: Irrelevant to the topic.
It actually is why the pool in botlane remains small and always has. Snowballing in bot lane involves two people instead of one. Small differences add up when you're dealing with more gold for two players, most xp for two players, the ability of two players to roam. Given two adcs, having a slightly more meta character can make a large difference as these difference are exaggerated throughout the game.
: Adc as a role has pretty much always been like that and it's not good to use as a reference.
Snowballing in botlane is insane enough that even relatively small differences in power can add up to a significant difference in winrate given players of equal skill.
Nhika (NA)
: Q cooldown was reduced by 2 seconds last patch. So now you can't gank him. Can't outrun him. A noob jax can go 0-10, and still win the game by landing an "okay" stun on your team.
Q cooldown was only reduced early. Lategame it has the same cooldown as before.
musixxal (EUW)
: I doubt it, just had some guy tell me the pros are running electrocute and glacial as the optimal way to play him.
Glacial makes sense, easy to land Q and W, can itemize a GLP or Protobelt right away. Still sucks and didn't make the champion easier for people to pick up
: > [{quoted}](name=Wacky9,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rc3q2V7w,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-08-22T03:49:18.001+0000) > > Just balance separately. Pros are paid to play League at a different level than everyone else, and that should be taken into account. Organized play is completely different from high-elo and people in soloQ should be able to play Shen without feeling useless, just because pros can abuse it. This _always_ gets brought up and no, it does not work. Part of what drew competitive people to league was the story that "anyone can climb and be the best". Anyone can rise up in the ranks, go pro, etc. Beyond this, let's go with the idea that there are now a pro and a pug LoL: * 1.) Pro games are now nothing like PUGs. This kills advertisement potential because players are using entirely different champions. Seeing a sick play on Azir and being hyped up to play him, only to realize he's totally different from the Pro version you were just watching. * 2.) No pros can stream or practice and likewise, those looking to go pro are now fucked for playing on a "normal" server because the game completely changes. * 3.) You've now doubled the work needed for league. And no, that's not a good thing. You'll have to completely change the game and there's not even a way for players to be aware of buffs/nerfs in the pro scene without patch notes. Not to mention the bugs that have to now be tested between pro/pug versions. In addition, no game does pro/pug balancing different. Not even a game like smash brothers, in which you can modify the champs with options. Everyone plays the exact same unless a player takes it upon themselves to create house rules and modify champions. League would be the first and (quite likely) the last for the dumpster fire this would cause.
No no no, you have the wrong idea. You don't balance mechanics around pro vs. regular. You balance numbers, ARAM-style, but more specific e.g. pro Akali has 0.4 AP ratio on Q but regular Akali has 0.6. That way the pro version of the champion is visually the same as the regular version, just a little weaker/stronger. I understand that mechanics, not numbers, are what makes champions good in pro; however, this is the best way to balance between pro and regular that allows players to watch pro players play champions that are similar but not the exact same as the one they are playing. Granted there will be an uncanny valley feel to it, but if you only restrict it to the champions that are straight busted in competitive play but not powerful in SoloQ, then it will ensure that champions can thrive in both versions of the Rift. As to the "anyone can rise up in the ranks", it won't make a practical difference so who cares? There are maybe a couple hundred pro players in major LCS areas, and millions of people that play League. Balancing pro to make soloQ bearable for a handful of champions won't affect the vast majority of the playerbase, who have the main attribute of complaining on the Boards or Reddit while in queue. In addition, this isn't chess where the game stays fundamentally the same as you climb. The relative power, strategies and pool of viable champions is extremely different in 5-man vs. 5-man as opposed to soloQ. With pro you can strategize ahead of time, execute coordinated plays with ease, and generally play at an exponentially higher level than in soloQ. Finally, you brought up CS:GO further down the comment chain, so I will counter with Super Smash Bros. Very few people play Smash in the restricted pro format. Yet somehow the Smash pro scene is popular and entices people to play the games. I sit down and pull up Brawl on my rheumatic-Wii and go whatever map I want, full items. This is noticeably different from how pros play the game.
: Galio is the Perfect Example of Modern League
Just balance separately. Pros are paid to play League at a different level than everyone else, and that should be taken into account. Organized play is completely different from high-elo and people in soloQ should be able to play Shen without feeling useless, just because pros can abuse it.
: Old games and old runes were funnier and less problematic...
Mordekaiser's ult can be countered (hard) with a QSS. RIP on the other two though if they get fed.
: Runes have jackshit to do with it. The issue is bruisers and fighters have similar survival in lane to you if not better and better damage, which means they can zone you off xp and CS all lane long and set you back by as much as 1-2 items. And since ADC's have been buffed to all hell back again because they cried about mages in their lane, tanks are getting melted not only by bruisers and AD assassins with BC+LDR, but the ADC's and the likes of Yi, Udyr, etc. And in the rare circumstance where tank stats matter again, Trundle will become meta and make tanks feel terrible if they don't ban him anyways. Tanks need to feel like actual tanks and they need to be able to stay relevant in CS and xp without buffing their damage. Honestly, armor pen should not exist for any champs but ADC's, and % health damage items like BoRK need to be deleted.
%health damage should be designed like QSS: it exists, but only on items that are so crappy the only value they offer is %health damage. I still think people should have to itemize against tanks, I just think that in order to do so, they should make some sacrifices.
: Why on earth is Pykes R getting buffed. You now want to give him 600 gold for every kill PLUS a major buff onto the damage? So much for nerfing solo lane pyke. Being able to double the amount of gold your team gets from a kill is broken. Idk who or why the balance team, whom I normally defend in all cases, thought this was a good idea.
Also this gives Pyke a ton of power in pro games, where all that extra gold can make a huge difference. G2 is probably screaming with joy
: Mac also cannot use League voice (I do not like the company apple but it annoys me when my friends can't talk to me as they do not like discord)
Mac can use League voice. Source: Am on Mac. Can use League voice
: Kaisa nerfs where Riot?
Because Kai'sa can still be strong without taking rageblade. Nerfs to rageblade make her less powerful, but she can still opt for a less powerful build like a full AP or a manamune one
: > [{quoted}](name=The Ecdysiast,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=njk32rpo,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-05-19T03:29:49.691+0000) > > Care to provide evidence for that claim? > > Or are we in the business of trying to farm for upvotes by making claims that directly contradict reality? > > Are you actually trying to say that every player in Platinum and above playing Ranked is not taking the game seriously? ok. https://puu.sh/Duf67/10bab9448d.png I had a Yi farm minions between nexus towers at level 3 awhile ago too.
> [{quoted}](name=ChickenWrap,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=njk32rpo,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-05-19T04:21:01.558+0000) > > ok. > > https://puu.sh/Duf67/10bab9448d.png > > I had a Yi farm minions between nexus towers at level 3 awhile ago too. I think it's the first half of your claim you need to provide evidence for. League players troll for the most ridiculous reasons. Sometimes they aren't wrong though
: are you dumb nasus has no root
His W slows enough that at higher levels it seems like a root. If you go up against any ranged top laner and stick points into your w, they'll really feel the pain
: Confession: I upvoted this.
The real sinner in this thread
: Item Shop Cleanup
Are tanks going to get some higher health items anytime soon? Most tank items lack in raw health except for warmogs, and on some champions, {{champion:31}} for instance, stacking health is a strong lategame strategy as opposed to armor or mr that gets shredded. Armor/mr pen items are typically more lategame, making armor and mr a worse buy if the game is going past 30 minutes.
SS1986 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=mOwNRachel,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oL73Idhf,comment-id=001f,timestamp=2019-02-28T19:18:08.311+0000) > > what am i even reading on thisboard? this buff is well deserved, tryndamere have been struggling against most toplane match up last 3 / 4 seasons. > riven? any competent riven will beat you in early, in mid, and in lategame, they abuse the 45% cdr on top of the spears of shojin and can only be killed if they fail really hard. > darius? he bully you in lanes and can only be beaten if you somehow managed to survive the first 20 min, even then, with ninja tabi + randuin you have to play it perfectly to beat him. > sion? you will just never kill sion except maybe before his first back, he become so tanky he might as well AFK and let you kill yourself on his thornmail. OR he can actually use his ability and completly stomp you. > urgot? i havn't played this match up since urgot got nerfed last patch, but i swear before this nerf it was almost impossible to beat him 1v1 . > fiora? it's a stomp in her favor and my go-to pick whenever tryndamere is picked on the enemy team. i have yet to lose this match up even ONCE as fiora. > renekton? this is one of the hardest match up, renekton just like riven use his combo then E out, you lose 50% hp and can't even trade back, he also outsubstain you, and if building spears of shojin will stay stronger all game long. > kled? it's a pure stomp in kled favor. > > and let's not even talk of hard counter like QUIN, or KENNEN. > > you complain that tryndamere will now get 50 % crit at 16, yasuo get 50% as soon as he have shyv + IE (WAYYY before level 16) , ON TOP of a shield, on top of a just better kit. > the new conqueror also is super bad for laning phase, you will almost never get the 5 hit , while champion like irelia or riven can stack conqueror in less than 1.5 second. > > you complain tryndamere deal damage, well guess what, tryndamere BUILD damage, he build PURE GLASS CANON and yet doesn't necesserally does more damage than a camille who get a guardian angel + sterak's gage + ninja tabi. Tryndamere is only slighty more tanky than your typical caitlyn ADC beceause of his melee base stat, it happens a lot that you just get bursted instantly and die with your ult available, for example today a vladimir killed me in 2 ability (empowered E into Q, 2060 dmg , he had a mejai stacked). player are not machines , eventually you get surprised by the burst and die with ult, here is one counterplay. > > most player complaining about tryndamere are low elo player, no offense but here in mid dia / high dia elo, tryndamere is not even considered a A tier pick, it's B a best. so well deserved buff, of course i am not against a rework of this champion, but it's good to buff him in wait of his actual rework. If the champ is so bad how do people 1 trick him to challenger ??????
> [{quoted}](name=SS1986,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oL73Idhf,comment-id=001f0000,timestamp=2019-02-28T20:48:00.477+0000) > > If the champ is so bad how do people 1 trick him to challenger ?????? What kind of logic is that? You can 1 trick a champion that isn't any good by simply knowing your way around every single one of their matchups. Just because some players can get Tryndamere all the way to Challenger, doesn't mean he is any good. It just means those people are good at playing him. There are one-trick Teemo players in Challenger, but he isn't very good right now.
: I think the most surprising thing is that Yorick has a positive winrate vs. Vayne. Yorick, a slow, plodding, immobile champion whose only "containment" tool vs. Vayne is a wall that with enough attack speed she can shred through...and Yorick's winrate vs. her according to OP.gg is like 52.5%. Looking through some more winrate stuff: * Malphite, a tank, has a 52% winrate vs. Vayne (Granted, he is anti-armor but I figured Vayne's true damage would outshine him.) * Quinn completely dumpsters Vayne at someodd 60% win rate. * Most divers (Camille, Irelia, Wukong, etc) wreck her. * Mages give Vayne a really hard time. I guess mainly it's that Vayne is a counterpick to these champs pretty hard (With 55%+ in some champ cases) yet gets just as hardcountered by certain toplane match-ups.
Yorick has a positive winrate vs. Vayne? In top or in bot? Cause I could see a Yorick-adc botlane trashing a Vayne. But in top, I can't imagine how many toplane Vayne players would have trouble against Yorick.
: Banning yasuo in ranked
I really don't understand why people insist on being rude to Yasuo mains. If everyone just decided to gang up on Lux players, I think people would have a problem. But because it's Yas, they feel willing to do whatever they will. I get that y'all are traumatized by the 0/9 or 9/0 Yasuo's you keep encountering, but that's no reason to shut them out of ranked. I quit playing ranked because I can't play the champion that I have M6 on. Ever. And that's kind of sad. I'm rarely toxic, but it is aggravating that people think "OOOH A Yas main. Time to shit on them" and then complain about US being toxic. US! You're the one that just banned the champion I love to play and have sunk hundreds of hours into because you personally don't like them. You are seriously ruining my gameplay experience, sometime even your chance to win, just because of the meme. That's toxic, more toxic than inting because someone decided to be a dick. I get the whole "It's Ranked, use a variety" but other one-tricks don't get harassed for the champion they like. And most other one-tricks aren't forced to constantly play a different champion because their teammates have the empathy of a banana slug.
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotLamz,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=IcLyjzBO,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2019-02-01T18:24:37.067+0000) > > Twisted Fate! Love being able to ult around and engage. Also with tp as a summoner spell, double the fun. > > Kassadin second. Ungankable at lvl 6 Guess my favorite.
5050BS (NA)
: Its REALLY bad Design but what do you expect from Riot. Really College kids in first year programming can design a better game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wacky9,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=tTKdc1ZL,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-02-01T14:09:08.212+0000) > > {{champion:83}} > Get rid of the limit on Mistwalkers > > League needs a Zerg rush champion They may have patched this out, but a really dumb trick that used to work is you'd summon maiden after obtaining 4 graves. Let her raise 4 of her own mist walkers and send them down the lane. Raise your own 4. Proceed down lane with 8 mist walkers and a maiden. not quite a zerg rush but as close as you can get in league
Pretty sure that's been patched. I've never seen or heard of someone raising more than 4 mistwalkers
Mortdog (NA)
: Full ARURF+ Change List
Is there a reason that certain champions are more common in ARURF? For a game with 130+ champions, I rarely see 130+ champions worth of variety. I understand that with trades and rerolls people are going to favor better champions, but the distribution still seems extremely off.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 1
Hello Meddler! Is there currently any talk about reducing TTK in the game overall?
iiGazeii (NA)
: Game: Change a Champ's role by reworking one ability
{{champion:83}} Get rid of the limit on Mistwalkers League needs a Zerg rush champion
: Maaan people feed on champs that have been the same for the past ten years. Who even cares about them using new champs in ranked?
I've soft inted on a champion I have Mastery 6 on. It happens all the time.
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: so riot nerfed farming junglers yet again...
I shudder to think what this means for my boi{{champion:427}}
Khabith (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wacky9,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oQQxmfAO,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-23T19:47:50.996+0000) > > Who was that? https://imgur.com/cpLNGc9
> [{quoted}](name=Khabith,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oQQxmfAO,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2019-01-23T19:51:43.101+0000) > > https://imgur.com/cpLNGc9 Right but his was just about the last time someone got a skin. Mine is about the frequency at which champions get skins over all of League's history.
Khabith (NA)
: Someone else did this already, and theirs was better...
> [{quoted}](name=Khabith,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oQQxmfAO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-23T19:31:59.754+0000) > > Someone else did this already, and theirs was better... Who was that?
Rioter Comments
: Try redsmite conqueror teemo top. No garantee it will be a good time,{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} but you certainly try something differently.
: Does anyone actually use Spellbinder?
It's really good in ARAM because everyone around you is dropping spells constantly. It stacks much faster as a result and is a much better early game buy than in SR
20022012 (EUNE)
: Reporting in champ select has a massive flaw of never giving equal power to premades when fair, but never being fair to solo people when premades are equally powerful. While I do agree that there needs to be something you can do in champ select, there is not a clear way on how it would be done properly, since you can force a dodge by reporting someone, which is both something you want and something that can be abused. But, you know, there are ways you can make it work - just like dodging, successfully reporting someone could cost LP. 3 LP for the first report, 10LP for others. People in promotions can start with -LP if they promote, or have their LP deducted if they don't. If the person gets punished in the meantime, you get the LP back. I'd argue potentially 3 or 10 LP minus the queue timer is a fair price.
How many times does this have to be repeated: **Reporting someone multiple times is not different from reporting them once. It doesn't matter how many times a player is reported, Riot and their algorithms look at it the same**
: hopefully never. Why should i have to be forced to play champs i don't want? There's a reason i didn't buy them. I know there's aram only accounts, how is that my problem? and if your conspiracy theory (it's really not more than that) is correct, making all of em won't change a damn thing if riot themselves prioritize certain champs. Here's a thing tho: Rerolling became alot better. I've played the same champ back to back plenty of times where i actually didn't roll the champ, someone else did. But they didn't want em and i did.
Then why the fuck do you play ARAM is you don't want to be forced to play champions you don't want?
SuperHornio (EUNE)
: If you had to remove one ability, which one would it be?
Every time someone posts this question its just endless spamming of Yasuo's W. Mostly cause WIndwall is a ridiculous ability and I say this as a Yasuo main
KNilla (NA)
: I am a Xayah player. Her ult has a very long cooldown compared to other adcs.....it is 140 at the start and 110 by tier 3. It is so frustrating when I ult, flash in the air, root ennemies, and use heal for a speed boost BUT STILL get caught by champs with long range cc like Lux, or with gap closers like Yasuo, Amumu, Natilus, Pyke, Jax, Hecarim... (naming a few champs I see in bot lane and jungle) I really think Xayah needs a buff of some sort. I've thought about taking ghost into lane instead of heal, but idk. Let's compare against a meta champion: Miss Fortune. She has a base movement speed of 325 as well, but her passive Strut gives her MS out of combat so she can run easily. To top it off, MF's ult starts off with a 120sec cooldown at Tier 1, and 100sec at Tier 3. Top that off with CDR items and runes and it is insane. Totally balanced.
Are you {{champion:83}} ? Because you are committing some serious necromancy here
: Yes! My ideal team: Top: {{champion:23}} Mid: {{champion:91}} Bot: {{champion:99}} Jung A (topside): {{champion:19}} Jung B (bot hover): {{champion:427}} No leash needed from bot lane, Ivern hits level 3 very quickly and is able to secure scuttle and come in for an early gank (two level 3s with shields vs. two level 2s), and then pressure all over the place from there!
Ivern would be perfect for a second jungle. Sometimes my friend goes Ivern support and invades the enemy jungle every time smite goes up
Stacona (NA)
: Remember he will build life steal, but I also thought of the Q marking enemies and attacking the marked enemies will heal him - both on a base value and AP scaling (he has life steal for AD scaling healing). The Q would be more like Annie's W since it is a burst ability, but in flight just becomes a massive AoE around him instead. More fuel or a slower consumption essentially do the same thing in the end and will increase his maximum flight time with further ranks just the same. Right now it is 15/12/9/6 fuel per 0.25 second while active and if we go with more fuel it be 100/150/200/250 fuel tank, both of which results in the same duration, but out of 100 just feels like it be easier to read and gauge how long you can be in flight for since you can do quicker maths at 50 for 50% instead of 125 for 50%. 4 seconds max at rank 16 is pretty long for its range especially since the downtime also goes down as well. Then refueling is 12/18/24/30 per second, but in intervals of 12 per tick and the tick rate increases to 12 per 1/0.8/0.6/0.4 second. **** I do want him to feel more skillful and aware of his positioning, that is why he can damage himself when too close to his target. The self damage might be a little too high however. I do like the dynamic bonus range dash to his E based on fuel consumption.
I should have explained this further but the reason for the greater fuel storage is because of the kill something gain 60 fuel part of the passive. Since Wight can generate fuel faster based on kills or assists, the idea is that this becomes more important as the game goes on. If you were to increase fuel capacity without seriously buffing his passive generation, then that 60 fuel really will help in teamfights and battles. It encourages Wight to be aggressive as the game goes on, while matching the natural lategame power spike of adcs. Yes a fully loaded tank will have more power, but getting a fully loaded tank will require more skillful playing especially in the context of a teamfight. To get the same value at max rank under your idea it takes 3.3 seconds without kills to fully load tank and get 4 seconds of value. Under my proposal, it takes 8.3 without kills to fully load tank and get 4 seconds of value. After Wight first engages and uses his jetpack, he is encouraged to kill people (like an adc) in order to continue with the same amount of power. Otherwise he could just stop for 3 seconds and start back up again at full power
Stacona (NA)
: Wight, the Grand Rocketeer
Change the passive to let him hold more fuel instead of consuming it slower. This will reward Wight more for playing well and getting kills and assists, while still allowing his ult to be relevant in lategame. Change Rocket Blast to have a greater length depending on how much fuel is consumed. Also letting a champion's autoattacks deal damage to the champion is an annoying mechanic and honestly kinda dumb. If someone dives Wight or silences him, he's gonna have some serious problems. 15% of the damage on his Q is way too high for someone with no way to get health back. Plus that Q is pretty similar to Rumble's flame ability. Otherwise this is a really creative idea and I think it'd be a lot of fun to play as.
: QUESTION: Is Auto Fill bad for Ranked play?
Isn't Karthus jungle somewhat viable?
: small indie company XD have you seen their e sports scene? It puts blizzards to shame.
> [{quoted}](name=hallajuice,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=xOAkdg5u,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-01-04T18:50:50.161+0000) > > small indie company XD have you seen their e sports scene? It puts blizzards to shame. It's a meme about Riot's seeming inability to do simple things. Smaller gaming companies get passes for some issues in their games because they are a "small indie company". The joke is that Riot is a large gaming company that frequently seems unable to do the simple things (like fix Mordekaiser bugs) that a large company should be capable of doing
: {{champion:84}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:119}} In no particular order. And for the obvious "Singed is easy!" I'm specifically talking about the curve of being able to be efficient with proxying and splitting. He takes a different kind of skill that a lot of people do not use and that makes it a challenge.
What about Ivern? One the highest skill-ceiling junglers thanks to his strange build, pathing and low damage.
: Pyke destroyed this game for me...
Just rebalance the power in Pyke's kit. Remove some of the strength off of his ult, making it more fun or interesting to play around than just "don't get low lul" and make mana costs not total shit.
Aladoron (EUW)
: You misunderstood me. He was assigned "Bottom", he picked Janna, bought only boots, went top (my lane) and tried to steal farm, then as soon as she reached lvl6, she started randomly flash ulting in the middle of nowhere with no enemy or injured friendly champion nearby. She even stated in chat she was trolling.
Lane stealing, feeding, and explicitly stating that they were trolling? This is why everyone hates Riots system. That person should get the same level of punishment as if they said an ethnic slur, and yet somehow Riot can't do shit about it.
Ralanr (NA)
: I actually like the ult change idea. Granted, liking it and it being balanced are two different things. Outside of executions like Pyke or Urgot, this would mean Mundo for (let’s say 3 seconds) would be impossible to kill. This would be an incredibly powerful tool for 1v1s and dives, and while it is punishing the enemy that dives Mundo without respecting his power, it also allows Mundo to gain a benefit to diving enemies under tower. While I’m not a fan of that, I am a fan of the overall ability change. And they could actually call it Masochism and rename his E into sadism. And if you remove the healing of his passive, you should probably put it somewhere on his base kit. As boring as it sounds, letting his E heal him if it kills a Target could work.
Maybe only damage from champions heals Mundo instead?
: > [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GTcGFTAo,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-02T11:29:13.227+0000) > > were two month into preseason, and riot hasnt even aknowledged that they put 2 highly niche runes that are only usable on a very small amount of champions in resolve 1 and effectively forced almost every resolve user into the only universal rune left and picking demolish. > > can we have some actual options in that tree? > > overgrowth is still hot garbage and nerfed compared to season 8, for every champion that buys a single health item. > > while were at it, why is celerity still a thing? no one wants this rune. how many mages or spellcasters in general who would want into sorcery are there even with movement speed boosts in their kits? buffing the rune by 2% doesnt change that its practically impossible to even use for most champions in this game. congratulations, the 3 champions {{champion:120}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:19}} who might think about taking it, might think about it a little bit more before picking something else. I agree with what you said other then Celerity. Celerity is very good on all Phase uses and it's also a solid choice most of the Aery taking supports like Raka Janna
> [{quoted}](name=BestPudgeNA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GTcGFTAo,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-01-03T06:21:26.672+0000) > > Celerity is very good on all Phase uses So nobody then?
Zeus xD (EUNE)
: 2019 Shaco skin ideas , enjoy .
Mime Shaco is awesome.
: Discussion on Context and Objectivity
I think that the atmosphere of a game is what matters, and punishment should go to the player(s) responsible for creating that atmosphere. The reason that flaming is bad is that it creates a bad atmosphere in the game. People don't have fun when they get flamed, and even the bystanders don't like it. It creates and aura of toxicity around games. Game logs should be judged based on why the game atmosphere becomes negative. There is a difference between saying "You're an asshole" to a player who is doing what he/she should and a player that is flaming everyone else nonstop. There is a difference between asking to report two players that are back and forth flaming each other and asking to report someone who is having a bad game. These are clearly different actions taken in response to different situations. In one the player is responsible for creating a negative game atmosphere, in the other they are merely succumbing to it. This doesn't mean that whoever shoots first is wrong and whoever fires back is right. It doesn't justify constant back and forth flaming for the duration of the game. But there should be some wriggle room to player actions depending on the context of the situation. It might never be morally right to insult people but sometimes it isn't a major contributor to making the game unfun for everyone else.
: I know Riot won't answer, but about the "possible aram changes in the first half of 2019"
Ziggs and Sona need some serious nerfs, and some bad champions should be made better so that dodging gets better. Stop messing with the items, the only one that matters is Warmogs and it needs a huge nerf.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: Hmm maybe the 'villains' of the boards just aren't as active as they used to be and people comment less. I was thinking about a way to surpass the 1k downvotes thread without breaking the board rules but haven't been able to come up with yet. Would be a fun experiment and you'd be able to test your theory a bit.
Say that you agree with China's censorship rules because kids play this game and could easily be corrupted.
: New player and I'm quitting for lots of reasons(I almost spent money)
> [{quoted}](name=hallajuice,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pYdktoJn,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-21T04:12:11.842+0000) > > Games take too long: > Average match time is 35 minutes which is frustrating. Games should be 20 minutes on average. Who wants to play a 40 min game when 10- 20 mins in you know if your going to win or lose. There are no comeback mechanics. > Longer games are more fun than short 20 minute murder-fests which is what we had in the past > Community is toxic: > Judging by the forums,and my games, I can tell you all know that this community is worse than any Blizz communities. Even OW wasn't this toxic. Riot needs to clean up its player base. I find it hard to believe there is a game more toxic than this. > At least we don't have cheaters anymore. I mean yeah we're toxic, but that's something extremely difficult to get rid of. > Smurfing is out of control: > Even Over Watch wasn't this bad on smurfing problem. Very obvious there isn't a player performance MM system in place to put smurfs in the correct MMR. > Normals has an MMR system that does in fact match you with similarly skilled opponents. If you keep facing difficult people, that's because you're better than you think you are. > Too many hereos and too heavy a time investment to learn basics: > 141 hereos. If average game is 30 mins, that means itll take you 70 hours just to play all of the heroes 1 time each( and thats assuming you get 0 early game surrenders). Not to mention, there are a ton of runes and items in the game. > League is a complicated game but it isn't absurd. Play a little bit and you'll start recognizing how to defeat champions. League is definitely a game to sink your teeth into though. Don't just play once a month. > 1 map > Very boring. Makes the game seem super casual. > 4 (or 5) maps and a variety of gamemodes. Plus more maps isn't a sign of a better game, especially not with MOBAs. Fewer maps mean that you have shorter queue times. > Not enough macro play > not much of a team based game, team fights revolve around the hyper carry to do work. > Yeah this annoys me too. > No come back mechanics: > if your behind in levels, and enemy is up in structures,then you have a very high chance to lose the game. > *you're and there are a few comeback mechanics, but not many. > pay to win > those who spend money to buy OP heroes have a leg up on other people. > Some Champions are pretty powerful, but once you find the ones that work for you there isn't really any reason to go around buying a bunch of random champs. I haven't found League to be particularly PtW especially since champions fluctuate between good and bad pretty frequently. > > skins are too expensive > 30 dollar skins. wow riot, just wow. > *shrug* There are cheaper skins and League is a free game. > Boring stale meta > I did my research and asked around. There are heroes that are 2+ years without even getting touched and left to roast in the dumpster fire. > Champions that get touched rarely are still viable. The overall meta changes about every season and individual strats change every 2 weeks or so. Do you remember Viktor top? Remember how that isn't a thing anymore, same with inting Sion. Strats change often, the meta less so. > LOL is more casual than HOTS > HOTS has 70 heroes, 15 maps(each has its own meta), multiple talents and builds, macro and micro play. LOL has 1 map. And each hero has 1 or 2 viable builds which you can look up online. The game even tells you what items to buy. > How is League more casual that HOTS? HOTS is so trash its own developers are abandoning it. League has a large and expansive pro community. HOTS no longer even has most pro tournaments. > As long as you learn good micro skills, you'll climb up in ranks. Thats the only thing you have to learn (you can copy/paste builds,there are only 1 or 2 you usually have to worry about). > > > > Time to release LOL 2.0 I think. > > Feel free to tell me "good bye" , but remember this, I almost spent money on this game. And I'm sure there are others that are similar to me. You need new players to keep a game healthy. Makes you wonder at what point RIot will be thinking of an exit strategy . > > I shudder to think what competitive play is like. Competitive play is toxic as hell.
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