makes these ganks all the more devastating. We might just be playing two different styles of Undead Juggernaut.
kasfas (NA)
: I see those sion buffs. But why shield damage?
I max Q first, then W, then E. I disagree with people who max E first. Maxing Q makes you have a stronger presence and provides much better wave clear. It also makes you have mich stronger duels in lane. This seems like a mid-game buff to me.
Skorch (NA)
: The best part of Rammus is his anti-AD, and this rework COMPLETELY stops his counter to ADCs. He slows himself making his new AD steroid worthless against any range champion. AND he lost his synergy with thornmail. To add "more decision making" They made Rammus a right-click bot. Rammus could use a rework, but an Auto exclusive champion isnt it.
How did he lose his synergy with Thornmail?
: I'm a one trick Rammus main currently in Plat V wit 500,000 mastery on Rammus. I main Rammus in the jungle but occasionally take him top. This rework is complete trash and nerfs rammus to the ground. His self slow makes his ganks way more unreliable and makes farming/trading effectively in top lane impossible. The only place this slow doesn't affect him is in the jng farming immobile camps. Also any time a team fight is moving he effectively becomes nothing but a damage sponge. (No being able to turn it off early doesn't make up for this). On top of that the changes to his passive means he is all magic damage instead of ad/ap hybrid which makes it easier to itemize against him. The ultimate slows but it has to stack to have any real effect and anyone with a dash (on top of how slow you are with w up) will get out of your aa range. The ultimate damage nerf sucks as it reduces your dueling potential so much and that even doubling it against turrets does only very little more damage to turrets than the old ultimate. The Q is a channel which sucks for obvious reasons and the shorter duration makes it less efficient for traveling around between camps. It sucks at lower levels. The scaling of bonus resistances instead of giving flat resistances nerfs your tankiness hard in the early to midgame and leaves you really weak to ap damae until you get around to buying MR (often as your third or fourth item if the enemy team isn't AP heavy. I hate the new Rammus and I'm glad I hit plat before this rework because I one trick him and he is useless garbage now when playing against enemies who are even slightly competent. edit: Two things I like are the cute flip on his Q and i enjoy the attack speed on his E although I'm fine with the old armor pen. Please revert Q, W and R. (do what you want with E).
I actually find people who one tricks someone not as creditable when talking about how a champion functions, especially in Top Lane, since most one tricks don't really know extensively how other champions trade. Knowing how to deal with your opponent is a lot more important than knowing how to play your own champion (of course, you need a minimum amount of knowledge) since knowing the enemy allows you to anticipate what they do and act accordingly.
agbudar (NA)
: the rammus mini rework.
Coming from someone who plays him Top: Passive A nerf when you first enter lane, but a buff after the first back until the enemy builds MR. The lowered ratio means Rammus needs to build more Armor in order to obtain the same damage per basic attack (not necessarily DPS) as before, further securing him into the Armor Tank role. SOMETHING PEOPLE SHOULD NOTE is that during Rammus' W, this passive will be dealing more damage than his old one if Rammus has built around 200 Armor since Rammus' new W will be not only giving him more Armor than his old W, but it will also be boosting the damage of this by 50%. That's a lot of boosting! Q An overall fine change in my opinion, but needs further tuning around items. Using ANY ITEM at all should not interrupt it. Only enemy crowd control and maybe choice allied interactions should be able to interrupt this (and of course using W or something). W The biggest point of argument with the rework, this change rewards players for picking Rammus into AD heavy teams and punishes people for picking him willy nilly and not being creative and/or really damn good when one tricking him. I am personally fine with the slow as someone who plays him Top Lane, but you have to be smart about using this ability now. It's not an on-command, use when taking damage defensive spell anymore. You have to decide when it's good to use and when it might be smarter to just rely on Thornmail and/or Q. Overall, it pushes him further into his Armor niche, which I find OK. E This change was made to synergize with his new Passive since Rammus no longer deals too much physical damage. More attack speed is good, especially during Rammus' W, allowing Rammus to perform surprisingly well in duels now (more so than before). I also find this funny because this makes Rammus a lot like Legion Commander from Dota, who duels people, when Fiora would be the one expected to be more like her. Funny... R Anyways, the new R actually makes Rammus a decent solo Tank for a team, making him a moving ball of slow. Before, he only offered his E for crowd control really. Now, he can slow people by... a lot, meaning he has useful AoE CC now. The cost is it deals less damage, but that is ok since it still deals significant enough damage to be at least a moderate threat. Also, it's better for split pushing now. That's cool.
: PSA: Master Yi is a better split pusher than Tryndamere right now
Tryndamere is better at escaping and dueling champions while his R is up, so I disagree. Tryndamere can also be brought into Top Lane a lot better than Yi, allowing him to start pushing his lane from the beginning of the game.
abca98 (EUW)
: So... Yi's R also makes impossible to reduce his attack speed?
Rioter Comments
: @Meddler Rammus Changes 7.10, I demand a RIOT Employee to REPLY.....
The slow is annoying to me, but I'm fine with it as long as Riot buffs him if it turns out these changes nerfed him. The % scaling on his W is also pretty fun to go extreme with, getting about 245 Armor from it late game is really funny. Also, the goal of these changes was to make Rammus not such a binary champion. Have him have to think more about using his Q and W.
: Some of Rammus changes seem stupid
Rammus isn't a turtle, he'a an armadillo dang it. It's in his title. It's a pun.
Chiken138 (EUW)
: Rammus Top is broken
If this turns out to be true... *cough* I F%$@&?@ CALLED IT! *breath* I've been on a roll with predictions the last couple patches.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Can we have Boot Enchantments back?
I would rather they add just straight upgrades to individual boots. For example: {{item:3158}} **Boots of the Elders** Build Path: {{item:3158}} + {{item:1006}} + {{item:1006}} + 950 Gold = 2150 Gold +150% Base Health Regeneration UNIQUE Passive: +10% Cool Down Reduction UNIQUE Passive- Enhanced Movement: +50 Movement Speed UNIQUE Passive: Reduce Summoner Spell cool downs by 20%. {{item:3047}} **Kinkou Treads** Build Path: {{item:3047}} + {{item:1029}} + 750 Gold = 2150 Gold +50 Armor UNIQUE Passive- Enhanced Movement: +45 Movement Speed UNIQUE Passive: Blocks 12% of the damage from basic attacks and physical damage single target spells. {{item:3111}} **Demacian Boots** Build Path: {{item:3111}} + {{item:1033}} + 600 Gold = 2150 Gold +50 Magic Resist UNIQUE Passive- Enhanced Movement: +45 Movement Speed UNIQUE Passive- Tenacity: Reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds, polymorphs, and immobilizes by 40%. {{item:3009}} **Boots of the Swift Scout** Build Path: {{item:3009}} + {{item:1028}} + 850 Gold = 2150 Gold +150 Health +5% Movement Speed UNIQUE Passive- Enhanced Movement: +55 Movement Speed UNIQUE Passive- Slow Resist: Movement slowing effects are reduced by 30%.
SiegFx1 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=NinjaGuy69,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YEHBkZvT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-17T20:39:21.754+0000) > > If you're talking about the EXPERIMENTAL grievous wounds Thornmail change on the PBE, then you shouldn't worry too much. A Rioter responded to a thread (which was posted yesterday, I believe) and mentioned that this change likely won't make it to live. Also, Soraka is cancer. Things don't get in PBE by chance man, they are testing and are looking forward on that direction until enough stuff can be said about it.
This one actually got onto PBE too early and BY chance of them not taking it out by accident. Things that aren't meant to be on the PBE are usually still in testing and might not work out. For example, one time an Alistar change that made his W a non-targeted dash got onto the PBE early, was reverted, and was never seen again.
SiegFx1 (NA)
: Now there is ANOTHER source of GW in the game. When Soraka will receive love?
Soraka likely won't be affected too much, especially since the change to Thornmail has already been reverted.
Brascus (NA)
: Kog is the only one you can't easily get away from without burning flash or mobility of some kind. The other two you can walk away from easily. Unless karthus is positioned really well, a flash or the next best alternative counters him just as hard as kiting sion. Sion gets kited into oblivion because you can hit him, things could be more interesting with the other two if they had similarities to sions passive.
Karthus has range, unlike the other two. Plus he has his ultimate, which is usually how you secure a kill as Karthus. Plus, if you get killed as Karthus without them already blowing mobility, you are just a bad Karthus. If you want to specifically buff Sion, say specifcally Sion. Don't put Karthus and Kog in here.
Brascus (NA)
: Sure, explain?
Yeah, I agree with Jbels. No. Why? Really? You need an explanation? Hmm, let's see, that's just a needless buff that would make Sion, Kog'Maw, and Karthus even stronger. Especially Karthus because you usually get a kill as Karthus after dying at least 33% of the time if you are smart. And if you added decaying health then it would just be a pointless change. Why buff something if you know it will need a nerf with it? This would just make all those champions too strong, no need to explain with exact numbers or anything. Especially since ALL of them are currently pretty balanced and have a good fanbase behind them. Have yet to meet a bad Sion, Karthus, or Kog main.
SSmotzer (NA)
: So she is a hardened battle scared pirate queen, who wears little to no clothing as she seduces men to then hand their lifeless bodies to the authorities for prophet? Wouldn't being the most famous person in Bilgewater kind of dampen her ability to trick people by having a pretty face? Wouldn't the authorities be more concerned about the pirate queen who just walked into their door?
Not really a pirate though. She doesn't steal anything unless it is FROM pirates who stole it themselves. Pirates raid and plunder and kill for themselves. MF hunts those people.
SSmotzer (NA)
: Is Miss Fortune a Badass Pirate Queen or a Sexy Bounty Hunter?
Something tells me her VO would likely be updated be a bit more gritty if updated, but she CAN be both dude.
: When Yorick goes all in to protect his ghost waifu
As someone who plays Yorick, I leave that ol' girl out to die all the time
: Can we fix it? is it too late for a ROLL back on this?
No puns allowed! *ahem* Naw dude, it's done. Riot reverting stuff happens once in a blue moon. Kog'Maw rework revert was a miracle.
: (RANT) New rammus feels like a buff to ADC's..
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