: Big massive question I have NEVER understood. Illaoi's quote towards Karma {{champion:43}} "Trust in motion. All Spirits are Nagakabouros." Illaoi hates spirits, but ALL spirits ARE Nagakabouros? What the implication here?
"Spirits" in LoL does equal undead/ ghosts. Ghosts are a "type" of evil spirit.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: @WAAARGHbobo, what is arcane?
I think the real answer (a more complicated answer) will come from the world building team at some point. The simple comparison i was using assumed a knowledge of D&D norms (the basis of all fantasy games). Divine magic comes from a deity and is lent to you. Arcane magic comes from within the user--or-- from the user interacting with the natural magic in the world around them. (Personally, I would argue there are actually three types of magic in myths/storytelling: divine, arcane, and natural (i.e. channeled).
Fillai (EUW)
: Bearded Lady
I think good and evil are pretty subjective. If the only way i can help you is to hurt you... is that evil or good? I've always thought of Illaoi as someone naturally prone to be altruistic... but serving a religion that does not fit in our traditional norms of good and evil.
Babaduuk (NA)
: Hmm... I know characters like Sol, Kindred, and Bard occupy their own tier, but Illaoi seems to be the living embodiment of the will of Nagakaborous, the most powerful entity we've been exposed to. Does that place her directly below the aforementioned champions, and or how would their powers affect her? I guess what I'm asking is if her relationship with Naga distinguishes her from mortals?
So part of this an interesting question i had when writing her. Is Illaoi an embodyment of her god's will? Maybe. "Is what I'm doing god's will?" Is something she struggles with. That is her test of faith. She absolutely knows her god exists (in a way we cant). But is she doing what it wants? Is she serving its will? That is something her faith must bear. Nagakabouros doesn't give out bibles, or hard rules. It demands you to be self aware, emotionally present, and iron willed. Her faith requires you to approach you're own subconcious with simultaneous questioning doubt and total certainty.
Speedweeb (EUW)
: Vi simply punches her way through the test and all its rules. Because that's what she wants to do. BAM - test passed because that is what Nagakabourous wants. Do what you want and be in motion with it. Same might apply to Shaco and Draven, but we know little to nothing about Draven's personality. For him fighting equals acting after all, he's a performer, so obviously what we see ingame might not be the "real" one.
More importantly, Vi changed herself, then fought to become what she is and is now pursuing what she thinks she was meant / born to do.
: They did mention that {{champion:201}} Braum would pass the Test of Nagakabouros with ease as he's doing exactly what Illaoi preaches: living his life as he sees fit.
Yeah. I always thought it was more fun to spot the characters Illaoi wouldn't test. (Fyi the undead are all 'tested' -- they just autofail instantly). She wouldn't need to test Braum.
: But isn't her religion all about living your life to the fullest? Chasing your desires?
: I'ma give some guesses on my champions, if you'd care to let me know how accurate I am <3 -Shen COULD pass, but it wouldn't be easy for him, given his highly objective nature and self-control. Life needs a little chaos, and Shen's entire job is to keep order. HOWEVER, I bet Shen would be much harder for Illaoi to judge in the first place, given his ability to shift between worlds at will. -Zac would probably pass pretty easily, given that he does have his comforts but he's still a learning creature. Heck, since he absorbs emotions and tendencies from people around him, he might pass through virtue of being in proximity to Illaoi. -Sion's incapable of passing such a trial, given that he's undead. But I bet he would have failed in life too. He wasn't exactly subtle or thoughtful even before his death. -Wukong would pass the trial effortlessly, if his attitude from his old lore still applies--and I'm going to assume it does as long as his VO reflects it. He's constantly seeking new experiences and challenges. Also, out of curiosity, do you think Galio with his new backstory is even capable of *being* judged by Illaoi?
Hard to say how his magic would interact with her. I tend to think of divine magic and arcane magic different focuses. Regardless, I do think he would pass the test. He is in as much motion as his existence allows.
: Why would Jhin fail? Isn't he doing what he loves, and finds new ways to pursue his art?
So as the guy who wrote jhin I'll ask you, Is Jhin actually happy? Is he actually chasing what his heart wants him to do? There is a bit of subtext in many, many of his lines, here's one on the nose -- "There is nothing for me... but this." --Jhin
: Stories from the League Universe: The Best of the Best (In My Opinion)
I do love Matt's story about Ekko +1 What no {{champion:240}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:240}} ???? You got something against fart jokes?!? Also if you scroll past her very long bio...{{champion:15}}
Sharjo (EUW)
: Thing about Nagakabouros is that there's tangible evidence to the power the god represents existing; in Trial of the Kraken Priestess the man sees tentacles coming out of literally everywhere, showing the extent of her reach, and the powers Illaoi invoked were capable of en masse purifying the Black Mist in Shadow and Fortune. Hell the powers at play here prove people actually have souls, which is kind of a big deal. We players may have figured it from the scores of monsters from the Shadow Isles, but a lot of people probably don't get to see Harrowings all that often.. Nothing about the way Illaoi's power is showcased implies it comes directly from here; she merely bears the burden of wielding that power. It manifests externally in the world and responds to Illaoi's actions, but it comes as a result of the Eye of God and how Illaoi uses it. While the Buhrun interpretation of whatever Nagakabouros is or represents may be incorrect or limited in scope, Nagakabouros's power has been showcased before, doing things that imply a connection to the souls of things in general. And when you've got beings like Aurelion Sol saying things like "I've seen the main act. Your only a third rate cover band." It speaks a lot to just how much greater the power here is. While Nagakabouros as an entity may not be real, the powers that she represent most certainly are.
On Nagakabouros faith: "A god's appearance is limited only by those observing it" -Illaoi Illaoi's power: Illaoi is powerful because she is personally capable of serving her god--- that's actually a rare gift. That puts her on the same level as Moses at the very least. Channeling her god's power (not generating it) is extremely difficult. On the question of which champs would pass her test: This was a fun discussion in house. Many would pass-- but more than a few would fail (currently). Obviously being a League of Legends champion- they have a much higher win % than normal folks-- but the test's goal isn't to kill. It is to spur growth and movement. Yeah, Braum is a certain pass. Jhin would not. The new champ i worked on named R____ would pass.... opps I've said too much. Against the Shadow Isles Champs: Illaoi in world (as opposed to "in game") is insanely strong against the undead. (After all her religion is about "life" in all its messiness serving the universe's plan). RE Aol Sol vs- Nagakabouros: Aol Sol is, at best, a demi-god-- he serves only one reality and exists on only one realm. He mocks humans because they are as small to him as mites to us. BUT comparing him to Nagakabouros is like comparing a dung beetle to the theory of relativity. He's just pointing out he has a better view in the rug.
: Kled Skin Fan Art By Alex Heath
Fasmodey (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=0XjEEk1a,comment-id=000500010000,timestamp=2017-02-02T18:39:29.568+0000) > > We want all the characters (villains included) to have clear, strong _motivations_, and be _entertaining_. > > Actually both _Evil_ and _Likeable_ are dangerous terms for character creation. (It often comes up in development meetings with new team members). > &quot;Likeable&quot; and &quot;Evil&quot; mean different things to different people--- often with moral underpinning. > (I use the terms _empathetic_ and _selfish_) > > _Selfish_ is what I use as a moral spectrum. While _empathetic_ relates to the character&#x27;s clarity and execution. (I.e. do I &quot;grok&quot; his motivations) > > Now Jhin was designed to be a villain-- but also to shed light on Zed and Ionia. I would argue Jhin is _entertaining_. You understand what _motivates_ him. You can _empathise_ with him-- buuuuttt ... it feels a bit icky to do so. Because he is so astonishingly _selfish_. You have to use the parts of your personality you&#x27;re probably not proud of. (Particularly the psychological relationship between arrogance and insecurity) > > So is Jhin _likeable_? > > IF you mean is Jhin _entertaining_? yes. > IF you mean can you _empathise_ with him? yes. > But if you mean is he a good person? Would you like to meet him? Is he pleasant? Is he friendly? Nice? Nooooooo. None of those. He is a _selfish_- a-hole. > > The difference you&#x27;re describing with Warwick and Victor is an attempt to make them less selfish. Their motivations are less clearly evil-- and we understand they might be capable of redemption. Will you guys decide having a redemption for Xerath? Because Xerath is currently one of the most evil beings in the story regardless, and you guys said he is not that ''bad''. He is that bad when he has sadistic pleasure for roasted flesh and bodies turned to ashes. He is nowhere close to redemption and without redemption, I don't know how you guys can end the Shurima except going full cliche like defeating the ultimate surprime being of all faction with muh magic, meh trick, meh power of love etc, an entity which actually had to be morally grey and closer to semi-purified from emotions. I really love Shurima story and It goes insanely well for me, but I'm worried about the ending, defeat of Xerath, which is cliche and nearly impossible according to my view.
A slave can never be free until he kills his master. Keep in mind Xerath is still in chains, physical and emotional. All of his life was dedicated to Azir. In many ways it still is. If Azir was to die or be defeated, what goal and standard would Xerath have left? Also ultimately, i would argue in Shurima, Xerath is a true villian but there are stll secrets he and Renekton know that will alter your (and Sivir's) perspective on him and his actions. And Azir isnt as squeaky clean as he and Nasus would have you believe. We are in the part of the story that favors Azir's perspective somewhat. Lastly you are under the mistaken perception that the goodguys will triumph. This ain't a Disney movie. No one said Azir and Nasus would win or survive. Xerath can win and turn the deserts to seas of glass.
patmax17 (EUW)
: This is something I feel is very important, and I think that the last few stories that came out lacked a bit of a really evil villain: warwick is a feral hunter, but he wants to become a better person (or at least make up for the wrong he did), viktor has very valid reasons and just "wants to help" (i dislike Jayce a lot more, could we ever see *him* turn evil?), mundo is just mad. Singed... dunno, maybe he's still "evil", in a mad scientist way, it depends on how much he does for the sake of scienceTM and how much he revels in inflicting pain and suffering to the subjects of his experiments. Going back we had Renekton who's mad, Camille's brother who's manipulative and a bit childish but not really evil... I think Xerath is the only one who definitely does act for what I'd say is evil, but with a sensible reason (withouth being too sympatethic either). EDIT: I forgot about Gangplank! I loved him in Burning Tides, I think he's a good example of an evil character who's lots of cool! (I hope Swain ends up in a similar spot <3) /EDIT What do you think about this? You're clearly trying to give villains motivations, but to me this often pushes them a bit away from the villain role and makes them more likable (which isn't something bad for itself, but don't you think you'll run out of really evil characters in your world?) ps: I'm actually looking foreward to seeing some Demacia stories, I have a feeling you're turning Noxians into a bit more likable people, and I guess you'll show the more shadowy side of their "good" counterparts from Demacia... ;)
We want all the characters (villains included) to have clear, strong _motivations_, and be _entertaining_. Actually both _Evil_ and _Likeable_ are dangerous terms for character creation. (It often comes up in development meetings with new team members). "Likeable" and "Evil" mean different things to different people--- often with moral underpinning. (I use the terms _empathetic_ and _selfish_) _Selfish_ is what I use as a moral spectrum. While _empathetic_ relates to the character's clarity and execution. (I.e. do I "grok" his motivations) Now Jhin was designed to be a villain-- but also to shed light on Zed and Ionia. I would argue Jhin is _entertaining_. You understand what _motivates_ him. You can _empathise_ with him-- buuuuttt ... it feels a bit icky to do so. Because he is so astonishingly _selfish_. You have to use the parts of your personality you're probably not proud of. (Particularly the psychological relationship between arrogance and insecurity) So is Jhin _likeable_? IF you mean is Jhin _entertaining_? yes. IF you mean can you _empathise_ with him? yes. But if you mean is he a good person? Would you like to meet him? Is he pleasant? Is he friendly? Nice? Nooooooo. None of those. He is a _selfish_- a-hole. The difference you're describing with Warwick and Victor is an attempt to make them less selfish. Their motivations are less clearly evil-- and we understand they might be capable of redemption.
: Do you guys ever label champs under the D&D alignment chart to see to try and see if they are truly good or evil
Nope. We find it's usually not helpful for the creative process. It always makes for a fun discussion-- but it quickly derails into a philosophical discussion that doesn't advance understanding of the champion. -- That said, it sometimes comes up (often during lunch). (for instance depending on your view of good and law, Illaoi is arguably every form of alignment in the D&D system.) Instead of D&D alignment we tend to look for an early "hook" that's understandable. --i.e. Tahm Kench is certainly Lawful Evil. But that doesn't tell the team as much useful of information as "Tahm is like an evil used car salesman."
: A Champion Can Be Pure Evil But Still Be Likeable
Agreed. I think a villain must have the same character depth and thematic qualities as a hero. They must be entertaining, a little surprising, and have layers. A bland good guy is just as terrible as an overly arch bad guy. It's bad writing. Additionally, video game characters should also be larger-than-life and somewhat understandable within the first 10 secs. Regardless thanx for putting 3 of mah champs on ur list!{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Garen VS Darius | LORE BATTLE!
I voted for evenly matched, I'll point out a couple of important omissions / flaws in your comparison. 1. Garen isnt equiped with normal weapons and armor. He has " Demacian steel." And even for items crafted in that mythical precious metal, he uses some of the finest armor and weapons ever created. He will be tough to hurt and faster than you'd think. 2. Garen fights to defend a heavily fortified nation with elite troops guarding its choke point entries. He has no reason (or mandate) to pursue Darius outside of his nation's rigidly defined border. 3. While Darius doesn't believe in retreat ( Hi Kled!) and he is tough, unrelenting bastard-- he's also extremely cautious with his men's lives -- far more so than most Noxian commanders. This is part of the reason his troops love him. He hard engages ONLY when he is certain h,e and his army, have the right tools for victory. 4. Neither of these men fight in a vaccum. Both have duty, family, and armies which would affect the situation and outcomes. 5. Thus i would guess the most likely encounters between these two are probably a testing of defences-- where Garen can retreat easily to safety and attempt to bait Darius (and his army) into a bad position. While Darius dare not risk advancing too far (rightly fearing over extending himself into a bad position). 2cents. Havent really been following where the lore on these two is headed though.
Sharjo (EUW)
: I suppose the Medarda, and really Piltover as a whole, are keenly interested in the Kashuri and their hextech.
Ooooh... and vice-versa. They are vvvvery interested in Piltoverrrr and Zaunnnn.
: Ty :D I just feel bad for him :( Such a lonely golem D:
The writer on him (john) is the same guy who did Poppy. Last I looked at his progress -- New Galio was awesome. He is perhaps even more awesome by now.
: 3 writers on this board currently... suspicious...
Maltazar42 (EUNE)
: **Hello Thermal Kitten!** **This is important for me, so please, be so kind as to answer! :)** I would like to talk to some Rioter writers about their jobs! This would be an invaluable experience for me because I want to work at Riot as a writer myself and I would like to know what it is exactly like and what do I still need to improve on! If you guys really don't have much time, then just a couple of minutes would be priceless for me too! I can give you my email address, my Facebook, my Skype and even my current writer blog's link if that helps in any way! Please reply, at least with a quick yes or no. Thank you!
Most of the narrative staff come from other major gaming properties or television backgrounds (I.e. obvious experience on resume) Jr members of the team-- usually joined riot in some other capacity (Editing, publishing, production assistant). However-- submitting amazing high-quality original work to an open position on the jobs board-- can still work if your written portfolio is impressive. ( Short stories, scripts, comic books, and novels) Hope that helps
: > [{quoted}](name=Lintu Puck,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Vbxga24i,comment-id=000700000001,timestamp=2016-12-01T07:27:16.786+0000) > > the only one from Zaun that is neutral is actually Twitch &gt;.&gt; > Janna is the only pure good from Zaun > Vi and Ekko are between Good and neutral depending on who you talk to > Everyone else from Zaun is a villain. Singed, Mundo, Warwick, and even Viktor. Ahem {{champion:154}}
Also within the tradition D&D chart-- Ekko is chaotic good. --He wants to help people--- and is willing to risk his life for the greater good--- he just doesn't trust "the system."
: Short Story Finder
You got those smarts! good idea.
Eyesack (NA)
: my favorite part about kled
Aww now I feel all warm and fuzzy, I'll pass it on as hugs for Kyle and the rest of the team. ....now where in h311 did I put my mushroom JUICE!
: Well, Naga is not a playable character (directly) and so therefore isn't really breaking this rule. However, Riot is fully capable of having beings so powerful that they are beyond being made in the game reasonably. A small chunk of Naga's power is what Illaoi uses and, as seen in-game, she is one of the most frightening champions to fight. She is the only champion that you actually have to dodge or die 99.9% of the time. That is all with just extremely small chunks of Naga's power. If Naga was a desert, Illaoi using less than a grain of sand to fight those she must fight. That is the extent of Naga's powers and that speaks wonders. The main difference between Naga's and ASol's power is the fact that Naga is omnipresent and therefore nearly omnipotent. Naga exists in all things (excluding living beings although that is possible) and is therefore everywhere at once in small amounts. Aurelion Sol, while a god-like being that can create stars with a flick of his finger nearly, is not omnipresent and therefore not on Naga's level. It seems it takes "something" to awake Naga's power from the world around you since Illaoi requires her idol to summon Naga and point it/her in the right direction, so probably the only reason Naga isn't seen more or much more present in the events of the universe is because perhaps Naga itself/herself is, in a way, blind to what is not directly around whatever is the center of it/her. (?)
Hence the name of Illaoi's holy idol is "The Eye of God"
: But then wouldn't a narrative team be a lore team?
Nope, 'cause some don't write lore at all and some others don't work on LoL. Narrative just means youre a writer for a creative team. What you write depends on what your team needs. (For example, I mostly help create new champions and write VO-- lore is a only a very small part of my time)
: I still don't understand why you guys won't say lore team. Foundations aren't just people doing character bios right? You plan on developing the story if/when you finish building up the world correct?
Foundations team does a lot of work outside of lore--- mostly worldbuilding stuff. 70% of their work is for internal riot R&D teams and direction for outside vendors. (Also worth noting --most of Foundations Team are visual artists not writers) "Lore work" i.e champion bios, and stories are OFTEN done by the Narrative members (i.e writers) on Foundations team, but not always. Narrative members of other product teams (myself included) help out and write stuff when we can.
WarWork (NA)
: What's going on for lore in general the lore team has been pretty silent for a while
The foundations team (we don't have a lore team) are updating the bios and hard at work on something.... I can't reveal.
: @WAAGHbobo - are you going to tell us more stories about Nagakabouros soon?
Huh? I think your misquoting me, slightly - or maybe I explained it poorly- ASol knows Nagakabouros -- meaning he understands and is aware of that god. As powerful as ASol is, he's not on that level. --They don't hang. In a story, Nagakabouros is a philosophy and an important religious belief. So hopefully it/her will show up indirectly in many of the upcoming stories-- esp those surrounding Bilgewater. Personally, I'd love to do comics or novellas about Bilgewater. I love Illaoi, Gangplank, TF, Graves, and Lil' Okao holds a special place in my heart. (And of course, I'd live to follow up on Jhin mission in Piltover.)
: How much unused voice over do champions usually have?
Depends on the champ. Most have a little cut out of the final record. Maybe 5% to 10% of the lines. Jhin was sorta an epic-- because of production timeline issues we intentionally tried to cover all bases. So probably 30% of his recorded VO never saw the light of day-- including the extremely disturbing haikus (sob) which were recorded for his recalls.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Well at least I can take pride in knowing I at least know what's up with Kled! Mind you WAAARGHbobo you write some meaty champions with some ridiculous depth to them. I love it!
Sharjo (EUW)
: An Attempt at Explaining Yordles. Bear with me.
Sharjo , Not gonna speak to the other yordles, but your understanding of Kled and the Noxian officer is 100%. ( It seems somewhat apropos that it took everyone longer to figure that out than Tahm's hidden stuff.) And you're right, Riven, living Sion, and Darius would see him quite differently than that jerk.
: Rek'sai's Early Concept Art
That pix actually was not early, that was a late concept. (There were many before that one) We made a 3d version but it was changed because those proportions didn't look good once animated.
: So My Friend Was In A Bible Study And It Was About A Fish Who Ate Jonah
Fun fact. When we make champs we make "mood boards," basically huge photoshop images with dozens and dozens of references. This is so we can prove out that the imagery, personality, and theme will subconsciously make sense and resonate with players. This and Leviathan were on the board (along with kappas, chinese fish demons, and many other things.). So in a way, your friend was right.
: Nooooooo. Stay. This is really informative. Any details on military structure? Noxians seem to be the most populous to be the most warlike, but how do Demacians counter Noxians for all of these years? Also government structure. Ionians are supposed to have a council in which Karma is a part of correct?
Noxus has a vast empire -- of mostly crappy land. High plains, badlands, dirt farms, wheat fields, and poor resources. It is vast and difficult to defend or control. As the journal for Rek'Sai pointed out-- it has a very robust, agile, and well-organized bureaucracy serving the empire and its military. Demacia has vast natural resources (excluding magic), fertile fields, and easily defended routes into the nation.
: Thank you so much for this. Regarding Demacia, if they're far behind the curve, does that mean that the nation isn't as close to Piltover as it used to be? How advanced are Demacian guns, if any (Lucian, Quinn, and Vayne)?
They are across the main continent. Lucian doesn't really have guns. He has holy stones with handles. (shrug) Demacia knows what guns are -- but guns are much rarer there than ionia.
: Nobody has to comment anymore. Sharjo already posted the answers.
But! I... ah... Well... .... Yeah, you're kinda right.
: "Simple" QA about the lore
I can answer a couple. 1. Ionia is a much more magical place than the most of Runeterra. Magic is stronger there, yet also generally less dangerous. The culture has grown around using this magical resource. --We are looking to explain the origins of how this magical wealth became less dangerous in late 2016/early 2017 --It's a good yarn. ( #BUT_I_AM_OFTEN_WRONG_ON_RELEASE_TIMETABLES) 2. Yes. (Foundations is working on this) CONJECTURE-- - magic infuses itself into matter. Whether it is a magic sword or a magic baby -- they were created from matter which was already infused by magic. --Thus it is possible to be born with it (because you were created from matter which already contained magic) BUT it is also possible to gain magical power by attracting magical energy to yourself. Note many magical items: harmonize with the user's natural magical power and thus amplify it (Ashe's bow). Hextech is kinda a exception to this-- as it is magic functioning as a form of pure energy when it is extracted from its normal material attachment. 3. The world is in the birth of Technology. The closer (via trade routes) you are to Piltover and Zaun the higher tech you have access to. Most tech come from those cities. The Noxians and Ionians have begun to imitate that tech-- though their work is less efficient. (Jhin's gun is less advanced than a Cait's- but it because he has greater access to magic-- it doesn't need to be as magically efficient) Demacia and the Freljord are pretty far behind the curve. The Sun disk is a weird outliner as it is sorta a pre-hextech-- though comparing it to hextech is like comparing a silicon chip to transistors.) 4. Noxus is Nationalist and Militaristic. Racism and classism still exist (esp from the aristocracy) but they aren't cultural values the military condones. Thus your social standing is odd combination of your perceived Noxian-ness. Are you strong? What is your military accomplishments? Are you a new noxian or from an old family? Are you from inner Noxus (esp Noxus Prime) or from the outer territories? How much have you and your family given to Noxus? (i.e Your the last of five brothers who died in combat +!) Has your loyalty been proven? (A person captured and tortured but who never revealed his unit's location would have high status) etc.. Your species would affect the above -- but can even be a positive is some cases.
The additional irony is i worked on that show a few years before riot. (And TWD was the first place i got a scene I'd written on TV)
: What's Kled's pant size?
Jeddy017 (NA)
: So, Spike Spencer is the voice of Kled.
(Cut and pasted from another post) Now that's Spike has chosen to reveal himself, i can speak on it. He did amazing work, nailing so many takes so fast. We split the records to three days to try and save his voice-- but each day he was willing to push it further than was rational. A total pro, he was quick to adjust to notes, totally in control of his instrument, and easy to work with. Hopefully, we can get him in to rework wukong someday (#notmyteamthough)
: Who voice acted kled?
Now that's Spike has chosen to reveal himself, i can speak on it. He did amazing work, nailing so many takes so fast. We split the records to three days to try and save his voice-- but each day he was willing to push it further than was rational. A total pro, he was quick to adjust to notes, totally in control of his instrument, and easy to work with. Hopefully, we can get him in to rework wukong someday (#notmyteamthough)
: While I think most people will be happy with this change, where does that leave Veigar? In Rek'Sai's lore, there was this Noxian man who used to look down on Shurimans until he lived among them. Is that how Noxians view bigotry?
Veigars lore has not been updated. They are Shurimans, thus currently < Noxians. Someone born in Shurima who joins the Noxian army can become Noxian. The children of Shuriman tribes absorbed by Noxus are Noxian by birth. Now there is a lot of cultural divide between city born Noxians (esp people from Noxus prime) and the rest of the populace. --- but yah know civil unrest and internal conflicts are a thing in empires. Also the guy in Rek'Sai's lore is exactly the sort of fancy pants, Kled hates.
: Mushroom-juice... Who thought of him drinking that and why? Also really random but if possible could there be a joke recipe to make it at home?
Random thing i just started saying one day while impersonating him for the team.
: Did you get the concept from The Labrynth's Sir Didymus and Ambrosius?
He came up but thematically is very very different so got cast off pretty quickly
: About Yordles and Noxus in general: A lot of people have been pointing out that Noxians normally are not very fond of foreign races, and especially of Yordles (It is part of the rather outdated lore but still). How come that Kled is different to them? Also why is he such a legend anyway, having allegedly aquired all possible military titles and still being alive? So... How old can Yordles get? How old is Kled, older than Noxus itself maybe?
The noxus hates non-humans is outdated. Actually one of the good aspects of this agressive society is it is inclusive and accepting. An army defeated by noxus ... Often can become part of the noxian military.
Sunreach (NA)
: Though he obviously identifies as a Noxian, and seems to even predate Noxus itself------being a yordle, was he born in Bandle City? Are yordles even born anymore? Or do they just magically appear in a cloud of faerie dust? These little hints on yordle lore are mad confusing xD
Bandle city does exist. But it would be impossible for you or i to go there... Unless you're a wizard.... Are you a wizard? .... You're a dirty wizard aint you!?!? The brain weasels command yur death!
Solideus (EUNE)
: Thanks! Could you give an example of how them seeing him would different? What'd be the consistent theme for everyone seeing him?
So foundations teamnis still figuring it out. But ill give an analogy from our world, based on my limited knowledge. Imagine an island in the Galapagos. Now on this island almost all of the animals are red/green color blind. A species of chamelion lives on that island which camouflages itself in the leaves by matching the tone of the green leaves with a its red skin. (this adaptation helps it find mates). Now a rare cat lives there too. This cat has infravision in addition to red/green color blind vision in normal light. The cat wouldnt be fooled by these creatures' camo. But the cat's type of vision does not see color (only heat). it still cant really see the red skin of the chamelion. Now you and i might be able to see the red skin (assuming youre not color blind). But what if i then told you the chamelion, like many flowers, has UV patterns on its skin to identify itself and hide itself from bees (though not as effectively as its red green camo). So ill ask you, who can truly see these chamelions?
: Of course, Chimichangas are much more orderly than those messy tacos!
Chimichangas are the result of a backward and repressed society. They are unrepentantly heretical to the honest joy of the taco.
: Are tacos a universal food or is it unique to Noxus?
Any advanced culture will eventually realize the taco is the pinnacle culinary invention.
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