: I actually like it. If you’re talking about his walking animation while holding the sword. He’s moving in what is called the Fool’s Guard or Full Iron Gate (depending on if you’re using German or Italian lexicon, there are slight differences and I can’t tell which he’s actually using in the animation on my phone). Which makes it the single most accurate animation of a long or great sword in the game. Which is pretty sad. But it at least makes him look competent. Though I do question this specific stance. Since Aatrox seems to be about not fearing death and only focusing on aggression. When the Full Iron Gate’s biggest draw is it can be swung up across the body in what is called the Universal Parry, because it can parry everything.
I saw this topic and my first thought was “whatever Warlord says about this is probably right”
AviSolus (NA)
: Please get rid of new Aatrox's god-awful accent
Mews99 (NA)
: "True Ice never melts. Dark Ice is True Ice that has been corrupted."
Still true, True Ice doesn’t melt as normal ice does. When exposed to Ornn, a god, sure, but that’s not a super common phenomena.
: He went from a legendary and mysterious god-warrior with a calm and imposing attitude to just an angry guy shouting against people just like about 30 other champions. So innovative
I think it’s unfair to boil down new Aatrox and misrepresent when that same tactic can be applied to any champion in the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Warlord Dienekes,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=KKQ9G6j1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-13T15:53:19.162+0000) > > -Varus's lore rewrite is idiotic. Also his name doesn't even follow the Darkin name convention, he needs two As! #THERE WAS A MEMO, VARUS! THERE WAS A MEMO!
Greatest line of any VO?
: My insight is more about the writing than his actual role in any story. I think Aatrox's dialogue is frankly brilliant satire. Think about it, what has been some of the most common complaints about the lore and the new characters over the last few months? -The lore keeps trying to overpower themselves, everything is all powerful gods and otherworldly creatures. -Varus's lore rewrite is idiotic. Also his name doesn't even follow the Darkin name convention, he needs two As! -Targon lore is terrible, Zoe is the worst. -I hate these fuzzy happy childish characters. They're so annoying, I want LoL to be more mature. -Kayn is dumb, he's just what some kid would design to try and be edgy, but he's really not. Am I missing any other common one? And so then they release Aatrox and he goes over all of these. He insults Varus for being two guys and calls it an idiotic plan. He makes fun of the silly heroes and calls them useless and gloats when they get killed. He despises the Targonians, especially Zoe. He loves murdering all the gods and overpowered beings. He mocks Kayn for being an "I'm so edgy" child. And what is he? He's an a narcissistic screaming manchild that hates everything and just wants to tear down the entire world that the Riot writers have created. That's us. That's who he is. If this was intentional, Riot kudos your satirical skills are fantastic. I kind of love it.
Aatrox’ burning rage is cathartic to hear when he’s directing it at Zoe. And your insight is well-noted and appreciated. Aatrox’ addition to the universe feels natural and well-thoughtout.
Terozu (NA)
: @WAAARGHbobo, "I am not your enemy. I am the enemy."
There doesn’t have to be explicit authorial intent to present symbolism. Good find.
Sancre (EUW)
: I had that same idea, until i remembered that in Varus' lore they came from space, so they probably aren't ascended, but are corrupted by the void, maybe in a similar way to what happened to Jax, and probably the ascended in the fall of Icathia
Ascension isn’t limited to Shurima. If I remember correctly, Aurelio made a comment about the sun disc hinting that the power of ascension is not fully understood by humanity.
: skin bios for 8.13 freakazoid lightning
Good post, I’m loving these bios.
Rioter Comments
KoKoboto (NA)
: I think his quotes are kinda okay. I'm just wondering why does he yell all of them...
Chermorg (NA)
: Simple question for Riot
: Preserving character personality should come first. Then it comes preserving story elements. Finally, preserving gameplay feelings and direction. When you have tried to explore those three routes then you can modify the champion and its background. Riot's current rework policy (which is lazy and retarded) is the following: - simplify and condensate the whole champion in an archetipe; maximum 3 words, no more! Something misses out? Too bad! Galio, for example was "demacian living statue", and Swain was "Noxian ruthless dictator". Their """professional storytelling teams""" do really operate with such trivial criteria. - building up from this epitome, completely reimagine a new story, a new character and a new design, following the **holy, all-powerful guideline: it must be cool, badass, and appeal 13 years olds! Players must identify with him, or else people won't play it and won't buy skins"** That philosophy is why we had "nobody wants to be a gravedigger" Yorick, and Lucius Malfoy "cripple and old but not really" Swain. No fucking wonder Aatrox was turned into a generic edgelord anime fighter. "Come! Violence amuses me!".
Story begets personality. Also good job being condescending about your point. I needed a reminder that I’m thirteen years old for liking these changes.
: Of course he shouldn't be angry all the time. He should be cold and calculating like swain. Wars take planning and strategy, and he is the incarnation of war. He should be angry some times but not all the time. Oh well at least I still have Nasus
Except he is calculating and cold in part of his lines, he’s not a grand general, he’s a burning revolutionary on a rampage against the universal order. He’s got the personality to match now, and it’s not even as if all of his lines are screaming.
: Have you hear his VO? He literally sounds like Disney Dracula with a moronic amount of jokes woven into his speech. He speaks with a ridiculous English accent and the voice is not intimidating in the fucking SLIGHTEST! Look up the current Aatrox's VO and compare it with this moustache-twirling generic idiot. They are NOT the same person. Or, even better, go watch the teaser just one time. And then ask yourself, when that demon-looking leviathan is looking down on you, would you really expect them to go "We all agreed on the double A thing, Varus. The Double A thing!" with a stiff British accent and a voice that just reeks of comic relief? Just look at him! Those soul-draining eyes looking down on you with the wails of a thousand armies before yours..to make a joke like that? And as a taunt? I don't care if the atrocities he's commited are the worst Runeterra could imagine, his voice is completely out of place and so is his composure. If you're going to tell me that all villains who aspire death and destruction or pure chaos are like Rhaast then tell me what about the Joker? What about Thanos? What about Hannibal Lecter? All are insane but have their own perspectives on it to allow themselves to embrace it. When you are **eeeeeeveeeelllll mwahahahaa** then you kinda lack any and ALL depth as a character. You are from a writer's standpoint a **literal** cartoon villain, designed to be evil. And be careful here, i'm not saying he doesn't have lore, i'm saying his VO completely undermines everything he stands for and has ever stood for - the identity of the Darkin. They are the only "unknown" race that we've had who were revamped into something interesting in the image of Aatrox and their general lore revealed. It's like revealing the Watchers to be a clan of fucking Yordles who run around smiling and are basically different versions of Ziggs because "They're the same race." In case you don't know, the Watchers are hinted to be the catalyst-creatures for when Lissandra literally freezes the entire world of Runeterra. Imagine creatures with that kind of power...as yordles. PS: You don't have to have the same goddamn voice to match the race of the character. Humans sound completely different from one another and Aatrox is a completely separate creature from Rhaast. The Live version of Aatrox would have been just fine as a Darkin to begin with given he is the first Darkin we had. And he's the oldest. What gives Rhaast the right to be the "audio template" for Aatrox?
: Ruining the Darkin one step at a time.
They’re not shuriman warriors, they fought in Shurima and were honored.
: Aatrox quotes drop some big lore bombs
He’s referring to the aspect behind Zoe to be specific.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mordepool,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=YRjTYyK5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-13T02:18:26.527+0000) > > Your Mother was a Hamster and your father smelled of Elderberries > > AKA. Your mother's a whor and your father's a Alcoholic idk where you got that interpretation but still the new Aatrox is hilarious i cannot unsee this comparison.
Hamsters fuck a lot and elderberries make wine iirc
: Whoever decided on Aatrox's new voice should be fired
: Riot, New Aatrox is a Big Downgrade
WarWork (NA)
: Do you think Riot overcorrects themselves too much?
: New Aatrox's gameplay may look awful, but his VISUALS are amazing.
: Updated Justicar Aatrox Issues
Did his ult play music before?
Unvictus (NA)
: Riot, you deserve every ounce of negative feedback you're gonna get for the Garen and Darius skins
Sancre (EUW)
: Petition regarding Aatrox's current look
Can we stop calling things petitions?
GreenLore (EUW)
: While {{champion:76}} and {{champion:143}} are the only confirmed ones,I'd say that {{champion:107}} is most likely from there as well,given that Nidalee is implied is likely a vastayan shapeshifter and the fact that her animal form is a cougar would suggest a connection to the kiilash,rengars tribe.
: My "problem" with the new Bilgewater Stories
: How I would have handled Nautilus' lore
The idea of nautilus being bullied by anyone, especially given what we know about his stature, is incredibly weird to me. This story seems like you’re just cramming Nautilus into Pyke’s lore when the two don’t have to be connected like that.
: My 2 cents On Pyke's in-game model
NemeBro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=5o6q4r5w,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-05-17T00:14:13.554+0000) > > That was Naut's old lore, new short lore just came out for him and expect more when they release Pyke. Yes, Pyke stole Nautilus' lore, I covered this.
: Fizz is literally screwing these captains over and giving Naut a target w/o Naut knowing. Fizz is a jerk also... Amphibious yordle...REALLY? Come on just make him a Vastaya that makes more since, just cause he's short and cute doesnt make him a Yordle, that makes no sense
Vastaya are half-human hybrids though
: Pyke, unfortunately, is thematically disappointing to me
What does any of this have to do with his theme?
: > [{quoted}](name=Crow Nebula,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=xarOhy9w,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-16T22:00:10.886+0000) > > Wow, Nautilus' "new" lore is so original. We've never had a character who emerges from the deep to get vengeance for a betrayal... > > Oh wait... Yeah, that's right, keep downvoting the truth, little babies. I know you can't handle any criticism of the lore, but downvoting isn't going to change the fact that Nautilus' "new" lore is still too similar to Pyke's. Downvote away. Just, whatever you do, don't debate me on this topic, because I'll embarrass you in front of everyone.
>first post was babyraging at an update >criticism had all the depth of a kiddie pool, same pee ratio as well >Makes second post to complain about downvotes >calls other people babies W E W
: > [{quoted}](name=Micronova,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=BpeHQOTW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-15T02:03:12.902+0000) > > OH LOOK, ONCE AGAIN SOMEONE GETTING FUCKING UPVOTES OFF OF ME WHILE I GET JACK SHIT. > > FUCK YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT. FUCKING SICK OF RETARDS LIKE YOU GETTING TO LOOK BETTER AT MY EXPENSE. > > REALLY FUCKING SICK OF IT. GET A LIFE, YOU PIECES OF SHIT, AND STOP BEING FUCKING ASSHOLES TO ME. Uh... Hello? Are you joking? Are you seriously assaulting somebody over virtual "agree" points on an internet forum? Why is it such a big deal? You should be posting here to speak your mind and either argue over opinions or get answers. Not for completely meaningless upvotes. Drink some water. Stand up and walk around. Go to sleep. Edit or remove your post and think a little.
That guy is kinda weird, we just ignore and downvote him.
: A few storytelling and continuity errors that caused a huge divide in the Star Wars community.
But was it a debacle though?
: So Pyke is literally Mr Eaten from the Fallen London/Sunless Sea universe.
: People wanted all their fan theories to be answered (Rey is a Kenobi or Skywalker, Snoke was some Sith lord from the prequels, etc.)
: Nah, but revealed part looks same as Naut's lore.
: My first reaction to Pyke...
Hige (NA)
: I mena arguably we don't have much to judge from but yeah, if that's as scary as they can go... Riot has really lost its shine
How is this at all inconsistent from other champions? What other examples of “horror” translate so well to the League of Legends game that Pyke is inferior to?
: We had a Champion's nightmare as a champion...
: Pyke is Gruesome, but Riot...
Nautilus Is more of a sea Titan smashing ships like trinkets against the unrelenting weight of his anchor. Pyke is much, much more personal. This is just my impression though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tesla Effect,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=4YZIh700,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-05-03T16:40:59.081+0000) > > I believe its due to Jhin being a serial killer that harmed Ionians, so they were hesitant to release him then thinking he would be more of a trouble than aid. Now that the war ended and a lot of people are trying to coap with the injustice of Noxus still having footholds in their land while hundreds maybe millions of people died, some people (like the Navori Brotherhood) might want a hired assassin to do their revenge descretly now that the war died out and Noxians retreated to their homes. That would make sense. Though, frankly, Ionia did take a massive beating. I don't know if it'd be wise to act aggressively towards Noxus so soon after the war ended.
Noxus took a massive beating as well, iirc it’s the first time that the Empire failed in its ambitions.
: That and, in honesty, I'm American. Going to Japan and living there for the rest of my life as a citizen doesn't make me full on Japanese. I'd still be considered American irregardless.
: I wish there were less stories like Yasuo-Riven and more like Volibear invading Ornn's home
The Ornn story was a color story iirc, and the Riven/Yasuo story was the development of two characters. Why can we not have both?
: Most if all suggestions are too late when it comes to being made. Especially for (I'm just assuming a 3 part) lore piece on Yasuo and Riven. With that said, by the way it looks. "What happened to the Elder" That is the current court hearing. They still believe Yasuo is the cause, and Riven will most likely be portrayed as a co-conspirator. Why does he approach Riven? She is Noxian, and they are approaching her as well. For him, she is not the random stranger. He appears to know more of what's going on than Riven at the moment. Why did Yone try to kill Yasuo? Because Yasuo is considered guilty, and either Yone abandons everyone to join Yasuo to clear his seemingly undoubted guilt in blind faith and trust of his half-brother...or assume Yasuo is the murderer that caused the death of not only the elder but of SO MANY people in the village due to the elder's absence. Yone never abandoned Yasuo. To his understanding, Yasuo abandoned him.
Was gonna comment but you did a perfect job
: Yes! Progress! (New Riven and Yasuo Story)
Why is it not a progression? There is no set "Present" in the LoL universe as far as writing is concerned. And frankly I like it that way
: Probably the biggest gripe with the community was when they changed Varus from a family man to two lovers.
: What it got me thinking of personally is Pantheon's eventual VGU aswell I just want one manly champion wether its Olaf or Panth to be able to throw their axe or shield and start punching fools with bare fists (And sure Vi punches Lee does too but I want some passive form Sion swinging)
An Olaf rework wherein as he grows more enraged he uses more brutal means of dishing out damage would be badass. Imagine a headbut or something
: Hecarim? Time To Rant About This.
I’d love a W and maybe an ultimate rework
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