: NA LCS: Format update for 2018
What a disappointing decision. NA is continuing to grow its competitiveness internationally, there were so many interesting series, and games were on enough I could tune in really whenever I wanted to see some games and if not, well, that's why God invented VODs. I get Riot's desire to increase viewership, and franchised teams desire to normalize the league, but this will do tremendous damage to NA's presence internationally. I can't even understand the viewership angle really; the rest of my friends are your "casual viewers" and they're having a hard time justifying watching even just their favorite team when a cheese strat, bad comp, or misplay can decide an entire day. I don't have Riot's data and I guess there's an army of super-casual viewers out there who just don't care; I'd love to see their opinion, or at least Riot's data on this.


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