: Hey WAAARGHbobo, sorta unrelated, but anyway. I've had this theory for a long time that the Darkin are related to the Aspects in some way (more specifically, that they's some kind of fallen Aspects). They're both ancient, non-human forces, who we don't really know the origins of, and who also are able to 'possess' people in a sense. In addition, one of the Targon stories (can't remember which) mentions a golden skinned boy which, by the description, very much resembles something like Aatrox. Now this may be completely wrong and it could just be a coincidence that they have some similarities. I also know that if this is something that will be elaborated on in the future that you won't be able to spoil anything. Just give me a **:^)** if I'm not totally insane.
I am currently working on Aatrox. He is metal as f(€k. That doesnt answer your question. Sorry
: I guess, this one just feels a little more personal. I can actually understand her inability to understand, or the appearance of her inability. She's definitely one of their better characters to me.
When we went into production with Zoe we knew she would be a polarizing character— maybe even more than evelynn. Some gamers would love her, some would hate her and a few not care. But thats okay, cause we didnt have something like her for people to enjoy. Part of creative work... and life (unfortunately) is accepting that you shouldn’t aim to please everyone or expect them to like you. Instead focus on finding what you like and connect with people who have the same interests and values. I’m truly glad to have been part of making something which connected with you, even if in only a small way. Ignore the haters. Zoe wasn’t for them.
Ralanr (NA)
: How would Sol treat Zoe once freed though?
I don’t think he would kill her. ... maybe singe her a bit.
: Hey WAAARGHbobo this is off topic but wanted to ask since you were her writer, what do you think of skin we chose for Illaoi. And you're really competing with JohnODyin and CoolRadius for being one of my favorite writers with these Zoe lore questions being answered
I’ve been begging for: “Crazy Cat lady Illaoi” and “muscle beach Illaoi” for years. Sooo....
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Why is power level between Aspects are significantly large? Aspect of the Moon and Aspect of Twilight nowhere in the same level. How doesn't Aurelion Sol fear Targon and why does he actually think they fear him when they have Zoe and other Aspects? Why did Aurelion Sol needed to be tricked rather than brutal force could fuck him? Why do they need Aurelion Sol? Look at them. Zoe can warp realities. Also in same level with Aurelion Sol? Lastly, when did Aspects become powerful af? I thought they were developed alien race, not freaking god-like beings.
Speed round. 1. How long have they been an aspect. How perfectly have they clicked with that role. 2. Sol should have learned to respect them, if not fear them, he was mistaken and arrogant. Now he is paying a price for that mistake. 3. Different sorts of power. Zoe can warp time and space that does =\= kill billions and billions of void spawn. 4. See above. Also what happens if you FILL the universe with stars? 5. Gods, spirits, and Aliens are a matter of perspective. Aurelion, Zoe, Ornn and others are sometimes worshipped as gods, that does not mean they are gods. Because that requires a definition of god. Is nagakahbouros a true god or a manifestation of a universal truth..? Or is that what a true god is? The goal is myth not just fable.
: The hate for Zoe makes me sad.
Correct. Zoe does not experience time in the same way we do. Obviously, she can travel faster-than-lightspeed--but also she is connected to multiple realities and (if you look carefully) she is connected and able to perceive the past, future and spirit world in a very different way than we can. One of the things that struck me when researching her was the disregard tricksters have for rules and norms --including respecting life-and-death. Loki, coyote, Peter-Pan, etc... After looking into them for a while and checking my Jung-- I noticed that tricksters have subtextual commentary on death and a connection to it as truth bringers, jokers, and rule-breakers. Often because the trickster hold (sometimes subconsciously) a secret knowledge-- i.e. they know death: is not real, is preordained, is part of cycle, etc... Then deciding if part of a tricksters and herald's job is to prepare you for some hard truths and change-- I looked at Zoe as needing to exist as a sort of Zen Koan. Many, many of Zoe's lines have double meanings (including the word "sparkles") and can be understood more than one way. Three side notes: 1) There is a weird space parasite thing some people are hung up on for the Targonians-- I have no idea where that came from. --From my understanding the Aspects _merge_ with a person-- except for Pantheon-- he's a dick-- he only keeps your sense of duty and thirst for glory. (Shrug maybe that makes him the perfect warrior) 2) Everyone somehow believes Aurelion Sol-- hates Zoe. Nope. There relationship is closer to Loki and Thor (in myth not marvel) They are sorta friends-- but he knows not to trust her. And in fact she is his best hope of getting free-- after he learns some stuff he needs. 3) Zoe did not destroy the town, only the guards attacking her and the tower. Bonus: A question for you to consider. In the color text (story) why would this be the way the aspect needed the world-rune to be found?
: What software does Riot use to make splasharts?
We have artists working on campus, riot artists working remotely, and freelancers. I have yet to see one not using Adobe. (Mostly Photoshop) . Some artists use other stuff for early sketches (esp if working on an ipad)-- but most use Photoshop.
: Zoe
Things to think about: Zoe is at the _end_ of childhood. Solar reflect the sun. Lunar reflect the moon. Also ragnarok is an interesting word. hmmm..... (Also I love cookies)
Metleon (NA)
: Did they add more Rakan VO lines?
Nope. But we intentionally write scripts in such a way that you hopefully keep discovering something new for a long time. This was a goal going back to Tahm Kench, however we keep finding new ways to refine our process better deliver this benefit. ThanX! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Illaoi pumpkin carving
Volute1 (NA)
We have a champion coming out that agrees with you.... Opps, forget I said that!
: An Ode to Xayah (and a bit of Rakan)
You are correct we did spend a lot of time trying to make a healthy relationship between two strong (but somewhat flawed) individuals. And yes, we specifically looked at the First Nation and Native American history. (Worth noting several members of my family worked as teachers on reservations in Arizona. ) We also looked at the Maori history and the vanishing tribes of Burma (My wife is half-burmese). So even if it was only in a small way, I'm exceptionally glad those themes resonated with you. We felt it was important for these characters to have a just cause that they were passionate about, and yet could put them at odds with some of the previous good-guy/balance champs of Ionia. We wanted Rakan and Xayah to reflect a different perspective on Ionia. (Ionia's complicated history with the Vastaya will become as important as the noxian invasion.) And yep, intentionally, one of the tensions that highlights the couple's love is Xayah's politics and anger. (well spotted) Rakan loves her because of this passion, and because seeing that truth gave a purpose to his life.-- But it is also the only real threat to their relationship-- which gives them a star-crossed edge-- lurking beneath the surface. (I.e It is just as easy to see them winding up dead as it is to see them raising children and living happily ever after.) So from the members of the team which worked on these champs-- thank you! (Oh yeah.... 1. If memory serves. Skin color had more to do with Xayah starting out as kinda' an owl girl-- a pale visage against a black cowl-- we never really considered it. might should have. meh. 2. The "Dogged Nice-Guy" trope is equally popular in female centric media (1/2 of girl's YA as far as I can tell) and a trope that speaks to something in actual human experience. In this case, Xayah was closed off -- and Rakan wasn't a doormat or a stalker. He was a rock star who made a bad first impression, was honestly interested in her politics, and most importantly a guy she couldn't stop herself from flirting with. Also my primary goal with Rakan was to make him lovable and a bit goofy so -like his backstory-- people playing him would find his flaws becoming lovable overtime. I.e His self-mocking vanity, sometimes willful ignorance, and manic exuberance actually grow a greater actual affection for him-- the longer mains play with him. ) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Jhin & The Theater of Cruelty
Well done! No one spotted these references before. (At least not that I saw). {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Cookie time.
: Possibly a demon?
Demons are not tied to the judeo-christian 7 deadly sins. We are a global company and went with themes more universal than that.
Doozku (NA)
: The Darkins have been confirmed by Rioters to not be demons, and aren't being treated as such.
Correct. Darkin ≠ Demon.
: Am I the only one who's a little dissappointed that Riot just changed Evelynn into a demon?
I would argue the question now is, "what is a demon?" And I haven't seen someone get even 50% correct yet. (And yes that means there is a specific set of rules and worldbuilding around these things) Tahm was not mystery for mystery's sake-- he hints at the larger truths for runeterra.
: Jhin - Fantasy Island?
Those are old showbiz terms from theater. Fantasy Island was (I assume) referencing the same traditions.
: SO why doesn't SG AHri have any quotes towards items?
I didn't work on this skin--- but can give a general answer. We have a finite amount of studio time and a finite amount of lines. In part because everything we write has to be localized, cast, and acted into 17+ languages worldwide before our release date! Sooo as VO has developed we've de-emphasis specific types of lines when they have less impact. "Buy_Item" lines have (as someone noted) been replaced by "kill_lines" and some other things. Focus group testing showed that most players were not really noticing this type of line. (you are the exception rather than the rule.) Also changes to items or Item names can reign havoc on this catagory. This type of line will still exist and for some new champs/skins even be prioritized--- however for this skin I think the team viewed them as a low priority.
Nachtion (EUW)
: Is Zed an anarchist? (Need good explanation from user or a riot statement :/)
No. He is, if anything, a hardline nationalist and federalist.
: Have you ever heard of [werebears](http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Werebear_(Dragonborn)) ?
The ursine are worse... much, much worse.
: Which was a good choice, I personally love the humming with the choir. But Hearing it every time, I would indeed tune it out. I do want to ask though, do you plan on doing this for future champions as well? No the humming, but adding in to their VO that makes you really feel like you're that champion. I have a embarrassing act for believing I'm the champion I'm playing simply because I a lore nerd.
This is the goal with all releases. (I also worked on Kled and Rakan recently and they do similar things--though neither hums) Their VOs are designed to get you inside the character's head. Both so you "feel" like this character-- but hopefully so that feeling leads you towards making the right sort of plays. Kled's aggression obviously matches his mounted mechanics but also: his paranoia matches his desire to win lane and his fear of jungler ganks; while is insane declarations of leadership --speak to how he and his team must decide to engage.
: Tahm Kench /dance song is too quiet
This is when he plays the tongue? (It is tagged as a VO line and should be the same level as your VO.) Overall his voice (and esp that song) is lower frequency-- which doesn't play as loudly on cans or earbuds. (Esp earbuds). You might try raising the bass setting for your speakers/headphones.
kargish (EUW)
: I just noticed this when I played Jhin
To answer your question. Variety. Our general guideline for all in-game character lines is to deliver variety in: tone, length, timbre, context, and emotion. If we played the humming at the start of every game you played with Jhin you would either (A) get sick of it or (B) tune out. This is also the goal with longer scripts and odd asides -- we want to give you something to discover for hundreds --even thousands of games.
Nylisa (EUW)
: i'm trying to imagine someone doing that over and over. its a hilarious image!
...Also he's a giant man.
Asudurga (NA)
: "Property of Kled!" sign ward skin?
There is nothing I want more than this! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Can we just appreciate how well designed Illaoi is?
Golly, my pod is getting way too much love today. Thank you! We promise to only let it go to our heads. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: > [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=wX1wphnV,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-24T20:22:29.678+0000) > > Aw... shucks. I'll pass this around. > > ...But you know you're just gonna give us all big heads. > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Please.. Waaarg... I must know. What was the inspiration for Xayah's dance? It looks so familiar and I showed up too late to the AMA!
Warren did that animation. I think he pretty much made it up himself. He started out doing a sorta english raver thing... and then didn't like that... just kept messing with it.... and dancing at his desk.... and messing with it.... and dancing at his desk... (It's pretty awesome).
: An Open Letter to Rakan's team
Aw... shucks. I'll pass this around. ...But you know you're just gonna give us all big heads. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: How come does Nasus know the modernShuriman language, correct me if I'm wrong but after the fall of Shurima, he isolated himself from the world, but when he met Taliyah and Sivir, he was able to understand them and to be understood from them. How did he learned the modern Shuriman language?
Isolated is not the same as trapped in box -- or outside of time. (like his peeps) I imagine he speaks with a heavy accent-- but can communicate. 'cause, I mean, he had to go out and eat tacos sometimes.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: What does Nasus and Renekton mean? Why are Azir and Sivir's names similar? Also why don't you have Rioter icon? Don't come with bad news pls.
Technical problem. I hadn't noticed it. The talented (and witchy!) Bioluminescence fixed it.
: What happened to your red?
Wait what? Ah crap. Thanks, I hadn't noticed it. Now, I get to wander over to the IT department and see wtf happened.
: wouldn't you mean Latin vs Italian? English is a germanic language which has some stolen words from the romanic(based off of latin) languages of Italian, french and Spanish.
I don't think they are that close. I might give you latin to haitian creole or maybe, maybe brazilian portuguese. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Will there be a new Worldbuilding lore for the Frejlord (similar to Bilgewater, Shadow Isles, Mount Targon, Demacia, etc.)?
Yes. But not similar to that style probably. A new thing. We rito. Always trying that new style.
: Isn't her flail also made of True Ice?
: Wait.....those horns are made out of True Ice, aren't they? Isn't True Ice nearly indestructible? If that's the case then...............holy hell. A part of me says you really don't want to get on Sej's bad side.
You really, really, **really** do not.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Yeah vastaya can be any kind of animal, athropods, reptiles, birds, fish, etc.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Xerath has meaning of ''little cunning demon'' or something similar according to WAAARGHBoo iirc. It was used to be mocking, like people wouldn't take it serious in Xerath's human life. But after Xerath's Ascension, meaning of name also has changed thanks to Nasus. People now know it as something seriously devilish. Like name of the Voldemort, people avoid to speak it. I'm pretty sure Xer doesn't mean something equal to cuteness and innocence of baby bunnies either. Edit: I found the answer. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/f2tgimyd-something-interesting-about-the-shuriman-language?comment=001a0000000000000000 Xer seems like also has meaning of ''hateful and ''devil''.
Yep. This is also an example of how the Shuriman language has changed in 1000+ years. AS noted in Sivir's color text "Water"-- she can't really understand what Azir is saying most of the time.
: I'm not sure I understand this. Got a few questions. Is "Eye’Sse’a" meant as a pronunciation guide of "Iccia"? If so, why does it include "s" if that sound doesn't exist? Also, which sound are you referring to when you say that "“X” sound does not exist?" "X" can mean two different things in English orthography (/ks/, as in "fix", or /z/ as in "xylophone"). And neither of those involve vowels, so why is it in that section? I'm particularly confused since the letter shows up in example word #36. What are the bracketed bits after numbers 32 and 35? I'm inclined to say they're meant to indicate pronunciation, but one of them starts with "oo", which is stated to be impossible. This also raises the question of what sound "u" is actually supposed to make, as it shows up all over the place. What sound does "q" represent? It's usually a /k/ in English, but since "K" is supposed to be replaced with "c", I wanted to make sure. Number 62 includes the letter "j". Which sound does that indicate? The three most common ones would be /j/, /ʒ/, and /d͡ʒ/. The last seems pretty unlikely with the sequential stops, but the other two seem possible enough. I could probably think of more, but those are the first things that come to mind.
The most import is the first one. "Buhru Language **Guidelines** (not rules):" Based on previous language worldbuilding I've done (on other properties) --my general rule is.... every rule must also be broken --infrequently. This is because real languages don't exist in a bubble-- they are affected by their surroundings and change over time. A little variation creates a sense of depth-- implies the history of a place (and opens that up for exploration later) --When possible these variations should tie into other world building in flight-- but even then some instances should occur for future exploration. For instance Vastayan has a relationship to Ionian (and is some of places where Ionian breaks its own guidlines-- it will be an example of modern Ionians are using a vastayan word. (probably incorrectly) Modern shuriman's relationship to ancient shuriman and noxian would be a similar example.
: Is the Vastayan language the same or related to ionian? (I mean what karma speaks) Btw what is with this word? https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/a/ad/Xayah.move33.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20170422022652 Idk how to write it
Lore: The Vastayan language is older than Ionian and Ionian borrows a lot from it. (Think Latin vs English). Production: We reverse engineered Vastayan from what we knew about the ionian language.
: Why is the horn already broken before she even put it on, what a shit gift
Except that she is the one who broke it.... when she killed the previous wearer. (bittersweet--lore)
Draclen (NA)
: What Thought Process Goes into Naming a Champion?
So, I can't talk to the process pre- Rek'Sai. But currently we take a lot of time and care and it often takes several weeks (or even in some painful cases months). If the language for the area hasn't been outlined yet-- that's the first set. Then as series of goals are set. (i.e. Sound's exotic, sounds mean, is one syllable, has three syllables. relates to a place, etc..). Next the writer does some research and generates a list of names. --The pod and other writers cull that list to a top ten. This is checked with localization teams to make sure the name isn't something terribly wrong of off-color. Assuming the writer doesn't have to start all over again- the remaining few choices are narrowed down and final selection is made.
Azteryz (NA)
: interesting what about rengar's invisibility cloak? is that a form of changing his appearance to blend with the environment or is it something specific only to his tribe of hunters?
Vastayans are tied to natural magic-- not just spirit animals. The spirit of places, plants, stones and ideas.
: I believe they are part of them. In rakan's story he thinks about changing the color of them, but decides not to because it would take some magic. some vastaya are able to change their own appearance but I haven't read anything that makes me think they could change their clothing magically as well. Therefore I think it's more likely the feathers are apart of them.
Yep. The Vastaya are not like us or yordles. We have a true shape. Yordles have a stable shape but it is hidden behind a glamour (aka an illusion). Vastaya must have a physical form (unlike a true spirit) but they can change this form pretty severely-- provided they have access to enough magic, are well rested, and have some free time (the complexity and familarity of the form can make transitions much, much faster though). Most have "prefered" shapes relating to the cultural norms of their tribe, subconcious personal expression, and to the collection of spirit aspects their tribe are the closest to.. When traveling in human lands true vastaya often try (conciously or subconciously) to look more human-- or are inspired by human fashions. Rakan has a cloak, because he likes cloaks and he's traveling in human lands. He could make it into wings or a shiny tuxedo if he liked-- but it would wear him out until he got used to the shape. It's likely that Rakan would NOT be able to make his appearence something that wasn't colorful and loud-- because his personality forces itself upon his shape-- and a drab exterior would be painful for him. People with vastayan heritage retain some of this power but have much more limited control. They might be able to transform quickly-- but only to one or two shapes (usually related to their spirit animal). Or they might be able to "partually" transform to many shapes or harness natural magic...but they aren't really in control or can't totally transform.
: @WAAARGHbobo: Regarding Xerath's "magical nuclear reactor" thing...
All of our characters have built in ironies: Xerath was powerless. Now he is so powerful he is only barely contained. Xerath was a slave, he thought that by getting power he would become free of his chains. But now, with power, Xerath's chains are all that keep him from exploding (dying).
Fasmodey (EUW)
: WAAARGHbobo, what would happen if Xerath entered to Demacia?
He would be.. slightly less likely to explode and destroy everything
: Shen's SS and the Vastaya
Shen is not Vastayan but he is a guardian of the balance between the two realms (planes/dimension). -And yeah-- Xayah is not fond of him or his order-- she wants change.
: Xin Zhao needs a horse
Dude. I love the idea of rework-- with him on horse. (I will pitch this)
: :p I kinda want Zed not be the old power corrupt thing. I kinda want him more anti heroish instead.
Zed is, indeed, much more complicated than you think. But he is definitely _not_ a nice person.
Wuq (NA)
: Xayah and Rakam Upon Entering the Anti-Magic Filled Demacia
It won't instantly kill them--- but it would be like you walking into the Sahara desert... in August... on a hot day... without sun block. ugh..
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